Hands Off the Ferry!

Hip Hip Horray for our CM Lim Guan Eng!

The Star reports today:

“The vehicular ferry, a state icon, should not be scrapped even after the completion of the Penang Bridge widening project. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state government was not consulted over Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB)’s decision to stop the service between Penang island and Seberang Prai.”

I believe many TRUE Penangites will object to this idea of scrapping vehicular ferry by PPSB. Wat’s the problem man? Annual RM12 million loss and you want to scrap to ferry? Can you please disclose how many millions you made through our Penang Port yearly? Please realise that you got a social responsibility to play for Penangites. If you are so reluntant to play your part, kindly relinquish your control over the Port to the State Government. I’m sure our new government will perform better given time and resources!

I dare PPSB to open its account to external audit so that they can prove that ferry services really incur so much losses. I am quite convinced that such losses were incurred due to man-made factors such as mismanagement and uncontrolled wastage. Given to the correct people, I am so damn sure that not only ferry services will break even, they may even generate profit and be self-sufficient. No need to rely on Penang Port revenue to do the so-call ‘social responsibility’ to support the ferry.

A drastic action / change is required to bring the ferry into the ‘black’ and certainly, it does not require the scrapping of those faithful ferries which have served Penang for so long… So Mohd Niana Merican, please keep your hands off from these babies of Penang!

In another interesting development, The Star reports that “State Barisan Nasional chief Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon has announced his “shadow” executive councillors — 11 Umno state assemblyman — who will “monitor the performance” of the new state government with the State Opposition Leader – Datuk Azhar Ibrahim as its head.”

Upon hearing this, I laugh until ‘pah lian tau’ (rolling on the floor). Ah Pek Azhar only knows how to demo on the street nia la. He was the one who called upon Pak Lah to stop all the mega projects in Penang. Now he become the ‘shadowy’ CM pulak? LOL…!!! Can anyone ‘sane’ in Penang would want to have this ‘half past-six’ as our CM – be it how ‘shadowy’ it can be? Why want to have a shadowy exco? You don’t even have 1/3 of the State Assembly. So the real function of this exco is buat kacau only. Bising here, bising there. Otherwise, when they got nothing to do, do illegal demo la. Jam all the traffic. That’s what they are only good at! 

Hmmm… mentioning about ‘Shadow’… Reminds me of Spiderman 3…

Hey Spidey

Lee Kah Choon : A Real Man!

The Star reports:

Gerakan deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon has quit all party posts with immediate effect to pave the way for the party to “get back on its feet”.

“I relinquish all my positions in the party because as a leader, I want to take responsibility for the losses Gerakan suffered in the general election,” he said.

Wow wow wow… at last, we can see a REAL man standing out from the group of ‘sissys’ who only know how to take care of their own interest more than the interest of the party, let alone the interest of the people. At very least, Lee has found the guts to resign for the devastating defeat of the party in last election.

It all started when some local Chinese dailies on Saturday have reported that Lee Kah Choon has announced that Gerakan leader – Koh Tsu Khoon a.k.a ‘Tigger’ has apparently decided to step down and therefore, instructed Lee to prepare himself to receive the leadership baton. But in a sudden twist of event, Lee tendered his resignation from all party post on Sunday. Hmmm… smells fishy isn’t it? Could Lee Kah Choon be made party scapegoat to bear the responsibility of defeat for the party? In The Wiz previous post, I have called for the resignation of Gerakan head Dr. Koh, but instead doing the honour himself, how come he let Lee Kah Choon to take all the credits??? When will he stop hiding from the facts & truth? You won’t be able to win back Penang if you continue to hide inside your shelf!

Come out and be a REAL MAN. Together with your side-kicks, Winnie the Pooh (Chia) and PoHiau Nam (Teng), show yourselves to the people of Penang. Apologise for your leadership failure (It’s an F, or else the people won’t reject you outright!) and yes, tender your ‘one way ticket’ resignation letters! Gerakan will have new hope come next General Election…

EPL Sucks!

Alot of my pals will find this comment suprising as I am an ardent lover of footieball. I will be stucked in front of the tv watching my favourite matches of English Premier League every Saturday & Sunday nite. How in the world would I be condemning the ‘world’s most famous football league’?? Hmmm… tat’s really baffling!

But I’ll still stick to that condemnation of EPL no matter what others might think. If you ever watch yesterday’s match between Bolton and Arsenal, you’ll be as mad as I am. Just imagine this situation. You’re down to 10 men, you’re trailing by 0-2 and yet, you could storm back to win the match 3-2??? Who were you playing against? Schoolboys? Mind you, they were all PROfessionals! Bolton were not made of 18 year-old Free School boys, ok?!

Some said money is at stake… (you know what I mean la… hehe…) and it’s alot of money here! Somemore they are all in Pounds currency! 7 times our Ringgit Malaysia. So to this extend, some people would be more than willing to ‘betray’ their sportmanship in exchange of all these pounds. Go to hell lah ‘sei kuai lou’, that’s not the way to fool those who love the game. We all know how difficult it is to play with a man down. Considering the quality of players you got in that match, this is simply bullshit. 10 players scored 3 goals within 45 minutes against 11? Talk about the most competitive league in the world? Ptui! The ‘most dramatic’ would have suit better. 22 actors plus 3 supporting cast in ‘black’.

I realli pity those supporters of Bolton who paid so much to watch that damned match! They are all hardworking people who supported their beloved team with their hard-earned cash and yet, were betrayed without any mercy by those damned players… ah sorry, actors! Shame on them! 

Just relax… (1)

Returning home early from a business trip, a man finds his wife in a bedroom. She isn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. Suprised, he says, “It’s the middle of the afternoon. Why aren’t you dressed?”
“I have nothing to wear”, his wife answers.
“Nonsense,” he says, throwing open her closet, “You have a red dress, a green dress… hi Larry… a purple dress.”

My cousin is not so bright. She got an AM radio & it took her a month to realise that she could use it at night!

Sid complains to his doctor that he keeps seeing bright yellow flashes and black wavy lines in front of his eyes
“Have you seen an optician?” asks the concerned doctor.
“No,” Sid replies. “Just yellow flashes and black wavy lines!”

A new, high-tech supermarket has just opened near my house. It uses interactive media to enhance the whopping experience. When you go into the vege dept, you hear the sound of a distant rainstorm and can smell fresh, buttered sweetcorn. When you approach the milk section, you hear cows mooing and smell fresh hay. And when you approach the eggs, you hear hens clucking and the air is filled with aroma of a full breakfast.
I’ve started buying my toilet paper from the local shop just round the corner.

There was no way I was goin to allow myself to go grey while only in my 30s. So I dyed my hair. Later, I modelled the new look for my husband. “Well, how do I look? 5 years younger?” I asked.
“No,” he said. “But your hair does.”

My wife wanted to play the violin at our wedding reception. But right before that, a string snapped. Her mother made the announcement to our guest, “I’m sorry but Amy cannot perform today. Her G string broke.”

Peace at last in TurtleLand

Hurray… At last, we have peace in Terengganu the TurtleLand! We have a happy ending to the story of the Hare and the Turtle. Even though the hare is naturally faster, yet the turtle triumphed due to its sheer determination.

With The Star reports : Barisan Nasional has decided to fully support Kijal assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said as the new Terengganu Mentri Besar instead of its earlier choice Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.

It seemed that alas, the Palace has managed to get their man in the tussel with the Feds. While the Palace refused to give any explanation over such insistence on their part, Taikor Jeff Ooi has suggested a few ‘acceptable’ rumours on why si Ahmad was preferred over the incumbent si Idris. Surely ada udang di sebalik Hokkien Mee!

One of those more prominent rumours was the misuse of the ‘petroleum royalty’ funds on Terengganu’s development. As usual, development projects were awarded to the state but undertaken by outsiders. To add salt to the wound, all the revenue gained through such projects will be channeled back to the Feds instead of giving it to the state for further development and allocations.

A good example would be the Penang Bridge. Even after it was built 23 years ago, the toll charges still remain the same. The toll collector still remains the same. One question remains. Will you expect us (the Penangites) to believe that after 23 years of collecting toll charges, the cost of the bridge has yet to be recovered? Mind you, Penang bridge is charging one of the highest toll charges in the country. For a short distance of 13.5km, we have to pay RM7 for a car, RM12 for pick-ups and vans and more if you’re driving a lorry. Even motorcycles have to pay! Somemore hor, all these toll charges will be channeled back to UEM – a Goverment Link Corporation which own the bridge – so they say. Penang bridge is a hen than lays golden eggs to the Feds. Penang Bridge really makes our lives easier in terms of travelling, but 23 years of toll charges is simply too much and too long!

Aiya… since this time the MB issue created such a fuss in TurtleLand, next time just change State government la! Lagi senang macam tu. Senang untuk Sultan, senang untuk MB, senang lagi untuk rakyat! May the wise Sultan of Terengganu man shui, man shui, man man shui (lives forever)!

Messy Bus Affair

Rewind 20 years ago…
Mummy brought me to take a bus to Rifle Range where Daddy was working. The impression of ‘Seng Seng’ the greenbean bus still paint my memory clearly. With a tag of ‘JB’ (stands for Jalan Boundary) hanging outside, SengSeng plied the route with outmost determination. You won’t have to wait long for a bus to come to bring you to your destination. But… sadly, that was 20 years ago.

Rewind 12 years ago…
I happily walked to a bus stop nearby after school, knowing that Mummy would prepare some delicious lunch to satisfy my hungry stomach. I used to take the Penang Yellow Bus which would bring me from the State Mosque to my home in Paya Terubong. They were very punctual! A Yellow Bus plying the route of Weld Quay – Balik Pulau would appear from the horizon at around 2.30pm every day. Even if I missed the bus, there are other buses available to take to my destination easily. I still remember changing buses at Ayer Itam bus terminal and would take the waiting time to visit a bookstore nearby. What a happy day those days were. But sadly, that was 12 years ago.

Ever since our Dr. ‘PoHiau’ Nam took over the post of State Local Government, Traffic Management and Environment Committee chairman, all hell broke loose! The introduction of minibuses onto Penang streets gave most Penang drivers a nightmare. Not to mention their ‘crazy’ driving patterns, their ill-maintained buses were giving alot of headache and forced the passengers who paid their busfare to suffer silently. As for the environment, how irony he was when he turned a blind eyes to our minibuses which were so damned guilty of polluting the Mother Nature with their poisonous black fumes. Phui! Environment committee chairman should be the one who protects the nature. Instead, we got one who help to pollute our beloved island.

Just imagine it… KL were getting so pissed off with those minibuses that they decided to get rid of them. Yet Penang embraced them like a ‘saviour’ who was to solve our public transport woes. So instead of improving, they worsen it! Prior to the introduction of these obsolete minibuses, all bus companies were complimenting each other in their services and were living harmoniously with each other. But when minibuses came, the ‘alien’ has destroyed such harmony and soon, the bus companies lost interest in their businesses when they could not make money. As the result, the bus services deteriorated and Penang commuters suffered!

As if the situation is not bad enough, our Dr. ‘PoHiau’ Nam puts all the blame on the minibuses when things didn’t turn out as it should be. So he decided to follow KL’s footstep by sending them into exile and together with our 2nd Finance Minister, set up RapidPenang to ‘once & for all’ solve the woes of Penang’s public transport system. On that auspicious launch day, The Star ran some big big headlines calling RapidPenang the new ‘saviour’ of bus commuters! But onli after a few days plying the roads of Penang, many of their buses broke down & stalled in the middle of the road! WHAT? New buses broke down? How would that be possible? Possible la… rumour has it that they bought the buses from China. Very cheap but charged the Feds at full price… The Chinese very smart. ‘Ee Fen Chien, Ee Fen Huo’ (You got what you paid for). If you pay them cheap, you get cheap quality lor… Commonsense prevail what, rite?

So come back to this Rapid Penang thing. The relations between other buses companies and Rapid Penang has not been good all these while. In fact, they viewed RapidPenang as someone from other states, namely the Federal Gov invading the market of Penang to take a bite at this honeypie. No doubt Rapid Penang is strong financially. That’s why they can afford to buy new buses while other companies need to wait for a long period before obtaining permits to buy new buses. Maybe the relations has reached boiling temperature when The Star report this today:

“Rapid Penang buses will no longer stop at the Komtar bus interchange from Friday.Rapid Penang chief executive officer Azhar Ahmad said the company made the decision after one of its bus captains was threatened with a parang there on Sunday in front of commuters.”

It seems that when ‘PoHiau’ Nam was in power, he really pissed a lot (and I mean a really BIG lot) of people. As what the Cantonese said – ‘Lei tou yau kam yat’ (What goes around, comes around), I hope the bus companies can all sit down in one table to really have a good discussion with each other. Why not Penang State Government take over the management of Rapid Penang? Seems to be a good idea, isn’t it? If Tan Sri Mohd Noor said NO, then ask him to take Rapid Penang back to KL and we can ask our local bus companies to take over lor… Back to Good Old Days. Won’t it be fantastic?

How’s the US Presidential Race goin?

Let’s have a change of perspective for a moment. Just to relax a bit la… Everyday condemn this, curse that also not the way we live our daily lives, right? Let’s take a look how US Presidential race is going. It’s getting quite interesting… While the Democrats are taking to their fights to the teeth, the Republicans seems to have made up their choice in McCain. Just see what this comics has to say:

US President Race

Aiyo… I heard rumour that said in some places in Penang where BN lost terribly is due to the uncertainties of voters making up their mind on who to vote. Vote BN ‘beh eong’ (useless) becos they haf to toe party line, vote DAP ‘koh kiah’ (worry) becos afraid state government will neglect development to their area. So at last, no need to go n vote la… Easy! Sometimes election really make some people dizzy… hehehe…