Big Mouth Attacked!

Waseh… the Gerakan movie is getting more dramatic as each days fold… Can nominate the movie and its main casts to the Grammy Awards la… might get some prize u know… LOL…

As if served as a sequence to a Big ‘Blockbuster’ movie such as The Lord of the Rings and Die Hard, Gerakan came out with its own movie entitled “Big Mouth Attacks!” and followed by another equally dramatic “Big Mouth Attacked!” when their ex-supremo Dr. Lim Kheng Yaik was slashed left right centre by 7 ‘Swordsmen’ from Gerakan FT.

In a bold yet uncomprimising action, these 7 leaders from Gerakan FT urged our Big Mouth Lim to quit his position as advisor and stop interfering in party matters. The group of seven also accused Lim of  “forcing the hand of the party leadership” as well as making several statements over the past few months that have damaged the party’s image. They claimed that Big Mouth Lim has reneged on his promise not to interfere in party affairs.

“These are his exact words: ‘I don’t want to be another (ex-premier Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad). When I step down I will shut up, unless I’m asked for my comments’,” said one of the 7 who acted as a spokeperson.

Aiya… it will only take a fool to believe such statement! How are you gonna shut a Big Mouth? Instead of pitying Lee Kah Choon, he should be pitied coz since he has such a big mouth, it would be very difficult to keep it shut! LOL… 🙂 Especially when election drew near, his Big Mouth went overtime! He went around campaigning for his proteges as well as cursing and condemning the Opposition. He was there when BN had a big funfare near Rifle Range. He was there to lick Pak Lah’s boot while slapping DAP and PKR with many 4 letter words! Ptui… Shameless old man – tua tua keladi, semakin tua semakin tak jadi! Lucky I din bring my daughter there lest her ears were polluted by this ‘desperate’ Big Mouth.

The group of 7 also accused that he was “forcing the hand of the party leadership”. You just can’t blame him on this. Frankly speaking, the current Gerakan leadership was soooooooooo WEAK that ‘forced’ Uncle Big Mouth Lim to intervene. Every Penangites know that our Koh Tsu Khoon is useless and incompetant. He can’t even decide for himself whether he wanted to remain as CM or be a Federal Minister. When Pak Lah said “OK lah, you go Federal lah,” he was still undecided on who should the next CM among the 3 candidates. Tsu Khoon has been a spoilt child. He couldn’t make any decision for himself. He needs his sugar daddies in Pak Lah and Uncle Big Mouth to guide his path.

The Old ‘M’an Mahathir was going around telling the world that UMNO is in crisis and in need of an urgent change of leadership. Taking another look at this 2 local blockbuster movies, many would place their money on Gerakan to change their leaders A.S.A.P!


Pathetic Feds

As a true Penangites, though I have already anticipated bad treatments from the Feds after Pakatan captured Penang, I was filled with anger and sorrow as I read this report from Malaysiakini:

As the federal government continues to cut and divert funds that can be used to stimulate tourism growth in Penang, the new state government plans to set up the Penang Tourism Council (PTC) with the help of the private sector. The usual Penang Tourism Action Council (PTAC) has been the one organising tourism activities in Penang but after that bitchy Azalina severed PTAC ties with state government by cancelling the MOUs, PTAC has been unable to function as usual. It’s learnt that under the MOU, which was signed between the federal and state authorities, PTAC would back the state government’s major tourism projects only if Penang was being ruled by Barisan Nasional.

What’s wrong with the Feds man? What kind of a MOU is this? All these MOUs should beneficial to the people of Penang, not beneficial to BN! What kind of a bullshit is this? BN is using people’s money to ‘force’ the rakyat to choose BN and BN ONLY! Sighh… see how pathetic our Federal Government is!

Since the Feds are soooo clear in drawing the dividing line when it comes to $$$, can all the rakyat of Pakatan states pay their income tax to the State Government only? Since we are the ones who have voted Pakatan into power, can we have a choice to whom we want to pay our income tax so that the REAL government of the people can fulfill their promises without any let or hindrance!

This kind of bullshit MUST stop! Suka suka they transfer money here n there… suka suka they stop the funds even though such projects clearly benefited the people. Terang terang they said they won’t ‘punish’ the people, but come ‘belakang’ everything they did were a clear way of obstructing development – an effective way to teach the people a good lesson for not voting for them. Ptuiiii! Obviously these morons in the Feds have not learnt their lessons well.

They have been in power for way too long to realise that it is the PEOPLE who give them the mandate and power to run the country. Weiii… ini negara bukan milik datuk moyang kao saje ok? Ini negara milik semua orang, semua bangsa. Jangan la buat macam negara ni kao seorang punya… suka buat ni buat tu tanpa timbangrasa kepada perasaan rakyat! It’s our CHOICE to choose who we like to be in power. No need to report to you O you Pathetic FEds. You got no RIGHT to punish the people and dun worry, the more you went arond with your stupid acts, the more disgusting you become to the people! Realli hope Nwar Ibrahim will have his way to kick out all of you and form Pakatan to be the Feds that really care and concern about the people from all races!

Copy Cat Copy Dog

Goshhh… As we rentlessly condemned Khir Toyo and wife for ‘illegally’ transferring Balkis $$$ to Bakti’s account, the similiar organisation in Penang known as Persatuan Bunga Tanjung has followed the footsteps of Balkis to do likewise for ‘safekeeping’ purpose.

Wat do u mean by safekeeping eh? You mean you want to safe keep the money temperarily and only make it available again when BN ‘retake’ the control of our State Government? Safekeep MY ASS!!! Let me tell all those BN daydreamers. The more monkey acts you perform especially with public money, the more you distance your damn ass from the people!

It will only be in your sweetest dream that BN will be able to retake Penang in the next GE or next next GE because I’m sure more and more Penangites will know all about their bullshit stuffs as Pakatan’s government continue to dig up the past.

These ex-BN leaders are clearly clearly sore losers! Sudah kalah means sudah kalah… Just accept it! We were only commenting about how ‘gentleman’ our Koh Tsu Khoon when he insisted of attending the swearing in of new CM Guan Eng but then again, it all seemed very clear that Tsu Khoon was only “bersendiwara” (acting) because when it comes to money, he would tried his best to ‘sabotage’ the new administration.

Similiar to Khir Toyo’s wife, Mrs. Koh Tsu Khoon WAS the president of Bunga Tanjung. She was appointed to look after the coffers of the association to ensure they are well disbursed to help the poor. Remember ya… look after onli… not touch… and certainly not to transfer all these money ILLEGALLY to other bank accounts as she like. Isn’t this amount to CBT case?

It’s sad to see how these people ‘manipulate’ monies meant for good cause to serve their own personal & political interest. It’s sad to see Penang playing 2nd fiddle as copy cat copy dog in this unhealthy issue. Pakatan is right in promoting the slogan Penang Leads! Coz if we are still under BN rule, I really dun see any possibility or opportunity for Penang to lead ever again…

Live In Parliament

Yip Yip Horray…

Now not onli Malaysians can watch our Parliament sessions live on TV1(aiyaa… sure got censorred one la… Don’t believe that Shabery Cheek’y will allow the sessions to broadcast live ‘UNCUT‘ under the broad daylight!), we can also get to read Parliament sessions LIVE from our bloggers such as taikor Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua.

Congratulations to both our young MP as I believe they are the first bloggers who blog LIVE in our Malaysian history. No need to care who blog first la… As long as they blog, they have already made history! Though I am still new and inexperience in this blogsphere, their accomplishments has made me feel very proud with myself as hey… I’m still a blogger ok?

Jeff was right! BN is REALLY aging with a majority of old cocks. LOL… 🙂 Thank goodness many of those old cocks were voted out by the rakyat or else, we’ll get more old cocks sitting in the BN side of the House. Some of them were too nyanyuk liao that they should go back and fish in Sungai Kinabatangan instead of wasting rakyat’s money to fly all over the South China Sea to talk rubbish.

Kudos to DAP old workhorse in Lim Kit Siang as he struggled to release the Hindraf 5. Though they involved in peaceful demonstration, they were still deemed a ‘threat to national security’ by Pak Lah and Syed Hamid Albar who remained defiant and arrogant to admit to their mistake. Come on lah Pak Lah… stop using those barbaric acts against innocent people. Use ISA instead on those who are scheming to topple you as boss. Use it against people like si Mukhriz and si Toyol who are calling for your ‘pre-mature’ resignation –  a clear insult to the process of democracy… If compare to those Hindraf 5, don’t you think these people are more likely to put our country into a political turmoil? But too bad lah… you always practise double standard… hard on one side while soft on the other. Sighhh… sensing hopelessness in you, I realli hope your double standard will cost you your premiership!

Though I realli hate to see those evil bastards prevail but with your soft-handedness within UMNO, I think a better candidate in Anwar Ibrahim of PKR would be very ideal to take over from you.

Missing In Action

Wow… I just can’t help it but feeling relieved. At last, after I was sent to ‘exile’ by my company for the weekend in Lumut on compani bisness, I am sooooo happy to to feel my computer’s keyboard again. I guess my readers must have been wondering whether I was picked up by Special Branch police for one of my articles (especially when I was openly recruiting members for DAP) since I was MIA (missing in action) for the last 96 hours. Don’t worry, The Wiz not that significant yet… our Men in Blue are still very busy keeping tabs with our Dato Seri ‘Nwar Ibrahim’… So for the time being, I can presume that I’m still very safe. Hehehe…

Though I was MIA and ‘stranded’ in the coastal city of Lumut, I could not help but to notice the case where RM9.9M has gone MIA from the account of Balkis – a shortform for Wives of Selangor Assemblymen and MPs Welfare and Charity Organisation headed by non other but the wife of Selangor’s ex-MB and our ‘fellow blogger’ (ptui, sorry… jus can’t help it) Dr. Mohd Khir Toyo.

No wonder la… even in my blog, this fellow’s name got the highest hit in the search engine! This only shows that Khir Toyo remained an infamous figure for many Malaysians even though he was no longer any big shot in Selangor alreadi. How can he escape from the spotlight? Time and time again he appears in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. He was one of the very first UMNO figure to jump onto the cyberspace to register a blog for himself. Then through his blog he stirred the ‘babi’ issue kau kau… Later, as if he was afraid to come down from the ‘stage’, he dragged his wife to stay on in the spotlight with Balkis issue.

We really have to thank God that Pakatan took Selangor in the last GE. If Selangor remained in BN hands, we realli dunno how ugly + sore + barbaric + (a space for you to fill in on your liberty) these so-call leaders of BN on their hold of power. Even after Khir Toyo lost his MBship, his wife was still so thick-faced to preside over an EGM to disolve Balkis when she was no longer the valid president of the organisation liao. Weiiii Kak Zahrah Kechik, kau tau ape Balkis tu stand for? Ia adalah singkatan kepade Badan Amal dan Kebajikan Isteri-isteri Wakil Rakyat Selangor. On 11th of March (the date of the EGM), you and all your sister sister no longer isteri kepada wakil rakyat Selangor becos all your husbands (whether good or useless) has been VOTED out of Selangor Dewan Negeri so that they can go back to their old profession as doctor ka, petani ka, nelayan ka or even penternak haiwan! So where in the hell did you have the authority to MIA the RM9.9M from Balkis coffers and transfer them to another account? Isn’t this a criminal case? Should ask Tan Sri Khalid to charge you in court!

When this issue was made public, this ‘kan fu yan fu’ (english translation = couple) still very much ‘unrepentent’!!! See how arrogant this ex-first couple of Selangor is! Khir Toyo still dared to come out to defend his wife’s action by saying:

“The RM9.9mil in the Balkis bank account transferred to the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti), was done in accordance with the organisation’s constitution and accounted for, as the auditor had finalised the 2007 accounts,” Khir was quoted in press reports today as saying.

The accounts was accounted and audited? Accounted and audited MY FOOT!!!

The Malaysiakini reports: The external auditors appointed to go through and verify the accounts of the Wives of Selangor Assemblymen and MPs Welfare and Charity Organisation (Balkis) never received any documents from them for auditing last year. In a statement issued today, chartered accountant Yee Choon Kong said Balkis failed to send in its financial records for last year and all their calls to the treasurer remain unanswered and thereby confirm that the financial statements of Balkis remain unaudited. He also denied that he has issued a signed audit report (for last year as claimed by Khir Toyo) nor had he finalised Balkis accounts before its funds were transferred.

“PIAK!! Another slap on the face of Khir Toyo… Wah wah wah… I can alreadi see a couple of tapak tangan (palm traces) on Khir’s face. Just before one issue subsided, another wave come again. All these will only prove how incompetant Khir Toyo as a Mentri Besar. It’s for all the world to see another abuse of power by BN’s so-call rising star. Better keep your house in order first la Khir… Jangan asyik nak main politik saje. Buat ape tanding Ketua Pemuda when you can’t even teach your wife? If I were you, I’ll ask her to return the money back to Balkis. She is not an accountant… she’s just a desperate housewife as described by my taikor blogger Jeff Ooi. So it’s not her job to do ‘fund transfer’ suka suka hati ok? Please leave that RM9.9M alone. It’s not your money and neither is hers! It belongs to all the people of Selangor. Instead of guiding her, you berkomplot with her together with your ‘mindless’ defence of her actions! Tolong lah Dr. Khir, jantan lah sikit… Kalo dah buat salah, ngaku saje la… bukan nak defend membuta babi tu…

Personally I dun think the new Badan Amal dan Kebajikan Isteri-isteri Wakil Rakyat Selangor under Pakatan’s control will get to see their RM9.9M again. But I believe through this incident, Pakatan will gain more foothold in their rein on Selangor as I am damn sure that our rakyat with all their eyes and ears will know how ‘evil’ those people in BN are. Again to my ‘fellow blogger’ (Ptui Ptui Ptui…) Khir Toyo, I wish you all the best in your contest of Ketua Pemuda U Must Not Object.

The Big Mouth Attacks!

First he was pity with Lee Kah Choon.

Now, he was ‘envious’ of Lee Kah Choon.

That’s why our Big Mouth of Malaysian politics went ‘berserk’ with his ‘sub-machinegun’ (his saliva bursting as he talks) and ‘taruh’ Lee Kah Choon ‘kau kau’ for his decision to accept the top posts in PDC and InvestPenang.

Malaysiakini reports:
Former Gerakan president Dr Lim Keng Yaik has criticised former protegé Lee Kah Choon for lacking principles by seeking greener pastures with the new Penang Pakatan Rakyat government.
“This young man (Lee) is not willing to struggle anymore. He is trying to take short cuts. Don’t tell me he is not in active politics anymore. He is still very much in it, but now, with a DAP agenda,” he said.

Ah Pek Lim ah… Lee Kah Choon stick to his principles of wanting to serve the people of Penang that he accepted these posts. I find it realli strange that how come a BN guy is not allowed to serve in the states controlled by the Pakatan. General Najib said it was against the spirit of BN. What kind of spirit is tat? A spirit that deprived good talents from serving the people just because of their political affiliations? A spirit that forced people to take sides even after the fight is over? This is not good spirit (semangat) lah… this is only evil spirit (roh jahat)! LOL…

Our Man Lee Kah Choon is… ophss not anymore… WAS from Gerakan. That’s why our Big Mouth was particularly ‘angry’ and geram since he was the Old Man of the party. But even our CM Lim Guan Eng has come out to clear things up:

The DAP leader then stated that Lee was never asked to leave his party and join either DAP or PKR .
He also said Lee has not been paid for his job and is just serving the Penang state government for now.

See? Our Man on the Black Horse is working for FREE! He might be earning some allowances for running the PDC and InvestPenang but that is what he should be getting for his contributions. All of us are entitled to our wages wat, that also wrong meh?

Our CM was right! Everyone in the bunch of our BN leaders were acting like sour grapes! Come on… the election is over liao… the fight has ended. It’s time to get together and work for the progess of the nation. How are we going to bring prosperity and harmony to Penang when all of us are so defiant and remain separated by our political affiliations. Can’t we be a little more mature politically? Sighhh… our Big Mouth maybe old and experienced, but still very far away from being fully matured.

With DAP taking the lead in political maturity when CM Guan Eng stressed that he will continue to welcome people who share similar philosophy with the state government regardless of race, religion or political affiliations to serve the people, I really hope that more people with good talents and ability to come out and play an active part to contribute to the society.

Calling for Membership

With blogger taikor Jeff Ooi taking the Jelutong Parlimentary seat, he has set his sight on increasing DAP memberships in his constituencies to its new height. The Wiz was there to witness the informal opening of Jelutong’s Service Center near Perak Lane, where Jeff has stressed that a party without its grassroot will not last long in any political arena.

With the Wiz jumping onto the bandwagon as well, I’ll try to recruit as many members as possible thru my blog here. Therefore any one out there in Jelutong area, no matter who you are, as long as you are interested to help DAP cement its hold onto our beloved island, please do not hesitate to drop an email to me at We need a lot of volunteers to make sure DAP is able to carry out all its promises to the people of Penang by bringing in good governance to the benefits of all races.

Let everyone and I realli mean everyone from all races – Malays, Chinese and Indians, to take up this challenge and to play an active role in our local politics. Let us no longer talk the talk among ourselves in kopitiam alone and together, we walk the talk in the real arena!

Welcome abroad, folks!