Polis = Samseng?

Sigh… the incident in Bandar Mahkota Cheras has indeed showed the UGLY faces of our law enforcement agency a.k.a Polis Diraja Malaysia where our Men in Blue has made a name of themselves of being the real Samseng.

Weiiii IGP Tan Sri… where are you now? Show your face lah and explain to the people what the hell was happening on that fateful night when plainclothes police ‘team-up’ with FRU to have alleged bash up an innocent young man named Chung Jin Huar. Sejak bila our police has turned into ‘uniformed’ samseng? See how teruk he kena bashed up? Allegedly kena bashed by your konco-konco in full battle suit of FRU la… Where’s the professionalism of our police force?? How are we going to be confident to put our safety to these ‘thugs’? Jangan jangan harapkan pagar, pagar pulak makan padi…

Please don’t take the LAW into your own hands. When we public took the law into our own hands, police said kenot, must follow the law. Nobody is above the law. So let see how our IGP deal with this to prove to us whether our police force is really Polis Diraja Malaysia or Polis Raja di Malaysia…


2nd Best is Not Good enuff

Today Chelsea FC has broken their long held silence on the fate of their manager Avram Grant when they issued this statement:

‘Chelsea can confirm that Avram Grant has had his contract as manager terminated today. We will now be concentrating all our efforts on identifying a new manager for Chelsea and there will be no further comment until that appointment is made’.

‘We have very high expectations at Chelsea and a couple of second place finishes is just not good enough for us’, said the chairman and CEO of the club.

Any one single club in England can only compete a maximum of 4 competitions a season and AMAZINGLY, Chelsea FC has managed to finished runners-up in 3 of them namely the Carling Cup, the Barclays Premier League and EUFA Champions League. But it seemed that being 2nd is as bad as finishing LAST in the mind of the owner Abramovich and indeed, being 2nd best is just not good enuff to take Avram Grant’s managerial career into next season.

Sighhh… See how high the standard being set in Chelsea. While I think it’s good to set such a standard, it would be very derimental to a football club if you can’t set a stable foundation for your coaching staffs to mould a championship winning team with enough time. Chelsea has always been criticised for BUYING to win a championship and I don’t see this trend ending if you keep on changing your manager and the backroom staffs.

Take a look at how Man Utd and Ars-enal run their teams. Both managers in Ferguson and Wenger has been there during the ups n downs of the club for more than 5 years. See how they influence the club and make sure that both clubs are strong financially and technically. Such healthy trust and trend would make sure both Man Utd and Ars-enal would remain a strong competiting force in England for many years to come. As for Chelsea FC, they are treading in dangerous water. As soon as that stupiak Abramovich lose interest in football, they would suffer a very devastating fate and might even be relegated down a few divisions!

The emblem of Chelsea is a proud Lion encrested on the chest of its shirt. However, as long as Abramovich continued to pester around the team, even a once proud Lion might suffer and fall one day.

Hot Soup, anyone?

It has not been wet lately but today’s shower left Penangites abit cool and yearn for some hot stuff to fill our hungry stomach. But for the Committee members of the Penang Turf Club, hot soup will certainly be off their menu as the entire committee was sued by its own PTC members over the deal made with developer Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd to develop the controversial Penang Global City Centre (PGCC).

The legal action – commenced by Tan Kok Ping and Lee Choon Hoe in their own capacity and on behalf of all club members – was filed today at the Penang High Court.

In 2003, PTC and Abad Naluri, signed a preliminary agreement for the sale of some 260 acres of the club’s land for RM488 million in order to develop the PGCC. Abad Naluri was expected to raise that sum and manage the financing for several years before the PGCC project starts contributing back.

From the RM488 million, RM375 million was designated to build a new racecourse in Batu Kawan in the mainland, relocating PTC’s existing racecourse on the island’s prime Batu Gantung Road while the remaining RM113 million would be paid to PTC in cash. However, this agreement had allegedly lapse and Abad has paid only RM10 million in advances to PTC so far.

Earlier, Tan Kok Ping and 12 other ordinary members of the turf club previously lodged a police report on May 8 alleging that the PTC committee had abused its powers in its dealings with Abad Naluri while the Wiz published the Myths & Facts of PGCC here.

Alienated in their Own State

It has been quite a year since I first put my footprints on the Land Beneath the Wind – Sabah and The Wiz can assure you that the place was as FACINATING as its name. Beautiful… Unique… Awesome even when Gunung Kinabalu was viewed from afar.

But I’m sure everyone will agree with me that the only thing that become an eyesore in Sabah is not anything like rubbish or pollution, Sabah was literally ‘infested’ with illegal immigrants! Together with Pulau Gaya, the ‘rumah-rumah setinggan’ along the main highway has always been an eyesore to most Sabahan locals such as Kadazandusun but suprisingly, not even one in the ruling BN seems to notice that.

My dear Sabahans, please… WAKE UP!!! Join us in making ourselves heard loud and clear thru the proper channel. In the last General Election, we voted those ‘unclean’ out from our states and form another ruling coalition that promote CAT (Clean, Accountable & Transparency) governance.

Our CM Daddy Lim Kit Siang is right! The 30-year problem on illegals has reduced Sabahans into a minority in their own home state. See how the Pakatan MPs care for Sabahan. Elder Lim has tried to raise the controversial issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah but was subsequently shot down by BN’s House Speaker, Ronald Kiandee who happens to be a MP from Sabah.

How irony was that? Mr. Ronald McDonald was trying to shield BN from the reality? Was he turning not one but both eyes blind on the issue which has ‘tormented’ Sabah society for more than 30 years? Or maybe it was simply becos ‘ada udang disebalik batu’? There has been serious allegations that illegal immigrants from neighbouring Philippines and Indonesia have been given identity cards by the authorities to enable them to vote in elections. Would that be true? Perhaps we need another Royal Commission to investigate on these allegations. That would be very interesting and I’m sure the Old ‘M’an will find himself occupied on another front – answering “I can’t remember” or “I can’t recall” again and again. LOL…

My dear fellow Sabahan, it has time and again proven that these ‘unclean’ reps which you have voted in could not and would not defend the interest of the state and the people. You know… they have to tow the party line or face the whip by General Najip. Some morons so-call leaders from Sabah still dare to claim that no one loves Sabah more than they did and yet were cowards enough to hide behind the bench (backbencers mah…) when Kit Siang tried to raise this issue in the Parliament yesterday. Shame on them… ‘ptui’! This is not a REAL man act! Better wear skirts next time when the MPs meet again.

Statistic showed that the total number of foreigners, including illegal immigrants, in Sabah is estimated at 1.75 million in a population of around 3.3 million. It means that ‘genuine’ Sabahan only make up around 1.55 million and now the question is, who’s the REAL Alien in Sabah? Sabahan themselves lor… Realli a Joke of the Year 2008!

Lonely… I’m Mr. Lonely

With the Old ‘M’an quitting U Must Not Object party with his son Mokzani, our target man si botak Muhkris suddenly found himself cutting a lonely figure in his fight to get Pak Lah down from his Premiership throne. Getting used to the comfort and warmth of Daddy’s protection all these while, I guess our Mr. Lonely will find a few surprises in store for him in this coming UMNO Annual General Meeting come this December.

While other party members would have been sent to face the party whip centuries earlier if they were found of speaking against top leadership, Mr. Lonely has so far fared quite well when most UMNO-putras seemed content in ignoring all the whimps and rants of our si botak Muhkris.

While blantantly refused to quit the Party like his Daddy did, he still has the guts to call for Pak Lah’s head despite the fact that the Old ‘M’an’s popularity in his New UMNO has plummeted to near ZERO. Aiyooo botak… If I were in your shoes, I’ll keep my big mouth shut liao lor… If you keep opening your big mouth like you always did, people will only shoot you. Why cakap banyak, if you don’t like it, just quit the party like your Daddy lor… LOL 🙂

Maybe si botak thinks that it’s time for him to come out of his Daddy’s shadow. Perhaps it’s time to grow up. To be a Real Man so to say… 🙂 But I’ll bet his process of ‘growing up’ will be a painful one when he needs to confront so many challenges and difficulties all by himself. He was rumoured to be gunning for UMNO Putera chief post. But I think come this December AGM, he won’t be able to get nominated at all!

The Giant Killer Quake in Sichuan has killed alot of victims and left a trail of widows and orphans. My symphaties and prayers go to these unfortunate lot of people. However, there is one ‘orphan’ who would not get anything from me and he is our Mr. Lonely…

The Old ‘M’an Quit : Netizens React

Marion Tharsis: Pak Lah should grab this opportunity to charge Mahathir for the numerous ill doings committed during his ‘reign of terror’. Some are surfacing and he is diverting attention. Instead of using his twilight years to perhaps seek forgiveness for his wrongdoings and offering good and sound advice, this old man is just getting on everyone’s nerves by his unproductive and damaging remarks, comments and action. We thought it was the end of a very long and bad episode in Malaysian history when he resigned. But it lingers unabated though he may no longer hold the reins.

He is again harping on racial matters that could incite and stir trouble and unrest. If you notice, he has nothing good to say about anybody (except about his very small circle of friends who are discarded by the world) and seems to get his pleasure by causing chaos and confusion. His modus operandi has not changed a bit i.e. drive in fear and keep the people divided.

I think the Umno leaders are wise enough not to jeoprdise their positions listening to a spent force who will only lead them to their ruin. He is history and should be kept in the past. Remember, united you stand, divided you fall. No one benefits at the end.

Hibiscus: When Tun Dr Mahathir took office as PM in 1981, his theme was ‘ Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy’. When he left office 22 years later in 2003, people by and large find so many things stinking. I believe the bad smell contributed much to the BN losing so much ground in the recent general elections, especially as the BN leadership was not seen to be quick enough to clean up the mess left by 22 years of misrule.

In 1981, the ringgit was equal in value to the Singapore dollar. By the time TDM left office, it has lost so much ground that the Singapore dollar has become more than double in value against the ringgit. With such dismal performance, TDM should realise he has lost all moral rights to criticise his successor. He should retire quietly and not stir up things that remind people of the unpleasant 22 years of his rule so that Malaysians can move forward as one nation and find its place in the ever challenging globalised environment.

Athiru: Dear Ex-PM Dr M, this is enough. Please go and don’t destroy this beautiful nation of ours. The rakyat has had enough of your aristocratic iron-fist rule for the last 22 years. You hid yourself under the ISA and OSA and literally destroyed the nation in terms of integrity and self- respect. See for yourself what you did during your 22 years of arrogant and aggressive rule – the judiciary is in shambles; corruption is at its peak with civil servants, police, customs and immigration having a field time; university ratings have taken a beating with your race-based NEP; local graduates can hardly speak proper English and are unable to get employed in the private sector; citizenship is given to foreigners (Indonesians and Filipinos) in Sabah so much so that they exceed the locals; Petronas earnings are for you and your cronies to spend leaving the poor rakyat (eg in Kelantan) in extreme poverty.

Stop playing the race card and ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. We want to be known as Bangsa Malaysia – NOT Malay, Chinese or Indian. We were born here and we are rightly all Malaysians. That’s it. So please let the younger generation decide on this nation’s future.

Ron Liamsi: A sessage to all leaders who have outlived their times yet still think they are omnipotent and powerful. Remember what Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it – always’.

Kaisim: A leopard never changes its spots and so is Dr M`s character, He never fails to use undesirable racial tones to move his supporters when he is in desperate situations. He said: ‘The Malays have loosened their grip on political power to the point where the non-Malays no longer respect them and their institutions’. He also said: ‘Everything deemed as Malay privileges had been questioned and challenged by non-Malays. Malays were doing nothing to counter the situation and strengthen their position’.

Dr M, a distinguished political leader is seen playing a racial game to work up the feelings of his listeners. This is very dangerous and unbecoming of a former PM. Why must he stoop so low and talk like a bankrupt leader.? Yes, in the ’60s and the ’70`s politicians played this game to move up. Unless we want another May 13, leaders should be careful.

We all know Dr M very well in his 22 years in the government. The minority groups have never questioned or challenged the rights of the Malays in the constitution. Only the bankrupt Umno politicians have simply accused them. Sometimes, the media deliberately sensationalised the news in order the gain political mileage for certain leaders with wrong reporting.

We live in a democratic society and we should be allowed to voice our opinions. Leaders should speak on behalf of all Malaysians and not only for one race in particular only.

AN Ewe: Mahathir has quit from Umno? Absolutely delighted to hear the good news! Amazed it took the good doctor so long to figure out this strategic cum tactical move, actually. Any chance now do you think (hopefully?) that he’ll quit Malaysia altogether for distant/happier shores? Perhaps to somewhere like his dear fellow-dictator friend Mugabe’s Zimbabwe-land, and perhaps before those nets belonging to Malaysia’s rule of law closes in on him?

Hmm…can’t wait for the next serving of the next exciting episode in this rather thrilling Malaysian saga of intrepid political intrigue and dastardly skulduggery of super par excellence! Dynasty/Dallas – eat your heart out! Bet Pak Lah is rolling on that floor somewhere in Putrajaya laughing himself into hysterics….

Bapa borek, Anak tak rintik

Bak kata pepatah Melayu, Bapa borek, anak rintik… in another words, Like Father like Son.

But unfortunately things aren’t that way for our Malaysian ‘ex’ 1st family when Daddy Old ‘M’an resigned from U Must Not Object, Junior Botak did not seemed to possess the same gut to quit like Daddy did. Ooooo poor poor Daddy, even his son was not of the same heart and mind with him. How is he goin to fight Pak Lah with has the support of his entire family on the 4th floor?? Hehehe…

For si botak Mukhris son of the Old ‘M’an, I think he stayed put cos he still wanted to keep his political career alive. He looked stupiak… but this action showed otherwise! The news report that Jerlun member of Parliament Mukhriz Mahathir today said he will not join his father in quitting Umno – in his sane mind he might have thought, “You say I jump, You jump. But I say You jump, I won’t jump! My Daddy can go anywhere he wishes. But as for me, I’ll stay put to keep myself ‘safe n dry’ in UMNO. Only idiots will listen to my daddy’s ‘nyanyuk’ bambling…” I wonder how Sanusi would react to this action by Muhkris. Maybe si Botak will even be branded as a ‘traitor’ by the Old ‘M’an diehard supporters.

How are you goin to convince the people to quit the party when even your son is not quitting? LOL… This is what happened to our National Service. Our leaders in BN has gotten sooooo used to ‘Double Standard’ that only the children of rakyat jelata will face compulsory NS while the children of VVIPs escaped! Such silly practises must STOP! The people won’t buy it anymore. It won’t work any longer!

Thank Goodness the MPs in UMNO are not as stupiak as Sanusi Junid who quickly became member No.2 to quit behind the Old ‘M’an. According to a reliable source, all UMNO MPs stood behind Pak Lah after a short meeting with the PM this evening. Aiyooo, come on lah… You think you still PM meh? You are already a retired Old ‘M’an in your 80s liao lah… Even if the rest of UMNO want to revolt against Pak Lah, they will also choose a younger leader to lead them lah… You think time will never change? That you were still as strong & influencial as you were 20 years ago? Somemore your own son has refused to jump ship as you have instructed… How are you gonna expect others to follow you? Maybe some of your diehard fans will secretly throw some life jackets and buoys to keep you afloat in the midst of the ocean but they are certainly not jumping wif you! LOL 🙂

According to Kian Ming, the Old ‘M’an went for broke to topple Pak Lah in his own way. But with his own son abadoning ship and distance himself from Daddy Old ‘M’an, I think it may be time for this Old ‘M’an to vanish from Malaysian politics once and for all.