Bapa borek, Anak tak rintik

Bak kata pepatah Melayu, Bapa borek, anak rintik… in another words, Like Father like Son.

But unfortunately things aren’t that way for our Malaysian ‘ex’ 1st family when Daddy Old ‘M’an resigned from U Must Not Object, Junior Botak did not seemed to possess the same gut to quit like Daddy did. Ooooo poor poor Daddy, even his son was not of the same heart and mind with him. How is he goin to fight Pak Lah with has the support of his entire family on the 4th floor?? Hehehe…

For si botak Mukhris son of the Old ‘M’an, I think he stayed put cos he still wanted to keep his political career alive. He looked stupiak… but this action showed otherwise! The news report that Jerlun member of Parliament Mukhriz Mahathir today said he will not join his father in quitting Umno – in his sane mind he might have thought, “You say I jump, You jump. But I say You jump, I won’t jump! My Daddy can go anywhere he wishes. But as for me, I’ll stay put to keep myself ‘safe n dry’ in UMNO. Only idiots will listen to my daddy’s ‘nyanyuk’ bambling…” I wonder how Sanusi would react to this action by Muhkris. Maybe si Botak will even be branded as a ‘traitor’ by the Old ‘M’an diehard supporters.

How are you goin to convince the people to quit the party when even your son is not quitting? LOL… This is what happened to our National Service. Our leaders in BN has gotten sooooo used to ‘Double Standard’ that only the children of rakyat jelata will face compulsory NS while the children of VVIPs escaped! Such silly practises must STOP! The people won’t buy it anymore. It won’t work any longer!

Thank Goodness the MPs in UMNO are not as stupiak as Sanusi Junid who quickly became member No.2 to quit behind the Old ‘M’an. According to a reliable source, all UMNO MPs stood behind Pak Lah after a short meeting with the PM this evening. Aiyooo, come on lah… You think you still PM meh? You are already a retired Old ‘M’an in your 80s liao lah… Even if the rest of UMNO want to revolt against Pak Lah, they will also choose a younger leader to lead them lah… You think time will never change? That you were still as strong & influencial as you were 20 years ago? Somemore your own son has refused to jump ship as you have instructed… How are you gonna expect others to follow you? Maybe some of your diehard fans will secretly throw some life jackets and buoys to keep you afloat in the midst of the ocean but they are certainly not jumping wif you! LOL 🙂

According to Kian Ming, the Old ‘M’an went for broke to topple Pak Lah in his own way. But with his own son abadoning ship and distance himself from Daddy Old ‘M’an, I think it may be time for this Old ‘M’an to vanish from Malaysian politics once and for all.


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