Anwar is safe… for now…

At least, for now, our Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is safe and since 6:45pm just now, has returned to his own residence after leaving the Turkish Embassy which he has taken refuge early Sunday morning.


anwar saiful bukhari sodomy allegations turkish embassy release  300608 04He told journalists that he had decided to leave after getting assurances for his safety from three ministers – Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, Foreign Minister Rais Yatim and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak.

“I’ve decided to leave after getting assurances from the statements of the foreign minister, the home minister and the deputy prime minister,” said a rather fresh-looking Anwar.

“I pray enough will be done for my security,” he told reporters after emerging from the ambassador’s residence.

Anwar added that the sodomy allegations were meant to derail the  announcement  of a by-election in which he would be contesting to pave the way for his return to Parliament.

Anwar also claimed that four parliamentarians from the ruling Barisan Nasional component parties  – of whom two were from Umno – will be defecting to the opposition Pakatan Rakyat this week.

“This week, I was supposed to announce which constituency I was going to contest in and the four Barisan Nasional parliamentarians who are going to join us. As such, they’ve had to act now (with regards to the sodomy charge by a so-call MOLE in PKR against him).

Leading human rights group Suaram said the allegations were a sign of desperation by the ruling coalition as it faced being ousted by Anwar’s resurgent opposition.

“We see this as a politically motivated move by the ruling party. They are at the brink of losing power and support of the people,” said Suaram’s executive director Yap Swee Seng.

“I think there will be a wave of street protests in support of Anwar against these wild allegations,” he said. “People are fed up with corruption and abuse of power by this regime.”


Give us back our RM3.5B!

From Penangites to a Penangite : Give us back our RM3.5B!!!!

I would like to reiterate the call of our beloved CM Lim Guan Eng when he launched our DAP Jelutong service centre in earlier in the day that the Federal Government should give Penang back the RM3.5bil previously allotted for the projects on monorail as well as PORR.

When the Feds increased the allocation for 9th Malaysian Plan from RM200B to RM230B, an increase of a staggering RM30B, the Feds pulled out a.k.a “deferred” the plans of our Monorail & PORR which will only cost merely 10% of the increase!

It realli defy any logic by our Feds led by the incompetant ‘Bodowi’ to ‘cancel’ the projects while at the same time, seek to increase the allocated funds as much as 1000%! You think we Penang people as ‘bodoh’ as you ah? Even when I don’t like to believe that such a Penang-kia like you would betray your own home state, this kind of action will be telling us very loudly,

“Nah! padan muka kau orang Penang yang mengundi roket dan PKR dalam pilihanraya 2008! Jangan ingat boleh dapat public transport yang canggih canggih. Pak Lah naikan harga minyak dan batalkan projek projek kerajaan untuk nak tengok cam mano orang Penang akan menderita…”

Sometimes, I realli wish we can pay our income tax to State Government! The Feds are driving us up the wall… I just can’t wait on when our Pakatan Rakyat or the People’s Alliance to take over!

The Mole…

The Star reports:

a man claiming to be an aide of Anwar lodged a police report alleging sodomy by the PKR leader. It is learnt that the man, in his 20s, lodged the report at a police beat base here at 5.45pm.

He is being treated at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

Sources said the man alleged that he was sexually assaulted last Thursday inside a luxury apartment in the city. He also alleged that it was not the first time that Anwar had sexually assaulted him.

Sivarasa said the aide started working for PKR three months ago to help out in the general election.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Ku Chin Wah confirmed that a report had been lodged but declined to give details.

Interested to know who’s the mole?

Tell u something… He’s damn famous lo now… you can even find his name on Yahoo!

By the way, our embattled PM, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has denied that the government is involved in the explosive allegations that PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim has sodomised an aide.



“We had no plans to do anything to him just because he says he’s made a political comeback,” the prime minister told a press conference.

But who’s gonna believe the denials of our Pak Lah. Enuff lah Pak Lah. It’s better for you to keep your mouth shut than to issue any denials. Haven’t you forget the story of a boy crying wolf? Don’t insult the intelligence of rakyat repeatedly ok?

Our Malaysians have had enough of your sandiwara oredi. Remember when you deny you would dissolve Parliament and call for GE2008? Remember when your sidekick Najib Razak denied that petrol price will go up on 4th June 2008? These denials turned out to be truth after all! So I guess all Malaysians already have their answers in their hearts regarding this denial of yours.

Anwar in Turkish Embassy

Wow… as wat Rocky Bru has described it as “Buuuuuurning HOT!”, our PKR de-facto leader and Prime Minister in waiting has sought refuge in KL’s Turkish Embassy after receiving credible information that his very own life is in danger.

This hot hot news just came after some fresh allegations of sodomy by a young aide who has joined PKR some 3 months ago and has risen to become one of Dato Seri’s special assistants. On a precautionary note, our Taikor Jeff Ooi in his blog has cautioned that we should do some background check on new recruits in order to prevent any moles from slipping into the fold.

By the way, at 5:30 pm this evening, Anwar has released a statement from Turkish Embassy and I think most supporters would love to know what he has to say so far. So again I apologise to my paid source that illegally, I just can’t help but to post it here. Hehehe… 🙂

I am issuing this statement from within the embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Kuala Lumpur.

I was transported to the embassy earlier this morning fearing that my personal safety was in danger. I thank all those who offered to assist me in this time of need and am grateful to the Turkish ambassador for extending an invitation to seek refuge within the embassy.

Since the March 8 election, numerous credible sources from within the government and military intelligence have advised me that certain agents from within Barisan Nasional leadership have initiated plots to cause harm to me or my family or my supporters.

rustam sani book launch 260408 anwar pcI have been told that my assassination has not been ruled out as means to subvert the people’s will and bring an end to the transformational changes taking place in Malaysia.

Notwithstanding the threats which are intended to silence my voice, I intend to make public new evidence implicating that Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan and Attorney-General A Gani Patail engaged in criminal acts of fabricating evidence in cases launched against me in 1998.

The allegations that have been made against me on Saturday are nothing more than a replay of the events which transpired in 1998 when I was sacked from the office of the deputy prime minister, jailed and beaten, and then charged and convicted by a kangaroo court for crimes which I never committed.

This charade was orchestrated by a corrupt Barisan Nasional leadership which made use of the entire apparatus of the state power including its control of the judiciary, the police force, and its grip on the mainstream media.

These actions are being repeated today to undermine the forces of reform and renewal which were unleashed in the March 2008 election.

I would like to assure my family, friends and supporters in Malaysia that I am safe and remain committed as ever before to continuing the struggle for a free and just Malaysia.

Anwar Ibrahim

Just a Misunderstanding

Thursday, 24 April 2008 
It Was All A Misunderstanding

Waitress: I would like to deny that what was
reported ever happened. The ex-Minister did not fondle or
molest me. It was all a misunderstanding.

Reporter: What made you make that report then?
What actually happened.

Waitress: I did feel someone putting his hands
on my backside. Then I felt the hand going higher. I
protested, but it did not stop. I tried to pull the hand
away, but the owner of the hand is much stronger than me.
He was also drunk because I could smell it from his breath.

Reporter: What made you initially suspect that
it was the ex minister who did it.

Waitress: After pleading for sometime, I
couldn't take it anymore so I screamed. Then they on
the lights and the ex minister was next to me.

Reporter: You suspected that he was the one
because he was next to you? It could have been others

Waitress: I thought it was him, because that
night, he was the only customer. There was no one else in
the bar except the bar boy, two other waitresses who were
with the bar boy, the ex minister and me. That was why I
thought it was him.

Reporter: It could have been either of the
waitresses or the bar-boy right?

Waitress: No it couldn't be, they were at
quite a distant away. They lights were on only seconds
after I screamed.

Reporter: Then how come you are now sure that
it was not the ex minister, since he was the only one close
to you? Anyway how close was he to you?

Waitress: He was very close, about 6 inches
away. I only realised that it couldn't have been him
when the police and his lawyers visited me a few days ago.

Reporter: How many of them visited you?

Waitress: 20 police personnel and 12 lawyers.

Reporter: So many of them? What did they say or

Waitress: They told me that that club is
haunted. They said that a few years ago, a drunkard
lecherous old man was shot dead for molesting a woman
there. They added that it could be his ghost who did it.

Reporter: And you believed them?

Waitress: I was confused, but they brought an
ex waitress who confessed that the same thing happened to
her and coincidentally, the same ex minister was beside
her. They said that, the dead man was an enemy of the ex
minister so that was why his ghost did it every time he is

Reporter: Since the place is haunted, are you
going back to work there?

Waitress: Oh no, I don't have to work
anymore. The ex minister was so kind. He said that he took
pity on me because I was molested by the ghost of his
enemy. He blamed himself for what had happened to me. He
gave me a cheque for 1 million ringgit, a condominium and
an expensive car. He said I don't have to pay for the
condominium. To show how he cares, he even took a key and
said that he would be checking on me, to see if I need any
help or if the ghost is still haunting me. That is why, I
feel so bad that I had implicated a very good man.

Why Offer Twice?

I read with disappointment that our Penang Pakatan Rakyat State government was going for the 2nd round in their offer of positions in state committees to UMNO reps. Why offer to them AGAIN when they had initially rejected the first one? Why so muka tembok? Please lah… don’t disappoint the people of Penang on our faith to you. If we STILL want them (the UMNO & gang) in our State administration, we wouldn’t have voted you in at the first place! Please WAKE UP!!!

I believe there are many talents out there for you to unearth in order to find good people running the state business. Just forget about those ‘people’ whom the Rakyat has rejected. Do you realli want to open another ‘Reject Shop’ is it? Getting those Rejected Goods back into your committees will mean nothing but ‘expose’ yourself that you’re understaffed and helpless.

I dun mean to sound too critical to our State Government of the People of Penang. But I realli feel that this 2nd round of ‘invitation’ to the Rejected Goods is certainly uncalled for and unnecessary by our State Government. Put up openly your Recruitment process in our local newspaper and call upon all Penangites to help out. I’m pretty sure all Penang lovers will response warmly to your calling. I realli wonder how come our En Fairuz didn’t send an offer letter to me? I can always be contacted in my email address: So wat are u waiting? Send me your offer letter today! 🙂