Anwar for Permatang Pauh

BREAKING News: It’s FINAL! Anwar Ibrahim will contest in his homeground Permatang Pauh in a by-election after his wife and Opposition Leader Wan Azizah resigned from all her Parliamentary post.

According to our latest sources, Anwar Ibrahim announced today that he will contest a by-election for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat which was vacated by his wife and PKR leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.


Wan Azizah told a packed press conference at the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya this afternoon that she had resigned as member of parliament for the seat but will retain her post as PKR president.

wan azizah resign permatang pauh by election for anwar 310708 07“I have officially submitted my resignation letter as Permatang Pauh MP to the House Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia today to make way for my husband to contest as a candidate for Pakatan Rakyat in a by-election as soon as possible,” she said.

“This is consistent with our goals towards securing a parliamentary majority and forming a new government within this year,” she added, stressing that her decision was the right decision for Malaysia.

Anwar – who is seeking to make a parliamentary comeback after a 10-year absence – has been shopping for a seat to contest after the expiry of a five-year ban from active politics. The Election Commission will be required to call a by-election within 60 days. Permatang Pauh was held by Anwar for 17 years since he joined Umno in 1982.

Anwar was also asked what would happen if he is to be charged with sodomy in relation to the police report lodged by his former aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan (right) on June 28.

“What charge?” he retorted.

“They have nothing to charge me with. They have been fishing for almost a month now and they haven’t caught any fish yet. Maybe they would catch a coconut and assume it’s a fish.”

However, there are fears that he could be arrested. The government responded to today’s announcement by saying it did not fear Anwar’s possible return to office.

“We are not worried … we will face it … he is not a threat. It is a democratic process, good luck to him,” Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar told reporters.


Twist & Turn

Waseh… I think lately many good movie directors such as James Cameroon, Steven Spielberg and John Woo will all flock to Malaysia to learn more about movie making. The saga involving our Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim would make either Hollywood or Bollywood look like child’s play.

Even though Malaysia here got alot of good directors, but too bad we’re badly short of scripwriters as the storyline of our latest blockbuster “Liwat Meliwat” has too many loops and the plot were quickly seen through and thus, could not provide any oooo or ahhhhh to the audience.

In the latest twist of the story, the ‘hospital’ where the victim first went for a checkup has came up with this explanation that they did not conduct a sodomy-related examination on the ‘victim’. But if you’re not conducting a sodomy examination, why in the world were you looking at the victim’s anal for??? There were so many parts of the body and yet why that particular doctor was so interested in the anal of the victim? Please la… if you want to plan a plot, plan lah properly… Don’t be so obvious to show your weaknesses in the plot. Like tat no fun one ok? 

Karpal Singh was right when he asked the police to stop their investigation. Why waste the rakyat’s money anymore? Go and catch the real thieves and robbers instead of wasting their time getting involved in this ‘sure-lose’ sandiwara by BN and Pak Lah. As what our Home Minister Syed Hamid said is true. Evidence has to be chained together to provide a strong case. But please bear in mind that if the chain is ‘broken’, how the police going to produce a beyond reasonable doubt case against Anwar? Since they couldn’t unless new evidence surface, they better stop wasting their time and resources to pursue after this issue.

In my previous post I have been asking where the heck has our PI of the year Bala has gone to. Now it seems that the doctor who has examined the ‘victim’ has gone for holiday and no one knows his whereabouts. So you see, there are so many loopholes around the case and how are you going to expect anybody to ‘believe’ your story? No need to spend so much money inviting the envoys from countries around the world to listen to your explanation. If your own rakyat can’t find any reason to believe you, you expect other civilisation going to take your words? LOL…

We don’t know what our BN scripwriters gonna serve up later but the more this thing drags on, the more laughable and ridiculous BN will look in the eyes of our rakyat Malaysia.

Budget Car Rental in Penang

Recently we got another sponsor here who has supported A New Dawn for Penang and I think it’s only appropriate if we write something here for them as well.

A new budget Car Rental in Penang has just been set up to ride on the wind of Tourism Penang by offering affordable and cheap Car rental services to all those who needs a car to move around – particularly in Penang.

So be it whether you are here for sight-seeing, short working trip, medi-tourism or outstation college students, PG Car Rental has many packages that would suit your needs of transportation. Sorry la folks, who ask our Feds to keep on encouraging our people to buy national cars (while they themselves drive Benz) and has purposely neglecting the development of public transportation? Now somemore cancel the Monorail project… That’s why I think my sponsor bisnes will thrive very well for the time being while they cancel this and cancel that. Apparently hor… Pak Lah just don’t have the rakyat in his heart!

Aiyooo, see? My voice of support for my sponsor suddenly turn into another round of frustration hitting our country Federal government. Sigh… thousand of apologies!

So guys and gals out there, if in any case you’ll need a car to use in Penang, just remember there is a budget car rental service which will suit all your needs. 🙂 Just click on the link and you’ll be directed to PG Car Rental website. You can also follow the link here :

Time to Change : FAP

I used to go to our City Stadium and experienced myself our famous Keramat Roar whenever our Penang team scored against its opposition. The stadium itself was packed like sardine! Even though the terraces could not fill anymore people, yet our football crazed fans were willing to ‘peep’ among the crowd just to get a glimpse of our mighty team playing their free flow football. Who said Penangites don’t like football?! Even with a Chinese majority population, football WAS very much alive in many Penangites’ hearts and minds. But these sweet memories were already in the past…

Today, Penang football team were in dire strait. Both on and off the field. In the official website of the fans –, they were appealing for the private sectors and well wishers to ‘donate’ as much fund as they can to help out the players who (they claimed) were NOT paid their salary for a few months already! What the HELL is actually happening with our Football Association of Penang? A check on their (FAP Official) website brought nothing as it claimed was under maintenance and there were news claiming that our FAP has gone ‘bankrupt’ with no more funds left in the coffers. Serious doubt were also cast on FAP ability to set up a team for next season’s challenge in the Super League.

As for the team, they were “NO.1” in their respective table in the current Malaysia Cup challenge allbeit the count was done backwards. The choice of going ‘all local’ by (why is he again?) non other than our ex-CM Mr. Koh Tsu Khoon seemed to be backfired on the development of football in the state. By virtually securing last places, (we’re 2nd last in Super League) Penangites have lost our appetite on our own local football due to such poor standard dished out by our so-call local heroes. But we can’t blame the players! What are we going to expect for a bunch of youngsters to do with their empty stomachs except to LOSE? Where are the voice of the management? Where is that ‘manager’ Zain? He has not shown his ass or his face ever since the news leaked out regarding the financial situation of FAP! Now where the heck is our dear President Koh?

As I have always said it REPEATEDly, Penangites have done ONE terrible wrong and that is to choose this good for nothing Koh Tsu Khoon to be CM of Penang for the last 18 years! He is like the king who touches everything and they turned into gold. But only this time, whatever things he touched turned into ruins! Penang has lost alot of its shine during his tenure and now see what has gone wrong with our football association. It’s the duty of FAP and its management to look after the coaches and the players but instead, they were left hungry and without pay for a few months! Weiiiiii…. these people got families to feed, OK? While Koh Tsu Khoon still has his undeserved pencent to spend, how are these people who dons the State colours going to live on without any pay for so long? Somemore thanks to our Feds, prices of many things have shot up. So Dr. Koh, how do you expect them to survive?

I hope our new CM- Lim Guan Eng will find some time to emphatise with our Penang Team players. If possible, please force this group of incompetant management to step down and appoint a new set of managers to manage the team. Just look at our neighbour Kedah. With good management, they have been on the top of Malaysian football for so many years. Koh Tsu Khoon said the gate receipts were not good. Just ask how much the Kedah FA has collected last year and you’ll be suprise to find out the astronomical figure people would pay to watch Kedah plays!

Up to date, no one really knows who is in charge of the FAP. The very last article we can get from the net is almost one year old. It was posted in BERNAMA website stating our Koh Tsu Khoon’s unwillingness to step down as its President. Can someone please shed some lights on what has actually happened to our State football team? If Koh still the president, I’d politely ask him to step down. Together with your side kick Zain, please exile yourself from this beloved island of ours. You have done enuff damage. Please don’t go for another round of destruction anymore.

As for all of us in this wonderful blogsphere, we can also do something on our part! For the sake of the players, for the sake of the future football in Penang and for the sake of the love for the Game, I appeal to all my fellow bloggers to ‘blow’ this issue up as hot as you all can so that actions can be taken by some appropriate authorities. Don’t leave our heroes such as Moey Yoke Ham and Isa Bakar to take the undeserved blame. Don’t allow anyone to make them the scapegoat! They should get more support, morally and financially, from these incompetant management! It’s time to Change for FAP!

Malaysia 0-2 Chelsea

OK… So I was wrong! Our under 23 boys put up such a determined resistance to restrict the smooth flow of football played by Chelsea FC that they were limited to a few half chances in front of the goal mouth and as the result shows, Chelsea only managed to muster a humble 0-2 victory over Malaysia XI in Shah Alam Stadium yesterday.

Packed in an almost full house stadium, I got the opportunity to watch my HEROs for the first time LIVE in person as they played in the all too familiar Chelsea blue outfits. As it turned out, these so-call ‘Supermen’ were not exactly any ‘bigger’ or ‘taller’ than our Malaysian native boys. They were also not any faster either as many of their mazy runs by Joe Cole, Shaun Wright Phillips or even a younger Scott Sinclair were unable to get pass our defenders.

Sure lah… we certainly ‘berkampung’ in our half of the field most of the time but still, they are Chelsea mah… Surely must be able to prise open any defence in the world wat… Or else, how are we going to define ‘world class’??? Just like the famous Brazillian Samba national team, all teams who played against these world class teams would naturally pack their defences or even set up another layer of wall made up by midfielders. As what described by Maurinho during one game, the opposition ‘literally’ PARK a bus in front of the goalmouth! LOL…

Anyway, yesterday’s game only so-so nia… Nothing much to expect. The organiser has failed to produce a ‘fun-fare’ or ‘carnival’ like atmosphere. Maybe lack of funds I dunno but at least sponsors such as Samsung and Maxis should have done more for the crowd. Chelsea players were protecting their ‘expensive’ legs and thus, would not risk them on any challenges posed by our Malaysians players. During some early stages of the play, the Malaysian XI even managed to get the crowd on their feet with 2 very close attempts on goal which saw the ball whizzed past inches wide!

So NO double digit score by Chelsea and both team went home ‘happily’, having achieved their own targets and purpose of playing this exhibition match in front of a happy 60,000 fans.

Anwar for Kulim??

Our Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has dropped another bombshell in the space of 2 days that he ‘could’ go for Kulim in his bid to be an MP should the court declare the winner of that Parliamentary election void on 8th of March 2008.

A high court in Kedah state will hear a challenge on Aug 19 asking it to invalidate the result in a seat that was won by his PKR.

anwar ibrahim and pkr speechAnwar told AFP that if the court declares the result null and void he will contest the ensuing by-election.

“My plan is to contest in the Kulim-Bandar Baharu seat. I am optimistic of victory,” he said.

“The constituency neighbours my hometown of Permatang Pauh in Penang. I am familiar with the locals there.”

A return to parliament would be a next step in the political rehabilitation of Anwar, who was sacked as deputy premier in 1998 and later jailed on sodomy and corruption charges.

Waseh… our DSAI realli sound like a veteran in military strategist where he kept his political foes on their toes at all time while refused to reveal where he would come in. As what has been mentioned by him yesterday, it would be inevitable that our DSAI would come face to face to a full strength of our BN’s election machinery where money, people and freebies would be made available to get the votes.

Anwar Ibrahim was to formally announce his plan at a party rally in the constituency later Sunday.

bandar kulim bharu kedah parliament seat results 180708

The Kulim Bandar Baharu Parliamentary Seat’s voters demographic is posted beside for my readers’ reference. We hope no matter where DSAI decides to go, victory would follow him to prove to BN that the people has REALLI rejected them as the leader of this democratic Malaysia Federation.

Just a little too Late!

Lately hor… our now ‘kuaci-eating’ Gerakan has come out, be it one-by-one, to speak up against the Government’s policy of shelving (that’s what they say la but to me, it’s more like cancelling) the mega projects allocated to Penang such as PORR and Monorail. Even people like Teng Hock Nam and Koh Tsu Khoon who have been silence a.k.a dumb all these while were seen taking turn among themselves to play the role of Hero of Penang to speak up.

Please la… can somebody please tell them that their gimmick is just a little too late? LOL… Somemore, please tell Pak Lah to stop all these ‘sandiwara’ among BN component parties. We already know the ending liao lah… Once BN re-capture Penang, the PM will ‘give back’ these mega projects to Penang to show that only BN can benefit the people. Ptui!!!! Be it Koh Tsu Khoon or Pak Lah or maybe even Najib, you can kiss your bloody ass goodbye when it comes to recapturing Penang anymore!

Don’t you know we the Penangites have always been the ‘bulldozers’ and the ‘Brave Vanguard’ who defies death and suffering everytime when it comes to election and anti-establishment? We did that in 1969 and again we demonstrated our ‘Never Say die’ attitude in the last GE 2008!

With our CM of the people Lim Guan Eng at the helm, he has introduced lots of benefits to the people of Penang although much restrictions and hindrances were placed along the path to stop him from doing a good job. Please… get on with your LIFE (as if you got one)!!! BN should leave Pakatan Rakyat state government alone instead of playing sabotage.

Our Dewan Negeri or State assembly met for the past week and I am sure alot of Penangites would like applaud the initiative of our new State Government to put the seating LIVE on the internet so that everyone can see and evaluate the performance of their elected representatives. But one guy stuck out like a sore thumb in the state assembly and he was no other than our ‘Street Demo King’ Dato Azhar from Penaga who took up the role of Opposition Leader.

Not that I’m against someone who was fat and bald, but I am sure many people would agree that our Dr. Hilmi would play that role better and more effecient than that si botak gemuk who only good at organising illegal street demo that caused headache and jams around Komtar one Friday afternoon. From here, we can see once again BN is nothing but a group of political parties who care and think about themselves when even a Street Demo King could be the Opposition Leader.

But come to think of that, I would rather look at the positives. Why not? With a Street Demo King there as their Opposition Leader, tat rather stupid move would do nothing but condemn UMNO, MCA, Gerakan & MIC to be the Opposition in Penang State asssembly for many eons to come!!! Yeah… tat’s the way to be, man! Time to change my frens… and I mean the Feds! 🙂