Sorry seems the hardest word

First thing first, Pak Lah said ‘he’ din mean what he said. It was in a heat of a moment that he uttered those ‘sinful’ words. We can’t blame him… after all it was done during a ‘ceramah’ that he was allegedly & seditiously told the Chinese community of Malaysia they were no one but immigrants and thus, do not have the right to share equal rights with the so call ‘bumiputera’.

The Star reports today: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will personally see to it that Bukit Bendera Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail does not repeat his remarks about the Chinese community.

“I will tell him not to do it again. You know in a campaign all sorts of things can come up. I don’t think he meant it. I’ll make sure to tell him not to use it again,” the Prime Minister said after chairing the Bertam Umno division meeting yesterday.

Ahmad had allegedly called the Chinese pendatang (immigrants) and was also reported to have said that “as the Chinese were only immigrants it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races” during a ceramah in Permatang Pauh in Aug 25

The people’s reaction? We don’t even give a damn on what that Ahmed has said or what he actually mean. The people chose to voice their opinion through the correct channel when everyone in Permatang Pauh came out in unison to hand ‘Be End’ coalition one of their heaviest defeat in a by-election.

Our Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim managed to secure victories in almost all polling stations throughout Permatang Pauh with firm support of the Malays and non Malays like. Now who’s talking about unequal rights for different races? What races? The voters have proven once again that Bangsa Malaysia has prevailed over the old ideology and kick ‘Be End’ into a phrase of pre-extinction!

In a fair and just comparison, do we still remember when our Selangor MB – the Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim mentioned (just mentioned ONLY, ok?) about the possibility of opening up 10% of our University Institute Teknology Mara quota to the non-Malays, what was the REACTION of people?

Tan Sri Khalid was labelled as a traitor of his race (pembelot bangsa, menjual maruah bangsa) while the students of UiTM, still in their teens, came out in drooves to protest as hard as they could against this possibility. The ‘Be End’ machinery even used the students based near Permatang Pauh to come out and protest – to show to the locals there that how Pakatan Rakyat would sell the bumi’s special rights if given the chance to govern. Now where’s the AUKU (University & College universities Act) that prevents students from getting involve in politics. This only show that ‘Be End’ would resort to any desperate actions in their desperate bid to fish for some extra votes that includes training young street demonstrators e.g the UiTM students!

Now after Ahmed has uttered those ‘sinful’ words, wahhhhhhh… MCA and Gerakan move up a gear in condemning his remarks. The Youths movements particularly from these 2 ‘Be End’ components even went to lodge police reports, sign petition to demand for apology and promises not to repeat such horrific remark anymore.

But surprisingly, perhaps due to insufficient manpower, our Men in Blue (sighhh… double standard again) has yet to start any investigation on Ahmed Ismael or haul him to any nearby police station for questioning. We also have yet to see how the leaders of these 2 ‘Be End’ components such as Liaw Teong Lai or Koh Tsu Khoon handing over the signed petitions to Pak Lah or Ahmed himself – to reprimand their own partners of  being insensitive and racist to the Chinese community.

Even in the press statement yesterday, Pak Lah did not even mentioned any apology would be required from Ahmed. Instead of reprimanding and condemning his action, he simply allowed Ahmed Ismael to hid behind his ass by defending that he did not mean what he said on that fateful Aug 25 night ceramah.

Jangan dok sembunyi kat belakang punggung Pak Lah aje… Ngaku-lah apa yang dicakapkan itu dan jantan-lah sikit dengan memohon maaf kepada semua masyarakat Malaysia. Hingga hari ini pun tak nampak bantang hidung kao… Sungguh memalukan!

He is the leader of U Must Not Object in Bukit Bendera constituency – a place very near to my home. Come the next election, we’ll make sure Ahmed Ismael become a great Zero Hero for his remarks on Aug 25 2008! If SORRY seems the hardest word for him, I’m sure this double stupidities will come back to haunt him in his future political career!

Until then… I shall continue to enjoy this wonderful English song on my CD player – Sorry seems the hardeeeest word….


Today is Merdeka Day

Happy 51st Birthday to our beloved country though after 51 years of mismanagement, there is actually nothing to shout but for reforms and changes. 🙂

Well well, in case you happen to wake up early on Merdeka morning and happen to read this, you might be interested to bring your kids and family to Queensbay where for the first time, Pantai Jerejak is organising a Merdeka celebration and will be attended by all the big shots of the state. The event will start at 8:00 am sharp and I guessed it would be quite a fanfare there.

Anyway, hope that this time our Merdeka will indeed bring us out of so many many things which has make us lag sooo far behind our neighbours such as Singapore and Thailand.

To all my readers, have a Happy long weekend and Happy Merdeka day with your love ones. 🙂

I want Black & White

Recently, our Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was voted back into Parliament by our wise voters in Permatang Pauh. Not only the voters there were full of wisdom, they should also be commended for their courage in showing defiant to the money politics and racial incitement usually practiced by the ‘Be End’ government.

Not like some place in Sabah called Kinabatangan where the voters there… sighhh… sad to say but they kept on returning the Big-Foot to waste our tax payers money on his allowances while at the same time, creating one after another controversies to put our country’s name in great shame. He made his name famous for the wrong reason when he refused to apologise to the real ‘victim’ for his active role in the ‘bocor’ case last term and when the new term started after March 08, again he put himself in a spotlight for his ‘uncivilised’ hand gesture in the Parliament. I’m sure many Malaysians would celebrate with fireworks on the day when Big Foot was kick out of Parliament by his own voters. But I just wonder how long that would take for them to ‘WAKE UP’ in Kinabatangan, Sabah.

While Big Foot might be a ‘prince’ in his own Kinabatangan, I was amused to discover how they were being treated or looked upon by their own counterparts from West Malaysia, especially after DS Anwar was sworn-in to the Parliament. The ‘Be End’ leaders here were sooo fearful that those MPs from the East (this include Big Foot as well) could turn from ‘prince’ to ‘frog’ so much so that they were required to sign some document referred as Loyalty Pledge. LOL…

This only show one thing. Even the right hand could not to trust the left! What a Big Joke… but the truth is real! “Be End” leaders here in KL has all these while did not put much trust in their East Malaysian counterparts. Or else, why all these fuss of signing a ‘Black & White’ document? What is there to prove? You don’t see Pakatan Rakyat compel their MPs and State Assemblymen to sign the same loyalty pledge. Who’s more vulnerable? ‘Be End’ or PR? But here, surprisingly all ‘Be End’ East Malaysian MPs were required to sign one. No wonder even the CM also fuss lah!

The Star reports today:

Najib was commenting on a move by Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal to get Sabah and Sarawak Barisan MPs to sign a loyalty pledge to the Prime Minister.

In KOTA KINABALU, most of the 24 Sabah Barisan Nasional MPs were not keen on signing the loyalty pledge.

Describing the proposal as an insult, state Barisan Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Anifah Aman said if there was a pledge, it should be signed by all Barisan MPs.

He said Sabah MPs had repeatedly voiced their loyalty to the leadership and pledged that they had no intention of crossing over to the opposition.

If indeed the Sept 16 crossover by “Be End” MPs to Pakatan Rakyat will come true, I hope all except ONE = 23 MPs from the East will jump ship with one heart. Frankly speaking by that time, Pakatan Rakyat’s ship would be very stable and strong. We certainly do not need another Big Foot to rock it this time….

Budget 2009

What do we expect from Budget 2009?

What Pak Lah gives us in Budget 2009? Nothing…

So there’s nothing interesting to write or shout about this topic!










Well… Pak Lah’s Budget 2009 is as empty as the section above and I am sure most of our ‘Be End’ leaders are as blank as well. With inflation so damn high in the history, our PM still have the guts to announce a pretty respectable growth of 5.4%. Siao ah??? Want to be optimistic also must be within reason. Not just simply pluck the figure out of the sky.

Several experts in economy has given their fair share of view regarding this Budget 2009 and let’s hear what they got to say:

David Cohen, director of Action Economics, Singapore:
It is a populist budget to deflect the growing popularity of Anwar (Ibrahim). (Prime Minister) Abdullah (Ahmad Badawi) is obviously under pressure as witnessed by the rollback in fuel prices last week.

Lee Heng Guie, chief economist at CIMB Bank:
I think most people already expected a budget that won’t have many negative points. So this is one factor that helped the market to rise and also because overseas markets were good last night. But the overall mood is still cautious because there is still uncertainty.
Given the tough macro situation, they may have little choice but to spend more now. Whether it’s the right choice depends on how they fine-tune the deficit going forward.
———————————————– –

The share market went ‘artificially’ bullish when Pak Lah was announcing the budget as if to create some ‘excitement’ but we all know very well that it was the EPF doing the selling and buying all by themselves.

As what Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has said, the government has failed to solve the main issue of attracting Foreign Direct Investment. So what’s the use of opening up so many ‘corridors’ in the country without any actual investors coming in?

Another point is the failure of Pak Lah’s adminstration to cut cost in facing tough economic times. Asyik suruh rakyat tukar gaya hidup (change lifestyle by the people), but they themselves continue to stay put in their current gaya pentadbiran (administrative style). Seems to me that our “Be End” leaders only know how to pay lips service when they keep on stressing on the need for better efficiency because the government is raising its operating expenditure from RM128.8Billion to RM154.2Billion!

With another year in ‘deficit’, I think our current crop of ‘be end’ leaders just don’t have what it takes to run a country well… Please lah, it’s time to subs the whole team!

Thank You Ahmad Ismail

An unknown peanut in Bukit Bendera U Must Not Object division leader En Ahmad Ismail has been allegedly to have uttered some highly ‘seditious’ words when he was campaigning for the Orang Cina Bukan Cina in the just concluded Permatang Pauh by election.

He was allegedly to have said that Chinese were “squatters” in the country, who were both selfish and unjust. This has prompted people from MCA and Gerakan to slam Ahmad Ismail ‘kau-kau’ for being insensitive and sturborn. MCA Youth has even submitted a letter yesterday demanding an open apology, retraction and a promise not to make similar statements in the future.

Wahhhh… see how these so-call “the defender of bangsa” reacted with such rigour and passion when the target was a small fly such as Ahmad Ismail. Remember when Kerismudin waving his ‘sacred’ keris or when Curry Jamaludin was leading the way in accusing Penang government of abandoning the Malays? Where were these MCA or Gerakan people? Did they ever barked? Even a little would be good enough! But luckily they didn’t. That’s why Penangites people say Big Bye Bye to Gerakan last March 2008. We have had enough of your sandiwara (soap-opera) liao lah… LOL!

We also have to thank our Ahmad Ismail. Abang Mad, ribuan ribuan atau jutaan terima kasih kami ingin ucapkan. Kalo tidak ade orang macam abang Mad ni, BN tak akan kalah teruk seperti kat Permatang Pauh. Kami kat Pakatan Rakyat memang perlukan orang m’cam abang Mad ni untuk set up satu trend di mano setiap kali BN masuk pilihanraya, ia akan terus kalah sampai ia pupus secara automatik di satu masa akan datang… LOL!!!

Please continue with your racial statements. If you think you can fan the feeling of ‘ketuanan Melayu’ to earn some votes, go ahead! Do your worst! We as Bangsa Malaysia will not even bother about what you have to say. When you tell some Cina to balik theongsan, you better tell those who are genuinely Chinese nationals who came here for a wrong purpose instead of sight-seeing. We Bangsa Malaysia got no place to go except to our respective homes in this land call Malaysia.

Hidup Bangsa Malaysia!

“Be End” goin Nowhere

The government coalition of ‘Be End’ is really going nowhere nowadays.

Not only did they lose heavily in the just concluded by elections, their MPs are coming out with all sorts of moronic ideas in their desperate attempt to hang on to power. Just lookat how their wasted taxpayers money for them to table those baseless Bills to be discussed in the house of Parliament. I’d say pleaseeeeeeee get on with your job to discuss something more practical and beneficial rather than going after some Bills on DNA – a clear attempt to victimise some individuals who were threatening ‘Be End’s grip on our country.

Meanwhile, our HM “Honey AllBar” has to work overtime to deny this, deny that when terang terang, even the blind could see that all the dirty works bear the emblem of the ‘Be End’ parties. Just look at how they block our access to Malaysia Today Internet news portal. Read my sis Lilian rants on such idiotic measure by MCMC who reports directly to the “Be End” leaders.

By using some lame excuses such as “we found that some of the comments on the website were insensitive bordering on incitement,” the ‘Be End’ government asked all Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block their users access to such popular site. HEY!!! Who are they to determine for us which is good to read and which is not? We are customers who PAID for those ISP services. We are not those 3 year old babies that form the backbone of “Be End” youths movements ok?!

Hey, we know what we read from Malaysia Today ok?! All Malaysians are not stupid! We know how to differentiate which is TRUE and which is not. But still, ‘Honey Allbar’ defended his “Be End” actions by saying Malaysia Today had been banned because it published “libellous, defamatory and slanderous” content. Aiyoooo dear ‘Honey’, admit it lah… the ‘Be End’ government wants to clam down on Internet news! Don’t be shy. Why went sooo much trouble to find those lame excuses. Statistic shown that Malaysia is placed at No.124 out of 169 on its worldwide press freedom index while bloggers have been threatened with the use of draconian ISA which allow detention without trials.

However, at least there is still a tiny ray of Hope when at last, after struggling against the might of a Goliath, our courageous David in the form of PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is today officially parliamentary opposition leader as he was sworn in this morning at the Dewan Rakyat.

anwar ibrahim enters parliament building as mp 280808 10Anwar arrived at Parliament at 9.45am wearing a songkok and a black baju Melayu, and took his oath at 10.05am immediately after prayer recitals at the House.

Soon after, he took the corner seat reserved for the parliamentary opposition leader, vacated by his wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, three weeks ago. 

But being a damn sore loser, the “Be End” decided to ask their propaganda Doggie aRTiMm to cut the oath taking session off from their LIVE coverage on tv. Many Malaysians who were eager to watch their HERO Dato Seri Anwar taking the significant oath were left disappointed to find the cut. Then came our punching bag in the form of IM – ‘Strawbery Cheek’ who explained that DSAI would not be accorded special treatment and thus, his swearing-in session would not be telecast live.

Ptuiiii… As if wanted to prove their loyalty to “Be End” leaders, one by one came out to defend their very own stupidity! We just bombarded Honey Allbar and now come another Strawbery Cheek who shamelessly admitted their own ignorance and sour grapes by trying to find reasons to support their stupid acts!

The Malaysiakini reports that when DAP’s Lim Kit Siang, who is former opposition leader, greeted Anwar from the parliamentary benches. He said, “I would like to welcome the member for Permatang Pauh who is back in the house after a second political tsunami. The government is like the Titanic which is going to sink.”

Indeed… the “Be End” Titanic is going nowhere but down down down into irrelevance.

The Wiz reply – Landscam Debate

Usually I don’t make such a fuss in replying. However in my post “Land Scam Debate”, one of the reader by the name of CK has left a comment which I would like to reply him openly as I also practise CAT bah… LOL!

In his comment, CK wrote:
“I am a Penangite but totally don’t agree with you Mr Wizurye . You sound more like a DAP member to me. Your comments are highly biased and it makes me angry when emotional people like you try to act big like they represent what Penangites think .

You seem to have let out one glaring unprofessional act by CM Lim during the debate, HE DID NOT ANSWER Dr KOH’S QUESTION but instead chose to babble on the the same comments and questions . I am very worried when people like CM LIm and you think that they represent Penang.”

Let me reply in this way:
CK: While I welcome your disagreement, I hope you don’t get too angry… hehehe… Please don’t get me wrong. I have NEVER act BIG as if I represent Penangites. Who am I to represent the mass? The fact that I put my thoughts in my blog doesn’t made me Bigger or Greater than what I used to be.

But you just can’t deny that the fact that errors have been committed during the past admin that could make the state losing millions of RM in terms of lawsuits. While you could emulate Koh in saying errors do happen, I guess you are just trying to minimize the damage. You just don’t let an error worth as much as RM40Mil to pass by ok? There are other issues such as lands in Batu Kawan and in Pulau Jerejak. We haven’t even touch the Archilles Heel in the Penang Turf Club issue and PGCC! That piece of GOLD mine is worth more than RM40Mil my fren…

For me, I think people should have the guts to come out and admit that errors have been committed and face punishment while at the same time, take some concrete effort to prevent such error from happening. This is what CM Lim has been trying to do all these while!

I am sad to hear that you’re worried that people like CM Lim is representing Penang. If you can find my blogs on Koh Tsu Khoon (go and find it yourself), I’m damn sure many people would agree with me that Penang has NOT been moving as forward as it SHOULD all these years under Koh. In fact, we have ‘fallen’ behind in many aspects if compared to other states! So while I wonder how come you don’t get too worried to have Dr. Koh representing Penang, I guessed you are just another Gerakan member who could not accept the decision of the rakyat when we voted in the past General Election. Be Humble and learn to accept defeat graciously. By the way, Gerakan ran itself to the ground because they just refused to listen to what the people has to say.

As what we always say, “Serve You Right!” Haha…