Insanity in Georgetown

While most of us would greet the launch of Wimex@Penang project where Penangites get to enjoy FREE wireless internet services, there appeared a group of barbarians who has came out of their ‘caves’ to protest on such wonderful initiative.

The Malaysiakini reports:
Last Saturday, a small group of residents in Georgetown, calling themselves ‘concerned residents’ argued that the health impact of Wifi was parallel to that caused by telecommunication transmission towers, which have always been a target of protest by local residents for the past decade.

Even though this group of “concerned residents” did not have the guts to identify themselves, their insanity and stupidity has more or less identified themselves of being aligned to a ‘so n so’ party whose assemblymen form the opposition side of the Penang State Government.

CM Lim blasted them correctly by “slamming the group for merely opposing the projects without producing any evidence to support their claim that wireless systems were hazardous to public health.” I want to ask what hazard does Wi-Fi pose to mankind? If Wi-Fi is so damn dangerous, most of us would be dying a slow death as most of us have wireless Wi-Fi in our respective homes and offices. Please lah… you moron just want to oppose cos you don’t get to share the cake! Not because you’re soooo concerned with our rakyat’s health.

This is the reason WHY Penang continues to lag behind so many big cities in the world. It’s all because all these while, we’re governed by some moronic and insane people who only think of their own pocket without considering the needs of the people. Padan Muka hang jadi puak pembangkang kat dewan negeri kita. Biar ko orang nyanyuk kat puak pembangkang buat 50 tahun akan datang sementara Penang terus maju dan berkembang!

I’m really speechless to find such absurd thing to happen in Penang in this 21st century! I really share the plight of our CM Lim Guan Eng. He said the wireless internet service would boost the state business fundamentals and help lure foreign investments. This is VERY TRUE!

“I cannot understand why and what they are protesting about. The wireless projects will surely benefit all Penangites, its economy growth and develop a strong pool of cyber workforce,” CM Lim said.

Therefore, please do not protest for the sake of protesting! You know such project would only raise the profile of the DAP led State Government but you don’t go sabotaging such project for your own political survival! Can’t you act or behave for the sake of the people?

Meanwhile, I would like to urge all Penangites – TRUE Penangites to rally behind this wonderful project so that our society will go forward faster when every Penangites can enjoy tonnes of information at a snap of their fingers! Let us support our government of the people to make the dream of “Penang Leads” into reality!


Breaking News : Petrol DOWN RM0.10

Breaking News: Latest from Malaysiakini, our gabermen has decided to lower the petrol & diesel price by another 10 sen when the clock strikes 12 this midnight. This will mean our petrol will cost RM2.45 while diesel RM2.40 per litre respectively.

I guess this is just another ‘present’ from our NEW Finance Minister – Najib Razak to consolidate his position as the future PM as he tried to buy the hearts of the rakyat with this reduction. This move came rather suprising especially in this time of the year when yesterday the international oil prices skyrocketted to almost USD130 per barrel. But with Hari Raya approaching, it is highly transparent that Najib Razak is placating the hearts of our Malays brothers and sisters who will hit the roads in a few days time for their annual ‘balik kampung’ to celebrate the holidays with their families.

Anyway, personally I don’t think what 10 sen will do much for the rakyat except to cut down ‘a little bit’ of the balik kampung cost. Frankly speaking, when the gabermen raised the price on that damned June 4th, the damage has already been done! Today, most of our daily essential items have become more expensive and they definately won’t come down overnight due to this reduction. The hardest hit group of people were those from hardcore poor category. They could not afford luxury cars but were forced to endure the aftermath of the increase in petrol prices.

Sighhh… the hardcore poor still has to suffer in silence.

Penang Leads

According to our taikor blogger Jeff Ooi, Penang State Government has launched a TRIPLE Thumb Ups Project to the rakyat when they launched the “Penang Free Wi-Fi” that will make our tiny yet advance island a FULLY wireless island!

What a WOW this project would give us! Imagine blogging when you got stuck in the traffic jams or even got cramped up in a bus. With PDA phones’ prices plunging down, nearly everyone could afford to have information within their ‘finger tips’!

The best part is… the State Government will put in almost NOTHING into this project! Our new government has been looking for ways to improve the livelihood of Penangites without spending public funds! Isn’t this marvelous? Revenues will be generated through advertising and thus, users of this Free Wi-Fi would inevitably encounter banners and ads when they surf the net through this gateway. But hey, there’s no FREE lunch in this world, OK? We should not be demanding and expecting too much from a government which is not even 1 year old.

I just can’t wait for the implementation of this wonderful project and I do sincerely hope that our Penang DAP government would be able to pull it through! Even though it’s only a small project but I am sure many Penangites would appreciate the State Government’s effort as we’ll be the envy of many other Malaysians who were deprived of such advance technology by the damn Feds.

I just LOVE this logo. Let’s pray for its success!

I am Sorry…

I am sorry cos I have not been writing for quite sometime.
It has been a hectic weeks for me. Alas, my top management decided to close my shop and all of a sudden, I found myself to be packing all my ofis stuff as late as 10 PM! Pheww… I was so damn tired when I reached home every nights and therefore, could muster enough ‘energy’ and strength to seek the required inspiration to fill in my blogs. However, hopefully after the closing of September, I would be able to find more time for this blog and I’ll try best to paficy all my readers’ needs for more info and ‘bombardment’ on our ‘Be End’ gabermen.

I am sorry that RPK has been sent to Kamunting for 2 years without trial.
It’s a pity that RPK could not follow the other 2 ISA detainees and ends up in Kamunting to begin a greyish hard life under our draconian ISA. To RPK, you’ll be remembered in my prayers everyday and we’ll remember your struggle against the dictatorship of umno that has ruined our country so much! This kind of “I Simply Arrest” crazy policy should be thrown into rubbish bin long time ago instead of being abused REPEATEDLY by the gabermen to consolidate their grip on the country. Taikor blogger Jeff Ooi also shared his worries in when he tried to be more philosophical through a POEM. How creative. Should have read it!

I am sorry that people like Ahmed Ismael still ‘roams’ free.
We have been celebrating Merdeka for 51 times throughout our country but we just can’t seemed to get rid of those damn RACIST from our society. Clinging hard onto their political survival, many umno-putras have resorted to such dirty yet boring tactics of flaming racism issues to ensure they continue to enjoy the support of the grassroots. Complimented by our gabermen craziest actions of arresting the reporter under ISA, it has proven that our country is indeed in need of change at its highest point of leadership. Instead of arresting the real thief, our police force went and arrest the one who reported the theft. What an absurdity!

I am sorry that we got one useless Anti Corruption Agency in the country.
Everyone heard of the fame of ICAC of Hong Kong where its independance from the government’s control has made it one of the most effective agency in combating corruption and graft. Though we got our self-boasting ACA on how effective they were, it has remain to be seen how ACA is going to make Malaysia a better country without graft. The Malaysiakini has unfortunately reported that Malaysia has slipped again in 2008 Corruption Perception Index despite numerous boastful initiatives by our gabermen to mend our image in terms of combating corruption.

It has hard to see how ACA is going to operate ‘freely’ and ‘independantly’.

Malaysiakini reports:
Disgruntled ex-Sabah Progressive Party(Sapp) deputy chief Raymond Tan had claimed that he stopped Abdullah from arresting party president Yong Teck Lee in June.
An English-language daily in Sabah quoted Tan, who is also the state deputy chief minister, on Saturday as saying that the premier wanted ACA to arrest Yong after the Sapp president spearheaded a no-confidence vote against the premier.
With this latest revelation by SUPP no. 2 Mr. Raymond Tan who revealed that he stopped our premier from arresting Yong Teik Lee who initiated a no-confidence vote against him. What kind of ACA is this? An agency which operates according to the whimps and whines of the premier? In another words, a legal way for the PM to ‘fix’ his political opponents? Sighhh… Comparing to our neighbouring country- Singapore who scored a 4th place in the same survey, we still got a LONG way to go to make Malaysia a ‘cleaner’ place to live.

I am sorry that our DSAI and Co is still struggling in their quest to topple the damn gabermen.
916 is already a history and come 924. Tomorrow is the DAY when we’ll know whether his sodomy case would be transferred to the High Court where there is a possibility his bail would be revoked and thus, find him languishing in jail and jeoperdising his take over plan. DSAI has been ‘Missing in Action’ for quite sometime now as his wife has been representing him in many official functions last 3 days. However, today we found him in Kota Bharu where he met with the revered Tok Guru and Hadi Awang where they may be discussing their plan B or even plan C should the worst come into scenario.

I am sorry that we are still living under this sh*t gabermen where we have to endure so many NONsense everyday as we open our eyes to start our day. We got Said Honey Akbar talking crap everyday and wondering how come no one in the cabinet could tell him a clear & simple ‘Shut Up’!

Let’s hope and pray for ‘Tomolo will be Better’…

Breaking News: Anwar ask for Patience…

The Malaysiakini reports from Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya @ 0005 :

“Tonight on the eve of Malaysia Day, we are ready to form the government tomorrow,” he said to loud cheers from the jubilant crowd. He said that he had the required number of parliamentarians to form the government.

According to him, Pakatan Rakyat has submitted a letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today seeking a meeting for a smooth transition of power. “Tomorrow is the day we are ready to form government. But the best time, I tell you, is when we meet the prime minister.

“A peaceful transition is paramount,” he added.

Will our Anwar Ibrahim be speaking the truth? Tomorrow meeting with the prime minister to have a smooth transition of power? So easy? Where’s all umno gangsters and thugs? Heard that our Ahmed Ismael goin to hold a press conference too… Wonder what he has to say – Come and catch me if you can??? LOL… Stay tune folks! It has been an exciting night!

The Malaysiakini reports from Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya @ 2318 :

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim told his supporters to have faith as a new government was in sight.
He was talking to more than 25,000 people who had started gathering at the Kelana Jaya stadium to celebrate Pakatan Rakyat’s Hari Malaysia celebration.
Anwar began his speech at 10.15pm and is still giving his speech as this report is filed. Anwar also emphasised the importance of Sabah and Sarawak to Malaysia.

“This is the first time ever a celebration of this scale was being held to recognise that we are one, that Sabah and Sarawak are part of Malaysia,” Anwar told the crowd.

Most of those in the crowd are there in the believe that PKR leader Anwar is to make an important announcement later tonight on the formation of a new government in time with his self-imposed deadline which expires tomorrow.
Earlier Anwar entered the venue at about 9.40pm to wild chants of ‘Reformasi!’ and ‘Merdeka’.

Many Pakatan leaders are already at the venue, most of them also believing that Anwar would be making an important announcement later tonight.
Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, when asked if there would be a surprise announcement today, merely said: “Wait for Anwar”.

Let’s HOPE and PRAY that the New Dawn of Malaysia will come ‘sooner rather than later’…

Meanwhile, The Wiz would like to SALUTE the courage of our de-facto Law Minister who has the guts and balls to tender his resignation due to the abuse of ISA by the cabinet which effectively forms the backbone of the gabermen.

Forget about that paper tiger koh tsu khoon and the toady eyes ong ‘s’kating who could only complained endlessly while umno people were doing what they like with this country. Will they have the same guts and courage to tell umno in the face that if you don’t treat us as partners, we’ll live this damn coalition! Even the paper tiger’s picture was torn rite in front of him, koh tsu khoon could do nothing other than issuing some empty threats – a tactic which has bored the umno people who couldn’t bother much! LOL…

As for our said honey akbar, seems that Pak Lah’s flipflop virus has contaminated him as well. Go to our taikor Jeff Ooi blog to watch how our honey akbar babbling over press conferences – first to deny and then to admit that he was the one who SIGNED the ISA order. Why so chicken? If it’s you, then readily admit that it’s YOU and not someone else! Berani buat tapi tak berani mengaku. Pi lah jadi bapak ayam lagi baik!

My deepest concern goes to our Sis Teresa Kok who is still ‘languishing’ on the cold cement floor of polis lokap somewhere in Malaysia when the fact is she has DONE nothing and SAID nothing. Despite so many has came out to prove her innocence – regardless of race and religions, our stupid and idiotic gabermen still refuse to accept the real scenario and decided to keep her lock up in order to save their face and their ass.

With the captain on the bridge and his first officer tugging for the helm just like a movie in U-571, I hope that we can quickly get onboard the new Malaysia Ship skippered by Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan partners while leaving that damned subs to drop into the seabed.

Funny thing was our Old ‘M’an who is also an Old Horse was sooo keen to make a last minute jump into that sinking subs. Hopefully he will ‘sink’ together with all his ‘Be End’ people who has been stalling the nation’s growth for the past 50 years and now, will be most likely to fight with their lives for a limited number of life jackets available onboard.

Songs Dedication

First of all, the Wiz would like to dedicate this wonderful song to our Malaysian gabermen which is so incompetant and constantly out of idea so much so that they resorted to many dirty tactics including applying ISA on innocent Malaysians in order to ‘divert’ their internal problems from the public eyes.

So if you are the gabermen, this song is specially for you to remind you that the rakyat will not sit and turn a blind eye to what you have done or to what you’re going to do. So, here you are, “We Will Rock You” by the Queens!


For these few days, our Malaysian rakyat was ‘stuffed’ with lots of bullsh*t by our HM. So to our dearest Said Honey Akbar, I got nothing but utter disgust at each of your appearance – regardless on terebision or press conference. You have been insulting our intelligence for far too long and thus, I truly feel that the time when you said it best is when you say NOTHING at all

So only to YOU alone, let the Wiz dedicate this wonderful song to you before you continue to put the name of our entire nation to further shame.

I hope everyone in Malaysia would ‘enjoy’ these songs together with the related parties. LOL…

Toyol kacau lagi

Toyol is a kind of ‘small ghosty’ thing in Malay mitology which normally used by the pawangs or bomoh to steal something or to disturb someone. However, currently our country is getting a real toyol who is creating disturbances to many people – especially in Selangor.

Digging up my older post in “Babi pun beh tahan” (one of my hottest posts), I found out that the Seputeh MP Teresa Kok has “almost” landed herself in trouble when she posted innocently some pictures of ‘roasted pork’ in her blog and our toyol – at that time was still new to blogs, quickly linked her to the pig farming project proposed by the state government of Selangor. But due to the fact that after it was revealed that the pig farming was the brain child of another umno chieftain, the issue was dropped without much damage to our Sister Teresa.

However, with only reasons known to the toyol himself, he was so damned determined to nail Teresa and has been waiting for a good time to strike again. Lady luck seemed to be smiling at him ( I wonder how on earth could lady luck have smiled on a ghost) when a group of innocent residents in Kirara submitted a petition to a local mosque to tone down the loudhailers during some ceramah agama and the issue was quickly blown out of porpotion by the toyol.

dap kl parliament pc 140308 teresa kokAccording to Malaysiakini, former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has earlier alleged that Kok, who is Kinrara state representative, of submitting the petition calling for the mosque to “tone down” the azan (the call to prayers).

Mohd Khir caused a stir when he was quoted as having warned the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government against issuing directives against the use of loudspeakers by mosques and suraus (community prayer hall) for purposes of the azan.

“This matter has been allowed to proceed because DAP supporters have lately become big headed. Do not poke at the hornet’s nest lest you regret it forever,” he was quoted as saying.
Early this week, Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia has picked on Khir Toyo’s comment and highlighted the issue in one of its opinion column.

With another ‘wolf-boy’ in kutusan maresia to “berkomplot” with that toyol in their bid to ‘stir the hornets nest’, their effort seems quite successful when at last, the Special branch of our men-in-blue came and hauled our Sister Teresa to ‘minum kopi’ in Bukit Aman on the charge of creating religious tension! How ridiculous?

It was a sad and tragic case where our men-in-blue has to always kowtow to the unreasonable & ridiculous whines of our mother gaverment. The correct one they ignore but the false one they listen. As if the men-in-blue was unable to think straight, they went around arresting innocent Malaysian citizens in a dragnet yesterday night.  

When asked to comment on the arrest of Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng under th ISA, our HM Said Honey defended the police action by stating that it was part of the government’s preventive measure “to ensure her safety”.

tan hoon cheng 04 120908Malaysiakini reports that the minister claimed police intelligence have indicated that the journalist’s life was under threat after she reported an Umno division leader’s allegedly racist remarks. (What are you trying to say? that umno is made up of thugs and gangsters that will resort to violence??)

“We have no intention of holding a reporter as after all she was just taking notes of the comments made by a certain party (why dun you go straight to the point by admitting that the party is non other than umno lor…) that led to a public debate.

“She may be released as soon as today after police have obtained all information needed.” What a plain bullsh*t!

In the latest report of Malaysiakini, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar has implied that Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng was also to be blamed for the public furore over the ‘Chinese squatter’ remark. See how umno people begin another round of the blame game?

“The whole thing was started by her, (so) it was best that we talked to her,” Syed Hamid said in reply to a question during a press conference at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman today. What you mean by ‘STARTED by HER???’ WTF… The entire fiasco was started by our Man of the Week Ahmed Ismael and yet our HM could, out of nowhere, place the blame on the reporter. I was speechless… I was sooooo ashamed to have such people holding such high post representing my beloved country.

Anyway, it has been confirmed that the poor reporter has been released by the police and now is safe and sound at her home in Bukit Mertajam. But poor Sister Teresa… her whereabouts is still unknown and this has her parents worried very much.

She was caught without knowing the reason why as she was completely innocent in this issue of the mosque. Even though the Masjid Kinrara, the mosque which is embroiled in an azan controversy has came out to clarify that the DAP parliamentarian Teresa Kok was not involved in the petition to lower the volume of its loudspeakers.

masjid azan loud speaker issue 120908 abdul rahman nasir pengerusi masjidAccording to Abdul Rahman Nasir (left), who is head of the mosque ommittee, Kok had never set foot in Masjid Kinrara to present the residents’ petition. So how on earth our men-in-blue can catch the wrong person realli baffles me very much.

Since all parties has came out to clarify things up, so what are u waiting for? For those Special branch idiots out there, kindly release Teresa Kok as there is no more valid reason to hold her any longer. Stop wasting our taxpayers money to accomodate your own stupid intention. We pay your salary ok? Not bodowi or najiv or honey akbar. The rakyat is your master and therefore, please do not serve 2 masters.

I realli pray that Sister Teresa who has done so much for the people of Selangor will overcome this problem with tougher determination and will. The Wiz will continue to hold the vigil until our damn gobermen will learn to yield to people’s power and recognise their true masters.

As for our toyol, come this Sept 16 bomoh anwar will rise and ‘eliminate’ that annoying ghostling once and for all…