Be End for Pak Lah?

The Malaysiakini reports:

Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will decide within the next two days if he will defend his post in the party polls slated for next March.


abdullah biomalaysia pc 061008 abdullahThis decision will be conveyed to the Barisan Nasional supreme council at its meeting on Wednesday, said Abdullah, who heads the ruling coalition.

I just got some ‘grapevine’ stating that Pak Lah would handover the reign to Najib this month (Oct 2008) regardless of when the party election is going to take place.

Sighhh… poor Pak Lah… how come we got sooo many leaders in Malaysia who would like to ‘overstay’ on their seat. As if the seat is full of cushion and warmth… somemore got nice massage… Hmmmm… must be very comfortable… wat a paradise to sit on this chair. But this seat is full of thorns and needles-each time poking different parts of your arse… man, who’s crazy enuff to sit on it? LOL!

Talking about overstaying, I guess most of our Be End leaders will make way in their own parties’ election this year or early next year. Ong Ka Ting says bye bye… Now come Pak Lah’s turn to decide. While Big Mouth was smart enuff to clear the way for that paper tiger koh, it remains to see our dear old fren sammi bulu on how long could he hold on to his ‘cherished’ seat.

We need new people on that SEAT… and certainly he/she won’t be from ‘Be End’ coalition. Remember the wise saying – The blind leads the blind, both will fall into a pit!


RF Antenna tickling your arse?

Yesterday we got some people holding banners protesting about some RF antennas – those spokies stuffs that send handphones signals, alleging that such antennas could pose a hazard to their health.

I am rather surprise to find that ONLY lately hor… our Penangites are so concern about our own health and also the dangers wireless technologies. Is it purely coincidence or there might be some ‘hidden’ hands are trying to sabo our State Government ‘Wireless@Penang’ project?

Today the Be End’s propaganda machine The Star reports:

Meanwhile, Kebun Bunga assemblyman Jason Ong said concerns over the RF antenna erected at the Penang Scouts Association headquarters would be looked into.

According to SJKC Shang Wu Parent-Teacher Association chairman Ong Bee Lay, there had been an increase in the number of students complaining of headaches and nose bleeds recently.

“The RF antenna was put up a few months ago. While there is no concrete evidence to show a link between the antenna and the children’s health, we cannot take any risk. There are several schools in the area, and their health must be a priority,” she said.

Are you sure the RF antenna has been put up there a few months ago? As far as I know, this antenna cum advertising billboard has been put up there for more than 8 years and now only we got people highlighting this issue?

Some people claimed that there had been an increase in the number of students complaining of headaches and nose bleeds recently and then linked such complaints to a RF antenna situated more than 500 metres from the school and more than 50 metres above. How absurd! Why don’t we blame these nose bleeds and headaches to fast food restaurants that sell heaty hamburgers and fried chicken? It would be more logical this way. After all, doctors say you are what you eat! LOL!

My guess would be there are some quarters trying to stir up the people to go against wireless technology that would certainly put Penang further UP the ranking of advance states in Malaysia. Such achievment would mean an ‘END’ to Be End’s effort to wrest Penang back into their control come next GE. So even though these RF antennas have been there during the reign of koh tsu khoon (which no one would complain), we only get to hear people started to COME OUT and shout when our CM Lim Guan Eng proposed this great idea of ‘Wireless@Penang’.

Please lah… don’t tickle your ars*hole with these RF antennas OK? If such antennas are posing such hazards to your health, why don’t you throw your expensive but soooo beautiful handphones away? Tell you the truth hor, your handphones are emitting equally powerful frequencies as these antennas. To make it worse, your handphones are always somewhere near your brains, your breasts, your hearts and even your balls! Go think about it…

Gerakan: has only grass but no roots

With our paper tiger koh tsu khoon confirmed as the ONLY contender for the post of party president, he managed to be the ‘real’ president now instead of having the word ‘acting’ following him whenever he was mentioned in the press.

But this also exposed a naked fact that Gerakan is indeed without a good and able leader when someone as ‘weak’ as our paper tiger has managed to become the president without lifting his contesting finger. I reali pity our Tun Lim Chong Eu – the true Penang-kia when he led his Gerakan to victory in 1969 but was left alive to witness such deterioration of his masterpiece. Very unfair treatment for a man who is renowned to have built the foundation of what Penang is today.

With our hocknam-ko defeated winnie the pooh recently in the state party election, it has proved once and again that Gerakan is indeed a party which has only grass but no roots. The roots must have been too rotten to sustain any survivability of the plant and thus, the quality of fruits were left for everyone to access and judge. In fact, the roots started to rot when our Mr. Big Mouth was president who has overstayed his time. Such unhealthy political scenario was only possible when you got weak roots.

So I think I should congrats our koh tsu khoon for making Penang ‘proud’ as we got another Penang-kia accending to the ‘throne’ of Gerakan party. But on second thought, in view of a party that has only nothing but grass that could turn into hay, I guess such feat has nothing to shout about.