Di Sini Tiada Emas 300kg

Pada satu masa dahulu, ada seorang budak kampung yang bernama Ah Jib. Ah Jib adalah seorang budak yang rajin bekerja dan berjimat cermat. Oleh itu, Ah Jib telah berjaya mengumpul sejumlah emas yang banyak atas segala kerja dan amalan jimat cermatnya.

Oleh kerana Ah Jib bimbang akan keselamatan emasnya yang disimpan di dalam rumahnya itu, dia telah menghadapi masalah sukar tidur kerana terlalu bimbang suatu hari nanti, pencuri akan mencuri segala emas yang dikumpulnya it.

Akhirnya, Ah Jib telah mendapat satu idea yang baik bagi tempat penyimpanan emasnya. Dia telah membuat keputusan untuk menyembunyikan emasnya itu di dalam tanah dekat pokok jambu yang bersebelahan rumahnya. Oleh itu, Ah Jib pun segera mengorek satu lubang dan menyembunyikan semua emas yang berat 300kg di dalam lubang itu.

Setelah Ah Jib menanam semua emasnya di dalam lubang itu, akhirnya dia berasa amat lega kerana tidak lagi perlu bimbang pencuri akan mencuri emasnya. Ah Jib pun terus memanjat ke atas katil untuk tidur lena. Akan tetapi, dia terus tidak dapat lena kerana masih bimbang kemungkinan sesiapa akan mengetahui rahsia lubang tersebut.

Emas sebanyak 300kg tu memang banyak dan bahaya jika ditinggalkan begitu sahaja tanpa kawalan. Kebimbangan Ah Jib semakin bertambah.

“Apa yang harus saya buat ni….??? Kenape saya masih bimbang??? Kenape saya masih tidak dapat lena???”

Akhirnya Ah Jib mendapat satu idea yang dia pasti adalah paling BAGUS. Ah Jib segera menuju ke tempat lubang penyembunyian itu dan memakukan satu papan tanda pada pokok jambu itu. Papan tanda tersebut mempunyai perkataan-perkataan berikut: Di Sini Tidak Ada Emas 300kg!

In its Breaking News, the Malaysiakini reports today @ 7:30PM that for the whole 50 minutes of his first press conference today, political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda maintained repeatedly that the Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife were not involved in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case.

Hmmmm… What a coincidence with my story above… Go figure… LOL!!! Perhaps our friend here can also shed some lights upon the disappearance of Private Investigator Bala. Maybe he can come out with a pic of PI Bala sunbathing somewhere on a beach in a ‘secret’ location.

This case has tooooooooooo MUCH question marks. Your courageous defence of our dear old Najib will only strengthens public perception of what people are thinking right now.


Telur Sebiji, Riuh Sekampung

Yesterday at around 5pm, Malaysiakini reported that “passenger car owners will now enjoy a 10 percent discount for traveling between midnight (12am) and 7am on the North-South Expressway (Plus) and North-South Expressway Central Link (Elite).”

plus incentive announcement 181108 launchingTo me, it is as if PLUS is behaving like the Malay proverbs Telur Sebiji, Riuh Sekampung when they called a press conference to ‘ANNOUNCE’ a BIG BIG incentive of giving 10% discount… errr with terms and conditions applied of coz!

Just look at how BIG the smile of our Work Minister Mohd Zin as if he has struck a lottery. Come on lah Zin… it’s only 10% OK? Somemore you got to travel during midnight! What are you up to actually? Encouraging Malaysians to travel by night? Don’t you think it’s doubly difficult and dangerous to travel by night? Somemore after 12am?

I can only have one word describing this reduction by PLUS – INSINCERE. If you are serious of dropping toll charges, why don’t you apply to all motorist? How many of us will still be travelling on PLUS highways after 12 am? We are not noctunal beings ok? I bet Mohd Zin would most probably be on his bed by then!

So that’s nothing to shout actually. Please don’t go around and ‘boast’ about this tiny little so call “incentive” when the majority of Malaysian 23 million population won’t be enjoying it. I really find it quite ’embarassing’ to find most local newspaper ran this article as their headlines. Please grow up!

I want to grow flowers too…

“Daddy daddy… I wish I can grow flowers when I grow up.”

“What the heck??? Become a farmer growing flowers? What for? I wish you want to be a lawyer or accountant something like tat… won’t that be better?”

“Aiyaaa daddy, you stupid or wat… Growing flowers can become millionaire. Just look at how much our MPSP pay farmers to grow flowers for them. It’s a whopping RM12.19 million! You think how long you need to work as a lawyer or accountant to get this kind of amount of money?”

As Malaysiakini reports: “The 2004 audit report alone (Was it done by independant Big5 audit firm?) – presented in the assembly in 2006- disclosed that MPSP spent RM20 million on maintenance, RM12.19 million on fresh flower decorations, RM21 million on special services and RM6.3 million for constituency projects, described by Phee as “BN political projects”.

No wonder MPSP found itself with a coffer of a mere RM6 million plus of fund when the State Government changed hand on the 8th of March 2008. I guess those ex-people up there won’t give a damn on how much the council going to spend. Even if it runs into deficit, things shud look OK coz the Feds will pump in more money – Is this how they run the country??

Wow… if this rate going to continue after March 8 2008, I bet everyone will turn to growing flowers for MPPP and MPSP. Why not? It’s so DAMNED lucrative! LOL

NT NT-ISA vigil

Sis Lilian was lucky for not being able to attend last Friday Anti-ISA vigil held near the Esplanade coz if she was there, she might “kena sapu” along Paula Khoo – a tuition teacher who was the co-organiser of the occasion.

The Malaysiakini has confirmed that “A peaceful anti-ISA candlelight vigil in the Esplanade of Penang’s Georgetown on Saturday night was marred by the arrest of the event co-organiser, tuition teacher Paula Khoo.”

Suprising thing was Khoo was arrested after the crowd has dispersed – heeding the warnings of the Men in Blue. Taikor Jeff Ooi and Liew Chin Tong was in balai Jalan Patani to lend support as everyone could see how unreasonable our police force would be.

penang anti isa vigil 151108 paula khoo.jpgThough she was released on bail, our heroine Paula Khoo is required to report at the Jalan Patani police station on Nov 28.

Maybe someone could ask our ever ‘dedicated’ Home Minister regarding the latest police action as why on earth they seemed to be more interested in arresting peaceful citizens than dangerous robbers. 

Perhaps the latest episode of RPK has ‘painted’ our HM’s face red and he is determine to get even with those participants of peaceful gatherings and vigils that oppose to the draconian ISA.

Even though we accept to the fact that the Feds are now made up of st*p*d m*r*ns who just did not know what the people want and need, we must also be allowed to take part in peaceful gatherings and vigils to voice our opinions and thoughts. We don’t carry dangerous weapons but it seemed that our Men in Blue has refused to distinguish which one is peaceful and which one is violent gathering. Thus, they took one big long pole and ‘sapu’ everyone under the tag of Illegal Gathering. How idiotic…

Lately we got sooo many unsolve crimes and I realli wonder what our police would do to lower the rate. I sincerely suggest that our police force to dedicate more manpower to counter crimes than to get involve in all these trivalities.

Tennis Sabotage

I am sure many Penangites would be very very disappointed to hear that the event dubbed King of Tennis and the ‘Big Bang Penang’ has been cancelled due to ‘insufficient’ of fund and payment could not be done to bring those ‘Super Star’ players here in Penang.

The cancellation brought many condemnations and critism to our Penang State government and they were especially fierce from (aiyaaa, who else?) the state opposition. One ‘lap dog’ with the surname of Huan has been leading the charge and I realli wonder whether he and his other ‘cohorts’ have played any part in contributing to this cancelation.

There are a few questions ought to be raised on this controversy. One – the organiser is Adrianna Teoh, former Ms Malaysia and wife to former Malaysia F1 driver Alex Yoong – the son of one of the wealthiest man in Malaysia. To say that they could not find enough funds to support this wonder project is quite baffling and an insult to the Yoong family and status.

Two – Set up is ready up to 90%. Just imagine it… we get to see the ads run on Astro/ESPN frequently since 2 weeks ago and the venue (the Esplanade) was ready with a ‘world class’ tennis court good for 5000 audience. All these would have cost millions of RM and yet to suggest the organiser to pull out on the eleventh hour just does not make any sense.

I seriously believe that there are many hidden hands involved to push this great and wonderful project offrail. Penang has slowly begins to find her feet once again in the visibility of the world and if our Pakatan Rakyat led State government has its way, the effort to recapture Penang would be equally ZERO. That is why we all can see the Feds are limiting our allocations and funds. When the state government turned to private sector, we could find many hidden sabotaging hands around to make lives difficult for the current administration.

Anyway, Malaysiakini reports that the State Government Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has announced that they will carry out an inquiry to investigate the real culprit for ‘tarnishing’ the image of Penang. There are many lessons that could be useful to the new State administration and I sincerely hope that good lessons learnt will make us more resilient to temptations. In their sincere yet aggresive quest to put Penang in the eyes of the world, they might hit a few bumps which I think is good for their growth.

Wake up my beloved people of Penang. Please open your eyes big big to see who’s the real devil that has been suppressing Penang all these while. We have a history of 222 years and yet to find ourselves dropping a few rankings within states of Malaysia, we can blame no one but ourselves for ‘voting in’ the incompetant as well as ‘lap dog’ administration of Tzu Khoon for the past 18 years!

Battle of Road Signs

I really don’t understand why in the world did so many ‘orang kampongs’ has came up against the idea of Penang State government idea of putting other languages ‘beside’ our National Language on our road signs. I mean there are soooo many things you can do apart for getting your ass around this issue.

How come no one has questioned the ‘mistake’ of our PM when announcing the highly ‘inflated’ Eurocopter deal? Our country is certainly going the wrong direction. The gabermen is highly Double standard! Anything that is pro-gabermen will be ignored by our Men in Blue but any gathering by the Opposition is deemed illegal and would be handled with as much ‘force’ as possible.

Malaysiakini is right! Umno and other non-government organisations allegedly linked to it (Unmo) have opposed and criticised the DAP-led state government policy (the add on of other additional languages on roadsigns) as a political move to undermine Bahasa Malaysia. What a real bullsh*t! As long as the position of Bahasa Malaysia is enshrined in our Constitution, who is able to undermine it?

Please find something more constructive if you want to oppose my dear Opposition. Don’t simply oppose for the sake of opposing. Be a smart and effective opposition or else, you don’t even  get to be one in near future! LOL