MIB yang Hodoh

They harassed, they arrested, they hindered, they… they…. they…

The list could go on and on forever if the Jerit cyclists continue to cycle non stop around the country! Poor cyclist-in-red, they seemed to get the entire attention of our entire police force has drop them in hot soup as each stop they made, our Men In Blue has continued to come up with more and more stupid excuses to ‘derail’ their plan.

One top brass name Kahleed still has the balls to claim that our MIB was protecting under age children as if he was sooo damn concern about countless disappearance of under age girls in our country. I’m sure he would be completely dumbfounded if we’re to ask him whether this is the BEST way to protect our young children. Please lah, don’t treat the rakyat Malaysia as a fool like yourself. Want to give excuse also better think of one which is more acceptable!

The ugliness of our MIB reached its peak when they decided to ‘lock up’ the young cyclists while refusing to allow the parents from seeing their children. Sudahlah buat orang susah susah. Tapi bila nak jadi batu api ni yang buat orang geram!

Malaysiakini reported that the situation almost got out of hand at noon yesterday when the parents came to the station to pick up their children.

jerit ride for change rawang police station standoff 161208 05The authorities had chained the front gates leading to police station and forced the parents to wait outside until their names were called.

Unhappy with this, the parents furiously shouted at the cops, leading to a team of riot police to assemble at the gates.

“Let us in… what did our children do? They did not steal or rob anybody… let us in,” they shouted.

See how our Men In Blue handled themselves? What Professional, what Integrity? This is cheap stuffs! What the police has to be “AFRAID” of so much so that they need to chain the front gate? I thought in the entire country, you guys only got the real guns. Somemore why need riot police? Coz you thought of giving some job to our ‘terlalu senang’ FRU so that they would not rot in their barracks? LOL!!!! These people out there are peaceful citizens with no weapons in their hands but look how they were dealt with such a FORCE of fully armed riot police.

You will do well if you’re to shift some of your focus and attention to combating real crime. Not to get involve and get yourselves WET with all the dirty waters of politics.


Our 6 Million Dollar Man

I am sure many many Malaysians will still remember this phrase – Tukar Gaya Hidup or change your lifestyle being uttered REPEATEDLY by our leaders such as Najib when prices of most consumer goods went up due to increase in oil price.

However, the entire nation was made like a stupid fool when at last, Pak Lah revealed the ‘REAL’ figure which the people has to bear in order for him and and his deputy to live in castles in Putrajaya. Yesterday Malaysiakini has reported that KITA = rakyat jelata Malaysia have to spend a WHOPPING RM6 Million on Seri Perdana (our PM official residence) and another crazy rocketting RM3.4 Million on Seri Satria (our sidekick No.2 official residence).

Obviously our leaders do not put his words into action and has been living in sheer luxury while the rakyat has to tighten our belts during difficult times. Buat ape suruh rakyat tukar gaya hidup ni, hidup tu bila sendiri pulak tak bersedia nak berkongsi kesusahan ngan kami rakyat jelata? Bak kata pepatah Melayu, berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing. Tetapi nampaknya pepatah ni tak pernah melintasi kepala otak Dato Seri – Dato Seri kita ni yang sudah biasa dengan kehidupan yang tersangat amat baik umpama di kayangan!

It’s very utterly SAD to see our people (especially those who are still supporting BN gabermen) who ‘masih tak serik serik lagi’ and continue to vote for these leaders in order to keep them in power which resulted to such blantant mis-use of public money. Hey! we pay income taxes to sustain the growth of the country. Not to let you and your cronies to live in such sinful luxuries!

Recession is ‘seeping’ in slowly and we were ‘FORCED’ to cut down on our EPF contribution from 11% to 8% recently. Our leaders said such measure is to ensure enough cash flow in the market but for me, I’d say why don’t you cut down on the people’s Income Tax reduction? Now I guess I know the answer… 🙂

We’re Top 10!

Waseh… I din know that we’re ranked top 10 in the Most Livable Cities in Asia! It’s the entire Asia continent mind you… I’m really glad to be living here.

According to Malaysiakini, our CM of the people was in Hong Kong – another International city to promote Penang as the key destination for future investment and home. Just read how he highlighted the ‘advantage’ Penang has over her sister states.

“Once a key trading port, Penang has evolved into a major electronics manufacturing hub during the last century, propelling it to a leading state with a RM28,851 per capita gross domestic production, higher than the country’s RM 19,189 in 2008.

Despite being the second smallest state in Malaysia and with a population of only 1.4 million, Penang accounted for 27 percent of the country’s exports.” Aren’t you proud to be among these 1.4 million who has played a part in making what Penang is today?

CM Lim has also highlighted that the Penang government aims to achieve its desired socio-economic growth by applying 8 measures to ‘REINVENT’ Penang to wheather the global economic crunch which is expected to bite in coming next year 2009. They are:


anwar ibrahim speech in penang 061208 lim  guan eng

1. Developing and institutionalising administrative virtues of good governance based on competency, accountability and transparency, and rule of law source of growth.

2. Implementing an education system emphasising on information communications technology, computer knowledge and promote the culture of excellence to meet the demands of global industry and economy.

3. Developing a civil society based on

i)  political transformation to achieve political equality, respect for human rights, supremacy of people’s power and rule of law;

ii)  economic transformation providing equal opportunities and relies on the energy, expertise and enterprise of our human resources; and

iii) ethical transformation to build public integrity, eliminate corruption and  pursue socio-economic justice of an equitable share in the economy’s prosperity.

4. Encourage creativity, innovation, research and development;

5. Establish international benchmarks for sustainable development that would utilise and preserve available resources for future use.

6. Investments in training programmes for human resources and stimulate human development.

7. Enhance government’s productivity, quality services and efficiency at a lesser cost, control the increasing number of civil servants and ensure that the government gets equal returns for each ringgit spent.

8. Adopt a win-win public-private partnership to uphold public interest without forsaking private sector interests of profits, efficiency and productivity. Open tenders and capping the private sector profits at reasonable rates.

Funny Gabermen

After some deep soul-searching, I think we Malaysians have some funny people up there governing the country. Just think of these few facts:

Landslide – STOP all hillside developments!

Express Bus Accident – STOP all long-distance express buses! Suspend Operating Licences.

Nuri Crashed – GROUND all Nuris! (Worse still, buy new Euro-kopter!)

Lorry crashed Jelapang toll – MOVE the toll plaza to another place!

I feel like YELLING at these idiots and ningkapoos that all these unfortunate incidents were MAN-made! They were not natural disaster. But the rectifications done by our gabermen suggest otherwise.

Can someone please follow and emulate our CM of the Penang people – Lim Guan Eng who took ‘constructive’ steps to solve the problem. The Malaysiakini reports that “an independent geo-technical team, commissioned by the Penang government to carry out a comprehensive study on hillside development, plans to outline a new set of standard operating procedures (SOP) to govern such projects.”

landslide bukit antarabangsa carOne of the panel in the Geo team suggested that Malaysia should adopt the geo-technical standards applied for hillside developments in Hong Kong, which is similar to Penang in geographic dimensions.

“Hong Kong has so much hillside development, but you hardly hear about tragedies,” he said. This is very TRUE! You don’t simply issue a blanket rule just because of one unfortunate incident happened in the country. What Pak Lah did was to look ‘accountable’ when the fact he’s not! The exact location is not very far from the infamous Highland Towers and what our Housing Minister got to say? Will he resign? Sorry… this is Malaysia and in our Boleh-land, you don’t get punished for not doing your work!

Another bus just crashed last 2 days that took away another 10 innocent lives. My condolences to their families. Let our prayers and thoughts be with those who are in pain. But I really dunno when our funny gabermen will think ENOUGH is ENOUGH??!! Let me tell you what our Transport Minister goin to do in order to cover his ass. What else? He’s goin to suspend the licence of the bus company and hope our absent-minded Malaysians think that things will be OK in no time…

Hopelessness looms in FAM

The longer he stays, the worst things get!

I guess the phrase above have accurately describe the way FAM is being run by our royalty people who has no competency, no accountability and absolutely no transparancy to do the jobs at hand.

We’re just being RIDICULED by FIFA for being the ONLY nation with an odd number of teams in our ‘most professional’ league in the country and yet, FAM decided to turn a deaf ears on those professional advice.

We’ve heard how many times FAM has vowed and vowed to improve the standard of the game but it looks like for the time being, we’re getting nowhere to get ourselves out of this shit.

The Star reported yesterday: “FAM deputy president Datuk Redzuan Tan Sri Sheikh Ahmad said the Council fully agreed to accept Police back in the fold and allow Kelantan to remain in the Super League.

“It is a win-win situation,” Redzuan said.

What “WIN-WIN” situation? Hello datuk… who wins here? Malaysian football as a whole has LOST LOST & LOST for many years because there are such people like you who knows nothing but still want to be boss!

Remember when we WERE on par with nations such as South Korea. Today we are not even in the same league as Thailand and Singapore. We even found ourselves laboring to defeat Laos – a minnows of South East Asia.

Sigh… I guess there is still no way out of Hopelessness YET for our Malaysian football and we, the ardent fans of football will continue to suffer in silence…

Pisang Berbuah 2 kali

They just don’t learn, do they?

15 years ago since Highland Towers tragedy, Bukit Antarabangsa turned up another tragedy that took another 4 innocent lives. Sighh… it seems that we just don’t have ENOUGH political will to put more burden on those developers to ensure a SAFER environment for house owners to ‘sleep well’ during the night.

Landslides don’t happen overnight. Proper maintenance and checks would definately reduce such a risk. However, we Malaysians are always famous of building and infamous of maintaining. Now, ONLY after these ill fated incidents, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today urged all state governments to consider stopping housing projects on high-risk hillsides for safety reasons (reported by Malaysiakini). As ALWAYS, we practise cure is better than prevention.

kbj-sq-2Meanwhile, regarding the Jerit Cycling Campaign, I realli dunno why in the world the police forbid them from cycling here and there. They’re just a group of kids and youngsters who took up a healthy activity to cycle for a cause and like that also our gabermen cannot accept.

I suggest they spend more time inspecting our mountains to prevent more landslides than to spend men and time to catch those innocent people who wear red and cycle around the country. Malaysiakini reported that police were mobilised to stop a group of Jerit cyclist in Skudai, Johore while another group manhandled the Northern Expedition which arrived here in Penang yesterday.

Breaking News:  According to Malaysiakini, the embattled Jerit cyclists continued to be besieged with more trouble, this time from unknown arsonists who torched their bicycles in Penanti, Penang early this morning.


penang jerit cycling campaign 071208 burned bicycleAt least eight bicycles were damaged, three severely, in the fire which was set by the arsonists at about 3am in Yayasan Aman building, located in mainland Penang.

The tired cyclists have put up the night in the building after traveling nearly 100km across Kedah and Penang when the bicycles were set on fire.

While the cyclists were putting out the fire, they overheard a man’s voice shouting at them – ‘hidup atau mati, tak peduli’ (alive or death, don’t care) from a car, which was parked near the building.

They could not identify the man, who was accompanied by a number of others, as it was dark. They sped off immediately after.

Only in Malaysia we found ourselves living among COWARDS who resorted to hineous act of sabotage. Our gabermen involvement is suspected? LOL… You got to ask our Said Honey Albar about this! 🙂

If the country is being run fair and well, I guess you just don’t have worry about critism and protests, do you?

Malaysia Boleh!

Sorry to all my readers that the Wiz have been lying low these days.

In fact, I was ‘breathless’ and thus ‘speechless’ after witnessing soooo many things unfold themselves in our ‘Boleh-land’ in these recent weeks. Indeed, Malaysia is a land of Opportunity! Apa apa pun BOLEH…

We got ourselves a ‘Tak Tahu’ Minister when he obviously LIED regarding the sacking of our Supreme court judges during our judiciary darkest hour in 1988 while maintaining that the 3 judges were merely given early pencen for their much much ‘earlier’ retirement. When confronted with the facts, he cepat cepat denied everything and claimed that he did not this or unaware of that. Funny thing was when someone wanted to refer him to some kind of disciplinary action, our ever “just and righteous” House Speaker came for his rescue! Malaysia Boleh!!!

We also have witnessed how NARROW minded our Be end politicians tend to be. Our HERO of Malaysia who stood up against ISA simply go around places to attend so-call Opposition functions and events, he got sacked from his own political party and was flatly denied any appeal. Not that he wants to appeal but such ‘harsh’ treatment was handed as if he has betrayed his entire nation or political party. Dato Zaid was correct! Oppositions are not MONSTER, they’re human too after all. But this kind of remarks certainly doesn’t go down well with those Be End dinosaurs. Yet we still found ourselves governed by these dinos…. Sighhhh… Malaysia Boleh!

U Must Not Object party polls is drawing very near and many many prospective ‘leaders’ are feeling the heat. The pressure is great and so we got some of them already start to draw ‘cards’ from their pockets. One of our target is the sperm of the Old “M”an who started to play the race card. Talking about unity and blaming the venacular schools for not promoting unity among races is certainly an out dated ploy. Adohai Murkriz, maybe it works 30 years ago when the Old “M”an is still a young and energetic leader. But now we’re talking about a Bangsa Malaysia where rakyat is not distinguished by their skin color. It’s sad to see people like him could get the most nomination for the youth wing post but what the hell, as always, pigs could fly in Boleh-land! LOL