Build Your LCCT in Penang!

I have been an ardent fan of Tony Fernandes as I felt he has done something which  many people could not have done (at least, not those power-brokers of our country could have done.) He built his AirAsia from scratch and now, AirAsia is one of region’s leading budget airliner offering flights to almost anyone anytime!

But lately, dear Tony has been in the news on the wrong side of the story when he has involved in some heated arguments with those ‘cronies’ of our stinking gabermen when he decided to ‘declare independance’ with his idea of building a new terminal in Labu, NS.

Just took at a look at the map. labu low cost carrier terminal lcct 060109Tony is proposing a near impossible when he wanted to build his new LCCT so close to KLIA. Who in his right mind would allow that? Even the Old “M”an has came out to critisize such a plan. Why not? KLIA has always been the Old “M”an’s crown jewel! Touch it and you’re dead! LOL !!!

CM Lim was correct when he suggested to dear Tony to turn Penang into a giant regional hub by concentrating his plan in Penang. What’s wrong with that? Penang not strategic enough meh? Why are you going to get bogged down by business cum politics in Kuala Lumpur when all you have to do is just ask our dear CM of the people to provide you with some good assistance to put Penang in the map of the world.

While we know how those guys up there control almost everything in this country by monopolising vital goods, we got people in Khazanah controling the skies when they were given the entire rights to manage ALL airports in Malaysia. By doing so, indirectly AirAsia would be chocked of their growth as their fate and development were entirely in the hands of Malaysian Airports Holding Berhad – a ‘son of the bitch’ (khazanah) LOL 🙂

According to Malaysiakini, Tony blew his top when he blurted a blunt example of Khazanah’s monopolistic behaviour, Fernandes said: “Suddenly, everyone’s concerned about connectivity. There was none here (in LCCT)… Malaysia Airlines didn’t want to work with us. MAHB didn’t do anything for us. So we built (long-haul airline) AirAsia X.”

airasia x air asia x airplane 180907AirAsia X, which currently flies to Australia, China and the United Kingdom, was launched in late 2007 and also uses the LCCT at KLIA.

Sighhhh… I really pity my dear Tony. He has good intentions. He wanted to put AirAsia and Malaysia on the map of the world. But instead of getting all the help he wanted, he found himself swimming in a whirlpool of Malaysian own political cum business tsunami where those in charge did not care what good things you bring to the country. They are, as always, more interested in how much $$$ you can put into their pockets!

So dear Tony, welcome to Malaysia!


Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

Gong Xi Fa Chai and Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese readers! Hope that this will be a BULLISH year for all of us and everyone will be celebrating an OX-picious new year with your loved ones!

In today’s newspaper, we can see our CM Lim taking pictures with his political nemesis – paper tiger Tsu Khoon, Nam-koh together with Tan Sri Lim Gaik Tong during a CNY celebration in Penang Chinese Town Hall yesterday. How lovely to see them put aside their political differences and celebrate the new year with all the rakyat of Penang.

However, for your information, the PCTH had sort of a ‘quarrel’ with CM Lim just because of this celebration. The PCTH claimed that (since dunno who’s time) the previous State Government would ‘sponsor’ them around RM15K – RM20K to organise such an event during CNY. Therefore, they people in charge of PCTH also went to see CM Lim and ask for such a subsidy for this year’s celebration. Instead of saying “Yes”, our CM Lim flatly rejected their request!

CM Lim gave the reason that the State Government has already had a plan for a State-level celebration and thus, the celebration by PCTH is deemed as a private celebration which does not warrant a sponsorship by the State. Fair enuff. But our people(s) in charge of PCTH went around, alleged spreading words that the new Chief Minister did not support our Chinese cultural activities simply because he did not approve the sponsorship. They even went further by praising the ‘corrupt’ former State Government for their ‘subsidy’ every year.

To me, I certainly think that our PCTH does not know what is the meaning of ‘Pai Seh’ (shameful)! How come they got so contented to get that RM15K from the Feds? Everyone knows that it’s a ploy by the Feds to stir up some issues during CNY. Is RM15K alot of money??? Go ask how much they pay to get a ‘datuk-ship’ or a ‘Tan Si’ (waiting to die in Hokkien) during tsu khoon’s time? Our Penang Chinese Town Hall is full of datuks datuks and tan sris tan sris… Can’t these people provide you with RM150K easily? Ooooo… I know lah, the current economic situation will force many people to tighten their belt and purse strings. In that case, cancel your CNY celebration lor… Why you want to keep your face skin when you got no money? Some more hor, you people show that you will sing praises to those who are willing to ‘pay’ you. When the Feds pays that RM15K, you already so happy. What if they pay you RM1.5M???

Anyway, the Chinese New Year celebration for this year went smoothly and no matter whether you like it or not, you just got to invite our VVIP CM Lim Guan Eng to officiate the event.

Hehehehe… This time, I think CM Lim really acted like the head of a government! Well well, he’s definately a fast learner! 🙂

PAS won in KT By-Election!!!

KT Folks, I salute you all for your wisdom and sheer determination. Congratulations! Welcome to Pakatan Rakyat fold! Tonight, you’ve shown who’s the BOSS in Malaysian politics. Let it be another good reminder that when you mess around with the rakyat, you’ve got nowhere to go but OUT.

At 10.00 PM just now, Malaysiakini has just confirmed that one of the coalition partners in Pakatan Rakyat – PAS has just won the KT Parliamentary by election held today by a whopping majority of 2,631 votes! PAS vice-president Ahmad Awang: “The win shows that Pakatan Rakyat is aviable coalition… This win is not just for PAS but for Pakatan Rakyat.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has just arrived at Terengganu’s Mentri Besar residence, where only a few BN supporters were seen. BN has organised a 35-table buffet dinner outside the building but most of them were unoccupied. Najib is expected to call a press conference soon. Ooooooo… how dramatic and practical those people from Be End gabermen. They should at least have stayed back and finish up the food! It’s not good to be so wasteful. Oh I forgot. They got used to be soooo wasteful in everything they do, so it won’t matter much here. LOL…

Anyway, from Permatang Pauh to Kuala Terengganu, we have heard the voice of the people. Yet from Aug 26 till Jan’09 17, we have seen nothing being improved but continuous rampant misuse of public funds and country resources. The oil price has plummeted till around USD40 per barrel, but have you seen any initiative from our Feds to lighten up the rakyat’s burden? According to calculations, the experts said our petrol price should be around RM1.40! So now, instead the Be End gabermen subsidizing the rakyat, it’s our rakyat turn to ‘subsidize’ our gabermen!

This victory by Pakatan has proven that U Must Not Object is losing the people’s mandate fast and soon, I hope this damned group of people will be pulled down from the country’s political stage and some be even be hauled to the court to face the endless crimes they committed to the country and the people.

To KT folks, we share your joy and victory! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

1 Day to KT ‘buy’-election

The Be End gabermen election machinery is KT by election is adopting a new tagline : Win At All Cost! Seems that they were so determine to save the face skin of their PM in waiting Najiv Rojak that more and more Super Dirty tactics were being used during these last few days of campaigning.

Malaysiakini just reported that some of the KT folks (regardless of races) were offered as much as RM400 just to ‘pangkah’ the dacing! But in order for them to ‘claim’ the money, they got to snap a photo with their mobile phones when they cast their vote in the polling stations. Wow… they even exploited the advantage of new technology for their sinful gain nowadays. Can we get the EC to ban all handphones in the polling stations? Say, you surrender your handphones, cast your votes and then get your no-matter-how-flashy phones back after you’re done.  Good idea isn’t it? 🙂

There is another Malaysiakini report on Anwar who was in KT yesterday. “Anwar accused the ruling party Umno of buying votes for RM300-RM400 from Malays, whose support Umno can no longer take for granted after the shock general election results.

“I am concerned how the Malay voters will vote. The Malays here are poor, money is being thrown by Umno to fish for votes,” he told AFP.

“They are threatening civil servants. They are saying – we know who you will vote for.”

“Umno is really desperate, you can see by the tone of their campaign. It is shocking,” he said after going on a walkabout in the state capital Kuala Terengganu, where the vacant electoral seat is located.”

The EC is closing not one but both eyes and we get Be End going all out in this Battle of KT to win this ‘BUY-election’. Najiv Rojak cannot afford another defeat in an area identified as Malay heartlands and thus, paying a mere RM400 won’t be too much for the cash rich U Must Not Object party.

For KT folks, please vote wisely. If people pay you money, just take it. If people give you dinner, just eat it. If people give you handphones, just use it. But when you go into the polling stations tomorrow, Just Change It! Happy Voting for all my fellow Malaysians in KT Parliamentary areas. Cheersssss…

3 Day to D-Day…

Rumble rumble rumble… both side are lining up their election war machinery to prepare for D-Day on 17 January 2009 in what outsiders like the Wiz would anticipate a fierce and hard Battle of KT Parliamentary election. Stay tune for more updates from the Wiz as both parties will come up square against each other with guns blazing!

Already some surveys has shown that the by-election could go either way. Malaysiakini reports that almost a clean half of respondents from Kuala Terengganu indicated that voting for the opposition in this Saturday’s by-election could push the Barisan Nasional government to “correct itself”.

 kuala terengganu by election 120109 leaflets umno rasuahOn the contrary, the attempt by MCA to focus on the issue of PAS’ hudud ambitions seems to have hit a dull note as the survey found that only half of the Chinese voters in Kuala Terengganu considered the issue important.

The Be End gabermen has decided to use their Chinaman channel to stir up the ‘hudud’ issue while umno has so far, refused to even make any noise on this matter. Why don’t U Must Not Object joined in the chorus of MCA – singing a tune against the implementation of ‘hudud’? This only proved that umno is actually condoning hudud silently!

PAS on the other hand is playing their main trumpcard of corruption on Be End gabermen. Such posters were found everywhere in KT – a good reminder to the people that a vote for Be End, will mean a vote of ‘endorsement’ for the corrupt and crony policies of Be End.

Gerakan and MCA has been laughing at the new Penang State Government’s decision to implement CAT (Competency, Accountability & Transperancy) policy in their administration. Why don’t their do their bit when umno was playing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with those KT contractors a few days ago. These 2 lapdogs are definately good for nothing but will only know too well how to ‘bodek’ their umno masters.

Dear KT folks, we have shown to the world (& to our Be End Federal gabermen) that we are able to stand up against them when they went overboard with their evil works. It’s time for you to show these same people again that the people truly desire for a Change and if they still refuse to embrace Changes, then let Changes show them the door! 3 more days to go…

Please Quit Your Job!

Taking a short leave from the Battle of KT, I’d like to take a swipe on our ex-pm, the Old ‘M’an who was seen leading an anti-Israel protest in KL last Friday.

In the heat of a protest against Israelis’ aggression on the helpless Palestinians people, the Old ‘M’an was leading the call (with his son Mukris by his side) to the rest of our fellow Malaysians – that you should stop supporting US products and by proving it, you should quit your jobs at Mcdonalds, Starbucks, Coca-cola and etc etc etc.

If everyone of them is to quit their job, who’s gonna feed their family? You, the Old ‘M’an and your bakery? LOL!!! Maybe the Old ‘M’an is planning to expand his bakery business I don’t know. Perhaps he is opening a chain store and in need of thousands of workers to support the business. But all I know is such a call is plain stupid and a poor stunt to garner the Muslim support for his ketua pemuda umno ambitious son.

I read one very very interesting article in Malaysiakini and I’d love to share them here. Some of the excerpts are as follow:

mahathir on gaza 05012009Claiming that money spent on American goods is largely re-invested in “the invention, production and manufacturing of weapons that kill people”, he urged that Malaysia stop purchasing weaponry from the US.

“We can buy weapons from the Russians as an alternative, like the MiGs and Sukhoi fighter jets,” he declared.

Like everything Mahathir says, this latest diatribe has enough truth in it to appear plausible, but is also riddled with lies and omissions.

As for Mahathir’s assertion that Malaysia “can buy” weapons from Russia, what’s he talking about? The Sorkoi fighters are long a done deal, complete with the usual alleged massive ‘commissions’ and a ‘free’ trip to space for Malaysia’s first ‘astronaut’.

And while we’re on the topic of arms purchases, I wonder where Malaysia sourced its supplies of C4 explosives, some of which were mysteriously employed in the killing of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the interpreter suspected of involvement in Russian, French or other weapons deals?

In any event, with his powerful and perhaps even pecuniary interest in arms purchases, who does Mahathir think he’s kidding with his Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War?

During his 22 years as premier of Malaysia he didn’t even bother to try criminalising crime. As long as it was for the purpose of keeping himself in power and his cronies in clover, he condoned and encouraged every crime in the book, from ‘money politics’ through corruption of the police, judiciary and civil service to the wholesale looting of public funds.
(credit should be given to Mr. Dean Johns for such honest and frank accessment in his column in Malaysiakini) ———————————————————————-

While the Old ‘M’an sounds like he has been symphathetic with the Palestinians cause, too many a times, his actions speaks otherwise… This is the ‘M’an Malaysians has had for a Prime Minister for the past 22 years. Oh my dear fellow Malaysians… when can you be awakened???

Free Dinner @ KT

I thought there is a famous English phrase that remind us where there is “No Free Lunch in this world” and I thought to myself, “Hmmm.. how true it is!”

In fact, how wrong I had been… at least, in Malaysia our Bolehland!

Malaysiakini reports that a multi-course 80-table dinner was hosted by Gerakan for the Chinese community at the Chung Hwa Wei Sin school to ‘bribe’ the community and coaxed them to vote for the ‘imbalance’ dacing in the coming Kuala Terengganu By-Election.

kuala terengganu by election gerakan dinner 110109 audienceAs usual, even without their Chairman, our EC decided to turn ‘ceh-meh’ (blind in hokkien) to such blantant foul of the rules by ruling that such LAVISH dinner reception does not warrant an election offence even though Barisan Nasional candidate Wan Ahmad Farid Salleh had attended the event with Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Said and Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon.

As the Cantonese said it, “Even the blind also can see lah.” What in the world Wan Ahmad Farid attended a Chinese dinner reception out of nowhere…? Somemore together with our paper tiger Koh Txu Koon who has nowhere to go but has become busybody in KT. How come his sidekick ‘poh-hiau’ Nam is not around? Our Pinang Gerakan ‘Ceh-Meh’ should also attend to show his support to the Barisan cause!

After the Wheel of Fortune that gave out RM16M, such dinner has pale in U Must Not Object comparison. In my opinion, Gerakan should organise some games during the dinner with some goodies for the people to win. At least give out RM1Million. Then, there will be something to shout about in the coming ceramahs. So Chinamen, you got to remember those 16 Million ya. Don’t be so easily ‘bought’ over by a 10 course dinner, OK?

After this round, I wonder when will MCA organise their own Free Dinner. Maybe this time, Ong Tee Keat might want to counter the above stated phrase by organising his own Free Lunch plus some prize monies to be won after all… In our Bolehland, apa-apa pun BOLEH…