MCA cracked again?

Given the omens lately, I don’t foresee a good future for MCA. Wahhh… sounds like a fortune teller eh? Perhaps I can set up a stall on Wednesday Farlim’s pasar malam to earn a living. Economy bad mah… Business has been very very slow these days.

I guess MCA is also facing bad business lately. Too many competitors spoiling the market. Cutting and under-cutting each other openly to survive has seen their leaders washing dirty linen in public. Poor poor MCA. Go blame long-long Sik. Blame the Old “M”an for umno demise. Blame big mouth Yaik for Gerakan disastrous performance last March 2008. As for MIC, blame the grassroots instead. Why? becos no one has the balls to pull Sami Bulu down. How incompetant! 🙂

Lately, the cracks is appearing to widen among MCA ranks. The Malaysiakini report that the uneasy relationship between MCA president Ong Tee Keat and his deputy Dr Chua Soi Lek is in the public spotlight again – this time the speculation focuses on Chua’s purported plan to revive the so-called Team A in the party.

The rumoured revival of Team A led by former MCA president Dr Ling Liong Sik during the MCA crisis of 2000 by Chua is seen as the first step in the move to oust Tee Keat as president.

Read Jackluo : the Jack of All Traits who blog about the problems currently faced by Dr. Chua. Not only that his DVD was being re-distributed, he found himself being investigate by the police on his ‘role’ in the DVD sex scandal. As if someone who is very powerful and well verse in Malaysian law is behind the blind to pull the strings. Or else who in the world would remember that there was no report being made prior to the revelation by Dr. Chua. The police report move was a well planned move!

It’s quite interesting to see how Dr. Chua wriggle himself out of this maze. But with the leadership of the party clearly firmly in the hands of Ong Tee Keat, it is certainly take an Everest for anyone to climb if he intends to wrest the party control from Ong.


Barbarians in Malaysian Parliament ala Taiwan

“Pelawat Sila Dafter Disini” tag can be found when you approach the guard house in the Parliament. However on Thursday (which is yesterday), I think most of security guards tasked to mend the guard post were either on leave or being absent without leave. Or else, how in the world could these security guards allowed a gang of barbarians to storm the Parliament and nearly (I dunno how near it was) assaulted a group of Opposition MPs.

violent attack towards dap karpal singh and lim lip eng at parliament 260209 sequence

Just take a look at those pictures taken from Malaysiakini and you’ll surprise that these barbarians were well dressed. Some even were in suits and tie!

The Malaysiakini reported – a day after proclaiming that ‘Singh is King’, DAP veteran Karpal Singh finds himself mobbed by a group of angry Umno Youth members at the Parliament lobby.

While we will ‘try’ to maintain the innocence and the ‘neutrality’ of the police and security force within the Parliament compound, I was appalled to see such UGLY situation took place within our well respected Parliament building. These barbarians has obviously ignored the honour and the serenity of the August House but as usual, the one-sided Speaker of the House has refused to issue an arrest warrant to them. I wonder how far can he go to show his one-sided face. Countless of times the Speaker of the House have acted in ‘protection’ of his paymaster.

Our Tiger of Bukit Gelugor has stirred the hornet’s nest when he alleged that his political rivals sent 2 live bullets to keep his mouth shut.

“Where did the damn Umno Youth fellows get the bullets?” Karpal asked. “Singh is King. I am not afraid. They made 100 police reports, sent me two bullets and demonstrated.” This is what he said during a session in the Parliament on Wednesday.

Karpal Singh is an old fox in Malaysian politics. He knew that he could not charged on the things he said in Parliament. However, the barbarians of umno has failed to realise that such action in Parliament has indeed, proved once again to the world that there are many people with ‘pariah’ mentalities.

Just imagine it. The SIL (son-in-law) not only did not condemn such stupid action by his sidekicks, he even went further to endorse their actions by issuing stupid warnings to Karpal Singh.

“We want to remind him that Umno Youth is not playing games and Karpal is the one who is playing with the sentiments of the rakyat, he is playing with fire. If he does not repent, then it would only serve to aggravate our anger and the anger of the people,” he warned.

After reading this, I would like to remind the SIL that the people is no longer standing by their side. If the rakyat still did, they won’t be trashed not once, but twice in the last 2 by-elections – making them sore-losers 2 out of 2! LOL 🙂

There will be another 3 by-elections coming this April and I think by that time, we’ll know more or less whether the rakyat is angry with Karpal Singh or even angrier with those barbarians.

Pak Lah real good @ bla bla bla

I wish he could keep his big mouth shut! The more he speaks, the faster we want him to get lost. I mean how could he be so “Double-Standard” in leading the country. No wonder Malaysia has been in “R”everse gear even since he took over the helm of leadership.

The Malaysiakini reports : The move to suspend Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six executive councillors is tantamount to disrespecting the sultan’s decision, said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today.

“The speaker cannot do it (suspend the seven) – the menteri besar and excos were appointed by the sultan legally. This kind of action can be regarded as not respecting the sultan’s decision.

Hello Pak Lalala, if Zambry is appointed by the sultan and the action of suspending him would be “disrespecting” HRH, then what about staging a ‘coup’ against Datuk Seri Nizar who was ALSO appointed by the same sultan right after March 08 General election? Isn’t that would be a more serious offend? Can we charge Najiv Rojak and his cohorts for treason?

The rules and the constitution has been very obvious since from the beginning. You DON’T and CAN’T sack the Menteri Besar! Put in another perspective, can our DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong sack Pak Lah? He couldn’t do it under the constitution. If he is ruling with an absolute power (raja berkuasa mutlak), I am sure Pak Lah or perhaps the Old “M”an would have been sent to exile long long time ago. We have to understand that we are living under a democracy system where our kings rule within the constitution. (Sistem demokrasi Raja berpelembagaan).

So for now, the only thing that can untie the Perak deadlock is by holding a Special sitting for the State Assembly or better still, dissolve the entire State Assembly where power would be return to the people for the rakyat of Perak to make their choice known to all.

The people of Perak do not need anyone, not me and certainly NOT Pak Lalala to decide who’s best to rule over them. This is the real democracy at work! According to Malaysiakini, the PM also disagreed with the suggestion that a fresh state election would be the answer to the political impasse.

According to him, the best solution is for the BN state government to continue ruling Perak to ensure stability. Stability my foot! The current fiasco was created by BeEnd themselves together with their frogs and yet, Pak Lalala was so blind to deny all these with a simple swipe on the forehead! This kind of double standard will ensure that BeEnd continue to play catch up in all future by-elections which will be held come this April.

Eli Wong, we’re behind You!

elizabeth wong press conference on her offer of resignation from selangor exco post 170209 12It was indeed very touching to see our masyarakat majmuk – Malay, Chinese and Indians taking up banners and vanilla cardboards in a show of force to give support to our nude photo victim YB Elizabeth Wong.

Yesterday alone, the Wiz blog was overwhelmed by readers  who are concerned about her well-being and what actions she would take during this ‘trying’ times of her life. What the hell… her privacy has been ‘invaded’ without any consideration of her feeling. The damned local media – lapdogs of BeEnd gabermen continue to flame the fire of curiosity of the people in their combined bid to put more pressure on Eli.

elizabeth wong press conference on her offer of resignation from selangor exco post 170209When Malaysiakini reported that she broke down in the midst of a press conference held this evening, my heart felt the anguish and the confusion which she might had at that very emotional moment. She tried to put up a brave front but in the end, failed to withold her tears when she announced her intention to leave her well beloved job for the sake of the party and the leaders who have supported her thus far.

However, I saluted her  for her words and conviction that she has done NO WRONG  at all in this issue. These are her very words of courage:

“I have done no wrong and I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person. I have broken no law and everyone has a right to privacy.”

elizabeth wong press conference on her offer of resignation from selangor exco post 170209 13Elizabeth Wong, your right to privacy has been infringed by someone which you have trusted. But keep in mind that most of our 25 million Malaysians will be behind you to fight on in your political career, to serve your people faithfully and to live on as a human being who is proud of your own sexuality!

At least you’re not like some VIP figure who ‘helped’ and ‘counsel’ Saiful on that fateful night before he went on to make police report accusing Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy. Hmmm… by the way, where the heck has Saiful gone? Overseas? or MIA like Bala?

Career Talk : Work from Home Now!

The economy is getting pretty bad. Factories are closing down. Recession looms and it looks like there’s no way out but to get a VSS or retrenchment letter from your boss. You’re so damned worried. Who’s gonna pay for the housing and car loan? Your children are still schooling. You need to put food on the table. You need money to survive….

“POOF!!!” Wow… it was just a nightmare… Luckily currently you still have a job and able to put food on the table. But don’t you think you want to have another alternative to give you more leeway and flexibility should the worst become reality? Let’s be frank here, who wouldn’t want to have another ‘passive’ income to supplement the current active income which you’re earning now. Eventually, when this passive income works for you, you might end up working from Home Sweet Home after all…

So I’ll go STRAIGHT to the point. I’m introducing AMWAY as the ‘alternative passive’ income which EVERYONE of us is able to tap. You might want to scroll straight away from this page or ‘click’ the BACK button, but why not give me some time to explain how YOU can have a part in earning this passive income.

Even though we can’t simply escape from being labelled as ‘direct-selling’ or MLM scheme in AMWAY, what I’m going to introduce here is something call ‘Networking Marketing’.

You may ask “what’s the difference?” and I’m going to tell you there is NO difference whatsoever. The ONLY difference is the perspective which we look into THIS business. The way and the attitude we take to embark on THIS business will be the difference on how we run THIS business.

IF you’re really curious to know the different ways we run THIS business and have a slight hunch or kick DEEP inside your heart to simply WANT to know, just take some minutes of your life and send an email to me at I shall be happy to share a little bit of my perspective and some of my ideas on the different ways of running THIS business.

Come on… you never know whether it will bring a CHANGE in your life! 🙂

Penang Panthers moving house

Recently it is reported that our Penang Super League team will move its home matches to be played in State Stadium in Batu Kawan as the floodlights in City Stadium are not working properly. Seems that not only our team is not working well, even the lights have refused to work! 🙂

Lying 2nd in the Super League table (count from the back lah!) the Penang State team has been dishing out PATHETIC performances since the season kickstart some time ago. Fans shunned the team and most of the matches were played in an almost empty stadium! Poor poor Penang panthers. Where have your fangs gone? Where is our Kramat Roar?

HUH? Kramat wat??? Gone were the days when our grand old City Stadium virtually ROCKED by the famour Kramat Roar. When the tiny old velodium was packed like sardine. The terraces were filled with people of all races – cheering for their heroes on the pitch who played with passion and commitment for donning the yellow and blue outfit.

We need REAL professionals to run the team. We need political figures to support the team from behind. We need our best coaches back! People like Moey Yoke Ham, Isa Bakar & Co should come forward and contribute to the state team. We should not compare ourselves with FAM who, due to infighting and incompetant political (+ one royalty maybe) figures at helm, has failed miserably on the international arena.

The rot has been too bad this time. It’s not easy to heal the damage in a few years time. But if we are willing to start all over again, to revamp the entire system of our state football foundation, I believe we are able to develop a strong state team in near future. With the correct resources and people to run the game, I strongly believe we will be able to ‘inherit’ the Kramat Roar to our next and next generations!

An Invasion of Privacy on Selangor Xco

Yes yes… I think most of you have got the news. YB Elizabeth Wong has been a victim of an outrage of her modesty when her nude photos were posted to a few newspaper agencies and to Malaysiakini as well by an ‘animal’ who just failed to respect woman as the opposite sex!

elizabeth wong 220507Wong, who is still SINGLE and of cos, ‘available’ has lodged a police report on such an irresponsible act to tarnish her image as well as the political parties which she is affliated to.

However, once the news broke out, those ‘big mouths’ in umno started to bark like mad dogs. Among the most prominant one is (aiyo, no other but this anak hantu) toyol again! Our ‘toyol’ again acted like a trigger-happy cowboy who shoots from the hip when he DEMANDED the resignation of Wong.

“Ini adalah masalah moral. Dulu Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek pun letak jawatan,” katanya kepada Malaysiakini. “Sekarang mengapa tidak (Elizabeth letak jawatan). Jangan dwi-standard. (Bila) berlaku pada orang tak boleh… (tapi) pada kita tak apa,” katanya lagi.

This guy really make himself looks like the greatest fool on earth everytime he opens his big damned mouth. Somemore still dare to talk to Malaysiakin about this issue. How come we got so many people like him in U Must Not Object party? One Said Honey is bad enough but come another Toyol. A comparison with Dr. Chua’s ‘case’ is like comparing an apple with an orange. What is there to compare? Where got double standard?

March 28 is approaching soon. Perhaps your party grassroot will nominate you to a Grammy awards for the best cowboy actions. You don’t climb the party hierarchy becos you’re good at shooting by the hip. If you do, it only shows how useless are those who casted their votes for you.

As for Elizabeth, I wish that you be STRONG and pray that you can overcome one the hardest time in your lives with flying colours. The very fact that you’re a victim in this case will not only strengthen your will but also will make you more determine to bring this ‘ball-less’ bast*rd animal to face the punishment in court!