Don’t Point Finger II

With my earlier post on Jangan Biadap statement issued by HRH of Selangor, I think we need to take HRH’s view with a pinch of salt and shouldn’t point an accusing finger to Pakatan Rakyat for their row with the royal family in Perak.guan eng respond to ong tee keat 020209 02

Reflecting on what was said by our CM Lim Guan Eng in Malaysiakini, he stressed that Pakatan Rakyat was not fighting against what has been enshrined in the constitution for the Rulers. Nor was the opposition coalition disrespecting royalty in the country.

While we can sense that losing Perak will be a big setback for Pakatan Rakyat and the leaders should shoulder some blame for losing such an important state. However, let us not forget also how difficult it was to get people support when you have been the Opposition parties for more than 50 years. Then out of a sudden, the people gave you such an important mandate , to run 5 states in Malaysia that made up almost 60% of the entire country’s wealth.

At the same time, there lies pack of wolves and bears around them – ready to pounce at any slightest mistakes committed by them. Funds were scarce as the Feds refused to release them fearing such needed funds could strengthened their foundation with the rakyat. Therefore, we have to empathy on these leaders from Pakatan Rakyat for having such great courage to stand up against such pressure and demands from the Dark Lord & co.

Anyway, as what Taikor Jeff Ooi has said before, there’s nothing we can do but to wait on the verdict from the High Court since our MB Nizar has submitted his suit yesterday. I can predict that the outcome would not be too good for MB Nizar but worse come to worst, we can still bite the bullet and fight another day.

Jangan Biadap!

In an unprecedented move by a sultan in Pakatan Rakyat-controlled state, HRH has issued a strong message to those he accused of committing

” tindakan yang hanya akan mencemarkan martabat kita, mengundang risiko yang tinggi terhadap kemajuan kita, serta menghakis asas-asas kedaulatan negara ini dengan sifat-sifat keji serta biadab, derhaka, angkuh, jahil ilmu dan kemaruk kuasa.” – Malaysiakini BM Edition.  English translation? Wahhh quite tough leh… of action that would only tarnish the country’s reputation, risking our advancement as well as eroding the fundamentals of our constitutions by manifesting a power-crazy, lack of knowledge, rude, proud, and insubordination attitude.

sultan selangor and selangor state excoHmmm… I wonder who the heck HRH is describing? If we’re goin to digest HRH’s text literally, many would be pointing an accusing finger to Pakatan Rakyat on their “Face Off” with the royalties on Perak issue. But if we are to go deeper in analysing the words and wisdom of HRH from Selangor, the accusing finger may, after all, being pointed towards our super corrupt Feds (or Fat) gabermen.

Who is tarnishing our country’s reputation abroad with so many allegations of murder and Missing in Action (MIA) persons that connected to this case? Who is risking the advancement and the potential of the country through unceasingly practises of corruption? Who is eroding the fundamentals of our constitutions by ursuping a DEMOCRATICALLY elected State Government through unscrupulous means and measure? WHO?????? We all know the answers!

Ampun Tuanku, kebijaksanaan Tuanku amat patik sanjungi. Moga moga segala rakyat Malaysia akan dapat mentafsir maksud tersurat dan tersirat Tuanku yang sebenar agar dapat mengembalikan sinar negara Malaysia tercinta ini. DAULAT TUANKU!!!!!!!!

Happy or Help Me Valentines Day?

First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish all the love birds a very loud

Well well… after goin thru some historical lessons on the origin of Valentines, I can ‘daringly’ conclude that the day is to remember a man call St Valentine who sacrificed his life for love… or perhaps the day is made for L O V E to blossom as people in the past were quite “shy” to declare their luv to one another.

Never mind. Anyway, just remember that Valentines is another perfect time to reaffirm our love to our loved ones while serving as a reminder for all those singles out there – are you ready for your Valentine? 🙂

However, please do not turn your sweet Valentines into another ‘scar’ in your relationship or courtship. I know I know… the feminine partner will have lots of ‘demands’ to celebrate this day but I hope common sense and common love prevail on this wonderful day! Restaurant will be packed and u bet… roses today will be selling at gold’s market price. Men, spend wisely.

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Toyo-l caused havoc in Penang!

The time was around 1430hrs in the afternoon. A cool breeze was brushing my cheek as the weather was not sooooo hot anymore cos we just got a break from the hot spell when a short but sufficient showers filled our island in the early morning.

However, things were getting quite hot here along Jalan Utama – a place where our ‘flamboyant’ Malaysian lawyer Karpal Singh calls home. A group of  ‘gangsters’ from umno (who else?) gathering near Youth Park in their bid to march towards the residence of Karpal Singh to protest against the dear ol’ lawyer’s intention to sue His Royal Highness of Perak for his ‘wise’ role in the Perak debacle. I wonder how come got so many people can ‘ponteng’ kerja just to come and join in this protest. I mean, don’t they need to work? They don’t have any families to feed? Why come out and cause traffic jams again around the area? How uncivilised and inconsiderate lot!

As the Malaysiakini reports: Former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo (the one with a black songkok in the picture) and a local Umno Youth leader were picked up by the police for questioning in an aborted protest march against veteran parliamentarian Karpal Singh in George Town today.

umno youth demo against karpal singh penang 130209 khir toyoMohd Khir’s car was stopped at a junction near Waterfall Hotel as he was leaving with his aides and Permatang Pauh Umno Youth chief Mohd Zaidi Said. They were then escorted by a patrol car to the city police headquarters in Jalan Patani for questioning.

Of coz, this toyol was later released by our Men in Blue as I believe this kind of sandiwara was to appease the Pakatan Rakyat’s leadership in the State.

But I got to commend on the way our Men in blue did their job here. When these road gangsters were organising themselves to march in protest towards the residence of Karpal Singh, our state police chief took some decisive action by giving these ‘uneducated hordes’ a 5 minutes ultimum for them to disperse peacefully or face police actions.

With their cowardice kind of nature, the crowd quickly dispersed to avoid any untoward confrontation with the police force. Hiding behind the yellow headband of ‘Daulat Tuanku’, I think these barbarians has chosen a wrong venue to create ‘disturbance’. Hey, here is Penang lah. If you might have failed your History, we don’t have sultans or raja to rule over the state. All we got is a governer who live comfortably in his ‘grand place’ and I don’t think he is that interested to bother about your issue here!

These bast**d realli ‘bertalam 2 muka’ (double faced). When the Old “M”an took away the power of the royalty some time ago, we couldn’t find a single soul from these cowards to come out and defend the monarchy. When Pak Lah did not agree with appointment of MBs in Perlis and Terengganu, how come the same group of people didn’t come out and accuse their Big Brother of committing ‘treason’ against the monarchy? But when Karpal Singh said something not according to the will of the sultan of Perak, we get people protesting near his office in KL and now we got people crossing the bridge to come to our island to create havoc and trouble! What a blantant double standard. Bullshit!!!!!

So to those anak anak toyol and anak anak hantu, please do not come here to kacau kacau. Too bad I didn’t manage to bring along some rotten eggs. If I ever knew that our si Toyol would be there, I’ll bring some to let him know how ‘un-welcome’ he is on our island. Go read my previous blog on “Toyol kacau lagi” and you’ll know what a pain in the ass this guy has always been. Havoc and trouble follows him wherever he goes. Pohdah si Toyol!!!

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