Penang Panthers moving house

Recently it is reported that our Penang Super League team will move its home matches to be played in State Stadium in Batu Kawan as the floodlights in City Stadium are not working properly. Seems that not only our team is not working well, even the lights have refused to work! 🙂

Lying 2nd in the Super League table (count from the back lah!) the Penang State team has been dishing out PATHETIC performances since the season kickstart some time ago. Fans shunned the team and most of the matches were played in an almost empty stadium! Poor poor Penang panthers. Where have your fangs gone? Where is our Kramat Roar?

HUH? Kramat wat??? Gone were the days when our grand old City Stadium virtually ROCKED by the famour Kramat Roar. When the tiny old velodium was packed like sardine. The terraces were filled with people of all races – cheering for their heroes on the pitch who played with passion and commitment for donning the yellow and blue outfit.

We need REAL professionals to run the team. We need political figures to support the team from behind. We need our best coaches back! People like Moey Yoke Ham, Isa Bakar & Co should come forward and contribute to the state team. We should not compare ourselves with FAM who, due to infighting and incompetant political (+ one royalty maybe) figures at helm, has failed miserably on the international arena.

The rot has been too bad this time. It’s not easy to heal the damage in a few years time. But if we are willing to start all over again, to revamp the entire system of our state football foundation, I believe we are able to develop a strong state team in near future. With the correct resources and people to run the game, I strongly believe we will be able to ‘inherit’ the Kramat Roar to our next and next generations!

One thought on “Penang Panthers moving house

  1. Was taking some time away from my day, remembering my days in Penang when I read this story and felt a bit ‘home-sick’ for the roar of that old stadium…would love to come back to a full-house again…

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