Pak Lah real good @ bla bla bla

I wish he could keep his big mouth shut! The more he speaks, the faster we want him to get lost. I mean how could he be so “Double-Standard” in leading the country. No wonder Malaysia has been in “R”everse gear even since he took over the helm of leadership.

The Malaysiakini reports : The move to suspend Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six executive councillors is tantamount to disrespecting the sultan’s decision, said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today.

“The speaker cannot do it (suspend the seven) – the menteri besar and excos were appointed by the sultan legally. This kind of action can be regarded as not respecting the sultan’s decision.

Hello Pak Lalala, if Zambry is appointed by the sultan and the action of suspending him would be “disrespecting” HRH, then what about staging a ‘coup’ against Datuk Seri Nizar who was ALSO appointed by the same sultan right after March 08 General election? Isn’t that would be a more serious offend? Can we charge Najiv Rojak and his cohorts for treason?

The rules and the constitution has been very obvious since from the beginning. You DON’T and CAN’T sack the Menteri Besar! Put in another perspective, can our DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong sack Pak Lah? He couldn’t do it under the constitution. If he is ruling with an absolute power (raja berkuasa mutlak), I am sure Pak Lah or perhaps the Old “M”an would have been sent to exile long long time ago. We have to understand that we are living under a democracy system where our kings rule within the constitution. (Sistem demokrasi Raja berpelembagaan).

So for now, the only thing that can untie the Perak deadlock is by holding a Special sitting for the State Assembly or better still, dissolve the entire State Assembly where power would be return to the people for the rakyat of Perak to make their choice known to all.

The people of Perak do not need anyone, not me and certainly NOT Pak Lalala to decide who’s best to rule over them. This is the real democracy at work! According to Malaysiakini, the PM also disagreed with the suggestion that a fresh state election would be the answer to the political impasse.

According to him, the best solution is for the BN state government to continue ruling Perak to ensure stability. Stability my foot! The current fiasco was created by BeEnd themselves together with their frogs and yet, Pak Lalala was so blind to deny all these with a simple swipe on the forehead! This kind of double standard will ensure that BeEnd continue to play catch up in all future by-elections which will be held come this April.