Watch It guys – Gus Hiddink

After witnessing his team came from behind to beat hapless Watford, Chelsea FC new manager Gus Hiddink issued a veil warning thru his assistant Ray Wilkins that the Premiership big boys better watch out for a New Chelsea that will re-mount their serious challenge on 3 trophies which they are still in the race of.

Peter Kenyon, Guus Hiddink, Roman Abramovich

Known as the ‘magican’ to many of his fans, Gus Hiddink has had a cult following since his miracle of transforming national sides such as South Korea to reach the World Cup’s semis in 2002 as well as architecturing the defeat of the ‘Orange’ Holland recently in Euro 2008. Van Basten’s Holland was on a rampaging mood after depatching former world champions France and Italy respectively with big margins and yet, found their own Archilles Hill when they met the Russians in the last 8.

Enjoying a ‘special’ relationship with Chelsea owner, the billionaire Abramovich, Gus Hiddink might after all stay on as the manager of Chelsea beyond this summer IF he is able to bring back the Premiership or better still, the Champions League trophy to Stamford Bridge. That would definately please the Chelsea owner very much!

Gus Hiddink have done lots of wonders and miracles in today’s footballing world and it’s time for him to perform such feat with Chelsea – a team who has been underperforming for the past 2 seasons due to instability on and off the pitch.

Lately, Saturday night has been quite boring for me. My usual habit of watching EPL is no longer there as Chelsea kept on producing disappointing play that will only make my Blue blood boils and blood pressure increased. Hopefully, Mr. Hiddink could bring back the good ol’days where the winning mentality coupled by attractive play will, once again, make my Saturday night fill with great excitements!

Karpal Singh digs up Sh*t in umno

umno youth demonstration against karpal singh 100209 10My He may be old but full of wisdom.
He may be handicapped but full of strategies.
He may be physically weak but his spirit and virtues are as strong as ever.
This is our Karpal Singh – a man who is renowned for his fury and strong character when it comes to democracy and justice in Malaysia.

 By speaking up his mind ie. that a sultan is “sue-able”, he has stirred up the hornets’ nest and allow Malaysians (maybe the whole world) to see how hyphocrite those people who are holding high public post in the country. Last Friday, the barbarians from umno was trying to put some kind of intimidation by organising a street protest near his home after they attempted the same thing near his office. But Taikor Jeff Ooi knew it’s not easy even to shake up this Tiger of Jelutong!

According to Malaysian Insider, amongst those who reacted strongly to his comments were our very famous leaders who have great aspiration to climb higher in their party as well as political hierachy. Here we got Datuk Seri Khir Toyo (who tried to march to Karpal Singh’s house), Khairy Jamaluddin (who called for banishment), Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein (who has been calling for action against treason) and Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib (who has been calling for action against bloggers who have commented on the Perak sultan).

Malaysian Insider also questioned that whether we Malaysians do really need these leaders to lead us. These leaders who were ‘branded’ as emotional, reactionary and irrational leaders as such, who fly at a moment’s anger or upset with political rivals to consider a march, a banishment, rallies and harsh action against those who differ with them in philosophy and opinion?

At the same time, we all know what these super dupa leaders are capable of. The most infamous of all shoud be this ‘anak hantu toyol’ who shipped tonnes of government’s secrets out of the MB residence the very night when he was defeated by the people’s power. We also got the useless Son in Law of the Malaysia who is good at nothing but organising street protests and causing traffic jams.

We also got our ‘silenced’ Keris-mudin who is trying revive his eroding family’s grip in umno. Used to be one of the most outspoken young leaders, many put the blame on him for the coalition huge lost last election. As for this fellow with Double Muhammad to his name… SIGHHHHH… I thought he supposed to clean his ass in Australian cells when he was caught with loads of CASH – undeclared monies in his attempt to ‘smuggle’ them into Oz. Only the devil knew why he brought so much cash into Australia but one reason was maybe he was too high profile to visit Genting. LOL!

How in the world can we Malaysians got ourselves to be led by these ‘so-call’ leaders? But one comfy things that we ought to know is fortunately, we have options now even if Umno doesn’t realise it yet. 🙂

About Obama Stimulus Package

Many people would think what in the world can Penang or Malaysia has got anything to do with the so-call “Stimulus Package” which the new President of the United States has fought so long to get it approved.

At las…. it has been approved and many people – and I really mean MANY people – have heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing this good news. Since our Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu has opened up our Southern frontier to make it the Silicon Valley of South East Asia, Penang has been in the fore-runner in the manufacturing and electronics sector. Powered by our skilled workers who work round the clock, Penang has projected itself as one of the favourites location for investors to come and dump their money here.

Even with the emergence of China as a new market for investors, Penang still held out due to our ability to offer attractive schemes, investors-friendly governing as well as honest and hardworking skilled workforce.

However, Penang was not able to ‘escape’ or ‘avoid’ from the current WORLD economic crisis that hit the US, Europe and the rest of the world. Even though our gabermen in KL still in their denial state, we got to come to our senses everyone is going through a tough time.

Just yesterday, The Star was reporting that our neighbouring country Singapore is feeling the pinch of this economic crisis when most of their overseas investments suffered tragically. Temasek Holding has seen a drop in their coffers as much as 30% and people are still digging whether their hard-earned federal reserves would be suffering the same fate. Just imagine it! A drop of 30% in your savings and we’re talking about BILLIONS here!

If the UN-employment rate in Penang continues to drop, then things certainly don’t look too good now. Consumers confidence is still at its all time LOW as not many people is willing to part with their money unless it’s necessary. Do you hear much firecrackers during the last Chinese New Year. Not in Penang this time. Penang was unprecendentedly QUIET! 

With President Obama huffed and puffed to get this stimulus package approved by the Congress, we can at least see some tiny ‘speck of light’ at the end of the tuneel. However, some money experts in US predicted that they can only see some positives in the US come next year which is 2010 – some 10 months more to go. Are we able to hold on more another 3 months, not to mention 10? This is really the time when we just got to tighten our belt and try all options to survive!

Watford 1 – 3 Chelsea : Young Blue Lions roar

chelseafcYesterday, Chelsea was staring STRAIGHT at the face of defeat before they were rescued by their own HATTRICK hero in Nicolas Anelka who scored 3 times in the last 15 minutes of the FA Cup match with Watford the Bees.

New interim manager – Gus Hiddink was on the stand to watch the match and I’d say this is one of the first time when Chelsea really ‘click’ when they play with 2 forwards in Anelka and Drogba. Maybe Mr. Hiddink really got the ingrediant for these 2 world class strikers to play together and here we are, giving Watford FC their footballing lessons where it’s due.

Nicolas Anelka
Anelka begins his three goal salvo at Watford….
There is another point in the match which I am proud of is the inclusion of young Chelsea lions in the squad of the match. We got Michael Ma5877240ncienne on the right back – putting more familiar stars such as Bosingwa and Paulo Feriera on the bench. Michael is a up and rising star in Chelsea rank and his talent was so apparent as recently he earned a call to the England senior squad by Fabio Capello.
Another rising star in Chelsea young lion is Miroslav Stoch (pic) where only at 19, was given the role to sub a Big Star such as Michael Ballack at 80th minute. So those to critics out there, don’t accuse Chelsea of only buying established stars while did not put any effort to build our own young players. Such inclusions of young Blue Lions would only pave ways for more to come forward and fight for a place in the first XI team.
One of the first few words by the new manager Gus Hiddink is “Our season is not YET finished” and I realli hope Hiddink will be able to revive the sleeping lions to capture the Premier League as well as the Champions League. If we can put the FA Cup in the pocket as well, hmmmm…. won’t it be icing on the cake then? 🙂

Don’t Point Finger II

With my earlier post on Jangan Biadap statement issued by HRH of Selangor, I think we need to take HRH’s view with a pinch of salt and shouldn’t point an accusing finger to Pakatan Rakyat for their row with the royal family in Perak.guan eng respond to ong tee keat 020209 02

Reflecting on what was said by our CM Lim Guan Eng in Malaysiakini, he stressed that Pakatan Rakyat was not fighting against what has been enshrined in the constitution for the Rulers. Nor was the opposition coalition disrespecting royalty in the country.

While we can sense that losing Perak will be a big setback for Pakatan Rakyat and the leaders should shoulder some blame for losing such an important state. However, let us not forget also how difficult it was to get people support when you have been the Opposition parties for more than 50 years. Then out of a sudden, the people gave you such an important mandate , to run 5 states in Malaysia that made up almost 60% of the entire country’s wealth.

At the same time, there lies pack of wolves and bears around them – ready to pounce at any slightest mistakes committed by them. Funds were scarce as the Feds refused to release them fearing such needed funds could strengthened their foundation with the rakyat. Therefore, we have to empathy on these leaders from Pakatan Rakyat for having such great courage to stand up against such pressure and demands from the Dark Lord & co.

Anyway, as what Taikor Jeff Ooi has said before, there’s nothing we can do but to wait on the verdict from the High Court since our MB Nizar has submitted his suit yesterday. I can predict that the outcome would not be too good for MB Nizar but worse come to worst, we can still bite the bullet and fight another day.

Jangan Biadap!

In an unprecedented move by a sultan in Pakatan Rakyat-controlled state, HRH has issued a strong message to those he accused of committing

” tindakan yang hanya akan mencemarkan martabat kita, mengundang risiko yang tinggi terhadap kemajuan kita, serta menghakis asas-asas kedaulatan negara ini dengan sifat-sifat keji serta biadab, derhaka, angkuh, jahil ilmu dan kemaruk kuasa.” – Malaysiakini BM Edition.  English translation? Wahhh quite tough leh… of action that would only tarnish the country’s reputation, risking our advancement as well as eroding the fundamentals of our constitutions by manifesting a power-crazy, lack of knowledge, rude, proud, and insubordination attitude.

sultan selangor and selangor state excoHmmm… I wonder who the heck HRH is describing? If we’re goin to digest HRH’s text literally, many would be pointing an accusing finger to Pakatan Rakyat on their “Face Off” with the royalties on Perak issue. But if we are to go deeper in analysing the words and wisdom of HRH from Selangor, the accusing finger may, after all, being pointed towards our super corrupt Feds (or Fat) gabermen.

Who is tarnishing our country’s reputation abroad with so many allegations of murder and Missing in Action (MIA) persons that connected to this case? Who is risking the advancement and the potential of the country through unceasingly practises of corruption? Who is eroding the fundamentals of our constitutions by ursuping a DEMOCRATICALLY elected State Government through unscrupulous means and measure? WHO?????? We all know the answers!

Ampun Tuanku, kebijaksanaan Tuanku amat patik sanjungi. Moga moga segala rakyat Malaysia akan dapat mentafsir maksud tersurat dan tersirat Tuanku yang sebenar agar dapat mengembalikan sinar negara Malaysia tercinta ini. DAULAT TUANKU!!!!!!!!

Happy or Help Me Valentines Day?

First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish all the love birds a very loud

Well well… after goin thru some historical lessons on the origin of Valentines, I can ‘daringly’ conclude that the day is to remember a man call St Valentine who sacrificed his life for love… or perhaps the day is made for L O V E to blossom as people in the past were quite “shy” to declare their luv to one another.

Never mind. Anyway, just remember that Valentines is another perfect time to reaffirm our love to our loved ones while serving as a reminder for all those singles out there – are you ready for your Valentine? 🙂

However, please do not turn your sweet Valentines into another ‘scar’ in your relationship or courtship. I know I know… the feminine partner will have lots of ‘demands’ to celebrate this day but I hope common sense and common love prevail on this wonderful day! Restaurant will be packed and u bet… roses today will be selling at gold’s market price. Men, spend wisely.

As for those who are still ‘struggling’ in the midst of an open ocean to find your soulmate, why not stop for a little while and ponder – how to re-strategise your chase to get your dreamgirl or maybe, even dream-guy!

Recently I just came across this ‘unprecedented’ site where they teach some very ‘practical’ steps on how to get a date. Sounds interesting? Don’t feel shy and just click here to go to “” to explore further. Who knows? It might work in some amazing ways! 🙂

If you REALLY manage to get some ‘results’ from the website, just drop me a message come next Valentine and I’d be very very happy to hear from some of ya! 🙂 Happy Valentine Day…. 🙂