Kampung Buah Pala, Teo Beng Hock & MACC

This morning, there was a big traffic jam happening around Jalan Dato Keramat and Jalan Patani in Georgetown, Penang when the MIC-led demonstration took place near Komtar when they attempted to march together with the so-call residents of Kg Buah Pala to have a face-to-face talk with our CM Lim Guan Eng.

But what was suprising to this latest ‘march to save Kg  Buah Pala’ was it happened when the CM and the State government has managed to hold a heart-to-heart talk in Komtar yesterday night that went on till almost 10:30PM. Barisan Nasional has always claimed that Pakatan Rakyat of trying to win cheap political mileage through silly stunts but here we got MICkey mouse playing cartoon comedy in order to gain some cheap political gain from our fellow Indians.

IF (the conditional if is here again) MIC was serious in truly SAVING Kg Buah Pala, they should have done something when the previous deputy CM of Penang by the name of Rashid so-and-so officially announcing the ‘transfer’ of the land from our ‘adik-beradik yang membela lembu’ to the Koperasi. Why wait until Pakatan took control of the government and then start to stake your stupid demand that the State Government should buy up the land when it has been ‘nasi sudah menjadi bubur??’

These people just don’t understand, do they? Yes… we are concern about the heritage of our fellow Indian people and their livelihood. But as the government of the day, the CM has to abide by the verdict of the court of law! At the same time, we ought to ask ourselves how come the issue was only brought up after the world economy dipped? Don’t you all smell something was fishy? CM Lim Guan Eng was right when he pointed that to buy back the land from the developer would only benefit NO ONE but the developer who stand to earn hundreds of millions by doing NOTHING at all! Will it be accountable to the people of Penang when the government is to use the public’s fund to ensure the existance of Kg Buah Pala? I’m very sure that many people (including most residents of KBP) will find that RM150 Million will be better utilized than to fatten a company with strong connection of umno – the ‘daylight robber’ of rakyat Malaysia.

As for the case of Teo Beng Hock, I was quite relieved yet sceptical when I heard from the radio of my car that our dear Najiv Rojak has decided to call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry in order to give a reasonable account to the public on the latest hottest issue in our country.

But after reading the blog of Taikor Jeff Ooi and going through the newspaper, I was shocked that RCI was only being LIMITED to the interrogation methologies of the MACC while the unfortunate death of Teo will only be probed by an Inquest led by a low-ranking majistrate.

This is entirely purely Najiv Rojak’s style! He wanted to give something to the people and yet would hold back his hand – fearing that he might given too much to the people and seen as being ‘weak’ by his hordes of cronies. Remember the ‘Touch & Go’ subsidy which he announced a few weeks ago? Only those who use the card 80 times would be able to enjoy a 20% discount. What if you only used it for 75? 78? or even 79 times a month? Ophssss… so sorry, you will not be entitled to the subsidy at all! How absurd and insincere…

The insincerity of our Malaysian government in handling the death of Teo Beng Hock is soooo apparent when they separated the same case into 2 different scenarios. Are they trying to ‘deceived’ the people? Since the people want a RCI, ok… we give them RCI but we limit the scope of the inquiry. Only the devil knows how in the world could our cabinet came up with such an idiotic idea when we all know Teo Beng Hock could have died due to the gross interrogation methods applied by the MACC. No matter what happens, you just can’t change the fact that Teo died under the custody of MACC!

Until today, we have yet to see the MACC chairman Ahmad Said Hamdan took the honour to resign from his post to take responsibility over the incident of Teo Beng Hock. It only shows that MACC is still very arrogant and refused to take the blam. Is it has to do with any pantang larang nenek moyang again??? or there is an unwritten law that no matter what happen, one should not admit one’s fault under BN’s adminstration??

Remember Ahmad Ismail, if someone  is to approach him, he would still maintain his innocence. How ignorant and arrogant! Talking about taking responsibility and apologizing, I think we should commend the courage of PKR Penang municipal councillor Razali who openly apologised to Penang CM on his mistake. This has nothing to do with race. Let us not raise any sensitive racial issue here… We are talking about the entire bangsa Malaysia. Come on, we all make mistakes. Bumi mana tidak pernah dilanda hujan? But to come out, admit our mistakes and take responsibility over the mistakes require great courage from any man on the earth. Remember Bill Clinton who faced the entire world and apologized over his scandal  with Monica Lewinsky? I salute him… not for his crazy act with his intern, but for his courage to face the television and tell the world that he has actually made mistakes!

Sadly, we have yet to see any of our so-call leaders in the Feds level who has this kind of courage. In fact, ‘hantu’ like Toyol and gang are still in the state of denial and thought that they really could do ANYTHING in this land call Malaysia without having to pay for their sins.


We demand the resignation of MACC chief

With so many new questions popping up after the police started their investigations, it is very very clear that MACC is trying to ‘COVER UP’ some things in the aftermath of Teo Beng Hock’s unfortunate death.

The claims that Teo’s handphone was ‘missing’. his unfortunate body was found when they heard a ‘shout’, his time of death, there is no CCTV being installed in the office, Teo Beng Hock’s last activities after being ‘released’ by M ACC has proved that MACC definately have ‘blood in their hands’ in this sad incident.

Let us review back the very first statement given to the press by Selangor MACC director of investigation on that unfortunate day.

Excerpts from Malaysiakini:


Engulfed in theories of Conspiracies

Engulfed in theories of Conspiracies

MACC investigation division director Shukri Abdull (left) told reporters that Teoh was released at 3.45am but did not go home.

According to him, Teoh had wanted to rest for a while in the pantry of the MACC office. He was seen still sleeping there at 6am.



“Nobody saw him after that until his body was found at around 1.30pm,” he said.

He repeatedly stressed that Teoh was merely a witness in the investigation and not being probed.

Asked how they discovered the body, Shukri said they were alerted when they heard someone scream.

With so many question marks being raised by these people in MACC – from their interrogation technics to the way they conduct themselves as government enforcement agency, I wonder why the government of Malaysia is sooooooo RELUCTANT to suspend those who were involved in this case. Why this guy – a Director is allowed to ‘babble’ some ‘inaccurate’ facts to the press without any action being taken against him? Now where is the chairman of the commission – Ahmad Said Hamdan who suppose to take full responsibility for the negligence of his staffs in the Selangor MACC office?

As the Chief of the MACC, please have the courage to take up the responsibility handed to you by the people of Malaysia… to step down with full honour because your people have failed so miserably when they perform their duties on that fateful day. Please do not hide behind any political figures in order to return the intergrity of the Commission in the eyes of the ‘rakyat’.

To Ahmad Said Hamdan, please please resign and step down honorably….

I can only count till 999,999

Apparently, all MACC officers could only count till 999,999.

That’s the reason why they went after flag sellers that charged RM2,400 to YB Ean Yong for his Service Center’s activities. They also went after Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim for his car and his cows that cost less than RM1 Million.

As for the damned Toyo’s Palace that cost somewhere between RM4 Million (as claimed by Toyo) to RM24 Million (the market price?) to Zakaria’s Palace in Klang that cost somewhere between RM10 Million to our Port Klan-gate that has ballooned to RM 12.1 BILLION, the MACC has failed to open any files or haul anyone to be ‘interrogate’ until 4 am in the morning – simply because they have lost count and do not know how many ‘zeros’ supposed to be there in… say 1 Million. LOL 🙂

With new truths and facts ‘surfacing’ each day, I wonder how our MACC gonna ‘cover-up’ their messes when the police claimed that they have retrieved the late Teo Beng Hock’s handphone from MACC officers. How can you claimed that you have release the guy when his handphone is still in your custody? Are you goin to say that his handphone was ‘confiscated’ to ‘assist in the pending case’? How laughable…

While the unfortunate Teo’s body was found at 1.30 (let’s presume that this is true), why were the public and YB Ean Yong as well as YB Ronnie Liu was informed of Teo’s unfortunate death at around 5 pm? IF (the conditional IF is here again), IF the case is an accident, why not REPORT it as soon as it was found out? Now this is very strange and yet very dangerous… all these questions marks – I really mean big big QUESTION MARKS can give rise to many many theories of c.o.n.s.p.i.r.a.c.y.

As I wrote a few hours after learning about the unfortunate incident befalling on Teo, the first statement given by the Investigation Director was very very important. By comparing his statement to the facts that we have now, even the blind ones will be able to see contradictions here and there. His account simply DID NOT match what has taken place on that fateful day itself! Was he “lying”??? (Wowwwwww… a serious allegation!)  or simply he ‘could not recall properly of what has actually happened’…

Try listen to the people... for once...

Try listen to the people... for once...

As for our new cowboy – Nazeri (the so call law minister?) who told LKSiang to shut up and stop politicising this very unfortunate issue, I really wonder how come he could be so thick-skinned every time he opened his stinking rotting mouth. Hey… no one say you’re dumb if you keep quiet, ok? If you’re so smart, try answer all the questions above la… The Pakatan Rakyat is not politicising the issue. They together with the people – lame man like me, want some answers. Unless you can provide them yourself, or else please keep that Big Mouth shut! Are you afraid that no one is taking over the mettle of BN’s Big Mouth tag from Lim Keng Yaik? Stop ‘defending’ the guilty ones. It will only makes you look soooooo terribly BAD and desperate!

Oh Nazeri, if there is any ounce of conscience left in your heart, please encourage the cabinet to set up an Independant Royal Commission of Inquiry – to leave no stone unturned, to find out the truth and to give justice to whom it is due. Even though the Commission has no power of persecution and the guilty parties may go free after all. But to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth would satisfy the mourning family members, comfort their pain in their suffering and hopefully, bring those evil doers to justice…

As to the family and loved ones of our late Teo Beng Hock, my deepest condolence to your lost. No words could describe your pain and your anguish. However, life must go on. Be strong and of good courage…

Taikor Blogger Jeff Ooi urged all bloggers to use this banner – to uphold our demand of Justice for Beng Hock. I decided to put it here:


Justice for Beng Hock

Justice for Beng Hock.

DAP leaders are advocating Justice for Beng Hock

DAP leaders are advocating Justice for Beng Hock

Follow closely the updates on the blog – http://justiceforbenghock.blogspot.com for more information.

While our prayers are with the mourning family members, we should not allow his death to go un-noticed! Fellow Malaysians, let us stand together and help to spread that the people – the ‘rakyat’ demand to know the reason how did Teo died in MACC building, in MACC custody?

Has MACC become another “wild branch” of Polis Raja Di Malaysia?

Can MACC answer these questions ‘logically’???

Your death SHALL NEVER be in vain...

Your death SHALL NEVER be in vain...

Since these people at MACC loves to interogate till wee hours in the morning, can they answer these questions logically to satisfy our curiousity in Teo Beng Hock’s mysterious death?

  • Why did he not choose to leave the building as soon as his questioning was finished? Who in the right mind will choose to sleep over in the MACC building?
  • Why didn’t he phone or SMS to inform anyone after questioning that he was going to sleep over at MACC? Was his mobile phone taken away or returned to him at 3.45am after questioning?
  • How can MACC allow an outsider, after having been questioned, to presumably roam around in the heart of their offices from morning until 1.30pm, without any monitoring?
  • Who were last with Teo, what were the last statements taken? How many were with him? Why did he have to be questioned overnight?

Our gabermen has tried to change or should I say – REPACKAGE our ACA (Anti Corruption Agency) without changing its content and purpose. They thought that by changing the name will fool all absent-minded Malaysians that they were resolute to reform and to improve the system in our country’s administration. While the damned Toyol was allowed to build, renovate and later- to move into his grand palace which cost only RM4 Million, these dogs and hounds of Malaysian gabermen continues to disturb Pakatan Rakyat’s administrators in order to put roadblocks and hindrances in their daily work.

I hope all Malaysian… I mean ALL of us… must wake up and realised that we ought to chase away these “pigs” and “dogs” from abusing the powers and authority which is given to them by NO ONE but we ourselves!

Candle Light Vigil for Teo Beng Hock in Penang

For those who would like to hold a Candle Light Vigil in Penang for the late Mr. Teo Beng Hock who has plunged to his death mysteriously while still in the custody of MACC, kindly be informed that DAP Penang will be holding a vigil today (17.07.2009 – Friday) @ 9 PM in front of the main office of MACC Penang which is situated along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (beside Citibank in Georgetown).

DAP Penang has urged their supporters as well as friends to come out in force in order to show our soliditary and support for the family of the deceased while proving that WE – the rakyat Malaysia, are united to demand a clear and tranparent explanation from MACC as to why a man under their custody could have died.

Let’s pray that the weather will be good for such an auspicious activity!

He’s getting married tomorrow!

Straight from Malaysiakini:

Ean Yong refused to believe that Teo would have taken his own life.

 “He was going to get married, why would he want to commit suicide,” the visibly distraught DAP leader told reporters in Shah Alam.

According to the state exco, Teo looked normal before heading off to the MACC office.

“He looked calm. Before he went to the MACC office, (lawyer M) Manoharan and myself talked to him about how to answer the questions.

“If there was any problems, I should be the one (to face action). I don’t see any reason for him to commit suicide,” he said.

This is what other Pakatan leaders had to say about Teo’s death:

Lau Weng San, DAP Kampung Tunku assemblyperson

MACC should provide a full explanation. I would ask that the investigating officers be suspended until a thorough investigation is done. 

 It is difficult to continue cooperating with MACC (on the investigation of corruption charges) when our personal safety is not guaranteed. They better arrest me than record my statement if I am going to subjected to ‘torture’.

MACC should get its priority straight. This is a case which involves (relatively) lower amount of money; it involves a few thousand, at most RM10 000. Why conduct an overnight investigation? There are other scandals which involve billions. What was the urgency for an all night probe when MACC has all the documents?

Teo was a healthy, energetic young man and his death comes as a shock. There was no need for him to commit suicide.

Teresa Kok, Selangor exco and DAP Kinrara assemblyperson

MACC has to be responsible for the death. There are a lot of questions being raised. Why did it (the investigation) drag on for so long? Why did MACC deny Teo access to a lawyer? Why should he (Teo) hang around the office (after he was released), and what sort of investigation was being carried out?

We are all very sad with the death of Teo which we hold MACC responsible for.

Hannah Yeoh, DAP Subang assemblyperson

I am extremely traumatised and shocked by Teo’s death. I last spoke to him yesterday, after lunch, before MACC came to us. He was a friend of mine.

I do not know what to say because at the moment we do not know what really happened to him. I now fear for the safety of my assistant.

Elizabeth Wong, Selangor exco and PKR Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson

I am shocked and outraged. This tragic incident is another reminder of the recklessness of supposedly public institutions like the MACC in pursuing the goals of its political masters. 

 Let me be clear, I hold the MACC responsible for Teo’s death. The shameless press conference this afternoon by MACC director of investigations Shukri Abdull is the biggest insult to the death of an innocent young man, and to Malaysians at large.

Does the MACC think it holds powers greater than the police when it interrogated Teo from 5pm to 4am the next day? In the face of such a frightening incident, I will not allow any of my staff to be taken in for questioning by MACC unless accompanied by their legal counsel.

The police must seal off Plaza Masalam and take into custody all those involved in the interrogation. Shukri should save whatever honour he and the MACC has left by resigning.

Tony Pua, DAP MP for Petaling Jaya Utara

Whatever it is, he was under their care. And it is fishing expedition, of people who will be the last person in the world to take money. This has gone completely over board.

Tan Seng Giaw , DAP MP for Kepong

We should let the police investigate first? Some people say there is foul play but let police investigate first.

Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, PKR president

PKR is shocked and saddened by this incident. We want an immediate and thorough probe to be carried out by the police and MACC. Immediate action must be taken to ensure that justice is served.

Khairy Jamaluddin, Umno Youth chief

I will call for Royal Commission of Inquiry but we must not pre-judge and cast aspersions as per LKS (Lim Kit Siang).

Wow… even the Son-in-Law also open his golden mouth to comment… Hmmm… this time MACC realli in real deep sh*t! But what’s the use of a Royal Commission of Inquiry? Nothing happened to the previous recommendation of RCI on Lingam & Co case! Any action on the 11 policemen who was involved in Kugan’s death? Till now, nobody was hauled to the court of law for action! SHAME SHAME SHAME on you SIL for suggesting a pointless solution!