We got it under control???

“We got it under control”… these were the very words by our Home Minister when he organised a press conference with the police this afternoon.  Just listen how he ‘defended’ the Men in Blue by ‘playing’ down  the seriousness of church arson.

“You (only) have one major incident (Metro Tabernacle Church) over the past four days and the only thing that happened (today) is the burning of a door (in Seremban). Clearly, we have managed to stabilise the situation.”

Come on kerismudin… if you’re talking of a rubbish bin door, nobody would care so much. What kind of bullsh*t you’re talking about? ONE MAJOR incident while the rest were nothing but MINOR incidents? How could you be such a irresponsible by playing down the significant of churches arson which were happening again and again right in front of your eyes?

We have to treat such incident with ‘grave concern’ as any attack on any faith in this country represent an attack on ALL religions! How can we as united Malaysians allow our beloved country to be intimidated by terrorist acts in order to get things done their way? How can we allow our mind to be distracted from those ‘super corruptions’ in our country by some groups of moronic maniacs who are only good at playing the race & religion cards?

Kerismudin has again and again failed the nation with his not-so-smart antics of handling press conferences and like his predesasor, has been making himself a big fool by putting his ‘stinking’ foot into his  mouth everytime he opens it…


Let’s remain Focused & Calm

Church Arson in KL : Black Friday for all Malaysians

First was cow head protest, then the issue of the use of Allah by Herald and now church arson in KL. UMNO people has ALWAYS been good in playing racial and religious cards in their quest to ensure that power will remain in their hands for a very long time to come. Thus one after another, distractions are being created to blur and confuse the minds of the masses.

Too many things needed to be ‘hidden’ up by our current government. PKFZ, Scorpene Submarine deal, MACC & Teoh Beng Hock, missing jet engines is one just the tip of the iceberg. Judging from these ‘big’ cases, I’m sure there are uncountable smaller (less than RM1billion) corruption deals could have escaped unnoticed by the public.

That is why even during times of economic difficulties, our government is unable to reduce the ‘rakyat’s burden’ by reducing our personal income tax. Instead, they introduce the so-call Good Service Tax (GST). The government claimed that the GST will enrich the country without affecting the people. Till today, I was still unable to come out with an answer to explain such a calculation that 1-1=2. At the end of the day, the end user or we call the plain rakyat on the street will be forced to bear any increase of goods & services prices!

Our country is getting poorer by the seconds! How you may ask… but just look at the speed they cut this subsidy and that subsidy, you’ll know that we are actually in deep sh*t! The government way of saying Happy New Year 2010 to the people is by slashing sugar & white bread subsidy. Then come this Chinese New Year, the government MIGHT wish all rakyat Malaysia Happy Chinese New Year with a slap of RM0.30 increase of petrol for those big cars users. Come on… these rich people are not sinners! You just can’t make them pay for whatever mismanagement committed by YOU idiots in Putrajaya! Big cars users already have to pay exhorbitant road tax and now they have to pay more for petrol. Is this what you call “rakyat diutamakan’?? Perhaps you should rephrase it – poket rakyat diutamakan. What a joke!!

Teoh Beng Hock’s hearing will continue this month and we will see what kind of new ‘sandiwara’ will be served by our MACC & Co (the police and the government). The whole episode is a big big JOKE but it seems that our power holders will continue to twist and turn in order to remain defiant of the fact that they are RESPONSIBLE for the death of an innocent young guy.

So back to our lastest news of church arson… Let us WAIT & SEE how efficient our Polis Raja di Malaysia will act to catch the arsonist(s) and bring these people to justice. Even though I’d LOVE to give these Men in Blue the benefit of doubt and hope the culprit will be brought to face the music, I won’t be surprised to see these suspect(s) will appear in court with their FULL FACE covered… Hahahaha…

Last but not least, Happy New Year 2010 to all Malaysians that I love…

Let us observe a moment of Silent…

Yesterday marked one of the ‘darkest’ day since the foundation of Malaysia in 1969 and I was totally left speechless when my thoughts went to the 3 churches that became the target of a ‘hate campaign’.

I mean no matter how disagree you are with a certain issues, burning down others’ properties and issuing veil threats during some show of demostrations and protests are DEFINATELY not the way WE Malaysians used to behave. We pride ourselves being able to live and work happily and harmoniously with so many races for so long but we just can’t deny that there are groups of people who just couldn’t do so and have been waiting for a very very long time for an opportuniy to create havoc between us. What’s more when you got someone like Najiv Rojak and Kerismudin ‘hinting’ a green-light for demos and protests? Such statements issued by our so-call leaders could have ’embolden’ these troublemakers to carry out their plans!

I’m not trying to blame BeEnd for all the troubles that our country is facing but don’t you think any SANE people would regard that statements released by the PM Department and Home Ministry were indeed uncalled for? What are you trying to gain? Some cheap political mileage? Being the ruling party, do you really need to ‘stoop’ sooooo damn low in order to score some political points? Hmmmm… strange…. Is Najiv Rojak getting so desperate these days? His recent actions have been in GREAT Contradiction with the slogan of 1Malaysia. Again he has proven to be a good example of ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’…

Anyhow, I’m very happy that despite such ‘tense and sensitive’ issue is currently engulfing the nation, we still got many many good Muslims & Christians brothers and sisters who has been practising great restraints and self-control. I’m very glad that there are no such demos and ‘stupid incidents’ happening in the rest of our beloved country. It’s time we show to these ‘troublemakers’ and their ‘handlers’ that Malaysian will choose Justice, Peace and Harmony!