Penang Government Molesting Women & Children???

Lately we got quite a number of ‘peaceful’ demonstration by some NGOs claiming to ‘championing’ the cause of their ‘bangsa’ (or race) as they claimed Penang State Government is practising a ‘racist’ policy of victimizing a particular race in the state of Penang.

sedaq protest against penang government 050210 burn guan eng puppet 02Without naming the race, we all well known that a coalition of NGOs led by the Penang Malay Chambers of Commerce and the well known trouble-makers in Federation of Peninsular Malaysia Students Associations (GPMS) has gone to the street to protest ‘peacefully’ but eventually their ‘peacefulness’ could not sustain for long when they went as far as burning an effigy of our current Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Lately, the mastermind behind all these – a guy by the name of Rizal Faris Mohideen (president of Pg Malay Chambers of Commerce) was quoted by the Edge magazine of hurling some very serious allegations on the state government. Just listen to this:

“We won’t let them come into our homes and molest our wives and children and we will fight back. If we do not nip this parasite in the bud, he (Lim) will worsen. I will fight this liar who is hiding behind a skirt. He is not good for Penang and should relinquish his position to a Penangite who would do a better job than him,” said Rizal, according the online version of business publication The Edge.

As if such accusations of molesting woman and children is not serious enough, this crazy Rizal went even crazier by sending another mad warning that could send chills down anyone’s spine:

“We do not want another Kampung Rawa incident (sort of racial riot) in Penang and I fear for my Chinese and Indian friends if that were to happen. Two years after taking over and despite repeated calls from us, he has turned a deaf ear to the plight of Malays in the state”

So what are you talking about here Mr. Rizal? You ought to be more responsible since you are someone who hold a position in a public office (albeit a low position) but instead of living up to that obligation, you chose to incite racial sentiments of your own bangsa. I doubt people like you will have any friends at all, left alone your friends of Chinese and Indians! What a laughable statement. So what if the state government turn a deaf ear at your crazy bellowing? You will turn to violence and incite another Kampung Rawa??? Now who is the one who will come into our house and molest our women and children…

sedaq protest against penang government 050210 bannerI am soooo happy that the majority of our Malay friends have turned a blind eyes and deaf ears to the accusations of this crazy and moronic Rizal Faris Mohideen. The fact that only 300 turned up during the last street demo organized by these people has proven that other majority of the rakyat has finally aware who’s the good guy and who’s the villian. Just read how they try to incite the racial sentiment of our Malays brothers? Talking about 1Malaysia while claiming that you are the ONLY ‘lords’ of the land? What a BIG JOKE and a BIG SLAP on the face of our Prime Minister Najib Razak!

As for Rizal Faris Mohideen and his backers of U Must Not Object, you should be ashamed of yourselves of being such a hypocrite and leave us the majority Penangites in peace. You have lost Penang for good and I guess it will take you a very very long long time to get Penang back into your BN fold. Do your WORST… We are NOT BOTHERED!


A Sorry Day for Perak

I have nothing much to say…

Malaysia is really in Real Deep Sh*t… & in order to hide their embarassment and shame, our leaders are digging themselves ‘DEEPER’ into that pile of SH*T! Hahaha… how funny!!!

As you’ve already known… our kangaroo court has finally ‘ruled’ that Zambri is the “lawful” MB for Perak…

Consider this statement by our learned judges who made the ruling:
“It is not necessary for a vote of confidence to be done in the state assembly, as the sultan can conduct his own inquiry to determine which party or coalition has the majority.”

“If he is not satisfied with the decision, he can seek a vote of no confidence against the respondent (Zambry) in the state legislative assembly.”

I find such statements contradicting each other… Correct me if I’m wrong, if BN does not necessary to go thru the proper channel i.e the Legislative Assembly & Vote of No Confidence to declare Nizar no longer fit to be MB, WHY in the world do PR & Nizar need to go through the proper channel to challenge Zambri?

We are supposed to inherit a democracy system of the People, by the People and for the People. But from what I can see now, it’s a democracy system of BN, by BN and for BN only. Everything that BN does is LAWFUL while everything that against BN is NOT Lawful!

BN is ‘ball-less’ to face the people’s Power and thus, has repeatedly REFUSED to call for new elections for the state of Perak. What is there to be afraid of, you ‘sissy’ Zambri?? O I forgot, you are the ‘haram MB’ and has to hide behind the skirt of another sissy in Abdul ‘guni’ Patail and his konco-konco of ‘tail-wagging’ obediant dogs of judges.

Nevermind… enjoy-la your position for this coming 2 1/2 years… Cherish that MB seat while you can… bring it home if you like it so much! Come the next general election, the only place fit for your ass on that ‘chair’ in your small tiny home in Pangkor Island…

As for now, we as True Malaysians shall mourn a SAD Day for Perak… and a BLACK Day for Malaysia & Democracy…