Our Mata-mata is impartial?

I was wondering why out of a sudden, our IGP Musa could come out and tell a ‘blantant’ lie in a hot and sunny day.

As being reported in Malaysiakini:
Inspector-general of police Musa Hassan said the police did not take into account the political leanings of anyone, including politicians, when conducting their investigation.

NONE“We (the police) have never conspired with any political party. If an offence has been committed, we will investigate anyone including BN politicians. We do not conspire with any political party,” he told reporters in Penang.

Of course the police do not conspire with any political party in Malaysia. Who are they that ‘qualify’ them to be a partner of conspiracy. They are just nothing but mere slaves to BN in upholding their political agendas such as ‘Ketuanan Melayu’  and ‘Projek Memiskinkan Rakyat & Negara.’

Action speaks LOUDER than words. Haven’t you know that Musa? Just look at those ‘good jobs’ you’ve doing last 2 nights and the people will know which side you’re taking between BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

Here comes the 'un-invited' party-crashers

Can’t you just let Pakatan leaders celebrate in peace for their 2nd anniversary of political tsunami which they won so convincingly 2 years ago? Or because it reminds you and your master of the misery of losing that you people turned ‘trouble-makers’ and ‘party-crashers’ during these celebrations.  Please go back and tell your master NOT to be bitter losers. The crowd might make your eyes turn red. People came in droves willingly just to listen to real leaders like Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng and Mahfuz Omar while BN has to ‘shuttle’ in crowd to make the numbers ‘look good’ at BN’s ceramah.

Meanwhile, what have the Polis Raja Di Malaysia done when Khairy led a peace-disturbing protest in front of the Aussies embassy? What about PRDM berpeluk tubuh when confronting the ‘hidden umno-led’ cow head protesters who later sat side-by-side with Kerismudin? Another good example of police ‘impartiality’ could be seen when our Men in Blue officers were merely watching when umno traffic-jammers burnt the poster of Penang CM Lim Guan Eng and later on, burnt the effigy of CM Lim Guan Eng during another trouble-making protest.

So our dear IGP, now what you got to say about these ‘impartialities’? I mean could the law enforcement officers allow the mob to ‘humiliate’ a democratically elected leader in such a way? I would shut up if I were you. The more you open your mouth, the deeper your foot gonna be inside it to make you look like the biggest fool in Malaysia!

What a sight to behold… Hahaha…

Ibrahim Ali : I’m not Racist!

Actually I don’t want to give this b*st*rd an inch of my blog to listen to what he has to say to Malaysiakini. However, after reading a few post especially the latest one by Raja Petra (RPK) on this issue, I feel necessary to let the rest of the world see what ‘binatang’ has to say in ‘its’ latest interview with Malaysia’s most prominent online news portal.

Again my apologies go to Malaysiakini as I simply copy and paste their beautiful works here for free. Excerpts of the interview follow, with content edited for language and brevity.

Malaysiakini: They say you are a racist because of what you have said?

Ibrahim Ali: I have no regrets. I feel proud of what I’ve said, because what I’ve said is true. I don’t give a damn about who wants to criticise me, say bad things about my statements or those who say I am a racist.

They are even more racist than I am. Based on their statements because they have no heart, they are crass.

What about MCA’s recent criticism against you?

The allegations from MCA, I don’t have to entertain because that is a political statement of a political party who wants to compete with DAP. To show who is more Chinese. Let them go at it.

NONEWhy must Perkasa and MPM (Majlis Perundingan Melayu) defend the Malays; isn’t this Umno’s role?

Don’t ask me that, ask Umno. Nothing to do with me, I have my own NGO, Perkasa, I want to play a role, fighting for my race, I proceed. What other parties do or not do, you have to ask them. Nothing to do with me.

Did Umno fail in this?

Nothing to do with me, I won’t comment. Nothing to do with me.

It all depends on our individual perceptions. To Umno, it has succeeded. For example to Premier Najib Abdul Razak, he might think what he is doing now is successful. Who says they did not try? What Perkasa and NGOs are doing is value added. To make things better.

Isn’t Pemuda Umno the usual pressure group for the Malay Agenda?

You have to ask Pemuda Umno about that. Nothing to do with me.

Are you trying to take advantage of Umno’s inaction?

No, as an activist and a politician, all the time I fight for my race. What I am doing has nothing to do with anyone else. This is about sincerity of heart and our awareness.

NONEPeople’s perception may vary of course. When we do it some may be jealous; when we succeed, some may not like it. Others have come up with all kinds of interpretations.

Including the question you asked just now (about Ibrahim taking advantage of Umno’s inaction). That is also a question that may create the wrong impression. But I don’t mind all that.

Everyone can make their own contribution. And I make my contribution with all sincerity. There is no connection to anybody not doing anything, I am not taking advantage of anything.

I have been fighting for religion, race and the country from long ago. It was not because of what is being speculated.

Some say that you are using your NGO to advance your political career?

Whoever said that, it’s up to them, that is their perception. In politics, I am already a member of Parliament. Why would I need an NGO for? And before this there were many NGOs which I am a member of. This is what I call a dirty question. Yes. Trying to provoke me and ridicule me.

Do you believe the Malays are threatened?

Yes. But more like ‘threatened’ as in inverted commas. But we have been insulted and derided. As was published on websites, including Malaysiakini, in portals, in blogs, in Facebook, in Twitter.

The Malays are being derided?

They all say Malays are racist. But are they themselves not racist? They are the ones who are racist because their demands goes against national policies.

Look at their demands in issues relating to the Chinese education, this goes against the national education policy. That is racist! They are demanding to ‘integrate’ the cultures. This goes against the national culture. That is racist!

What do you mean by ‘integrating’ culture?

Well, it is about making everything equal, everything the same and freedom in everything. Some want to put their religion at the same level with Islam.

To equate the Malay language with other languages. Then the special position of the Malay rulers.

These are the basics of our constitution being messed with, being touched. We in Perkasa, in our crusade, we follow the constitution. [We fight for] the principles that are guaranteed in the constitution.

Those who want to ask for help for vernacular schools, want to add more and ask for recognition, that’s not in the constitution and against the National Education Policy.

All those special rights are already enshrined in the constitution, so why bother?

NONEWhat if there are those who touch those issues? If there are those who want to amend those provisions?

If there are those who want to challenge the provisions, MPM and Perkasa, we are the shield [for the Malays].

We want to see what Dong Jiao Zong wants, we want to see what the now outlawed Hindraf will demand.

If their demands goes against the constitution, we will be a shield against it. We will be a shield against all those that may infringe upon the constitution.

Are you not afraid that Perkasa or MPM will be outlawed like Hindraf?

That depends on the government. It depends on our activities. Is it a danger to national security? We are registered, we do everything openly. What we speak about is based on the constitution.

Have we questioned citizenship, or talk about sending away some races from the country? Never. Until today I have never had any police report made about my speeches. Others have been reported many times.

So unlike what some say, MPM is not trying to inflame racism but instead is trying to soothe the situation?

Not to soothe, the question is, we are fighting for what is guaranteed by the constitution. We believe if we defend the constitution and if all support us, it will help towards national unity and harmony.

You have been arrested under ISA. Are you afraid that it would happen again?

No problem for me. I support ISA and if I am to be arrested under ISA, I wouldn’t complain. I am a person who takes responsibility for whatever I do. So when it comes to ISA, to me, it is about national security.

We as activists, if we believe in our fight, we should fight for it. If we are arrested under ISA, we shouldn’t complain. It’s two different things. That’s why I don’t give mind to the ISA.

What are you fighting for?

I am not that passionate about rank, about position, about a big house or a wealthy lifestyle. I am passionate about the fight for Malays, bumiputeras and Islam.

Now go to ‘Malaysia-today.net’ to find what RPK has to say on this RACIST who called himself ‘Not a RACIST’ has to do with Vincent Tan and his big business…

The Comet : 10 March 2010

PM against local government elections.
Reviving local government elections would only give rise to politicking at the local government level and would not improve services for the people, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.


I say NO to local govt elections! EC will beg to differ?

“The main aim is to improve services to the people and we should not be focusing on the political process (in electing representatives at the local government level)”, he reasoned.

I thought they would deliberate and took some time before rejecting Pakatan’s proposal to have Local Council Elections. Never did I expected such a swift and arrogant slap of NO from the PM on the matter! Not only he sounded arrogant, his reply contain the elements of stupidity and ignorance when he tried to reason why he rejected to allow Local Council Elections.

Hello Mr. PM, do you know what you’re talking about? Sudah ‘nyanyuk’ ka? Any election processes will involve ‘politiking’ regardless of it being the General Election (large scale), by-elections or university elections. So will you also cancel our next general election in order not to give in to ‘too much politiking’ at national level? By doing so, you can SURELY be a ‘dictator’ for life and will all the time in the world to ‘improve services to the people’.

Please remember Zakaria from Klang. How did he manage to enmass such wealth so much so that his ‘mansion’ would probably make Khir Toyo’s ‘palace’ looked inferior. Not to mention how he managed to rope in his own relatives such as his daughter-in-law and cousins to be part of Selangor Klang’s councillors in order to tigthen up his grip of power in the area. If we’re to have local government elections, the people will be able to WEED out these so call ‘local’ warlords and replace them with competant people who has the rakyat in mind. The rejection by our Prime Minister only show that he really does not have the people’s interest in mind. Umno and Najib has and will NEVER change.

If you are to read my previous blogpost on this issue, there was somebody by the name of Dr. Goh Ban Lee who claimed by the mainstream newspaper ‘The  Star’ that our Election Commission is an independant body who do not take any directive from any Prime Minister or Chief Minister, it’s time to see whether our ‘highly-respected’ Dr. Goh could be proven correct when the time comes for EC to comment on this matter. Can we expect a miracle ruling here from the EC? Hardly…

Gerakan wants MACC to probe into Penang state aid to elderly.
The state Gerakan Youth wants the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) to investigate the Penang government’s move to reward senior citizens with RM100 cash annually under its senior citizen appreciation programme.


How do I look when I put my foot into my mouth? Nice??

Its head Oh Tong Keong said there was public perception that the handout was a form of corruption since the aid was only given to senior citizens who are registered voters in Penang.

What a waste of space for The Star to publish this kind of rubbish from Gerakan – a party where its ex-president has even conceded they have lost Penang for good. So now, Gerakan has been ‘downgraded’ to do some petty trouble-making which was once the work of Tham Wing Fatt, a fat ‘FROG’ who used to drive around his yellow Proton Juara bearing the sticker of Parti Cinta Malaysia, if you know what I mean…

Gerakan Youth in Penang really got nothing to do lately. First they accused the CM of accepting bribe when he moved into a bungalow in Pinhorn Road. Then they collaborated with their arch rival umno in organising protest against the State Government and burnt the photo of CM in front of the State Legislative Hall. Now they came up with the idea that by giving RM100 as an appreciation token by the State Government to the elderly is equivalent to bribing the people of Penang. How ridiculous!

When has Gerakan stooped so low as this turncoat oh tong keong (dun deserve caps on his name). While Gerakan, including this damned ‘oh’, turned both blind eyes to rampant ‘vote-buying’ by umno during by-elections, we got this idiot here playing kid who ‘loves to cry wolf’. Have Gerakan really run out of idea so much so that they jumped at ‘any’ opportunity just to score some CHEAP political score? Now what’s wrong if Pakatan were to give RM100 a year to elderly residents regardless whether the year is an election year or not? Is it wrong to ‘re-distribute’ the nation’s wealth back to the people?

From my own observation, I think Gerakan has indeed lost its direction and purpose. Instead of playing good opposition and continue to serve the people, we got paper ‘Tigger’ koh tsu  khoon found himself too busy ‘licking’ the balls of PM while allowing other so-call leaders of the party to continue seeking other self-interest ‘kang tao’. Where got time and interest to play opposition? I guess they don’t even know how to be one. Just take a look at those umno goons led by ‘botak’ azhar ibrahim. I’ll give him a ‘F’ for his performance as Penang state opposition. Come next General Election, I hope the people in Penaga will kick this ‘botak’ and his friends out of Penang’s political stage. We can do away with some trouble-makers who love to cause traffic jams in Georgetown with their irresponsible and illegal streed demos.

Delicious Korean Restaurant in Penang

OK… Let’s not talk politics today… Let me share another favourites of mine… FOOD!

My wife luvs Korean food alot…  especially after watching the popular Korean series of Dae Jung Gam which tell a story of a resilient girl fighting for her survival in the complexity of life in the palace. She encountered many hindrances due to the evil powers that control the palace politics (ophss… sorry… no politics ok?) but eventually she emerged victorious through her sheer determination and hardwork. A very good movie indeed with superb story lines.

OK, OK… come back to food. After visiting a few Korean restaurants in Penang, I dare to recommend the above – Sa Rang Chae Korean Restaurant as one of the nicest and delicious restaurant  available here on the island. It is situated opposite Penang Chinese Girl High School or Ping Hwa Ni Chong in Gottlieb Road near  Gurney Drive.

Mouth-watering Kimchi... My favourites!

One of Sa Rang Chae’s specialties will be their ‘masterpiece’ dish – the Kimchi. It requires a very skillful cook to be able to produce delicious kimchi which is not too spicy… not too sour and of course not too sweet. The combination of taste must be good in order to create a balance kimchi which is sweet, sour and spicy. No wonder why Koreans can’t live without Kimchi. Even though they may live in other places of the world, Kimchi will always be available in the kitchen of a Korean family.

Rice in a Stone bowl

Another delicious food which is  my wife’s favourite. Rice cooked in a stone bowl or ‘bibimbap’ with Korean traditional vegetables and egg. It gives you such an aroma that you can’t wait long enough to munch it down your stomach. Thinking of it now makes my stomach protesting like those umno mobs on the street of Komtar (aiyooo not again… strictly no politics!).

Barbeque Beef slice

To be eaten with a special sauce mixed with salt and wrap in those green veges or mint leaves. Taste nicer if eaten with mint leaves… gives you a special kind of taste which you don’t get in Chinese cooking. Korean are good in barbeque. The way they season the meat is different and thus, giving you an extraordinary kind of feeling.

Korean pancake

This is one of the special dish in Sa Rang Chae as well. Must try it. Taste like flour pancake but it’s special…It’s call Kimchi pancake. I’ve been to some of renowned Korean restaurant but few have this kind of pancake to offer. So I guess it’s quite a rare dish, isn’t it?

The waiters there are very friendly and helpful. Please feel free to ask for advice or recommendation if you are 1st time there. Don’t be shy… ‘segan bertanya, sesat jalan’. The food there is also reasonably priced. Ask the boss whether there is any discount going on. Sometimes the restaurant may offer up to 20% discount on selected Korean dishes. However, please note that Korean restaurant is not a halal food outlet. So for those muslim friends out there, sorry ya…

All right… my stomach is really drumming now, after looking at those delicious pictures. For more information or reservation, you can call 04-226 3587. Don’t worry, I did this article entirely Free of Charge. The boss never pay me even a single cent for this…

Ahmad Husni’s racist remark?

Lately the Malay Chamber of Commerce under the leadership of a chap  by the name of rizal so-and-so has been stirring up the hornet nest of racial issue when he claimed (the same old topic) Penang Malays have been marginalised under the present leadership of Pakatan Rakyat.

I have been mis-quoted! (not again?)

If anyone would think that this si rizal has acted alone and out of his sense of justice and righteousness, you have to think again… Last Friday, during a dinner held by Penang Malay Chambers of Commerce, si rizal has managed to invite a heavyweight from the cabinet of Malaysia to be present. That heavyweight was no other than our 2nd Finance Minister – Ahmad Husni Mohd Hanadzlah (pic).

Now this Ahmad Husni has been a quiet and low profile Finance Minister. Why not since our 1st Finance Minister took everything in his stride and leave nothing for the 2nd minister to oversee. In fact I think his portfolio has become redundant. Makan buta gaji sahaja….

So perhaps he wanted some publicity. Perhaps he wanted to play clown and try to cheer up the dull and boring environment of that night’s dinner. Or perhaps he was ‘misquoted’ in his speech during the dinner (not again???). Our 2nd Finance Minister has been alleged to have uttered racist remarks against the Chinese by saying, ” Kalau orang cina di Pulau Pinang buli kita, kita lawan balik orang Cina.” (‘If the Chinese in Penang bully us, we must fight back against the Chinese’).

In today’s Malaysiakini, our taikor blogger Jeff Ooi has demanded a formal apology from Ahmad Husni for the alleged racist  remarks or else a police report will be lodged against our ‘good-for-nothing’ Finance Minister no.2.

“We have strong evidence. We have the recording of Husni’s speech,” Ooi was quoted by Bernama as saying at a press conference in Penang.

Sometimes I really pity our current PM Najib Razak. This kind of action by a member of his cabinet, if proven to be true, will put a huge dent on Najib’s 1Malaysia project and continue to fan the rumour that an undercurrent in umno is on its bidding to bring down Najib’s Premiership.

The Comet : 08 March 2010

2nd Edition. 

The Wiz and The Comet would like to congratulate Pakatan Rakyat for a job well done in their 2 year administration of the states of Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan. What a pity that we lost Perak thru those frogs but we are confident that come next General Election, Perak will join in the fold together with other states such as Johore, Malacca and Terengganu! 

What an icing to the cake when we see the nemesis of our country was torn into bits and pieces as the ‘Mau Cari Angpau’ party was embroiled in a nasty tussle of power between warring factions. Hmmmm… reminds me of a very similiar scenario in the Chinese classic of ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’. You go figure out who will be Chao Chao, Lui Bei and Sun Quan. Now this will be very very interesting… 

Food fight at MCA Wanita Meeting.
The Star reported yesterday: Wanita MCA delegates were torn between two sides when they arrived at the party headquarters here for their annual general meeting.  

Speaker Ooi Siew Kim and deputy speaker Lee Pit Chern kicked off the event at 9am by declaring that the AGM should be adjourned. The delegates jeered. 

Cheeeeers for our 'Farewell' AGM


Wanita national organising secretary Tan Cheng Liang — a tall and gutsy lady — then grabbed the microphone and declared that Ong Chong Swen, who is Kelana Jaya MCA chairman, would be the replacement Speaker. 

The delegates were criticising the wing’s leadership for the postphoned AGM. Ong also joined in the criticism until she suddenly realised that she was Speaker. “I am the Speaker. I should not be talking so much,” she said. 

I don’t want to start an argument with this ‘auntie’ Tan Cheng Liang as I am nice and educated gentleman. But the way she ‘grabbed’ the microphone on the stage is CERTAINLY  not a way Penangites should conduct oneself especially in public places. Auntie Tan, don’t tell others that you’re from Penang. Shame shame on you. Have you not been told not to fight things with others? What a drama on stage in MCA Wanita AGM yesterday! 

Auntie Tan was one of the losers in the  past General Elections but she remains one of the more talkative lot who always came out in the press to criticise the Penang State Government. I wonder how she could ‘resuscitate’ her political career now when her mentor Ong Tee Keat is facing a grim prospect of defending his presidency in this coming party elections. Politics are like playing Russian Roulette. If you took the wrong side, you’re gone… The way I see ‘auntie’ Tan sided with Ong Tee Keat thru thick and thin will only mean one way she’s heading to… KELUAR / OUT! We’ll see how she fared on this coming election. As I have mentioned just now… the drama is getting more and more interesting… Hehehe… 

On National Heritage Fund, Government can’t do everything: Rais Yatim
The Information, Communication and Culture Ministry is aiming to launch a national heritage fund with the help of the private sector. 

“There are a lot of heritage projects that can be carried out but the Government is not able to do everything”, he said.  

On Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s appeals for allocation to complete George Town’s special area plan, a detailed blueprint on managing the heritage enclave required by Unesco, Dr Rais said the proposal was not in the ministry’s list of projects. 

“That is not in our list, but we have no reservations to work together (with the state). 

Is this how Najib’s 1Malaysia plan going to be? That the Feds ‘need not’ work with the state for the betterment of the people and its heritage? Read for yourself how arrogant is this si ‘Raiz yang yatim’ commenting on the attempts by our State Government in their effort to conserve our precious heritage assets. 

While Malacca which is under Ali Roastam got their allocation in full (I think  as much as RM30Million), Penang has yet to get our hands on that allocation because our Feds have channeled the our so-call Heritage Conservation Fund to a GLC call Khazanah. Now who the hell is this damned fool like khazanah to tell us which project to need conservation and which one does not. The facts are simple, the Feds do not want us to have control over THEIR money… Hey, the money is OURS! It belongs to the taxpayers! 


The Comet : 07 March 2010

1st Edition

I can’t find any other  date better than today to launch my new E-newspaper entitled “The Comet” as the Pakatan Rakyat is celebrating their auspicious 2nd anniversary after engineering a ‘political Tsunami’ 2 years ago when 5 states fell off from the clutches of evil during the 12th General Elections in 2008.

I hope ‘The Comet’ will be a good ‘alternative’ to all those sickening reports being reported by the People’s Paper (the Star) and to be quite frank, I just can’t ‘puke’ anymore as there is nothing left in my stomach if I were to continue digesting all the junks being offered by them. Once a pride of Penang, the newspaper has turned its back on us – the rakyat and has become an irresponsible propaganda tools for BN  to continue to treat us like fools and morons.

The Star to start its Sarawak edition.

BN Propaganda in Full Swing in Sarawak

Sigh sigh sigh… as if not enough in their quest to fool the people of Semenanjung, the Feds were ordering MCA propaganda tools to move into Borneo island in order to start confusing the mindset of our fellow Sarawakians. Their target? Chinese middle class who read English. The Star has been in existance for a very long time already but why only NOW they make inroads into Sarawak heartlands? Needless to say, we can see BN has already started the engines of their elections machinery in preparation for the state elections which will be held ‘not too long from now.’

The State Elections in Sarawak will now be a very interesting topic as the ‘billionaire’ CM seems to be physically too weak to last another term and BN is at loss on who should be the next CM. Indeed it is true that you reap what you sow. Sometimes it hurts if you got somebody who is too powerful at helm and he will ‘kill’ all successors who has good prospect – fearing one day these good ones will turn the table on him. A very good example will be our Old ‘M’an Mahathir who failed to find a good successor after a historic 24 years as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Penang wants local elections, CM send request to EC Chairman.
The Star reported: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said he had sent a letter to EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof on Thursday, a day after the state exco unanimously agreed for local elections to be held.

When contacted, Abdul Aziz said he did not know “head or tail” about the matter and he had received no letter or fax on Friday despite being in the office. “No one from the state government contacted me. They should have the courtesy to inform me before announcing it to the press,” he said.

Urban Planning expert Dr Goh Ban Lee, who said he was surprised by the state government’s move, pointed out that the EC was an independent body, which did not act on the directive of the Prime Minister or Chief Minister.

Of course you don’t know ‘head or tail’ la… what do you expect when a letter was sent only on Thursday? Do you think our Pos Malaysia is so effective where a letter can reach your hand a day after it was posted. Try to post a letter and you’ll find out yourself. You’ll be lucky if the mail is not ‘lost in transit’! By the way, we don’t expect Abdul Aziz to know anything regarding elections, do we? He is just nothing short of an order-taker who awaits orders from his paymaster in U Must Not Object.

Now who is this Dr. Goh Ban Lee? and what kind of rubbish he is talking here? I mean come on, everyone knows how ‘IN’ter’ Dependant’ our Election Commision is on BN government! Now we got some Phd moron come out and told the press that our EC is …. an independent body, which did not act on the directive of the Prime Minister or Chief Minister. Hmmmm… I wonder how he got his Phd in the first place. Perhaps he was away too long in the land of Zimbabwe and has just landed in Malaysia a few hours ago.

LOL… Talking about reporting the accurate truth by the Star???