The Indians are still with Pakatan in Hulu Selangor P94

Together we Stand in Unity for Justice and Equality!

Raja Petra was right. Please do not be influenced by the mainstream media painting the picture that the Indians have gone back to BeEnd in the past Hulu Selangor ‘buy-election’. There were some ‘Indian-bashing’ on the internet due to these inaccurate and highly-distorted report by the irresponsible newspaper such as the Star, utusan and berita harian. Let us read the below analyst that will tell us the fact that our Indian comrades have indeed, fought TOGETHER with us against the gigantic mechanism of BeEnd corruption and power-crazy! Read on my friend…

The media reported that 60% to 70% of the Indians in Hulu Selangor voted for BN and some alternative media hinted that the Indian voters are back to BN. The mainstream media jumped in jubilation claiming that the Indians are backing BN. The only exception was Ibrahim Ali who denied that the Indians supported BN. Further, the Hindraf’s relevance for Pakatan was advocated by some.

I have attempted to analyse the votes from Indians in five areas where they are concentrated according to the voting list. They are Ladang Lima Belas, Ladang Chankat Asa, Ladang Kerling, Ladang Nigel Gardner and Taman Bukit Teratai. This is a micro-analysis of the voting pattern in the rural Indian setting. The total number of votes cast in 2008 was 3,193 and in 2010 it was 3,236.

In 2008, a total of 1,495 voted for PKR and 1,698 voted for BN whereas in 2010 a total 1,406 voted for PKR and 1.830 voted for BN. In terms percentages, PKR gained 46.8 percent of the Indian votes in 2008 and 43.5 per cent in 2010. A decrease of 3.4 per cent.

The total number of votes increased from 3,193 to 3,236 in 2010, an increase of 43 votes. The decrease in the number of votes for PKR is 89. If the additional 43 votes are discounted, the relative decrease for PKR is 46 votes.

Based on the above, the following inference can be made.

There was no significant swing of Indians votes in the five rural areas where the Indians are concentrated. Indians in these areas are still voting in favour of BN as 53.2 percent voted for BN in 2008 and 56.5% in 2010.

The net vote loss for PKR was only 89. If new voters are discounted, it is only 46 votes.

There were complaints that substantial pro-PKR voters were removed form Taman Teratai to Selayang and substituted with pro-BN voters from Sungei Buaya. In Taman Teratai the shift in BN votes increased by 131 votes, a significant 22 percent increase in favour of BN.

Given the traditional voting pattern of the Indians, the transfer of voters and other by-election abuses, the Indian vote is still for Pakatan if not improved.

In a closely fought battle, every vote is vital. Even a single one is too many to lose. However, the media’s claim on the drifting of the Indian vote away from Pakatan is flawed, inaccurate and is intended to create a mass appeal for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and BN.

In fact, given the circumstances, the Indians vote at worst has remained at the status-quo if not improved in favour of Pakatan. — (Malaysiakini)


Voters Registration Campaign in Tesco Penang

Hi folks,

Please be informed that there will be a voters registration campaign being launched in Tesco Penang this coming 1st of May 2010 (Labour Day) and the Wiz would like to urge all eligible voters of above 21 years old, please register yourself to be eligible to vote in this coming General Election which is slated to be held in 2013.

Kindly exercise your right as a Malaysian and we hope to see all those eligible ones who have YET to register themselves as voters to come forward and register in our computer system. Regardless of your political affliation, DAP Jelutong is doing a favour to register everyone so that you will be able to cast your precious one vote to the candidate that you think able to represent you either in the State Assembly or Parliament.

So do come forward and the campaign will start from 10:00 AM and ends at 10:00 PM. So please grab this opportunity to register yourself as early as possible. Hope to see you there!

Post Hulu Selangor P94 : A Costly 1725

Victory... at a heavy price...

If you are to take 67,000,000 and divide it by 1,725 you will get a figure of 38,840.

This is how much BeEnd is willing to ‘pay’ in order to win in a ‘buy-election’. A whopping RM38,840 for ONE additional vote if what was said by Zaid Ibrahim is true. According to the PKR lawyer, our PM has come to Hulu Selangor and in 7 days of campaigning, he has splashed a total sum of RM67 Million to convince voters there to vote for BeEnd’s Kamal ‘bin’ Nathan.

One would certainly surprise and baffled to find how come our PM was in such a desperate mood to spend this huge sum of money willingly as well as going down to the ground to campaign as if his very own by-election!  Rumour has it that the undercurrent among umno warlords is growing stronger by the day to ‘dethrone’ najib and who knows, this Hulu Selangor might the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. We have seen how easily DAP Lim Kit Siang created a wedge between najib and muhiddyin when the latter claimed to be ‘Malay first’ and ‘Malaysian second’- a direct slap against najib’s 1Malaysia vision.

Perhaps muhiddyin has ‘not’ been campaigning as ‘aggresive’ as he could and thus, forced najib to come out from the dark and into the fray by carrying bagloads of cold hard cash to ‘save’ the situation as best as he could. As the result, you find najib jumping onto the campaign trail immediately right after he landed in Malaysia even though he was damned sure tired from a globe-trotting trip from US, then Japan before appearing in Hulu Selangor. If there is a parachute suit available on the aircraft, I am pretty sure that najib will grab it to ‘parachute’ into Hulu Selangor as reports coming from the ground are showing tremendous shift towards Pakatan Rakyat. No wonder why initially Raja Petro could predict a 5,000 majority victory for Zaid Ibrahim even before the race has begun.

Bidding his time quietly...

Muhiddyin, with the support from his mentor Old “M”an, seemed to be playing the double-headed snake and bid his time to be no.1 in the country. Najib who was deemed to be carrying to many ‘baggage’ by umno warlords will be seen as a ‘liability’ for them to retain power in the race to the next General Elections. As such, there is NO MERCY in politics. Lesser in umno. As the result, it would suit the mathematicians to get rid of najis before the 13th GE looms and umno will use the excuse of a new leader to ask for a new mandate from the people – just like how they did it during the Old ‘M’an’s time with bodowi.

Everyone have noticed it. Najis would have as well. Therefore, it is very important for him to spend as much as money as possible to raise his profile among his own supporters to ensure that these froggie warlords in umno will not jump ship and get themselves a new master to call their own. Who said the seat of umno president is safe and enjoyable? Do you think najis spent RM77 million for a meeting and photo session with Obama just to win the hearts of Hulu Selangor folks? What Obama has to do with Hulu Selangor? Look at the bigger picture and you’ll comprehend. The undercurrents are very strong indeed!

Anyway, with such a costly victory for BeEnd to win in a traditionally stronghold of its own, it would be very interesting to see how much MORE BeEnd is willing to spend come this by-election in Sibu Sarawak. I’d recommend to Hulu Selangor folks to quickly see najib the PM to ask for all the allocations that has been promised. It would be very intersting to see how ‘long’ BeEnd will take for them to realise their promise of a new SRJK(C) Rasa in Hulu Selangor or when our Felda settlers be able to get their balance of RM49,000. Another 15 years??? Hahaha…

Hulu Selangor P94 ‘Buy-Election’ : LIVE

2045: All right, The Wiz will stop blogging for now. Thank you for your following on this ‘Live’ coverage of Hulu Selangor Parliamentary by-election that ended with a victory to BeEnd’s Kamalanathan. Pakatan Rakyat has tried its best to retain the seat but facing the onslaught of cash and MORE cash being injected each day by PM, we know it would be an uphill task to deny BeEnd its first victory in Pakatan controlled state.

HOwever, we should take heart that the combined power of the rakyat has managed to DENY BeEnd its 5000 – 6000 majority votes which was predicted by Muhiddin this afternoon. The close majority shows that many people still believe that there is a bright future for Malaysia and not influenced by offer of cash and fake development.

Thank you, Thank you & Thank you to all rakyat who has put in effort – no matter how small it may be…

The Wiz will take his bow… for now.

2030: Yes, it is almost as good as confirmed and official. Pakatan Rakyat has lost this ‘buy-election’. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Perhaps we still ‘lack’ the money factor that will eventually cost us more victories in coming by-elections such as the one being anticipated in Sibu, Sarawak this May 2010.

2015: It was reported in that Prime Minister and BN chairperson Najib Abdul Razak is on his way to the main tally centre in Hulu Selangor, an indication that the coalition has won this by-election.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is also on his way to the tally centre in Kuala Kubu Bahru.

It seems that BN has won big in Malay-majority areas, especially the Felda settlements (where $$$ is splashed 2 days ago). While PKR has won the Chinese-majority areas, but its margin of victory in these areas is not big enough to compensate its loss in the Malay-majority area.

In addition, it appears that Indian voters have mostly return to BN’s folds. Indeed a very sad state to see Indians have ‘submitted’ to the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ of umno. It’s their choice, we have to respect that. No wonder CM Lim Guan Eng has proclaimed that ‘money power’ has prevailed over People’s power tonight. Sad sad day for democracy…

2000: Pakatan leaders are ‘conceding’ defeat after report emerged that BeEnd has overturned the deficit and now leading the votes by 2,000 majority. Rumours have been flying in and out of counting center and even seasoned journalists could not verify which source is real and which one is fake.

But please keep your fingers crossed dear Malaysians. Let’s not lose hope until official count is announced. We should NOT lose hope up to the LAST minute!

1950: Unofficial results

According to BN sources, P Kamalanathan (MIC) is leading Zaid Ibrahim (PKR) by about 2,000 votes.

PKR leaders have unofficially conceded defeat.

BN – 21,354
PKR – 19,917
Majority – 1,437  -source

1945: Khairy Jamaluddin is claiming that it is BeEnd that hold the majority in the ‘unofficial’ counting of votes so far and NOT as reported by Malaysiakini in their Unofficial count which is used here by the Wiz. According to ‘curry Jamaluddin’, the real figure should be like this:

BN – 19,067
PKR – 17,554
Majority – 1,513

1925Election Commission‘s official results

PKR – 2,722
BN – 2,468
Majority – 258

* Early Official result has also showed that Pakatan is leading the pack in a razor-thin majority of 258. However, we hope that NO MORE dirty tricks will be put out by BeEnd during the counting process and we hope NO Phanthom votes will find its way into the ballot boxes. All PR vigilators have been instructed to be extra vigilant during the vote-counting process!

1915: Unofficial results

PKR – 9,133
BN – 7,261
Majority – 1,872

About 33 percent of the votes have been tallied so far. Pakatan Rakyat is enlarging its majority at a healthy manner but the fight is still tight considering IF PR did not fare well in Malay-majority area. Anything is still possible….

1900: On-the-spot analysis

Most of the Chinese-majority areas have been counted, with PKR leading by 1,226 votes. The votes in the Malay-majority areas have not to come in. PKR is expected not to do well in these areas. The race for Hulu Selangor is still tight. – sources from

Let us hope that Pakatan Rakyat can wrestle some ‘saluran’ in Malay-majority areas as well as winning convincingly in mixed areas. We must also keep tab on Indian-majority area to gauge their voting sentiment as well as our ‘orang Asli’ comrades. It is time for rakyat to show our ‘hamba’ the government that People’s Power is the real power in democracy!

1845: Unofficial results

Early analyst show that PR is leading in the race even though the percentage is very small and minor. However, according to DAP Supermo Lim Kit Siang, PR hope that the estimated 18,000 voters who resided outside Hulu Selangor will make the ‘difference’ in this fight against BeEnd. They hope these PR-sided voters would be able to tilt the balance of deficit from Felda and orang asli voters who have traditionally voted for BeEnd.

PKR – 6,389
BN – 5,385
Majority – 1,004
So far about 25% of votes counted.


Kg Baru Batang Kali (Chinese area), saluran 1- PKR 220, BN 58
Hulu Yam Barat (mixed area), saluran 1 – PKR 205, BN 184
Ampang Pecah (Malay area), saluran 5 – PKR 148, BN 216
Hulu Yam Barat (mixed area), saluran 1 – PKR 224, BN 168
Kg Gumut (Malay area), saluran 1 – PKR 104, BN 172

Unofficial – PKR 901, BN 798

1815: Counting has begun for the Hulu Selangor by-election. According to unofficial results, BN has won the postal votes.

Kuala Kalumpang, saluran 1 – PKR 98, BN 128
Ulu Yam Barat, saluran 1 – PKR 171, BN 94
Kg Bharu Kerling, saluran 1 – PKR 172, BN 83
Pertak Bukit Fraser – PKR 22, BN 15
Pertak, saluran 2 – PKR 18, BN 98
Ampang Pecah, saluran 1 – PKR 105, BN 155 

Unofficial – PKR 491, BN 445

1750: Zaid has been very “quiet” since afternoon lunch as no one knows where he has been all these while. His last twit on Twitter was somewhere around 12:30pm and till now, we have not heard anything from him or his close entourage. Perhaps it is time for him to come around political maturity after witnessing ‘the most manipulated and dirty’ buy-election of the year in 2010! 😀 Welcome to the ‘real world’…

1745: EC confirmed voters turnout this time is slightly higher than the one during last 2008 12th General Election. An additional 1,003 voters have come to cast their vote.

1730: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang has expressed SHOCK and disgust at the ineffectiveness of MACC whereby they failed to take any action against pm najib razak for promising the SRJK(C) Rasa to come to Putrajaya tomorrow in the case BeEnd wins in order for them to collect their RM3 Million cheque to rebuild their 80 year old Chinese primary school. What about BeEnd to lose? They can forget about the cheque once and for all! How ironic BeEnd become when they lose. Talk about ‘rakyat’ diutamakan, talk about 1Malaysia, all these are crap when they lose!

BeEnd thugs harrassing voters on their way to the polling stations.

1715: Earlier deputy pm muhiddin yasin has predicted that BeEnd expect to win by a ‘whooping’ 6,000 votes majority as he felt the sentiment on the ground was so receptive for BeEnd, especially after ‘najis’ desperado campaigning during the last 2 days with plenty of cold cash to splash around.

1700 : Polling closed with the ‘donkey’ EC announcing voter turnout to be slightly lower than was expected when around 75.87% or 48,935 voters have cast their votes today in Hulu Selangor.

It was an eventful day where the polis raja dimalaysia has arrested around 32 ‘troublemakers’ from both sides of the political divide. It was reported by Malaysiakini that there were 3 ‘canvassars’ from BeEnd parties sustained minor injury when both sides were involved in heated arguments which escalated into ‘skirmishes’.

1 Day to Hulu Selangor : Acts of A Desperado

Will THIS be the 'deciding' factor tomorrow? You tell me Hulu Selangor!

Giving RM1,000 each to Felda Settlers while promising another RM49,000 more if Selangor was ‘recaptured’ back by BeEnd in coming 13th General Elections.

Giving RM50,000 each to 100 Orang Asli families in Hulu Selangor while using Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli jeeps to bring beer and alcohol to ‘entertain’ the orang asli families for the past 7 days of campaigning.

Promising RM3,000,000 to 4 Chinese primary school IF BeEnd is to win tomorrow’s Hulu Selangor by-election.

What about the Indians? Ee-lek po-chi?

Our Mr.PM Najib has been virtually ‘throwing’ money in this coming by-election. Why? Is it because he’s trying to ‘swing’ back the votes to BeEnd especially in this last minute campaigning where if not mistaken, he has pledged more than RM500 Million to the residents in Hulu Selangor.

Something is not right somewhere. Is he really serious that money politics still relevant these day? Sure boh?? Will you be so sure that people will vote for you even after taking RM100,000 from you? It may still be relevant to our orang asli people who are more naive and simple. But to the Malays and the Chinese, sometimes it will “backfire” especially when you ‘only pledged’ to pay in case you WIN. What about when you lose? Will Najib be a ‘sore-losers’ and refuse to pay? I guess everyone knows the answer… Hehe.

One wonder where the heck is MACC? This hopeless government agency has indeed either gone o sleep or holiday with their brothers-in-arm Election Commission as such blantant acts of ‘vote-buying’ could happen in broad daylight without any shame or fear! The MACC has proven again that they are useless when the figure comes to millions or hundred of millions while continue to hunt down ‘ikan bilis’ of a few thousand ringgit. This the reason why the more we need to send a clear signal to BeEnd that their End is indeed near starting with this by-election in Hulu Selangor.

More than 50,000 people at KKB? Will they be transformed to votes??? Let's Pray that they will!

Tonight the FINALE of Pakatan Rakyat campaign was held in ‘mini’ stadium in Kuala Kubu Bharu where according to the twitt of our Penang CM Lim Guan Eng, more than 50,000 has flocked to the stadium to listen to the last minute speech of Pakatan heavy-weights and if these attendance can be ‘transformed’ into votes, then I really believe a real miracle is in the making. Malaysiakini has also reported that more than 20,ooo people has flocked to the stadium when the report was updated on 10:32 pm.

It has been a near-impossible task for Pakatan Rakyat to muscle with BeEnd jaggernaughts of election machinery but you just can’t discount the ‘People’s Power’ when it matters! It is very important that the rakyat be united in all races to say ‘enough’ to BeEnd and send a clear signal that WE ARE READY FOR THE CHANGE!

Let’s do it, Hulu Selangor & Good Luck to Pakatan’s candidate Zaid Ibrahim!

Sanggupkah “Kamal” lakukan di Hulu Selangor?

“Undilah untuk Pembangunan.”

“Undilah untuk Kesejahteraan & Ketenteraman.”

“Undilah untuk Kemajuan.”

Inilah slogan2 dan cogankata2 bn yang sering kali didengari oleh kita setiap kali pilihanraya diadakan. Inilah juga janji-janji calon2 bn yang akan diberikan kepada pengundi yang datang mendengar ceramah politik bn. Oleh itu, calon bn untuk pilihanraya kali ini di Hulu Selangor juga taklah berbeza sangat dengan yang lain. Beliau juga menjanjikan pembangunan untuk kawansan Hulu Selangor, pembinaan rumah2 kos rendah, bekalan air dan elektrik dan juga barang asas seperti makanan dan pakaian untuk semua warga Hulu Selangor yang MASIH hidup dalam serba kekurangan sedangkan negara kita dah merdeka lebih 50 TAHUN yang lalu.

Kamalanathan menjanjikan pembangunan untuk Hulu Selangor. Akan tetapi, walaupun sudah terdapat 4 projek Felda di kawasan Hulu Selangor sejak zaman Perdana Menteri ke2 kita iaitu Tun Razak, kebanyakan kawasan2 di sekitar Hulu Selangor masih dipenuhi dengan kawasan hutan dan belukar yang amat tebal. Satu kunjungan ke kawasan sekitar seperti Batang Kali, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Bukit Beruntung, Lembah Beringin akan memberi kita satu gambaran bahawa kawasan ini memang satu kawasan luar bandar. Keadaan kawasan2 ini adalah sebegini semenjak zaman merdeka negara dan tak PERNAH pun berubah walaupun kerajaan negeri Selangor merupakan satu negeri yang paling membangun di Malaysia untuk 50 tahun yang lalu.

Oleh itu, adakah anda sebagai warga Hulu Selangor sanggup mempercayai seorang ahli politik yang tidak ‘ternama’ seperti Kamalanathan yang beliau akan ‘dapat’ memberikan pembangunan di kawasan anda apabila calon-calon bn yang lain yang lebih ‘ternama’ itu seperti G.Palanivel tidak dapat berbuat apa2 walaupun telah memegang jawatan ahli Parlimen Hulu Selangor berkali-kali banyaknya. Pembangunan tidak dapat dilakukan oleh BN dalam 50 tahun TAK akan mungkin terjadi sekelip mata dalam masa 2 1/2 tahun yang akan datang!

Ahli Parlimen harus ambil berat keraguan2 dlm pembelian kapal selam Scorpene dari Perancis

Kamalanathan juga menjanjikan kebajikan untuk warga Hulu Selangor jika beliau terpilih dalam pilihanraya kecil yang akan datang ini. Nampaknya selepas lebih 50 tahun negara kita mencapai kemerdekaan, banyak lagi warga2 negara kita masih tidak mempunyai kemudahan air dan elektrik dalam kehidupan mereka. Memang betul mereka tinggal dalam kawasan luar bandar atau pendalaman, tetapi ini telah membuktikan bahawa kerajaan negeri dan pusat dibawah naungan bn ini telah mengabaikan mereka buat selama ini. Jika bukan pilihanraya kecil P094 ini diadakan sekarang, keadaan hidup warga2 Hulu Selangor ini akan berterusan tanpa pengetahuan kita yang tinggal di bandar.

Memang rasa simpati yang amat tebal kepada penghuni2 kawasan pendalaman yang masih kekurangan kemudahan2 asas seperti air, elektrik, makanan, pakaian dan tempat tinggal. Namun demikian, penghuni2 yang serba kekurangan ini haruslah cari orang yang betul untuk meminta bantuan. Ke mana pulak pergi Jabatan Kebajikan kerajaan pusat kita yang sering kali cuba mempromosikan sifat ‘penyayang’ mereka? Bukankah Jabatan Kebajikan yang patut mengambil berat keadaan warga senegara kita yang serba kekurangan ini? Kenapa pulak Kamalanathan ingin campur tangan dan menjaga kain tepi orang sedangkan beliau patut mengambil berat hal2 peringkat nasional?

Bayar RM1 ribu dulu... Mana pulak RM49 ribu? Hanya akan dibayar jika menang kat Hulu Selangor? Bukankah ini politik rasuah?

Dalam pada itu, Kamalanathan juga tak dapat menjawab atau memberi sebarang pendapat tentang kegagalan pengusaha Felda dalam mendapatkan geran tanah walaupun mereka telah bertungkus lumus membangunkan kawasan terbabit lebih dari 20 tahun. Pengusaha2 Felda ini bukannya hamba abdi di mana hasil titik peluh mereka patut diberi pengiktirafan dari kerajaan pusat. Akan tetapi, setelah bekerja kuat untuk lebih 20 tahun, mereka masih tidak mempunyai sebarang ‘aset tetap’ yang boleh dimiliki mereka. Bukankah ini merupakan satu penindasan secara tidak langsung dari kerajaan pusat?

Memang betul apabila dasar Felda ini diperkenalkan, ia bertujuan untuk membawa golongan Melayu miskin ke arah pembangunan dan kehidupan yang lebih senang. Akan tetapi, para pengusaha2 Felda di Hulu Selangor akan memberitahu kita bagaimana kerajaan pusat telah ‘menindas’ mereka apabila projek penswastaan di situ tergendala dan mengakibatkan mereka gagal mendapat sebarang pembayaran yang telah dijanjikan. Oleh sebab itulah Perdana Menteri kita tu tergesa-gesa membuat ‘bayaran’ kepada pengusaha2 Felda semalam apabila menghulurkan wang tunai RM1,000 sementara menjanjikan RM49,000 jika mereka menang dalam pilihanraya esok. Kenapa hanya RM1,000 sahaja diberikan? Kenapa kerajaan bn TAK membayar sekaligus? Adakah kerajaan kita memang ‘bankrap’ sampai RM50,000 merupakan satu jumlah yang terlalu besar untuk dibayar sekaligus? Ataupun wang rakyat telah habis dibelanjakan untuk si najis berjumpa beberapa ‘minit’ dengan Obama? Kenapa nak tunggu sampai sekarang, kira2 10 tahun, baru nak bayar kawan2 kita tu kat Felda? Nasib baik ada pilihanraya kecil, kalau takde, tak tahu kena tunggu sampai bila baru kerajaan sanggup bayar!

Inilah tuan saya yg sebenar... bukan rakyat jelata di Hulu Selangor tapi saya 'masih' perlukan undi anda...

Dalam pilihanraya Parlimen ini, kita patut memilih calon yang betul2 akan mewakili kita dalam Parlimen. Calon yang boleh memberi kita jawapan bagaimana kerajaan kita patut berfungsi, bagaimana wang rakyat patut dibelanjakan dan bagaimana negara kita harus ditadbir. Walaupun kali ini bn banyak menggunakan taktik kotor kerana si najib tu menganggap pilihanraya kali sebagai memorandum kepada cara pentadbirannya, kita harus tahu calon Kamal’bin’nathan itu memang tidak akan menjadi seorang ahli Parlimen yang berwibawa.

Sepanjang masa berkempen di Hulu Selangor, Kamal’bin’nathan ini sering kali mengelak daripada menjawab soalan2 yang berkaitan dengan isu2 nasional negara kita. Gelagat2 sedemikian hanya mengambarkan kepada kita bahawa si kamal ini memang selama ini berharjat nak jadi ‘Yes-man’ saje kepada tuan umno yang memberikan peluang kepadanya untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya kali ini. Beliau juga telah awal2 memberitahu kepada semua rakyat bahawa kemenangan kamal’bin’nathan di Hulu Selangor ini akan dijadikan sebagai hadiah kepada najib. Si kamal ini memang biadap dan langsung tidak bertimbang rasa. Tanpa memikirkan nasib warga2 di Hulu Selangor yang telah berpihak kepadanya, beliau langsung tidak menunjukkan perasaan berterima kasih kepada pengundi. Jelas ternampak bahawa dalam hati si kamal ini, hanya najib saja yang merupakan bosnya yang sebenar – bukannya rakyat jelata yang telah mengundikannya.

Kepada semua kawan2 di Hulu Selangor, sekali lagi saya sarankan… UNDILAH calon yang betul2 akan membawa ‘Pembangunan, Kesejahteraan, Kemajuan dan Kekayaan’ kepada SEMUA rakyat jelata pada bila-bila masa.

Wahai kawan-kawan Hulu Selangor…

Ini kali pertama si Wiz ni berblog dalam Bahasa Melayu. Janganlah marah atau simpan dalam hati jikalau terdapat sesuatu dalam artikel ini yang menyinggungkan perasaan. Tetapi Wiz rasa kena jugak Wiz berbual bual hal Hulu Selangor dalam Bahasa Melayu agar kawan2 dapat memahami dengan lebih lanjut dan jelas tentang apa yang penting dan apa yang remeh temeh saje…

Badan Tertinggi dalam negara untuk menggubal undang2.

Dalam pilihanraya kecil kali ini di Hulu Selangor ni adalah untuk memilih ahli Parlimen yang kita rasa dapat memberi manfaat kepada semua rakyat kerana merekalah segelintir kecil kumpulan orang yang diberi tanggungjawab untuk menggubal undang2 dalam negara kita.

Sebagai contohnye, mari kita ambik ‘penggubalan’ undang2 yang sedang diberi perhatian khusus oleh rakyat iaitu akta lalulintas yang sedang dibentangkan dalam Dewan Negara sekarang. Jikalau akta itu diluluskan, kompaun lalulintas akan dinaikan dari RM300 sehingga RM1,000 dan adakah ini munasabah kepada rakyat dimana kita terpaksa dibebankan lagi oleh pihak kerajaan? Sehingga hari ini, masih banyak rakyat negara kita ni hanya mendapat gaji bulanan yang kurang dari RM1,000 dan jikalau kita kena tangkap, kat mane kita nak dapatkan wang sebanyak ini untuk membayar kerajaan?

Oleh yang demikian, di situlah bermulanya gejalah rasuah! Jika rakyat jelata tidak mampu untuk membayar kompaun, maka kemungkinan BESAR kita tentu akan minta ‘chance’ dari pegawai2 polis yang memakai butang ‘saya anti-(atau Nanti) rasuah’. Tapi kali ini rakyat akan diperanjatkan oleh permintaan pegawai yang bukan main tingginya kerana jika kita tak mahu ‘chance’ yang dihulurkannya itu, kita terpaksa membayar kompaun rasmi yang lebih tinggi lagi! Inilah masanya cogankata 1Malaysia memperingatkan kita: ‘poket’ Rakyat Didahulukan!

Wahai kawan2 di Hulu Selangor, kita memang perlukan orang2 yang betul2 kasih kepada rakyat di Dewan Negara / Parlimen untuk membela kita golongan biasa yang tertindas ini tidak lagi ditindas sewenang2nya oleh kerajaan bn yang zalim itu. Jika anda tidak memahami kenapa perkataan ‘ZALIM’ ini digunakan, sila benarkan Wiz menerangkan dengan lebih lanjut. Masih ingatkah lagi wanita Mongolia yang dibunuh kejam dengan menggunakan bahan letupan C4 itu? Adakah anda percaya bahawa seseorang pegawai polis kumpulun elit ini akan membunuh dengan membabi buta tanpa sebarang motif? Bagaimana dengan rakan Cina kita yang sewarganegara dengan kita yang bernama Beng Hock? Adakah anda akan percaya beliau sanggup membunuh nyawanya sendiri apabila tunangnya telah mengandungkan satu lagi nyawa yang baru?

Saya perlukan undi anda untuk memelihara kepentingan semua dalam Parlimen nanti!

Semenjak saudara Zaid Ibrahim kita yang mengorbankan diri untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya kecil di Hulu Selangor ini, terdapat desas desus yang bukan main banyaknye tentang dosa2 yang telah dilakukan olehnya sepanjang hayatnya. Memang Wiz bukan seorang yang beragama Islam dan rasa tidak berhak mengulas tentang dosa2 yang telah disebutkan oleh sesetengah pihak. Tetapi Wiz tahu satu fakta hidup iaitu ‘di mana bumi tidak dipijak langit?’ Kita semuanya manusia dan sebagai seorang insan yang biasa, kita semua pernah melakukan kesalahan dan kesilapan. Tetapi cara umno dan geng2 blogger yang ‘kurang ajar’ tu menyerang reputasi peribadi saudara Zaid merupakan satu gelagat yang amat keji dan memalukan. Bukannya Wiz ingin mempertahankan sesuatu di sini tetapi jika nak lawan, lawanlah seperti seorang ‘gentleman’… Padahal Zaid tu memang seorang gentleman yang mempertahankan prinsip2 hidupnya. Bukan seperti samseng2 umno yang tak berprinsip lagi biadap! Dalam masa yang sama, kenapa nak serang keperibadian orang? Adakah anda telah kehilangan isu untuk dipertikaikan sehingga sanggup melakukan perbuatan keji sebegini?

Wahai kawan2 di Hulu Selangor, siapakah yang akan anda pilih untuk mewakil anda dalam Dewan Negara / Parlimen kita? Seorang yang berprinsip atau katak katak yang ‘tak biasa duduk diam’ apabila ditunjukkan kertas wang Ringgit Malaysia yang tebal di depan mata mereka? Lihatlah contoh yang paling baik dalam dr. Halili Rahmat yang telah ‘lompat’ setelah mendapati dirinya tersingkir daripada menjadi calon untuk PKR. Nasib baik doktor tu tak terpilih. Jika tidak, kalau menang nanti, kita akan dapat seekor lagi ‘katak’ di Hulu Selangor. Menurut Malaysiakini, kononnya seekor lagi katak dari PKR akan lompat parti tidak lama lagi. Walaupun katak ini dah lama diiktiraf sebagai katak oleh kalangan umum, namun ia masih lagi sanggup memakai topeng manusianya dengan tanpa sebarang perasaan malu. Tunggulah… tunggu dan lihat samada katak ini akan melucutkan topengnya dalam masa beberapa hari ini.

Taktik Kotor umno dalam pilihanraya Hulu Selangor

Kepada rakan2 Hulu Selangor yang saya hormati, janganlah anda terperdaya lagi dengan segala janji kosong barisan. Bagi tau lah dia orang CUKUP lah tu… Jangan nak bersandiwara lagi. Jikalau mereka serius dengan pembangunan kawasan Hulu Selangor yang mereka janjikan 20 tahun yang lalu, dah lama mereka akan melakukan sesuatu. Tak payahlah nak tunggu sampai sekarang, selepas 50 tahun merdeka, masih lagi menjanjikan ini dan itu. Dalam masa yang sama, ahli Parlimen memang tidak memainkan peranan dalam pembangunan sesuatu kawasan. Itu kerja kerajaan negeri. Oleh itu, pilihlah seorang ahli Parlimen yang kawan2 rasa memang berhak mewakilkan hak2 dan kepentingan kita dalam Dewan Negara/Parlimen nanti.

Selamat Mengundi pada 25hb April 2010 ini. Semogo kebijaksanaan anda akan membantu negara dan rakyat kita melangkah satu lagi langkah penting ke arah pembangunan yang sebenar untuk kebaikan generasi kita yang akan datang!