World Cup 2010 – Paraguay vs Japan : Preview

Will the Blue Samurai of Asia be able to pop up some surprise up their sleeve tonight to continue the countless upsets happening in this year World Cup in South Africa? or will Paraguay, who has managed to qualify through their 2nd place in the South America Comebol Qualifying round, be a stumbling block for the last Asian team to survive through the tough 2nd round?

The Blue Samurai : Saying 'Sayonara'???

With everything to play for and nothing to lose, the Wiz would predict an all out attack from these 2 teams to gain the upper hand in the match. Whosoever to score the first goal in the match will definately gain the advantage and put one foot into the Quarter final. As such, both teams will be playing for goal right from the blow of the referee’s whistle.

With Japan at full strength, you’ll not be surprise to find that many will place their money on Japan to go through since South Korea has been bundled out by Uruguay. However, let’s be reminded that Paraguay is no push-over too. Their standing in the last qualifying rounds speak volume and thus, should not be under-estimated to be easy meat for the Samurais.

The fact that they managed to beat Slovakia by 2 goals to NIL will be a good testimony of Paraguay’s ability when the mighty Dutch could only ‘squeezed’ through to Quarterfinal with a 2-1 margin! Meanwhile, the victory of Japan over Denmark might spark a false dawn on those who pinned their hope on the Blue Samurai to gain passage into the last 8. Caution is required if you’re dead on supporting Japan. It may end in disappointment…

The odds are Paraguay will start as favourites with a +0.5 goal to Japan and the Wiz anticipate a 2-0 or 3-1 victory to Paraguay. Japan has made great stride for coming so far in this year 2010 World Cup but I am pretty sure a place in the last Eight might be an order too tall for the Japs. Let’s take our place in front of the television… Good Luck to both teams! May the better team wins…

Holland vs Slovakia : This Oranje sucks!


What is a better word to accurately describe the play dished out by Holland a.k.a Netherlands against lowly Slovakia just now when not only they could only muster a 2 goal performance while conceding a late penalty for the Slovaks to ‘alter’ the scoreline to 2-1.

I would have switched off the television if I could ever predict the way the Dutch played in the 1st half. They were sooooo darn boring to watch with each stray passes to each other while packing the midfield with Oranje shirts. Not only their creative play was stuffed out, the attacking “Total” football ever championed by the Dutch were nowhere to be seen. How pathetic!

Goal!!!! Robben providing the missing spark in the first half

The only spark provided in the 1st half was the ‘wonder’ goal scored by Arjen Robben who took full advantage when the Slovaks defense line was well stretched and breached. A left foot shot left keeper Mucha with no chance at all when the ball rolled just right into the left hand corner of the goal. Splendid.

After the restart, the Dutch continued their lackluster show of ‘Germanic’ football when they seemed to be contented with 1 goal cushion while inviting the Slovaks to launch their attacks.  Only in the last 10 minutes of the game did the Dutch suddenly became alive… as if they have received ‘special instructions’ from someone ‘from high’ to get into full throttle. As the result, Liverpool striker Dirk Kyut assisted Sneijder to score a good goal in the 84th minute of the game.

While pundits thought that all is safe… Let all be reminded that the ball is ’round’… (is it?) as the best part of the movie is yet to come. Out of nowhere the Slovaks got themselves a consolation penalty when the Dutch needlessly lunged a tackle inside the penalty box. So here it ends, 2-1 in favour of the Dutch and I’m pretty sure many pundits will not be very happy with tonight’s result… Game on!

We don’t have to ‘wait’ for 5 years!

I don’t mean to be a ‘shoe-polisher’ but I just can’t help it but to say “KUDOS’ to our Penang State government for their continuous effort in ‘upgrading’ the standard of living for Penangites in Penang.

Newly tarred underpass along Jalan Tunku Kudin

Just look at those newly-tarred roads when you’re driving home. We don’t get newly-tarred ‘patches’ anymore! We got a whole stretch of our roads with new tar! Gone were the days when our cars had to suffer due to potholes while motorcyclist have to brave themselves from live-threatening hazards whenever we were on the road. I got so frustrated at times when my car hit a potholes that sometimes I wonder why in the world do I need to pay for ‘roadtax’ when the condition of such roads were so poor and dangerous.

I am sure most of you will recall when the General Election looms, our previous state administrations will move into full swing by asking those from Jabatan Kerja Raya to work overtime and overtime in order to put new tar on all our roads. Thereafter, they will call in the RTM crews to video the entire process so that they can ‘boast’ their ‘service to the rakyat’ in front of the idiot box. At that particular time, the people will feel ‘grateful’ that BeEnd was doing something for the benefit of the people and as a return for their favour, the people would vote them to form the government for another term. This kind of stupid stunt no longer works these days… Pakatan is here to tell those clowns that the people don’t have to wait for 5 years to get some new-tarred-roads! Under PR, we just got them FASTER and EASIER!

Remember those days when election looms, the candidates will come forward to donate rice, sugar, flour and cooking oil to the people of his constituency especially to the old and poor. But judging from what have been distributed, one  could easily get a 10kg rice, 1kg sugar, 5kg flour and another 5kg of cooking oil. On the summary, the old and poor will get from the BN candidates 2kg  of rice, 0.2kg of sugar, 1kg flour and 1kg of cooking for EACH year in their lives. Hmmm… even my dog will consume more than 2kg of rice in a year!

Just take a look at the ‘Warga Emas’ appreciation program where our Penang old folks were given RM100 each year as a ‘token of appreciation’ by the State Government on their past contributions to the society. Some parties would claim that such action by the state government is nothing but a political stunt, but why on earth BeEnd would not do it for the sake of the ‘rakyat’? The slogan of 1Malaysia where ‘rakyat didahulukan, pembangunan diutamakan’ is nothing but a useless phrase when the Feds are still effectively milking the ‘rakyat’ to satisfy their lust and their greed!

They can talk till the cows come home regarding the cut of subsidies, the country going bankrupt in 9 years but their actions were proving otherwise. The construction of a new palace at a HIGHER quoted price and on-going mismanagement by government agencies simply proved that our government is still allowing excess of billions of Ringgit to go draining into the pockets of the corrupt without taking the welfare of the rakyat into considerations.

Even with a much much smaller budget, the State Government of Penang could afford RM100 each year for the old folks. Just imagine how much the people stand to benefit if Pakatan Rakyat are to capture Putrajaya and put all the stops to these corrupt practices. Let us make wise and correct decision come this General Election so that we don’t have to wait for another 50 years to get goodies from our government!

World Cup 2010 : Germany vs England – Preview

Mesut shone, what about Ronney?

While Germany has started the campaign with great hope by demolishing Australia 4-0, they have failed to live up to their favourites tag after being defeated 1-0 by Serbia and could only pushed aside a gusty Ghanian side by winning through a 1-0 margin.

As for the “Three Lions”, their World Cup campaign this year has been virtually littered with controversies when their West Ham goalkeeper Robert Green ‘let in’ a seemingly harmless shot from Dempsey to allow USA drew 1-1 in their first match. Following another dull goalless draw with Algeria, ex-captain of England came up with another controversy by claiming that the team was ready to launch a French-like coup to force coach Capello to field the fans’ favourite Joe Cole. Even though Capello played down the significance of such remarks by someone with the stature of John Terry, I guess the damage was well done to the team spirit. As the result, England was staring at elimination until Defoe popped up with a winner in their last group match with Slovenia. The Three Lions were made to sweat it out in a seemingly easy group phrase and they will have to step up a few gear levels IF they are to prevail against the efficient machine-like Germans.

The bookies odds were very well even out between these 2 teams with each giving 0-0.5 goals respectively. These odds clearly show that there are no favourites between these two traditional rivals and any team could emerge winners  if they take their chances.

As for the Wiz, I would vouch for the Germans tonight. It will take a mountain to climb for the English to breach the Germans defense while Upson and Terry looked shaky against world class strikers such as Klose and Podolski. Equipped with good aerial power, Klose will definately give Matthew Upson and John Terry a torric time to defend against the crosses pumped in from the flanks. Good Luck to both teams tonight!