Chelsea Ashley Cole staying PUT!

Okie you Real Maderid fans… Enough… Stop it, will ya? The BEST left back in the world will not dump the spotlights of London for the dimmer ones in Madrid and if that is still not enough to convince you people, well… let Mr. Carlo came out and straight things out, ok?

According to a very reliable source, Cole, who has been strongly linked with a move to the Bernebeu, with the player reportedly unhappy with the tabloid intrusion into his life in England. However, Ancelotti has now said he is “100%” certain that Cole will be staying at Stamford Bridge.

“I didn’t speak with him,” he said. “I don’t need to speak with him and he doesn’t need to speak to me. He is a player of Chelsea, did a fantastic season for us and will be an important player for us next season – 100%.”

Next destination: Stamford Bridge?

Well… that’s enough said… so go away and do your shopping elsewhere… Chelsea FC will definitely not be selling our best center back whose overlapping runs last season would make Dunga wished in his dream that Cole should be Brazilian! LoL… Dream on Maurinho…

Meanwhile, Chelsea are contemplating a £25 million bid for Brazilian starlet Neymar (pic), a deal that would see the highly-rated striker become the most expensive teenager in world football.

Neymar, 18, has impressed at Santos over the past 12 months, and his performances led to widespread calls for Dunga to call him up to Brazil’s World Cup squad. Neymar has been turning heads with his speed and close ball control and recently was hailed as the ‘New Pele’ who could take the world football by storm.

I am sure that Chelsea fans worldwide will welcome the confirmation of the purchase of Neymar with great delight as this will only show that the club is going the right direction into making Chelsea FC a real force to be reckoned in world football. While I believe that the EUFA Champions League crown will only be a matter of time, I am pretty confident that Chelsea FC will one day be hailed as one of the most successful team in English football!


5-in-1 Price HIKE!!!!!

It is CONFIRMED! Please do not flock to the petrol station after you hear this… after all, you gonna be paying ALOT more from tomorrow onwards… all thanks to our PM Najib Razak’s administration decision to raise prices of our necessities.

Another 'Poket' Rakyat Diutamakan move by Najib Razak...

According to Malaysiakini, the hike will be as follow:

  • RON 95 grade petrol – from RM1.80 to RM1.85 per litre
  • RON 97 grade petrol – no more subsidies (managed float)
  • Diesel – from RM1.70 to RM1.75 per litre
  • White refined coarse granulated sugar – from RM1.65 to RM1.90 per kg
  • Liquified petroluem gas – from RM1.75 to RM1.85 per kg

For cooking gas: (each cylinder)

  • 10kg – from RM17.50 to RM18.50, RM1 hike
  • 12kg – from RM21.00 to RM22.20, RM1.20 hike
  • 14kg – from RM24.50 to RM25.90, RM1.40 hike

While continuing to push towards his agenda of 1Malaysia, the government has been taking the rakyat for a ride with various moves to siphon money out of our very own pocket. First it was GST proposal… now it’s confirmed that further subsidies were cut to ‘make sure the country’ did not go bankrupt. What about other more practical but unpopular moves such as fighting corruption and the mismanagement of public funds? It is clear that Najib Razak did not has the GUT required to implement such drastic unpopular move. As the result, here you are… poket rakyat diutamakan, pengurangan subsidi didahulukan….

Congratulations to those who voted for BeEnd in the last General Election… BeEnd has told you to go to hell and suffer together with those who voted for Pakatan Rakyat! LoL… how ironic…

Mr. Paul prediction for World Cup final

Spain is my choice!

If everything goes by the law of nature, then Spain will be looking forward to ‘paste’ a STAR on their jersey after this Sunday’s finale of World Cup 2010 in South Africa. As the popularity of Mr. Paul soared after he correctly ‘predicts’ all the matches of Germany, the Octopus has again sided with the Spaniards for the final match of the World Cup 2010.

Reports have it that many German fans were unhappy with Paul’s decision to plump for Spain and fearing a backlash, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero has joked he will offer state protection to Paul.

Zapatero said: “I am concerned for the octopus … I am thinking of sending him a protective team.”

Spanish environment and fisheries minister Elena Espinosa added: “On Monday, I shall be at the European Council of Ministers and I shall be asking for a [fishing] ban on Paul the octopus so the Germans do not eat him.”

Dubbed the ‘Psychic’ Octopus, Mr. Paul will definitely be making history in modern World Cup if he got the correct prediction! Anyway, just cross your finger and watch the game on this coming Sunday night… I’m pretty sure the whole world will ‘stop’ for 90 minutes as the match is underway. Game on folks…

What will the Germans do to ‘Mr.Paul’?

Please don't eat me...

After having sided with the Germans for almost the entire tournament, Mr. Paul suddenly changed his allegience to side with the Spaniards whent it comes to the last 4 in this World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

As such, after having “correctly” guessed the winner for each matches, Mr. Paul has got it right again this time when Spain beat Germany by 1-0 and broke the hearts of many German ardent fans. As the result, I think those restaurants in Germany which serve Octopus will be in for good business as the Germans will take out on the Octopus for ‘revenge’. I will not be surprised if there are reports later who claimed that restaurants in Germany has run out of Octopus stock due to a sudden surge in demand for the delicacy!

Even DJs on radio this morning has been discussing how they are going to ‘fix’ up Mr. Paul in the kitchen… LoL… it was so funny. Some listeners called in and suggested Deep Fried with flour while others proposed the “Korean” style of eating the legs while the Octopus is still alive! Some even suggested on Japanese style of ‘Shashimi’ where they cut the octopus into slices (just like inside the pic).

 Anyway, I think Mr. Paul has placed himself exclusively in the history of World Cup and I think the entire world will be anticipating on who will Mr. Paul choose in this coming finale of World Cup in South Africa. Mr. Paul will definitely cement himself in the history if he got it right. What IF he got wrong? …. go figure la… LoL…. 😀

Homestay in Penang

Nowadays tourism is taking a new twist in the industry. Long gone were the days where people were able to be ‘spend-free’ whenever they go travelling. As the result, we can see the budget airlines are laughing their ways to the bank while the conventional types are suffering losses after losses. Even the ‘taikor’ of the aviation industry – the Singapore Airlines were not spared.

Equaling the hotel's standard?

As people go ‘BUDGET’ in their travels these days, a new concept of ‘Homestay’ is mushrooming all around the world and Penang, being one of the best locations for travelers in the world, is not spared from it as well. What is Homestay actually? I am not too sure about it but after googling it on the internet, I found this:

“Homestay is a form of tourism and/or study abroad program that allows the visitor to rent a room from a local family to better learn the local lifestyle as well as improve their language ability.”

Anyway, I think the local operators of Homestay in Penang has a slightly different idea where they will rent the entire apartment or house to the guest(s) for a period of time for a sum of money and this “Homestay Fee” is normally much much lower than a normal hotel rates would charge. In another words, it means you’ll get a 3-room stay for a relatively cheaper rates if compared to you checking into a 4-star hotel! Splendid, isn’t it?

5 Star Homestay...

But of course, we have to bear in mind that if you pay peanuts, you’ll get peanuts as well. Therefore, the expectations of quality in what you gonna get in “Homestay” will definitely lower than the ones you’ll get in a hotel. There maybe no ‘housekeeping’ tidying up your bed on daily basis, no Internet or Wi-fi facilities and et cetera.  But with the change of travelers’ mindset these days, who cares anyway? Hehehe…

However, there are quite a number of high quality ‘Homestay’ available in Penang as well. Just check out these photos being posted here and you’ll find that for a little bit of extra payment, you may end up in some of the most polished condos situated in Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi tourist stretch on this island.

While the prime hotels in Penang island are still enjoying high occupancy rate especially during peak season such as festivals and school holidays, I am pretty sure more and more people are going ‘Homestay’ and who knows, it might be the new backbone of tourism for the future! Anyway, I don’t think it will pose a serious threat to the local hotel industry yet. There are still many people who will still prefer the luxuries being offered by the hotels.

Come with a complete kitchen as well!

Hmmm… seems good and sounds nice? Want a taste of Homestay the next time you visit Penang? Don’t worry… just log into this website for more information on Homestay or Apartment Stay in Penang. Perhaps you can tell the operator you are being recommended by new dawn for penang and who knows, you might some discount! lol… 😀

£55 million man – Fernando Torres?

BLUE ALERT Breaking News!

Benayoun... Wait for me... I'm Coming!

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has flown to South Africa to try to complete the signing of Fernando Torres and sources have estimated that the super-rich Russian owner of the Blues are willing to go as HIGH as 55-million Pound to get his man. Roman Abramovich believes that Torres holds the key for Chelsea to attain to their ‘Holy Grail’ that is being crowned the European Champions in coming years.

Liverpool are believed to value Torres at around £70 million and refused to respond to speculation over his future until they had a new manager in place. Now Roy Hodgson has succeeded Rafa Benitez, he is evaluating the situation regarding five big-name stars at Anfield who are reviewing their own futures.

Torres has made it clear that he is focusing on the World Cup, but with the tournament drawing to a close, talks between all the interested parties are believed to be underway.

A well-placed source told the WIZ : “Abramovich has authorised the bid of £50 million, and he’s not expected to go much higher than that … [but] I would think he might go to £55 million.

“Without any other creditable bidder, he sees no reason to go any higher. It’s quite clear that Liverpool could get more from Manchester City, and the player could earn more from Manchester City, but the player doesn’t want to go there. He wants Champions League football and the chance to win the major honours which he can do at Chelsea.

Indeed it is very TRUE! You can only have the chance to win major honours with Chelsea FC! Come on Fernando, even a little kid of 3 years old will know that Liverpool is hopeless and a lost cause. Just look at their Finances and the numbers will tell you that not only world-class stars will not be joining the team, they are constantly on a look-out to sell their best – starting with you! 🙂

They could not even attract big name managers as it was evident for everyone to see in their current recruitment of Roy Hodgson from Fulham. Poor poor Liverpool… their new American owners came in and whack havoc with their stupid management and here you are, 7th place in the league. We should give Benitez the credit of finishing a respectable 7th place when taking into considerations all the off-the-field havoc the Liverpool board was causing…

Now I am really anticipating the arrival of El Nino to Stamford Bridge this season with great excitement and I can foresee another Chelsea dominance on the English Premier League! The Lion roarsssssss and let the ‘devil’ be afraid! Hahaha… Chelsea Chelsea is our NAME!

How much you spend on household items in a month??

Have you ever ponder this question, “Just exactly HOW MUCH you spent on household items in a month?”

Every household is in need of these...

For “macho” man like me (hehe), this question have NEVER pop up in my mind as I have always been thinking ‘what the heck, as long as I made more than I spend, it would not be a matter to me how much I spent on my monthly household items, isn’t it?’

I mean how many times we would peep into the long list of receipts which we spent in hypermarkets such as Tesco or Giant. Will we be ‘preserving’ those receipts as if to keep a record of what we bought in a month? The answer will be a simple NO to most of us, wouldn’t it? But if we are to make a serious calculations, you’ll be surprise to find that the figure will be quite ‘astronomical’… Don’t quite believe me? Just go and check back the receipts of the hypermarkets which you always patronized.

The reason I’m talking about this issue is because we have ALWAYS refused to keep track how much we would have spent on our household items so much so that this habit has caused wastage in our lives and our pockets. If we are careful enough and make sure or keep track of our spending, then we’ll be in much better shape of our monthly finances as well as having better control of our lives. Furthermore, IF we strive to improve our lives by limiting such wastages, you’ll be surprised how much you will ‘earn’ through all these petty savings from our household expenses.

After learning through how much money ‘$$$’ you could have save through some better management, WHAT IF I suggest you could earn some money by using these daily household products? Impossible?? C’est possible my friend.

Essentials which your house must not missed!

Would you be interested if I am to tell you there is a Mega Online store where it allows you these:

1. Discounts on goods purchased.
2. Earn points on every single Ringgit you spent.
3. Guaranteed Home Delivery Free of Charge!
4. Earn Referral Fee when your friends purchase from the same store.
5. Earn Commission when you sell the products to your friends who are yet to be members.
6. Guaranteed of High Quality products by well renowned Multi National Corporation.

Welcome to a new world of consumerism where we are entering a new era called “PROSUMER” – a term relating to consumers buying DIRECTLY from the producer or factory, thus eliminating the additional costs incurred by the layers of middlemen. Not only that, Prosumers will be ensured of high quality products as the packaging and quality were assured by the producer themselves. As such, Prosumers will be able to enjoy a lower price for a product of exceptional quality!

Sounds interesting? Interested to know more about this wonderful arrangements? Just send me an email – and I’ll be more than happy to share with you all…