Give us Back our Penang Port!

First, they took our Free Port status away from us in 1969.

Now, in 2012, the same group of people is trying to take away our Penang Port and give it to a ‘high-profile’ crony who owns almost all big businesses ever operated on Malaysian soil without even considering the welfare of the rakyat and the importance the Port play to our local econonmy and daily lives.

The Rich Oppressing the Poor

I can still remember an ancient story of a prophet reprimanding a famous king when he committed adultery with one of his general’s wife. When the wife was found pregnant, he sent the faithful general to die in a fierce battle so that he could later marry the widow.

The prophet started with a simple story. It was a story of 2 neighbours. One was rich and the other was poor. The rich had almost anything but the poor neighbour only has a kid (young goat) which he loved with all his heart. One day, the rich neighbour had some visitor from afar and he decided to treat them to a meal. Instead of taking from his big flock of cows and goats, he went over to the poor neighbour and snatch his one and only little kid to serve it on his dinner table.

Then prophet asked, “What should be done to the rich neighbour who has committed such a hineous sin?”

“He must be put to DEATH!” the king exclaimed in anger.

“The man is non other but YOU, your majesty!” the prophet snapped back.

Penang Port for Penang people.

Save Penang Port for Penangites

Give us back our Penang Port

Now, the very same scenario is taking shape in Penang when the rich man Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary and Umno who has almost everything in this well-blessed country and yet, still SHAMELESSLY greed over the one small port in Penang. This port may mean nothing to these cash-rich people but it means everything to the ordinary people like you and me.

Just like an international airport, seaport serve as a ‘door’ for import and export of goods in this northern region of Malaysia. We need an efficient port to ensure our competitiveness in the region. Without a well-operated seaport, Penangites will be suffering ‘unforeseen-able’ losses economically as many investors will shun away from investing their money and factory operations in our region. Without these investors and their investments, where are we going to get jobs for Penangites to earn their living?

Please save our Penang Port

Don’t turn Penangites into beggars!!!

By acknowledging the importance of Penang Port to Penang and Northern Region, we indeed support the effort of the people’s government of Penang by stressing the fact that Penang Port should be managed and operated by Penangites ourselves. In fact, we are not given the opportunity to prove our worth and competency in port management when the rich and powerful federal govt refused to loosen their grip on this important asset.

The Port Management keep on telling us the rakyat of Penang that Penang Port has been making losses but do you know the fact that hundreds of cars are forced to queue up for hours in the ferry terminal every evening after work just to take the ferry? There seems to be an invisible instruction being passed down to the workers to ‘allow’ the jam in the ferry terminal in order to ‘discourage’ car drivers from using the ferry services. No wonder the management of Penang Port claimed that they are making losses year in year out when the company headed by no one but MCA is trying to paint a ‘bad picture’ to justify their privatisation effort! Indeed how justifi-able it is…!!!

Since Penang Port under the MCA has been making losses, why don’t the central authority pass the bad apple back to Penangites and allow the State Government to manage the port ourselves? Why still clinging to the sinking ship while you know there is no longer hope to revive the port?? Or there is other ‘hidden agenda’ in your corrupted minds that you intend to ‘profiteer’ from the so-call privatisation exercise of the port. Frankly, Penangites eye the buy-out by Shaik Mokhtar with suspicion as we doubt he has the know-how or intention to develop Penang Port for the benefit of all.

We need a new management team to manage the Penang Port properly so that it can achieve its efficiency while sustaining the maintenance work of the port such as the highly expensive dredging effort in the Northern Straits to ensure bigger vessels can berth upon our deep sea terminal. We also know that after more than 40 years of management under MCA and federal agency, these people are not competant enough to manage a port, let alone a challenging one like Penang Port.

So it’s time to do the necessary thing. Do the RIGHT thing. Return the Penang Port to its rightful owners – the people of Penang!


Wow… Dangling the Free Port Carrot!

Teng Chang Yeow danggling Free Port Status to Penangites

CY Teng – the new henchman for Najib in Penang

In a blatant political bribery, Teng Chang Yeow was alleged to have announced that Penang will enjoy our Free Port status again IF bn are to reclaim back Penang from the clutches of Pakatan Rakyat in this coming 13th General Election. Wow… this really send chills down the spine of Teng’s political master as everyone knows how much Penang Port contribute to the nations GDP and what will happen if indeed, the Free Port status is restored back to the Island city.

As expected, our dear saudara Teng Chang Yeow no longer follow up with his so-call “flash in a pan” commitment of this Free Port promise as lately, he has been dodging questions on this issue by diverting to other agenda such as ‘fighting policy to policy’ with Pakatan when in actual fact, he should have made public what are the mechanism in place to get this Free Port status up and running.

Going head on with Pakatan on policy to policy will be just another round of political gimmick as we all know, Pakatan Rakyat has been doing a good job by having implemented good policies one after another. It just does not make sense for Teng to go in for a fight when there are better methods available for him to do his fight! Why can’t Teng come up with better commitment and plans or visions to allow Penangites see what kind of a leadership he will stamp IF (it comes with a Big IF) he managed to beat CM Lim Guan Eng in the coming GE13. Unless, there is absolutely NOTHING up in his pocket that he is able to put out in the open and allow the rakyat to see for themselves.

If this is the case, then it is better for Teng Chang Yeow to keep his mouth shut. Because the moment you open your mouth, you’ll get get shot left right center. One very good example will be the salvo shot by DAP YB Chow Kon Yeow when he questioned the whereabout of Teng’s commitment to his initial Pre-Election promises. According to Malaysiakini, Chow said Teng was now diverting from previous agenda and now harping on a new set of topics such as press freedom, transportation and housing. Now what happens to your Free Port, international financial district and innovation dynamo park promises??? Dropped into the seabed already?

BN promise Penang a Monorail in 2008

Empty promises only end up on poster… Do you still remember?

Now come on Mr. Teng… We Penangites are borne with practicality in mind. We know that it is near-impossible for us to have back our Free Port – just like the likelihood of having a PORR or Monorail promised to us in the last round of election in 2008! You make empty promises, we say to you Bye Bye and try again next time. So here you are again Mr. Teng, trying to hoodwink us again by dangling a big carrot in the shape of Free Port Status?

Come to think of it, we don’t really need that Free Port anyway. It has been ‘robbed’ from us since 1969 and see how Penangites have grow by leaps and bounds? Just compare Penang with Langkawi and we’ll see how advanced we have grown even without that status of assistance from the Feds. My proud island has been in booming state and I can’t see why we cannot outgrow the national growth continuously for the next 20 years to come. It’s time to tell Teng CY that Penangites don’t really care about what bn has to say or do after what our CM Lim Guan Eng has done for Penang for the past 4 years.