Get rewarded when you surf the Net

Smart Media in MalaysiaHmmm… this sounds too good to be true eh? However, the Wiz was introduced to a new system that has just recently hit our shore where internet users will get ‘rewarded’ as they surf the internet on daily basis. You would have thought, “you must be kidding, right?”

Smart Media’s HOME PAGE PAYS!

Well, a new company call ‘Smart Media’ (SM) has recently hit the shore of Malaysia where they promised to ‘REWARD’ internet surfers with lots of prizes and CASH! Yes, cold hard CA$H plus prizes are offered on daily, weekly and monthly basis for all internet users who surf through their site of Home Page Pays! It seems that upon visiting the site, internet users can register for ‘FREE’ membership to enjoy a whole load of freebies such as tutorial videos, tips and news portals – all within just a click away with your mouse!

Isn’t that GREAT?!! I mean you don’t get FREE stuffs these days without any gimmicks but with the Home Page Pays system, FREE members will get to enjoy these freebies without really need to pay anything from their pockets. All they got to do is to register themselves a FREE Membership in Home Page Pays from a ‘sponsor’ and that’s it, you are on your way for Freebies!

SMART Points from Home Page Pays.

On top of these freebies, internet users will also be earning ‘Smart Points‘ from this Home Page Pays system every time they use any of the applications available there. What’s best is all these applications are our daily necessity such Google, WordPress and Youtube. Which means, internet users will be ‘rewarded’ with these ‘Smart Points‘ whenever you open a page to access your usual Google news, CNN, WordPress blogs and Youtube videos! It will be just as simple as that…

After accumulating these ‘Smart Points’, there will countless of prizes and stuffs which you can redeem from the Home Page Pays. So, not only you’ll get something of values Free of Charge through the Home Page Pays, you’ll be further rewarded when you have enough ‘Smart Points‘ to redeem for more goodies. Isn’t that GREAT??!!!

Getting PAID more!

If you think this is all you can get from Smart Media’s Home Page Pays, then you’ll be sorely wrong! Your rewards might stop here if you happen to be a FREE member. However, you’ll get to explore for MORE if you decide to be PAID member.

Being a PAID member will bring a whole lot of different perspective and it definitely will be far MORE rewarding than being just an ordinary FREE member. There are different categories of PAID members and usually, you can slowly upgrade your categories as you grow your business and group of referrals. Of course, the higher you go, the more you’ll earn provided your pool of FREE and PAID users continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

It’s kind of sound like an ‘online-MLM’ scheme here but I think the difference here is they are offering Freebies and not really trying to sell anyone anything at all! The reason why Home Page Pays able to pay or reward users is because they generate a whole lot of revenue from advertising and they are returning almost up to 75% of these revenues back to the internet users like you and me. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

So for those of you out there who really love some bargain hunting and free stuffs, why not drop a visit to Smart Media’s Home Page Pays and take a real look for yourself by being a FREE member. If you really think it is really THAT good, then only decide whether or not to further explore the possibility of upgrading your rewards from them…

After all, who doesn’t like to get FREE stuffs eh? Hehehe… 🙂

P.S. anyway, the Wiz has joined and hopeful to get some freebies soon… Let’s see how it goes…