Short-Term Apartment Rental in Penang

Anyone looking for “Short Term” apartment rental in Penang for your coming holiday season?

PG Apartments offering solutions to your ‘short term’ apartment rental in Penang.

The Wiz would like to share this ‘good news’ with my readers as one of my blog sponsors are currently venturing into this ‘short term’ apartment rental business and they are offering readers some good rates for your coming holiday season in Penang! As tourists begin to flock into this wonderful small island during the school holidays, many seasoned travellers will tell you that finding accomodation will be a real challenge especially when you planned your travel in the last minute.

PG Apartments offer solutions to short term apartment rental in Penang

The challenge of finding good and affordable stay in Penang will grow tougher if you happen to travel in large group of family members and one of the best solutions to these travellers is to find yourself a nice apartment where everybody get to stay under the same roof! With this idea in mind, our sponsor PG Apartments is offering a simple ‘no-frills’ short term apartment rental to all foreign and local travellers so that you don’t have to pay through your nose when you come and visit Penang at any time of the year!

Good & Affordable rate for Short Term Apartment rental in Penang

The rates on offer by PG Apartments here is believed to be pretty much lower if compare to you checking into one of our 4-star hotel in a group of 6-8 people. Most of the apartments available will come in 3 bedrooms and you are free to use the facilities available such as swimming pool and gymnasium.

According to the CEO, PG Apartments’ Short Term Apartment rental welcomes enquiries from tourists who need a roof over their heads for a couple of days to foreign expatriates who might need a temperary shelter in Penang before they settle down in their long term home. Of course, rates will differ depending on the length of your stay but I’m assured that you will be able to get one of the best rate in town as the company is committed to offer the best to their customers.

For any additional information, interested parties can log into our sponsor’s webpage @ and contact them through email.


Kuantan, what are you waiting for?

Dear people of Kuantan,

Please forgive me if you think I’m too busybody/kepo-chi.

Lynas Rare earth Ore arrived amid heavy police escort in Kuantan

Why need such a heavy police escort? Kuantan has high crime rate??

But the entire situation has changed… The goodies have already been brought ashore. Under heavy escort they were brought into the ‘extracting’ plants in Gebeng. Not one, not two. There were one hundred & two of them. 102 heavy crates of pure ‘Rare Earth ore’ to be processed before the precious metal is found. Only God knows how much chemicals will be needed to process them all. The thoughts of ‘waste-mishandling’ and ‘leakages’ would have sent chills down my already painful spine. What about you people who live nearby?

What are you actually waiting for? Another Chernobyl-like disaster? Or maybe some ‘kick-backs’ from Najib administration for putting you and your loved ones at risk? Are you waiting for living zombies to prove that indeed, rare earth processing is highly dangerous to health??

With so many uncountable cover-ups, you still could place your trust on this un-trustworthy Putrajaya administration? Are you saying that you believe what the so-call leaders telling you about Lynas? Or perhaps the ‘kangaroo’ court’s favorable ruling has managed to convince you that Lynas brings no harm??

O fellow citizens in Kuantan, please DO NOT wait any longer. Stand Up and be counted! 20,000 people in KL today has made their feelings known to the Federal government that they DO NOT want Lynas to operate within our borders. But what about you people who live for generations in your beloved hometown in Kuantan? What have you done??

Malaysians come together from all walks of life to support anti-Lynas campaign.

I believe it is TIME for Kuantanese to speak up. As I mentioned before, the dangerous materials have arrived. Silence no longer is an option. Kuantan people should have the courage to show whether you are FOR or AGAINST the plant to be operating at your doorsteps. The situation has now demand the locals in Kuantan to act and any failure to do so will send a stronger endorsement to Najib that Malaysian lives are ‘cheaper’ than those living in Australia.

For the sake of our beloved little ones, please DO NOT wait any longer…

PS. If you think I’m talking crap here, pls click the link for more info… 

Click on my Tweeter ‘tweets‘ to see for yourself the Himpunan Hijau 300Km march into the capital Kuala Lumpur. 

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Follow @wizurye on TweeterI’m abit outdated when it comes to tech-savvy stuffs and though I hate to admit it, I just got in touch with ‘Tweeter’ recently and guess what, I straightaway got addicted to it!

Wow… Tweeter really open up a new dimension of networking to me which remains an uncharted territory even though I started blogging since 2008! With Tweeter, I don’t have to write long-winded post for my readers just to get some of my crazy ideas across the board. Tweeting allows me to voice up my opinion in just a few words which I think it’s pretty cool! Really got to thank my sis ChanLilian for her advice and guidance once again…

So all my readers and fans (hopefully I got some) out there, you are more than welcomed to follow the Wiz through Tweeter by following me @wizurye. I’ll definitely try to update my tweets as frequent as possible to update you with the most happening news in around Malaysia as well as putting a special focus on our beloved Penang.

Blogging will continue, of course, but Tweeter has indeed open another gateway for me to spread my views on the New Dawn of Penang – Love for Penang, Care for Penang! Remember yea… it’s @wizurye on Tweeter!

P.S. Let’s see how many followers I can get in week till a month… Thanks for all the support all these years!