Teng & BN running out of ideas in Penang

China Father of Modernization Deng XiaoPing has once famously mentioned that “regardless of a white or a black cat, it is a good cat if he catches a mice!” Perhaps this is what Penang bn chairman Teng Chang Yeow has in mind when he suddenly ‘recruited’ 2 controversial figures for his on-going election campaign.

The ‘Tainted’ ones have served their sentences…

Crazy Skipper steering the ship through the iceberg!

Crazy Skipper steering the ship through the iceberg!

Malaysiakini has quoted Teng cy as saying – “There is nothing important about this. Everyone has a past. The duo (his new advisers) have served their sentences. All I need is their ideas on the battle field/ That is all,” he stressed.

The two controversial figures generated a fuss in both bn & Pakatan Rakyat’s camp as they were a former MCA Youth leader and a former deputy minister, Kee Yong Wee, and Wong Choon Win,were active in the MCA in the 1980s. However, their past were ‘really’ not very ‘clean’ as both has been convicted of criminal breach of trust and JAILED for their offences respectively.

According to the records of Malaysiakini, Wong, 74, was arrested and charged with criminal breach of trust in a deposit-taking cooperatives scandal in February 1987. He was convicted and jailed for 9 months. As for Kee, he was a deputy minister for trade and industry in 1984, was also arrested, charged, convicted and jailed for criminal breach of trust in 1987.

Penangites surely Reject Clueless & Desperate leaders!

Gosh… Can’t Teng changyeow find some with a better credibility record to assist him in the coming elections? Or perhaps most of the credible ones were either ‘politically assassinated’ or could have left the coalition as they don’t see any good prospect of staying in this hopeless coalition. Teng is practically inviting potshots by the ruling Pakatan Rakyat as these 2 ex-convicts (I’m sorry but I’m just referring to the facts!) will only add unnecessary weight to his already tossing ship trying to gain some political miles around the turbulent waves of Penang politics!

This is what you get for overlooking me as chairman of penang bn! LoL...

This is what you get for overlooking me as chairman of penang bn! LoL…

Sometimes I really pity Teng changyeow for his current position. Just look around and everyone knows that he is surrounded by crooks and liars who will not even blink twice to tear him into pieces if he is to take a wrong step. That may be one of the reasons on why he chose to work with someone he ‘trusted’ (really???) or someone outside the corridor of cronies where he can at least confide his tactics and thoughts. Zainal abidin and aunty tan cheng liang will bygones for Penang voters. Koay-kau (Garuppa) hua and Poh-hiau (Sissy) nam will not be able to last long anymore in Penang politics where high demand of credibility and public service remain the top criteria for Penangites. I am pretty sure even his mentor Paper-tiger koh & Winnie the Pooh chia will distance themselves from Teng changyeow after this!

But the action of recruiting ‘tainted’ individuals to run your election campaign will only show that Teng cy is really desperate and running out of idea. How on earth could he trust the b****-metallic¬†state Umno Youth Shaik Hussein Mydin as his election co-ordinator? Sure kena sabo-tage!!!

Indeed, how could a desperate and clueless leader like Teng changyeow gain the trust of Penangites to lead us into the future? Dream on Mr. Teng…