Penang BN Show off day

Not to be seen as weak and uninterested, Penang BN staged one of their biggest rally today at the Esplanade Speaker’s Corner in a show of force to the voters that they are still in a fight to wrest Penang in the coming General Election. With Penang seemed to be the stronghold of the Pakatan Rakyat, Penang BN led by the infamous teng chang yeow crowded the Esplanade with more than 5000 mainly umno members as well as 120 NGOs which include umno no.1 supporter – the Perkasa!

Large BN crowd ferried into Esplanade.

What an Outing Day for Penang BN...

What an Outing Day for Penang BN…

As usual, the crowd was ferried in by at least 60 chartered buses that line up along the famous Penang waterfront recreation area while more than 2,000 motorcyclist (rempits?) were also seen to be part of the large crowd that converse on the open field.

The event was a show meant to show support for BN and chief minister Lim Guan Eng was a frequent target for participants and speakers.Event organisers said that the event was intended to “eradicate (cegah) slander (fitnah), lies (pembohongan) and cheating (menipu)” from affecting the public. Apart from political speeches, the crowd was also treated to free food, silat and chingay performances. Hmmmm… what a day for outing for Penang BN.

No Rally Organizers to come forward.

According to Malaysiakini coverage of the event, during his speech, state Umno deputy chief Musa Sheikh Fadzir told the crowd that no one organisation can claim that they are the organizers of the event. “There are no organisers here. This is by the rakyat for the rakyat,” he said before Teng presented his speech, and was greeted with loud cheers from the mostly Malay crowd.

Teng together with umno & perkasa in Penang Rally 24th March 2013

Teng together with umno & perkasa in Penang Rally 24th March 2013

How on earth could these large crowd be ferried in by chartered buses is really baffling even though the state umno deputy chief openly admitted that there is NO whatsoever organizers for the event. Not only this show cowardice on umno part, it has also proven that this guy is lying with his eyes wide open!!! How can we ever trust a man who even could blatantly lie about this tiny trivial matter?

“Promise” of Affordable Homes.

After cries of “Hidup BN!” from the crowd, Teng asked them “Are you ready for GE13?” to which he received a resounding “Yes!”.”

In 2008, we fell but today, we are going to rise up again. We are not here for positions but for the rakyat of Penang,” he said. Teng lamented the CM Lim-administration has failed to build even any of affordable homes, compared to Prime Minister Najib Razak, who promised to provide 20,000.

Teng changyeow has been going around Penang promising (or hoodwinking)  people of Penang that BN will provide affordable homes to us IF they are voted in again. However, they have always forgotten about the previous promises which they have failed to deliver! Najib Razak promised 20,000 affordable homes but a promise is still only promise until we see them being delivered!

A Disaster in Architectural Design...

A Disaster in Architectural Design…

Where is the Penang Outer Ring Road that Badawi once promised? Where is the Monorail?? Yes we “Thank You” for your 2nd Penang bridge. However we also have become the laughing stock of the architectural world when we have 2 IDENTICAL bridges span along each other! Even China-men who built the bridge questioned us on why are you ‘copying’ the design of the first bridge when there are so many designs available to build your 2nd bridge. To that we got no answer… Do you know that in Guangzhou alone, there are 5 different designs on 5 bridges that span across the Pearl River?

 1st Penang Bridge Toll.

We have to pay RM7.00 every time we pass through this bridge. Thank you BN!!!

We have to pay RM7.00 every time we pass through this bridge. Thank you BN!!!

In fact, EVERYTIME we touch on this subject, I can’t help but to feel really really agitated!!! It has been a blardy 28 years and yet hundred of thousands of Penangites like myself are still paying that blardy toll even though we knew that we have already paid all the building cost as well as its maintenance. The fact that BN and umno together with their cohorts like Teng changyeow has been taking Penangites for a ride far too long is really getting it on our nerves! I know it’s quite fun and enjoying for you leaders (or should I say ‘robbers’) to milk Penangites through collecting such hefty Bridge Toll but the fact that you don’t have the rakyat in your minds and hearts prove how hypocritical you are when you don’t walk what you talk!

We have been paying RM7.00 since 1985 and just imagine it when Najib Razak has proposed that the toll charges be hiked up to RM9.00 when the new 2nd Bridge opens up for public. This is CUT-THROAT!!! This is the REAL Janji Ditepati by the Federal Government led by umno and its cohorts.

So if you think BN will regain Penang back, please go back and THINK really hard again! It is not hard to catch up with CM Lim Guan Eng with all your resources and tools at hand, but sometimes in life, you are just a little too late…

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