Himpunan Harapan Rakyat : 29 Apr 2013



To ALL Rakyat who hope for a Change (UBAH!), please reserve this date and time in your dairy. Spread the news, tell your friends and loved ones! Do what you think is LEGAL ūüôā & Get everyone to Han Chiang College this evening! It’s gonna be BIG!!!

See you TONIGHT 8PM @ Han Chiang College big field where our Pakatan Big Guns will be there for a “Meet the People” sessions!

Leaders such as CM Lim Guan Eng and the ‘Evergreen’ Lim Kit Siang will grace the event as VIP while all Pakatan candidates will be there to be introduced to the people of Penang as well.

So come over and get to know who will you be voting for come this General Election on 5th of May 2013!

Jom UBAH! Ini Kali-lah…!!!



Bankrupt MCA

Don't Believe a word from the Star paper!

Go on… flip through the Star paper today and you’ll know what I mean by declaring MCA as Bankrupt!

Seditious ADs by the Star

There are many ways for putting up your advertisements. But if you are towing a damned FINE line if your ads are hovering between sowing HATRED and FEAR! This is even more self-damaging when you blardy MCA posed up all these ads in a well-circulated newspaper like the STAR!

Yes Yes, we know that the Star need to lick the balls of their political master which turn up to be the MCA and chua the pornstar but to go the distance until they reach this milestone? Come on, there must be some reasonable mind among the editors, right? Nope, I was wrong! Everyone in the Star is good-at-nothing but ball lickers and shoe-carriers. That’s why it gives me good satisfaction every time I SHOOT the STAR!!! Hahaha…

Just take a look at these ads in the newspaper:

One Vote for DAP = One Vote for PAS = One Vote for Pakatan = One Vote for UBAH!

One Vote for DAP = One Vote for PAS = One Vote for Pakatan = One Vote for UBAH!

Poor Turnout in MCA Ceramahs.

Well… the MCA candidates may have given up convincing voters and constituents in their daily political ceramah due to poor turnouts in the whole country. Hence, MCA resorted to publishing printed ads in the newspaper companies which they own in their vain bid to shore up support for their candidate hopefuls.

Do you think such ‘short-cut’ actions will yield results? Indeed what goes around, comes around… MCA has been cutting away good people at the expense of political survival for their leaders and now, they found themselves being surrounded by ‘sharks’ and ‘crocs’ who are insincere to help the party when it is in disarray!

Weak & Timid MCA.

MCA building on Chinese FEAR on PAS Hudud Laws...

MCA building on Chinese FEAR on PAS Hudud Laws…

Instead of going to the ground to hear the grouses and curses of the people regarding their silent support to many of umno ill-treatment on the rakyat, instead of braving themselves to ‘bite-the-bullet’ like mr. Ong Tee Keat, these MCA people chose to bury their heads into the ground like ostriches!

Being led by a ‘leader’ who DARE NOT contest in this coming General Election, MCA has LOST the plot even before the first shot was fired! With further cessation of territories to Umno such as the one in Gelang Patah, MCA continue to slide deeper in the deep¬†quagmire¬†of Malaysian politics. Chua soilek refused to fight and sacrifice himself in Gelang Patah clearly thrown all the theories preached by MCA on self sacrifices and service to the people straight down into the monsoon drain!

MCA chose to build on FEAR.

MCA rebuttal & clear insult of Pakatan's UBAH slogan!

MCA rebuttal & clear insult of Pakatan’s UBAH slogan!

Instead of everything which we mentioned earlier, MCA chose to build on the FEAR of Chinese on Hudud laws. Of course, all these were not helped by the continuous rattling of one part of PAS leaders on Hudud but we need to understand that it is NOT EASY to amend the country’s constitution given that both side DO NOT control 2/3 of the Parliament!

However, MCA continue to harp on this issue as they are indeed Bankrupt of any other constructive ideas. MCA has been feeding under the table of Umno for so long that it has forgotten how to bark when the master make mistakes. MCA has been Umno bedfellows in so many of their evil plans and corrupt practices that it has lost all ability to convince the rakyat that they will be the protector of our rights and justice!

MCA & Perkasa: Love Hate relationship?

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

Will MCA dare to admit that 1 Vote for MCA = 1 Vote for Umno = 1 Vote for Perkasa? Where is MCA when Perkasa threatens to¬†destabilize¬†the country’s harmony? Where is MCA when Perkasa hold various and continuous illegal rally protesting against Pakatan Rakyat’s administrations in Penang and Selangor? Sadly, MCA DARE NOT voice out against Perkasa even though Perkasa is only a NGO supported by the evil mamakthir.

Who is this blardy frogy ibrahim ali that Chua soilek was so afraid of? Ooooo… who knows? Maybe ibrahim froggy ali is ranked higher in the ‘invisible’¬†hierarchy’ of umno priority so much so that chua & son dare not cross ibrahim ali too much.

Tsunami 2008 vs UBAH 2013.

Let's UBAH for better Future!

Rakyat must rise up and UBAH on this coming 13th General Election!

MCA survived the onslaught of Tsunami 2008 where they are still able to field quite a number of MP to form Najib Razak cabinet. However, with so many incidents happening after the tsunami and with MCA cruising towards Bankruptcy  of ideals, it is not hard to see MCA being driven into political wilderness come UBAH 2013.

The TIME is at hand… Now it is! Jom UBAH – Ini Kali-lah!!! Salam UBAH to all my fighting comrades in this internet warfare.

Should we say ‘YES’ to BN Corruption Culture?

Don't Believe a word from the Star paper!

Everywhere we go, we can see Najib & gang is giving out money to the constituents. If by announcing this grants that grants is not enough, BN subcontracted the ‘rasuah’ (graft) culture to its crony infested group call ‘Kelab 1Malaysia Welfare’. This group has been giving out FREE dinners almost EVERY night to lure people out with free food while trying to discourage the people of Penang to attend ceramah held by Pakatan Rakyat in nearby areas.

A Culture of Corruption in Malaysia.

One of BN's main sub-contractors to 'bribe' the rakyat...

One of BN’s main sub-contractors to ‘bribe’ the rakyat…

These BN’s sub-contractors themselves were no angels. We have sources claimed that even though the upper echolans were initially paying these hard-working hawkers RM1,000 per night for serving free food to the constituents, not all of them received the full payment. Almost all of the hawkers could testify that they will only received payments ranging from RM500 – RM700 while the rest were paid to the ‘middle-man’ who organized the event.

“Wow”… Just imagine it… RM300 – RM500 per hawkers per night! How much would these ‘middle-men’ make when the entire election campaign period ends? I’m not good in maths but I know it’s gonna be a windfall when everything folds up irregardless whether BN going to win back Penang or not…

Of Lucky Draw, Free Food & Songs

In any BN ceramah you go, these sub-contractors will be providing endless of ‘entertainment’ to keep you around instead of allowing you to attend other party’s political gatherings. Instead of dishing out to the public how these BN ‘hopefuls’ going to serve the constituents in their respective areas, these youngsters or greenhorns were so BANKRUPT of ideas that they allow the paid emcees to do their jobs by keeping the crowd engaged with lucky draw prizes.

FREE Food for everybody! Eat ALL you can!!

FREE Food for everybody! Eat ALL you can!!

These cameos are so laughable because they (BN candidates) DON’T even know what is the needs and plight of their constituents! These lucky draws, free food and karaoke sessions were there to COVER their ignorance on the ground! So are these your so-call ‘winnable’ candidates Najib? ARE YOU SO blardy SURE???

High Quality of Pakatan Rakyat’s Political Ceramah.

HUGE crowd converging the Esplanade on the pre Nomination day by Pakatan Rakyat Penang.

HUGE crowd converging the Esplanade on the pre Nomination day by Pakatan Rakyat Penang.

Just try and go to any one of the Pakatan Rakyat’s ceramah and you will sense the entire difference between the 2 camps. Not that I am flattering these Pakatan’s candidates, but the way and contents of their political ceramah will always keep you on your feet as they drove each points accurately and relevantly which affects our daily lives.

These Pakatan Rakyat’s candidates DO NOT give away lucky draw prizes. They don’t have free food for you. There won’t be any karaoke sessions! But everywhere they go, it was ‘jammed’ packed with people. Something must be so attractive in what they got to say or else the infamous practical Penangites won’t give a second to what you have to say!

Slow Down in Internet

According to the latest Malaysiakini reports, there are attempts to ‘sabotage’ the internet accessibility of DAP’s websites and facebook accounts. Such dirty tactics employed by their detractors are indeed despicable but in this age of high technology and information, anything is possible!

“At the same time, please don’t just rely on the Internet, come to our ceramahs, especially the one to be held at Han Chiang College field, where DAP senior leader Kit Siang will be present,” Lim Guan Eng was quoted as saying in their attempt to thwart the ‘Online Onslaught’ by detractors.

The Mega Ceramah mentioned here will be the one which will be held on 29th April 2013 (Monday night) at Han Chiang College. Big crowd will be expected and therefore, rakyat has been advised to come early and park your car properly in order not to create any traffic congestion in the area.

Indeed the TIME has come. SAY “NO” to BN’s Budaya Rasuah! Jom UBAH – Ini Kali-lah!!!

GE13: Indelible Ink & Casting Your Vote Correctly

This year, the Election Commission will be using a type of ‘INDELIBLE’ INK to mark your finger in order NOT to allow anyone who has voted to vote for a 2nd time! However, we have found some ‘discrepancies’ in this usually good practice that might ‘back-fire’ on us who DEMANDED for Free and Clean Elections!

Tricks to SPOIL your Vote!

Different from the practices of all other worldwide countries, this time round, the blardy SPR or Election Commission has decided to MARK your finger after you are given the ballot paper instead of MARKING you after you have cast your vote! Therefore lease read the information below carefully so that you do not spoil your vote.

This year the SPR is using the indelible ink to mark your fingers – so MAKE SURE the ink is DRY before you collect your ballot papers. This is to prevent the ink from staining the ballot paper and which will make your ballot invalid.

Somebody is on a Cheeky mood to spoil your vote! Be very CAREFUL!

Somebody is on a Cheeky mood to spoil your vote! Be very CAREFUL!

In overseas countries,the practice is to ink the fingers after you have cast the ballot Рthis will prevent the ballot paper from being spoilt due to staining. However, over here the SPR is doing the opposite. We have strong reason to suspect that such practise has the intention to let voters spoil the ballot and to make the vote invalid.


Please also inform your family members about this tricky practice of the Election Commission to possibly invalidate your precious VOTE! It is our DUTY to make sure you encourage all eligible voters to cast their votes and make all VOTES Count instead of casting an invalid vote! Every vote counts.


BR1M = Bangla Rakyat 1Msia???

In this coming elections, I would like to call upon EVERY Malaysians to exercise your voting rights WISELY less we allow our country goes to the dogs IF we failed to be united and set the future course of our beloved country!

BN using Banglas to pump up the attendance!

Can you believe this picture below:

We LOVE PM!!!!

We LOVE PM!!!!

The background was in NO DOUBT that this picture was taken in Penang’s Han Chiang College where the 1Malaysia Welfare Club was organizing their Super ‘Charity’ Concert featuring many famous celebs from US and Hong Kong last 2 weeks.

Visitors claimed that there was a sea of 1Malaysia Blue during the concert and the organizers even claimed that the event was well received by MALAYSIANS as there were at least 80,000 people attended the concert! However, from this picture alone, we know that the sub-contractors of BN is not only lying through their teeth, they have been using foreigners to pump up the attendance in order to paint a false picture for their political master – Ah Jib-gor! No wonder when Psy came to Penang during the Chinese New Year, Ah Jib-gor was so ‘ILL-informed’ that he was slapped right left center after asking the infamous question “Are you ready for BN???”

Vote Wisely in this coming GE13!

We do not know what kind of ‘dirty tricks’ BN will employ when the election day come on 5th May 2013 but we have to be prepared to counter all of them. The ONLY way to counter all these tactics is to COME OUT on that fateful day to exercise your voting rights by casting your vote WISELY!

You may be the fence-sitters until now. But time and again we have proven to you all Malaysians that this is NOT the time to be sitting on the fence anymore! The time is NOW and it is important for all Malaysians to be UNITED to steer the direction of our country before it is too late!

Do you really want to live in our OWN country with so many foreigners around???  YOU can ignite the UBAH power in your own family or offices. Jom UBAH РIni Kali-lah!!!

Penang Pakatan’s Election Manifesto 2013

To counter fierce criticism of its housing policy, Penang Pakatan Rakyat today released a 12-point manifesto for the state, listing the building of 22,000 quality, affordable housing units in all the five districts of the state among its promises. Pakatan will also ensure that all districts have houses for the poor to rent and will establish a State Housing Board to ensure more effective management of housing.

generalelection13-03It also plans to get control over Penang Port and the island-mainland ferry service returned to the state government, as a counter to the BN pledge to return the free port status to Penang.

Communities to benefit from the manifesto will include women, youth, fisherfolk and taxi drivers, who would be given an annual incentive of RM600, the manifesto states. There also are plans to start zones for aquaculture in Seberang Perai Utara and Seberang Perai Selatan, abolish boat and fishing licences and to annually provide fishing nets free to inshore fishermen.

Undersea tunnel to go ahead

Putting aside severe criticisms from NGOs, Pakatan insists in its manifesto that it will carry out the RM6.3 billion traffic dispersal project by way of three highways and an undersea tunnel linking Gurney Drive on the island with Bagan Ajam in Butterworth.

To prove that it is not anti-Islam or was marginalising the Malays, as touted by Umno, the DAP-led government promises to emphasise the elevation of Islam and welfare state status.

It promises to appeal to the federal government to establish Malay heritage zones in the state, such as in Tanjung Tokong and Batu Uban. An Islamic hospital based on the wakaf concept, land for the building of surau and setting up Islamic cemeteries, land worth RM50 million for a syariah complex in George Town and RM10 million for the Seberang Perai Tengah syariah court complex are other pledges in this area.

Additional land for non-Muslim places of worship in new areas, according to needs, and assistance for the Hindu Endowment Board are among pledges for minority communities.

CAT policy to continue

To continue with its competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) policy, Pakatan says it will comprehensively implement the Freedom of Information Enactment and ban family members of elected representatives from doing business with the government.

The manifesto also outlines Pakatan’s plan to empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the state by building a RM40 million centre and a RM15 SME village.

Other highlights in the manifesto:

  • Emphasis on arts, culture and heritage and ensuring that Penang becomes cleaner, greener, healthier and safer;
  • Further developing the tourism sector, expanding on science and technology and improving infrastructure;
  • Setting up a global halal centre and a regional hub for the marketing and manufacturing supply chain in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle;
  • Creating a high technology green industrial park in Batu Kawan and expanding the micro-credit financial assistance scheme with an additional RM5 million;
  • Expanding the medical tourism sector and developing Balik Pulau and Batu Kawan as eco-heritage resorts;
  • Establishing five centres for creative learning programmes for remedial teaching in the fields of reading, writing, mathematics, science, Malay and English;
  • Developing a gender responsive policy to elevate the status of women and to eradicate discrimination against women;
  • Providing free mammograms as well as child care centres in every district;
  • Empowering the Hindu Endowment Board;
  • Increasing CCTV cameras and street lamps to maintain Penang as the safest state in Malaysia;
  • Retaining Balik Pulau as a green corridor;
  • Making Penang a bicycle state by providing 200km of bicycle lanes throughout the state; and
  • Returning the power to determine freehold land status to the state government.

The manifesto was read out by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in the presence of 1,000 people.

Accompanying him was state DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow, the party’s deputy P Ramasamy, senior leader Lim Kit Siang, state PKR chief Mansor Othman and election director Mustafa Kamal Mohd Yusoff.

During his speech, Kit Siang praised the manifesto, saying that it was a “success story” of the Pakatan government.

“Here’s a success story compared the failure story of (caretaker) Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s transformation for the past four years,” he said.

“That is why he was afraid of calling the general election and has delayed it. Malaysians have been on campaign mode for the last four years,‚ÄĚ he added.

“If he is afraid, how can he be PM? That is why Malaysians need Ubah (change).

REPOST: Penang Umno Arrogance & Ignorance

13th General Election is just round the corner! Don’t get me WRONG… I’m NOT trying to fan any racial sentiments here but this post was posted after the last GE Tsunami in 2008 and I think should serve a good REMINDER to us on what kind of leaders we will be VOTING in this coming General Election!

Even after suffering a heavy defeat in the last General Election, these BN goons still found it so blardy hard to change their spots! Indeed, they will not and cannot change. Read on my dear fans!!!

The Warlords RULE in Penang Umno!

Just now, just a few hours ago, our Man of the Week – Ahmed Ismael was out again to create another round of controversy! According to Malaysiakini, he has warned Chinese Malaysians (err… does that mean ALL Malaysian Chinese? Lame man term a Blue I/C holding Malaysian with yellow skin?) not to mimic American Jews who not only seek to control the country’s economy but also its political power. Wahhhh… It would be an honour for us to be ‘comparable’ to the world’s most intelligent nation – the Jews! LOL!

ahmad ismail umno bukit bendera penang pc take down koh tsu koon photo stunt 080908 02In an explosive 50-minute press conference, Ahmad who claimed time and again that he was not a racist, vowed that he would not apologise for his remarks which sparked the controversy.

The press conference, which was held at the Penang Umno headquarters this afternoon, ended with shouts of ‚ÄėHidup Melayu’ from about 50 local party leaders who were there.

The Weaklings in Parti GERAKAN.

Soon after the event, former Penang Umno committee member Zainol Abidin Hashim, with the help from his colleagues pulled down the photo of Gerakan acting president Dr Koh Tsu Koon which adorned one of the walls in the party headquarters.

Koh’s picture frame, which sat next to the photos of the Penang governor and his wife, was subsequently smashed. As the glass broke into pieces, Zainol removed Koh’s photo from the frame and tore it into half.

ahmad ismail umno bukit bendera penang pc take down koh tsu koon photo stunt 080908 sequence

I really wonder what our paper tiger Koh Tsu Khoon gonna do or react to this kind of ‘disgrace’ treatment from his fellow BN counterparts. Go try and tear any MB photo and I bet you’ll have the entire kampong people coming up against you no matter where you are. Will the people from Gerakan react by ‘besieging’ the umno building in Macalister Road tomorrow?

As if he has not been enough, Ahmed Ismail continued to fan the Fire of Racism by ‘warning’ that the minority Chinese not to go overboard in hurting the feelings of the Malays and Muslims.¬†Since when did the Chinese hurt the feelings of the Malays? Was it during 1957? or was it 1969? Please stop playing the same old blaming game by making the Chinos scapegoat! The one who REALLY hurts Malays and Muslim until today is non other than our Umnoputra¬†– people like you who has trampled your own rakyat for your own interest and pocket!

Penang UMNO continuous Arrogance & Ignorance.

“I want them to know, I want them to take this as a warning from the Malays. Malays and Muslims have been provoked many times. We have been patient because we want to maintain stability in the country,” he said.¬†Patience by you? My foot! It’s the rakyat who has been patience with you all and yes, our patience is wearing thin… But not towards each other, but only towards the elite umnoputras who has been plundering the nation for 50 years!

“Remember! The patience of Malays and Muslims has its limits. Do not push us to the wall, where we will be forced to reject the Chinese for the sake of our survival.¬†Mat… mat… sudahlah… please stop becoming batu api between Chinese and Malays. We’ve proven that we could live together harmoniously. We don’t need people like you to play the ‘Saviour of your race’. The people is capable of saving themselves – by voting you all into Opposition in our Penang State Assembly! LOL!!!

“If what I say sounds too strong for BN, take this as a warning from the Malays and Muslims as this has nothing to do with Umno. Do not pressure Umno leaders until they are caught in a dilemma.”¬†Who the hell are you to think you represent ALL Malays and Muslims? If this has nothing to do with umno, then why in the first place this press conference was held in umno HQ this afternoon? Funny and stupid right? Who is pressuring umno leaders? You? It’s definately not the rakyat as we’re surely powerless to put any pressure on these umnoputras. Perhaps you’re refering to Gerakan and MCA. Or maybe you’re talking about Anwar and his 916 plan. Indeed, you’re getting confused now… even in the middle of a press conference. LOL!

 Penang UMNO Warning to Penang GERAKAN? Laughable!!!

He then sounded a dire warning to Koh and Gerakan.
“I want Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan to take responsibility for whatever untoward incidents that could happen in this country of ours.”¬†This is the problem with umno leaders. You all love to play the blame game by pointing fingers on others. I still remember my Malay teacher taught me well. When you point a finger to others, the other 3 fingers point back at yourself. Even I dislike Koh Tsu Khoon alot, but how can you put ALL the blame on them for any untoward incidents happen in this country? What untoward incidents you mean? Be more specific lah! Are you trying to incite racial riots? or you are trying to chase away any potential investors from coming to our country? Plaese lah, all untoward incidents were started by umno themselves so stop shouting thief when the real thief is yourself.

Last but not least, Ahmad Ismail put forward his Big ‘ACE’ card by saying
“Let us not let it go to waste as the flames of anger among Malays and Muslims has reached new heights. Let us take embrace this anger and come together as Malays and Muslims throughout the land so that we can turn the voices of the Malays into one that will unite all Malays and Muslims into one single movement.”¬†In psychological term, this is call ‘grouping of guilts’¬†when you’re trying to get support from anyone that you thought shares the same values and views with you simply because you’re in the guilty party. I hope all our Malays and Muslim friends will reject this kind of guilt grouping call by this black sheep of the community and try to distance or thoroughtly disassociate yourself from participating in any illegal gatherings and demos which¬†might be organised by his side kick Street Demo King dato azhar in near future.

With this round of press conference by these umno pulau pinang idiots just now, I guess ahmed and co (the rest of 13 division heads who supported him previously) has managed to make themselves the biggest fool in Penang for the year 2008. Bravo Bravo Bravo!