Foreigners given IC to vote?

Dear ALL Malaysians,

Brave yourself against waves after waves of BN dirty tricks in this coming 13th General Election on 5th May 2013! Now, BN has taken the word ‘Dirty Election’ to newer heights when it was alleged that more than 100,000 foreign nationals were given Malaysian National Identity Card to allow them to vote!

Come out to VOTE Early! 


GeneralElection13-banglavoters01Voters are advised to come out to cast your vote as early as possible in order to ensure that you will be able to fulfill your obligation as a citizen of Malaysia! 

There are also reports that foreigners (like this one above) will be blended by the evil feds to create commotion among the voters as the ‘pemerhati’ or elections monitoring group will try to stop them from casting their votes. DO NOT fall into their trap even when you can 100% sure that these are phantom voters! They will try to delay the election process so that other legitimate voters will not get to vote in time! 

What TO DO when you detect a Phantom voter?

In the case that you see any foreigners voting in your polling stations, you are free to SMS the TAHAN Squad hotline @ 0165059065. They will know what to do next. Kindly use the number for SMS purpose only to avoid clogging and also will assist the TAHAN Squad to better co-ordinate among themselves on the ground.

Happy Voting my fellow Malaysians!!!


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