Mr. Paul prediction for World Cup final

Spain is my choice!

If everything goes by the law of nature, then Spain will be looking forward to ‘paste’ a STAR on their jersey after this Sunday’s finale of World Cup 2010 in South Africa. As the popularity of Mr. Paul soared after he correctly ‘predicts’ all the matches of Germany, the Octopus has again sided with the Spaniards for the final match of the World Cup 2010.

Reports have it that many German fans were unhappy with Paul’s decision to plump for Spain and fearing a backlash, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero has joked he will offer state protection to Paul.

Zapatero said: “I am concerned for the octopus … I am thinking of sending him a protective team.”

Spanish environment and fisheries minister Elena Espinosa added: “On Monday, I shall be at the European Council of Ministers and I shall be asking for a [fishing] ban on Paul the octopus so the Germans do not eat him.”

Dubbed the ‘Psychic’ Octopus, Mr. Paul will definitely be making history in modern World Cup if he got the correct prediction! Anyway, just cross your finger and watch the game on this coming Sunday night… I’m pretty sure the whole world will ‘stop’ for 90 minutes as the match is underway. Game on folks…


What will the Germans do to ‘Mr.Paul’?

Please don't eat me...

After having sided with the Germans for almost the entire tournament, Mr. Paul suddenly changed his allegience to side with the Spaniards whent it comes to the last 4 in this World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

As such, after having “correctly” guessed the winner for each matches, Mr. Paul has got it right again this time when Spain beat Germany by 1-0 and broke the hearts of many German ardent fans. As the result, I think those restaurants in Germany which serve Octopus will be in for good business as the Germans will take out on the Octopus for ‘revenge’. I will not be surprised if there are reports later who claimed that restaurants in Germany has run out of Octopus stock due to a sudden surge in demand for the delicacy!

Even DJs on radio this morning has been discussing how they are going to ‘fix’ up Mr. Paul in the kitchen… LoL… it was so funny. Some listeners called in and suggested Deep Fried with flour while others proposed the “Korean” style of eating the legs while the Octopus is still alive! Some even suggested on Japanese style of ‘Shashimi’ where they cut the octopus into slices (just like inside the pic).

 Anyway, I think Mr. Paul has placed himself exclusively in the history of World Cup and I think the entire world will be anticipating on who will Mr. Paul choose in this coming finale of World Cup in South Africa. Mr. Paul will definitely cement himself in the history if he got it right. What IF he got wrong? …. go figure la… LoL…. 😀

Hand-shaking Man???

Nominated for "Joker" of the Week

The anugerah of Mr. Handshake must have gone to our BeEnd’s candidate for Hulu Selangor Mr. Kamalanathan!

Why, you may ask… Here’s why…

1. Excerpt from Malaysiakini: ” Look, I don’t want to worry about that. I’ve got to meet 60,000 people within seven days. That is my biggest task and the most important task. It’s not easy, my dear friend. Let me concentrate on that.” – Kamalanathan, BN candidate for Hulu Selangor.

These are the very words that came out from Kamalanathan yesterday when interviewed by Malaysiakini press experts. When cornered by the press regarding what he thought about the attempts by his other “brother-in-arm” -umno to attack the personal characters of Zaid Ibrahim, the BeEnd candidate seemed to be ‘out of control’ and blurred out some irrelevent things instead of agreeing or rejecting such dirty tactics by umno.

I am pretty sure that Mr. Kamala was definately ‘shaking’ in his hand when he found himself in this pit of journalism trap yesterday. To blurt out such an answer would tantamount to the fact that Anwar Ibrahim was correct all these while. That the candidate chosen by umno to contest here in Hulu Selangor was nothing but a weakling. Umno wanted a weak guy to contest so that he will be a ‘yes-man’ to umno instead of Samy Buloo. Perhaps Palanivel was deemed to be too ‘strong-willed’ and too loyal to his master. Thus his ‘attributes’ have cost him a place in this by-elections.

Meanwhile, Lim Kit Siang has just twitted “Kamalanathan’s only job -2meet 60k ppl in 7 days, for what? BN Man is just hand-shaking machine!” Indeed LKS was right… How in the world could Kamalanathan claimed that he did not know what other BN people were doing while his MOST important job at this moment is to ‘meet’ 60,000 people in 7 days! Yet he still has the guts to say that it is not easy and he needs to concerntrate on it! What a JOKE of the week! Hahahaha….

I really hope that our Hulu Selangor folks will be wise enough NOT to have this clown in our Parliament. Heaven knows what kind of JOKES he will bring into the August House in the future IF he is to be elected…

What happens when a fly falls into a coffee cup???

The Italian – throws the cup and walks away in a fit of rage.

The Frenchmen – takes out the fly, and drinks the coffee.

The Chinese – eats the fly and throws away the coffee.

The Russian – drinks the coffee with the fly, since it was extra with no charge.

The Israeli – sells the coffee to the Frenchman, the fly to the Chinese, buys himself a new cup of coffee and uses the extra money to invent a device that prevents flies from falling into coffee.

The Palestinian – blames the Israeli for the fly falling in his coffee, protests the act of aggression to the UN, takes a loan from the European Union to buy a new cup of coffee, uses the money to purchase explosives and then blows up the coffee house where the Italian, the Frenchman, the Chinese, and the Russian are all trying to explain to the Israeli that he should give away his cup of coffee to the Palestinian.

The Malaysian – Bombs the fly with powerful C4. Use the ISA, OSA , MACC , controlled newspapers & TV stations , PDRM, judiciary, Umno, immigration, military and bodyguards to do the cleaning up. If the fly survives, recruit the bloody fly into Umno camp to do money politics, corruption, sodomy ,nude pictures and sex DVDs of opponents !!!

* Hope you get a good laugh out of it. LOL 😀

Di Sini Tiada Emas 300kg

Pada satu masa dahulu, ada seorang budak kampung yang bernama Ah Jib. Ah Jib adalah seorang budak yang rajin bekerja dan berjimat cermat. Oleh itu, Ah Jib telah berjaya mengumpul sejumlah emas yang banyak atas segala kerja dan amalan jimat cermatnya.

Oleh kerana Ah Jib bimbang akan keselamatan emasnya yang disimpan di dalam rumahnya itu, dia telah menghadapi masalah sukar tidur kerana terlalu bimbang suatu hari nanti, pencuri akan mencuri segala emas yang dikumpulnya it.

Akhirnya, Ah Jib telah mendapat satu idea yang baik bagi tempat penyimpanan emasnya. Dia telah membuat keputusan untuk menyembunyikan emasnya itu di dalam tanah dekat pokok jambu yang bersebelahan rumahnya. Oleh itu, Ah Jib pun segera mengorek satu lubang dan menyembunyikan semua emas yang berat 300kg di dalam lubang itu.

Setelah Ah Jib menanam semua emasnya di dalam lubang itu, akhirnya dia berasa amat lega kerana tidak lagi perlu bimbang pencuri akan mencuri emasnya. Ah Jib pun terus memanjat ke atas katil untuk tidur lena. Akan tetapi, dia terus tidak dapat lena kerana masih bimbang kemungkinan sesiapa akan mengetahui rahsia lubang tersebut.

Emas sebanyak 300kg tu memang banyak dan bahaya jika ditinggalkan begitu sahaja tanpa kawalan. Kebimbangan Ah Jib semakin bertambah.

“Apa yang harus saya buat ni….??? Kenape saya masih bimbang??? Kenape saya masih tidak dapat lena???”

Akhirnya Ah Jib mendapat satu idea yang dia pasti adalah paling BAGUS. Ah Jib segera menuju ke tempat lubang penyembunyian itu dan memakukan satu papan tanda pada pokok jambu itu. Papan tanda tersebut mempunyai perkataan-perkataan berikut: Di Sini Tidak Ada Emas 300kg!

In its Breaking News, the Malaysiakini reports today @ 7:30PM that for the whole 50 minutes of his first press conference today, political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda maintained repeatedly that the Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife were not involved in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case.

Hmmmm… What a coincidence with my story above… Go figure… LOL!!! Perhaps our friend here can also shed some lights upon the disappearance of Private Investigator Bala. Maybe he can come out with a pic of PI Bala sunbathing somewhere on a beach in a ‘secret’ location.

This case has tooooooooooo MUCH question marks. Your courageous defence of our dear old Najib will only strengthens public perception of what people are thinking right now.

Songs Dedication

First of all, the Wiz would like to dedicate this wonderful song to our Malaysian gabermen which is so incompetant and constantly out of idea so much so that they resorted to many dirty tactics including applying ISA on innocent Malaysians in order to ‘divert’ their internal problems from the public eyes.

So if you are the gabermen, this song is specially for you to remind you that the rakyat will not sit and turn a blind eye to what you have done or to what you’re going to do. So, here you are, “We Will Rock You” by the Queens!


For these few days, our Malaysian rakyat was ‘stuffed’ with lots of bullsh*t by our HM. So to our dearest Said Honey Akbar, I got nothing but utter disgust at each of your appearance – regardless on terebision or press conference. You have been insulting our intelligence for far too long and thus, I truly feel that the time when you said it best is when you say NOTHING at all

So only to YOU alone, let the Wiz dedicate this wonderful song to you before you continue to put the name of our entire nation to further shame.

I hope everyone in Malaysia would ‘enjoy’ these songs together with the related parties. LOL…