Get rewarded when you surf the Net

Smart Media in MalaysiaHmmm… this sounds too good to be true eh? However, the Wiz was introduced to a new system that has just recently hit our shore where internet users will get ‘rewarded’ as they surf the internet on daily basis. You would have thought, “you must be kidding, right?”

Smart Media’s HOME PAGE PAYS!

Well, a new company call ‘Smart Media’ (SM) has recently hit the shore of Malaysia where they promised to ‘REWARD’ internet surfers with lots of prizes and CASH! Yes, cold hard CA$H plus prizes are offered on daily, weekly and monthly basis for all internet users who surf through their site of Home Page Pays! It seems that upon visiting the site, internet users can register for ‘FREE’ membership to enjoy a whole load of freebies such as tutorial videos, tips and news portals – all within just a click away with your mouse!

Isn’t that GREAT?!! I mean you don’t get FREE stuffs these days without any gimmicks but with the Home Page Pays system, FREE members will get to enjoy these freebies without really need to pay anything from their pockets. All they got to do is to register themselves a FREE Membership in Home Page Pays from a ‘sponsor’ and that’s it, you are on your way for Freebies!

SMART Points from Home Page Pays.

On top of these freebies, internet users will also be earning ‘Smart Points‘ from this Home Page Pays system every time they use any of the applications available there. What’s best is all these applications are our daily necessity such Google, WordPress and Youtube. Which means, internet users will be ‘rewarded’ with these ‘Smart Points‘ whenever you open a page to access your usual Google news, CNN, WordPress blogs and Youtube videos! It will be just as simple as that…

After accumulating these ‘Smart Points’, there will countless of prizes and stuffs which you can redeem from the Home Page Pays. So, not only you’ll get something of values Free of Charge through the Home Page Pays, you’ll be further rewarded when you have enough ‘Smart Points‘ to redeem for more goodies. Isn’t that GREAT??!!!

Getting PAID more!

If you think this is all you can get from Smart Media’s Home Page Pays, then you’ll be sorely wrong! Your rewards might stop here if you happen to be a FREE member. However, you’ll get to explore for MORE if you decide to be PAID member.

Being a PAID member will bring a whole lot of different perspective and it definitely will be far MORE rewarding than being just an ordinary FREE member. There are different categories of PAID members and usually, you can slowly upgrade your categories as you grow your business and group of referrals. Of course, the higher you go, the more you’ll earn provided your pool of FREE and PAID users continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

It’s kind of sound like an ‘online-MLM’ scheme here but I think the difference here is they are offering Freebies and not really trying to sell anyone anything at all! The reason why Home Page Pays able to pay or reward users is because they generate a whole lot of revenue from advertising and they are returning almost up to 75% of these revenues back to the internet users like you and me. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

So for those of you out there who really love some bargain hunting and free stuffs, why not drop a visit to Smart Media’s Home Page Pays and take a real look for yourself by being a FREE member. If you really think it is really THAT good, then only decide whether or not to further explore the possibility of upgrading your rewards from them…

After all, who doesn’t like to get FREE stuffs eh? Hehehe… 🙂

P.S. anyway, the Wiz has joined and hopeful to get some freebies soon… Let’s see how it goes… 


Homestay in Penang

Nowadays tourism is taking a new twist in the industry. Long gone were the days where people were able to be ‘spend-free’ whenever they go travelling. As the result, we can see the budget airlines are laughing their ways to the bank while the conventional types are suffering losses after losses. Even the ‘taikor’ of the aviation industry – the Singapore Airlines were not spared.

Equaling the hotel's standard?

As people go ‘BUDGET’ in their travels these days, a new concept of ‘Homestay’ is mushrooming all around the world and Penang, being one of the best locations for travelers in the world, is not spared from it as well. What is Homestay actually? I am not too sure about it but after googling it on the internet, I found this:

“Homestay is a form of tourism and/or study abroad program that allows the visitor to rent a room from a local family to better learn the local lifestyle as well as improve their language ability.”

Anyway, I think the local operators of Homestay in Penang has a slightly different idea where they will rent the entire apartment or house to the guest(s) for a period of time for a sum of money and this “Homestay Fee” is normally much much lower than a normal hotel rates would charge. In another words, it means you’ll get a 3-room stay for a relatively cheaper rates if compared to you checking into a 4-star hotel! Splendid, isn’t it?

5 Star Homestay...

But of course, we have to bear in mind that if you pay peanuts, you’ll get peanuts as well. Therefore, the expectations of quality in what you gonna get in “Homestay” will definitely lower than the ones you’ll get in a hotel. There maybe no ‘housekeeping’ tidying up your bed on daily basis, no Internet or Wi-fi facilities and et cetera.  But with the change of travelers’ mindset these days, who cares anyway? Hehehe…

However, there are quite a number of high quality ‘Homestay’ available in Penang as well. Just check out these photos being posted here and you’ll find that for a little bit of extra payment, you may end up in some of the most polished condos situated in Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi tourist stretch on this island.

While the prime hotels in Penang island are still enjoying high occupancy rate especially during peak season such as festivals and school holidays, I am pretty sure more and more people are going ‘Homestay’ and who knows, it might be the new backbone of tourism for the future! Anyway, I don’t think it will pose a serious threat to the local hotel industry yet. There are still many people who will still prefer the luxuries being offered by the hotels.

Come with a complete kitchen as well!

Hmmm… seems good and sounds nice? Want a taste of Homestay the next time you visit Penang? Don’t worry… just log into this website for more information on Homestay or Apartment Stay in Penang. Perhaps you can tell the operator you are being recommended by new dawn for penang and who knows, you might some discount! lol… 😀

How much you spend on household items in a month??

Have you ever ponder this question, “Just exactly HOW MUCH you spent on household items in a month?”

Every household is in need of these...

For “macho” man like me (hehe), this question have NEVER pop up in my mind as I have always been thinking ‘what the heck, as long as I made more than I spend, it would not be a matter to me how much I spent on my monthly household items, isn’t it?’

I mean how many times we would peep into the long list of receipts which we spent in hypermarkets such as Tesco or Giant. Will we be ‘preserving’ those receipts as if to keep a record of what we bought in a month? The answer will be a simple NO to most of us, wouldn’t it? But if we are to make a serious calculations, you’ll be surprise to find that the figure will be quite ‘astronomical’… Don’t quite believe me? Just go and check back the receipts of the hypermarkets which you always patronized.

The reason I’m talking about this issue is because we have ALWAYS refused to keep track how much we would have spent on our household items so much so that this habit has caused wastage in our lives and our pockets. If we are careful enough and make sure or keep track of our spending, then we’ll be in much better shape of our monthly finances as well as having better control of our lives. Furthermore, IF we strive to improve our lives by limiting such wastages, you’ll be surprised how much you will ‘earn’ through all these petty savings from our household expenses.

After learning through how much money ‘$$$’ you could have save through some better management, WHAT IF I suggest you could earn some money by using these daily household products? Impossible?? C’est possible my friend.

Essentials which your house must not missed!

Would you be interested if I am to tell you there is a Mega Online store where it allows you these:

1. Discounts on goods purchased.
2. Earn points on every single Ringgit you spent.
3. Guaranteed Home Delivery Free of Charge!
4. Earn Referral Fee when your friends purchase from the same store.
5. Earn Commission when you sell the products to your friends who are yet to be members.
6. Guaranteed of High Quality products by well renowned Multi National Corporation.

Welcome to a new world of consumerism where we are entering a new era called “PROSUMER” – a term relating to consumers buying DIRECTLY from the producer or factory, thus eliminating the additional costs incurred by the layers of middlemen. Not only that, Prosumers will be ensured of high quality products as the packaging and quality were assured by the producer themselves. As such, Prosumers will be able to enjoy a lower price for a product of exceptional quality!

Sounds interesting? Interested to know more about this wonderful arrangements? Just send me an email – and I’ll be more than happy to share with you all…

Let’s remain Focused & Calm

Church Arson in KL : Black Friday for all Malaysians

First was cow head protest, then the issue of the use of Allah by Herald and now church arson in KL. UMNO people has ALWAYS been good in playing racial and religious cards in their quest to ensure that power will remain in their hands for a very long time to come. Thus one after another, distractions are being created to blur and confuse the minds of the masses.

Too many things needed to be ‘hidden’ up by our current government. PKFZ, Scorpene Submarine deal, MACC & Teoh Beng Hock, missing jet engines is one just the tip of the iceberg. Judging from these ‘big’ cases, I’m sure there are uncountable smaller (less than RM1billion) corruption deals could have escaped unnoticed by the public.

That is why even during times of economic difficulties, our government is unable to reduce the ‘rakyat’s burden’ by reducing our personal income tax. Instead, they introduce the so-call Good Service Tax (GST). The government claimed that the GST will enrich the country without affecting the people. Till today, I was still unable to come out with an answer to explain such a calculation that 1-1=2. At the end of the day, the end user or we call the plain rakyat on the street will be forced to bear any increase of goods & services prices!

Our country is getting poorer by the seconds! How you may ask… but just look at the speed they cut this subsidy and that subsidy, you’ll know that we are actually in deep sh*t! The government way of saying Happy New Year 2010 to the people is by slashing sugar & white bread subsidy. Then come this Chinese New Year, the government MIGHT wish all rakyat Malaysia Happy Chinese New Year with a slap of RM0.30 increase of petrol for those big cars users. Come on… these rich people are not sinners! You just can’t make them pay for whatever mismanagement committed by YOU idiots in Putrajaya! Big cars users already have to pay exhorbitant road tax and now they have to pay more for petrol. Is this what you call “rakyat diutamakan’?? Perhaps you should rephrase it – poket rakyat diutamakan. What a joke!!

Teoh Beng Hock’s hearing will continue this month and we will see what kind of new ‘sandiwara’ will be served by our MACC & Co (the police and the government). The whole episode is a big big JOKE but it seems that our power holders will continue to twist and turn in order to remain defiant of the fact that they are RESPONSIBLE for the death of an innocent young guy.

So back to our lastest news of church arson… Let us WAIT & SEE how efficient our Polis Raja di Malaysia will act to catch the arsonist(s) and bring these people to justice. Even though I’d LOVE to give these Men in Blue the benefit of doubt and hope the culprit will be brought to face the music, I won’t be surprised to see these suspect(s) will appear in court with their FULL FACE covered… Hahahaha…

Last but not least, Happy New Year 2010 to all Malaysians that I love…

Business Process Outsourcing hubs for Penang

komtarpg02Congratulations to Penang for once again raise herself ‘head and shoulder’ above all other states in Malaysia. According to Taikor blogger Jeff Ooi, KPMG – one of the world renowned financial management companies has reported that has Penang has been listed as one of the leading destinations for worldwide Business Process Outsourcing in IT sector.

Among the cities around the world that is being shortlisted for their ability to sustain growth and talent are as follow:

  • 10 locations in the Americas (Buenos Aires, Campinas, Curitiba, Calgary, Winnipeg, Santiago, Guadalajara, Queretaro, Boise, Indianapolis);
  • 10 in Asia-Pacific (Brisbane, Changsha, Hangzhou, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Nagpur, Penang, Davao City, Iloilo City, Ho Chi Minh City); and
  • 11 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Sofia, Zagreb, Cairo, Port Louis, Belfast, Gdansk, Cluj-Napoca, Rostov-on-Don, Belgrade, Tunis and Lviv).
  • It seems that the world’s economic crisis is not that bad after all for us in Penang. It has triggered a lot of companies, BIG companies, to start outsource their Information Technology operations to ensure their operations would not be adversely affected while they tighten their purse.

    It would be beyond our wildest imagination that such a tiny island Penang would be shortlisted amongst those big big and famous cities such as Brisbane, Hangzhou and Ho Chi Minh. This only shows that our Penang has the manpower and talent to be outsourced and such listing would only bring more investors and foreign partners to come here and experience the capability of the Penangites. Let us prove to them that we are equally competant in terms of skilled workers as well.

    I am indeed very proud to be a Penangites these days. We’re definately getting all sort of good attention from the world. We are going the right way in TRULY making Penang an International City.

    Career Talk : Work from Home Now!

    The economy is getting pretty bad. Factories are closing down. Recession looms and it looks like there’s no way out but to get a VSS or retrenchment letter from your boss. You’re so damned worried. Who’s gonna pay for the housing and car loan? Your children are still schooling. You need to put food on the table. You need money to survive….

    “POOF!!!” Wow… it was just a nightmare… Luckily currently you still have a job and able to put food on the table. But don’t you think you want to have another alternative to give you more leeway and flexibility should the worst become reality? Let’s be frank here, who wouldn’t want to have another ‘passive’ income to supplement the current active income which you’re earning now. Eventually, when this passive income works for you, you might end up working from Home Sweet Home after all…

    So I’ll go STRAIGHT to the point. I’m introducing AMWAY as the ‘alternative passive’ income which EVERYONE of us is able to tap. You might want to scroll straight away from this page or ‘click’ the BACK button, but why not give me some time to explain how YOU can have a part in earning this passive income.

    Even though we can’t simply escape from being labelled as ‘direct-selling’ or MLM scheme in AMWAY, what I’m going to introduce here is something call ‘Networking Marketing’.

    You may ask “what’s the difference?” and I’m going to tell you there is NO difference whatsoever. The ONLY difference is the perspective which we look into THIS business. The way and the attitude we take to embark on THIS business will be the difference on how we run THIS business.

    IF you’re really curious to know the different ways we run THIS business and have a slight hunch or kick DEEP inside your heart to simply WANT to know, just take some minutes of your life and send an email to me at I shall be happy to share a little bit of my perspective and some of my ideas on the different ways of running THIS business.

    Come on… you never know whether it will bring a CHANGE in your life! 🙂

    About Obama Stimulus Package

    Many people would think what in the world can Penang or Malaysia has got anything to do with the so-call “Stimulus Package” which the new President of the United States has fought so long to get it approved.

    At las…. it has been approved and many people – and I really mean MANY people – have heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing this good news. Since our Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu has opened up our Southern frontier to make it the Silicon Valley of South East Asia, Penang has been in the fore-runner in the manufacturing and electronics sector. Powered by our skilled workers who work round the clock, Penang has projected itself as one of the favourites location for investors to come and dump their money here.

    Even with the emergence of China as a new market for investors, Penang still held out due to our ability to offer attractive schemes, investors-friendly governing as well as honest and hardworking skilled workforce.

    However, Penang was not able to ‘escape’ or ‘avoid’ from the current WORLD economic crisis that hit the US, Europe and the rest of the world. Even though our gabermen in KL still in their denial state, we got to come to our senses everyone is going through a tough time.

    Just yesterday, The Star was reporting that our neighbouring country Singapore is feeling the pinch of this economic crisis when most of their overseas investments suffered tragically. Temasek Holding has seen a drop in their coffers as much as 30% and people are still digging whether their hard-earned federal reserves would be suffering the same fate. Just imagine it! A drop of 30% in your savings and we’re talking about BILLIONS here!

    If the UN-employment rate in Penang continues to drop, then things certainly don’t look too good now. Consumers confidence is still at its all time LOW as not many people is willing to part with their money unless it’s necessary. Do you hear much firecrackers during the last Chinese New Year. Not in Penang this time. Penang was unprecendentedly QUIET! 

    With President Obama huffed and puffed to get this stimulus package approved by the Congress, we can at least see some tiny ‘speck of light’ at the end of the tuneel. However, some money experts in US predicted that they can only see some positives in the US come next year which is 2010 – some 10 months more to go. Are we able to hold on more another 3 months, not to mention 10? This is really the time when we just got to tighten our belt and try all options to survive!