Himpunan Harapan Rakyat : The Galleria


Congratulations to ALL Penangites from all races as EVERYBODY converged to Han Chiang College ground to make HISTORY as the BIGGEST Political rally took place where more than 70,000 (or Kwang Wah Press reported 100,000) brave the heavy downpour to listen to the speeches of Pakatan candidates in PENANG!

For those who missed such great and wonderful moments, just take a few seconds to witness with us these great historic events through the lenses of those who have attended! We are waiting for YOU ALL to come onboard with us this coming 3rd and 4th of May 2013!!!





I was there! Though the crowd was pre-dominant Chinese, there are countless of Indians and Malays countrymen who were also there to share our same passion for a clean and just government. What’s most precious among this crowd of multi-ethic was everyone was there on their own will.

Caretaker CM Lim Guan Eng was spot on again in his speech. There is NO Free food, NO Free drinks, NO Free lucky draw prizes. The only things they got FREE on that night was FREE rain! But even though it rained cats and dogs (some said was the work of ‘bomoh team’ by Sarawak ‘jail-going’ CM Pekmoh ‘white hair’), the crowd just refused to be distracted and stood by Pakatan’s leaders to listen to their ceramah.

We DO NOT alter the pics as what was done by BN cybertroopers!

We DO NOT alter the pics as what was done by BN cybertroopers!

The crowd got even more motivated when the ‘evergreen’ Lim Kit Siang took the center stage to relay his stories about the on-going tsunami hitting the southern part of Malaysia where he is leading the Pakatan Rakyat’s onslaught on BN’s bastion- JOHOR!

Just take a look at this picture taken during a ceramah in Gelang Patah yesterday and you’ll sense that CHANGE IS REALLY IMMINENT when the once sleepy Parliamentary constituency suddenly find itself becoming the center spot of national politics when Kit Siang decided to sacrifice himself and initiate Pakatan’s attack.

GeneralElection13-hanchiang03Flanked by DAP strategists Liew Chin Tong and Teoh Nie Ching, Johor found itself NO LONGER the backwater of Malaysian politics as the southerners began to re-assert their share of participation in determining the future of the nation once again. Ghani Othman & co (inclusive of Mooooohidin) seems to be in disarray and panic situation where it prompted our ‘caretaker’ DPM Mooohidin to declare in national newspaper reminding Malaysians that losing Johor will be catastrophic for Malaysian collectively.

With Johorean joining the fray, this time UBAH will NO LONGER be a DREAM! UBAH can and will be a reality for all Malaysians who seek a just, fair and safe country so that our next next generations can live in peace with everyone from different race!

UBAH – Now it’s the TIME! Ini Kali-lah!!!


GE13: Indelible Ink & Casting Your Vote Correctly

This year, the Election Commission will be using a type of ‘INDELIBLE’ INK to mark your finger in order NOT to allow anyone who has voted to vote for a 2nd time! However, we have found some ‘discrepancies’ in this usually good practice that might ‘back-fire’ on us who DEMANDED for Free and Clean Elections!

Tricks to SPOIL your Vote!

Different from the practices of all other worldwide countries, this time round, the blardy SPR or Election Commission has decided to MARK your finger after you are given the ballot paper instead of MARKING you after you have cast your vote! Therefore lease read the information below carefully so that you do not spoil your vote.

This year the SPR is using the indelible ink to mark your fingers – so MAKE SURE the ink is DRY before you collect your ballot papers. This is to prevent the ink from staining the ballot paper and which will make your ballot invalid.

Somebody is on a Cheeky mood to spoil your vote! Be very CAREFUL!

Somebody is on a Cheeky mood to spoil your vote! Be very CAREFUL!

In overseas countries,the practice is to ink the fingers after you have cast the ballot – this will prevent the ballot paper from being spoilt due to staining. However, over here the SPR is doing the opposite. We have strong reason to suspect that such practise has the intention to let voters spoil the ballot and to make the vote invalid.


Please also inform your family members about this tricky practice of the Election Commission to possibly invalidate your precious VOTE! It is our DUTY to make sure you encourage all eligible voters to cast their votes and make all VOTES Count instead of casting an invalid vote! Every vote counts.


Kuantan, what are you waiting for?

Dear people of Kuantan,

Please forgive me if you think I’m too busybody/kepo-chi.

Lynas Rare earth Ore arrived amid heavy police escort in Kuantan

Why need such a heavy police escort? Kuantan has high crime rate??

But the entire situation has changed… The goodies have already been brought ashore. Under heavy escort they were brought into the ‘extracting’ plants in Gebeng. Not one, not two. There were one hundred & two of them. 102 heavy crates of pure ‘Rare Earth ore’ to be processed before the precious metal is found. Only God knows how much chemicals will be needed to process them all. The thoughts of ‘waste-mishandling’ and ‘leakages’ would have sent chills down my already painful spine. What about you people who live nearby?

What are you actually waiting for? Another Chernobyl-like disaster? Or maybe some ‘kick-backs’ from Najib administration for putting you and your loved ones at risk? Are you waiting for living zombies to prove that indeed, rare earth processing is highly dangerous to health??

With so many uncountable cover-ups, you still could place your trust on this un-trustworthy Putrajaya administration? Are you saying that you believe what the so-call leaders telling you about Lynas? Or perhaps the ‘kangaroo’ court’s favorable ruling has managed to convince you that Lynas brings no harm??

O fellow citizens in Kuantan, please DO NOT wait any longer. Stand Up and be counted! 20,000 people in KL today has made their feelings known to the Federal government that they DO NOT want Lynas to operate within our borders. But what about you people who live for generations in your beloved hometown in Kuantan? What have you done??

Malaysians come together from all walks of life to support anti-Lynas campaign.

I believe it is TIME for Kuantanese to speak up. As I mentioned before, the dangerous materials have arrived. Silence no longer is an option. Kuantan people should have the courage to show whether you are FOR or AGAINST the plant to be operating at your doorsteps. The situation has now demand the locals in Kuantan to act and any failure to do so will send a stronger endorsement to Najib that Malaysian lives are ‘cheaper’ than those living in Australia.

For the sake of our beloved little ones, please DO NOT wait any longer…

PS. If you think I’m talking crap here, pls click the link for more info… 

Click on my Tweeter ‘tweets‘ to see for yourself the Himpunan Hijau 300Km march into the capital Kuala Lumpur. 

Get rewarded when you surf the Net

Smart Media in MalaysiaHmmm… this sounds too good to be true eh? However, the Wiz was introduced to a new system that has just recently hit our shore where internet users will get ‘rewarded’ as they surf the internet on daily basis. You would have thought, “you must be kidding, right?”

Smart Media’s HOME PAGE PAYS!

Well, a new company call ‘Smart Media’ (SM) has recently hit the shore of Malaysia where they promised to ‘REWARD’ internet surfers with lots of prizes and CASH! Yes, cold hard CA$H plus prizes are offered on daily, weekly and monthly basis for all internet users who surf through their site of Home Page Pays! It seems that upon visiting the site, internet users can register for ‘FREE’ membership to enjoy a whole load of freebies such as tutorial videos, tips and news portals – all within just a click away with your mouse!

Isn’t that GREAT?!! I mean you don’t get FREE stuffs these days without any gimmicks but with the Home Page Pays system, FREE members will get to enjoy these freebies without really need to pay anything from their pockets. All they got to do is to register themselves a FREE Membership in Home Page Pays from a ‘sponsor’ and that’s it, you are on your way for Freebies!

SMART Points from Home Page Pays.

On top of these freebies, internet users will also be earning ‘Smart Points‘ from this Home Page Pays system every time they use any of the applications available there. What’s best is all these applications are our daily necessity such Google, WordPress and Youtube. Which means, internet users will be ‘rewarded’ with these ‘Smart Points‘ whenever you open a page to access your usual Google news, CNN, WordPress blogs and Youtube videos! It will be just as simple as that…

After accumulating these ‘Smart Points’, there will countless of prizes and stuffs which you can redeem from the Home Page Pays. So, not only you’ll get something of values Free of Charge through the Home Page Pays, you’ll be further rewarded when you have enough ‘Smart Points‘ to redeem for more goodies. Isn’t that GREAT??!!!

Getting PAID more!

If you think this is all you can get from Smart Media’s Home Page Pays, then you’ll be sorely wrong! Your rewards might stop here if you happen to be a FREE member. However, you’ll get to explore for MORE if you decide to be PAID member.

Being a PAID member will bring a whole lot of different perspective and it definitely will be far MORE rewarding than being just an ordinary FREE member. There are different categories of PAID members and usually, you can slowly upgrade your categories as you grow your business and group of referrals. Of course, the higher you go, the more you’ll earn provided your pool of FREE and PAID users continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

It’s kind of sound like an ‘online-MLM’ scheme here but I think the difference here is they are offering Freebies and not really trying to sell anyone anything at all! The reason why Home Page Pays able to pay or reward users is because they generate a whole lot of revenue from advertising and they are returning almost up to 75% of these revenues back to the internet users like you and me. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

So for those of you out there who really love some bargain hunting and free stuffs, why not drop a visit to Smart Media’s Home Page Pays and take a real look for yourself by being a FREE member. If you really think it is really THAT good, then only decide whether or not to further explore the possibility of upgrading your rewards from them…

After all, who doesn’t like to get FREE stuffs eh? Hehehe… 🙂

P.S. anyway, the Wiz has joined and hopeful to get some freebies soon… Let’s see how it goes… 

How much you spend on household items in a month??

Have you ever ponder this question, “Just exactly HOW MUCH you spent on household items in a month?”

Every household is in need of these...

For “macho” man like me (hehe), this question have NEVER pop up in my mind as I have always been thinking ‘what the heck, as long as I made more than I spend, it would not be a matter to me how much I spent on my monthly household items, isn’t it?’

I mean how many times we would peep into the long list of receipts which we spent in hypermarkets such as Tesco or Giant. Will we be ‘preserving’ those receipts as if to keep a record of what we bought in a month? The answer will be a simple NO to most of us, wouldn’t it? But if we are to make a serious calculations, you’ll be surprise to find that the figure will be quite ‘astronomical’… Don’t quite believe me? Just go and check back the receipts of the hypermarkets which you always patronized.

The reason I’m talking about this issue is because we have ALWAYS refused to keep track how much we would have spent on our household items so much so that this habit has caused wastage in our lives and our pockets. If we are careful enough and make sure or keep track of our spending, then we’ll be in much better shape of our monthly finances as well as having better control of our lives. Furthermore, IF we strive to improve our lives by limiting such wastages, you’ll be surprised how much you will ‘earn’ through all these petty savings from our household expenses.

After learning through how much money ‘$$$’ you could have save through some better management, WHAT IF I suggest you could earn some money by using these daily household products? Impossible?? C’est possible my friend.

Essentials which your house must not missed!

Would you be interested if I am to tell you there is a Mega Online store where it allows you these:

1. Discounts on goods purchased.
2. Earn points on every single Ringgit you spent.
3. Guaranteed Home Delivery Free of Charge!
4. Earn Referral Fee when your friends purchase from the same store.
5. Earn Commission when you sell the products to your friends who are yet to be members.
6. Guaranteed of High Quality products by well renowned Multi National Corporation.

Welcome to a new world of consumerism where we are entering a new era called “PROSUMER” – a term relating to consumers buying DIRECTLY from the producer or factory, thus eliminating the additional costs incurred by the layers of middlemen. Not only that, Prosumers will be ensured of high quality products as the packaging and quality were assured by the producer themselves. As such, Prosumers will be able to enjoy a lower price for a product of exceptional quality!

Sounds interesting? Interested to know more about this wonderful arrangements? Just send me an email – wizurye@yahoo.com and I’ll be more than happy to share with you all…

Best Penang Ayer Itam Asam Laksa

Direction to the MPPP old food court in Ayer Itam

As the born & breed of Ayer Itam, Penang, the Wiz has always been proud when people from all over Malaysia pour countless of praises to our most famous, most delicious food ever graced our table – the ASAM LAKSA.

Just ask around and people will tell you that Penang Ayer Itam Asam Laksa is one of the most delicious food available in Penang these days and you MUST taste it or else your visit to Penang will NEVER be complete. However, since there are a couple of stalls selling this, people may wonder WHICH one of them is the best. So please allow the Wiz to give some precious guided tour for all those who don’t want to waste their time and energy searching for one when you come to Penang in near future.

The Wiz would like to recommend the Laksa stall situated inside the MPPP food court at the corner of the Ayer Itam market which leads to Kek Lok Si temple. Please be REMINDED that

The owner of the Asam Laksa stall

it is NOT the stall by the roadside as claimed by many KL people. The stall is INSIDE the food court as being shown in the photo below. The stall is operated by a mute guy and as such, it is also known as ‘Laksa Bisu’ by the locals here.

When you talk about how tasty the Laksa is, you just have to compare the gravy like soup with each serving to ensure you have finally tasted the ‘BEST’ laksa in town. When you look at the gravy like soup and it’s not ‘thick’ enough, then I can assure you that the Laksa will be so-so only. The best Laksa need to be THICK in its gravy soup and smells nice as well. The aroma of the fish meat cooked in the gravy will definately catch all the senses in your nose to ring a bell in your taste bud that this is it, this is the one of the best Laksa you ever tasted. So if you happen to bump into a Laksa stall but you can’t get to smell the aroma of the soup, then I can assuredly tell you, “Forget it”… go to the other stall… surely not this one… if you still don’t believe me, go ahead and try some in Gurney Drive. You’ll understand what I said after sampling the Laksa there. lol…

This is the ORIGINAL Asam Laksa should look like!

This is what I explain about the ‘thickness’ of the gravy soup in Asam Laksa. Some may like it, some may NOT as it surely does not look ‘pleasant’ for those who have not seen a Laksa before. But believe me, once you tasted it and if it suits your taste buds like mine, it will only be One Way Street traffic… no turning back!

How it looks like in the inside...

As usual, the Wiz has received absolutely NO payment on this recommendation simply because I have been his loyal customer for the past 20 years! I have tasted other Asam Laksa from other stalls and I still have yet to find another which can rival our Mr. Bisu’s gravy soup. So the next time you plan to come to Penang, no harm putting this menu inside your travel plan…

Voters Registration Campaign in Tesco Penang

Hi folks,

Please be informed that there will be a voters registration campaign being launched in Tesco Penang this coming 1st of May 2010 (Labour Day) and the Wiz would like to urge all eligible voters of above 21 years old, please register yourself to be eligible to vote in this coming General Election which is slated to be held in 2013.

Kindly exercise your right as a Malaysian and we hope to see all those eligible ones who have YET to register themselves as voters to come forward and register in our computer system. Regardless of your political affliation, DAP Jelutong is doing a favour to register everyone so that you will be able to cast your precious one vote to the candidate that you think able to represent you either in the State Assembly or Parliament.

So do come forward and the campaign will start from 10:00 AM and ends at 10:00 PM. So please grab this opportunity to register yourself as early as possible. Hope to see you there!