Domo Arigato

As we celebrate our 51st Merdeka Day on Aug 31 2008, the Wiz got another great reason to be in celebration mood as on this very day, The New Dawn for Penang has managed to get its first 10,000 hits and all these were only made possible by all my supporters and readers.

So once again I would like to say a Big Big Thank You to all of you out there who has supported this blog!

As our Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim won big in the last by election, let us hope that a New Dawn for Malaysia will not be very far away from us indeed!

First, I am not here to be boastful. So don’t get me wrong.

Second, I would like to thank ALL my readers (no matter whether you support or against whatever things I wrote) for your support to my blog “A New Dawn for Penang”. I am celebrating my 1st month as a blogger and I’m very very happy to see my blog registered more than 1000 hits in its maiden voyage. This will not be possible without many of you returning to read what I got to say. 🙂

I admit I am a ‘hangat hangat tahi ayam’ kind of guy. Even I myself would thought that I won’t sustain long in blogs. Even though I love to write but that does not warrant that people would love to read what you wrote. Just like a footballer. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to play good football even when you really love to play. Only when I really put myself into writing did I realised that indeed, there are sooo much more to learn that what I was taught! It realli opens up a new dimension for me to explore. Thanks to more experience bloggers such as Sis Lilian & taikor Jeff Ooi, I slowly find my own style and hopefully I’ll continue to grow from there.

So a Big THANK YOU once again for your wonderful support and I believe with all the wonderful & not so wonderful comments I got from all of you, they will further motivate me to blog on and keep the first light of A New Dawn of Penang shining bright!

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