BR1M = Bangla Rakyat 1Msia???

In this coming elections, I would like to call upon EVERY Malaysians to exercise your voting rights WISELY less we allow our country goes to the dogs IF we failed to be united and set the future course of our beloved country!

BN using Banglas to pump up the attendance!

Can you believe this picture below:

We LOVE PM!!!!

We LOVE PM!!!!

The background was in NO DOUBT that this picture was taken in Penang’s Han Chiang College where the 1Malaysia Welfare Club was organizing their Super ‘Charity’ Concert featuring many famous celebs from US and Hong Kong last 2 weeks.

Visitors claimed that there was a sea of 1Malaysia Blue during the concert and the organizers even claimed that the event was well received by MALAYSIANS as there were at least 80,000 people attended the concert! However, from this picture alone, we know that the sub-contractors of BN is not only lying through their teeth, they have been using foreigners to pump up the attendance in order to paint a false picture for their political master – Ah Jib-gor! No wonder when Psy came to Penang during the Chinese New Year, Ah Jib-gor was so ‘ILL-informed’ that he was slapped right left center after asking the infamous question “Are you ready for BN???”

Vote Wisely in this coming GE13!

We do not know what kind of ‘dirty tricks’ BN will employ when the election day come on 5th May 2013 but we have to be prepared to counter all of them. The ONLY way to counter all these tactics is to COME OUT on that fateful day to exercise your voting rights by casting your vote WISELY!

You may be the fence-sitters until now. But time and again we have proven to you all Malaysians that this is NOT the time to be sitting on the fence anymore! The time is NOW and it is important for all Malaysians to be UNITED to steer the direction of our country before it is too late!

Do you really want to live in our OWN country with so many foreigners around???  YOU can ignite the UBAH power in your own family or offices. Jom UBAH – Ini Kali-lah!!!