Bankrupt MCA

Don't Believe a word from the Star paper!

Go on… flip through the Star paper today and you’ll know what I mean by declaring MCA as Bankrupt!

Seditious ADs by the Star

There are many ways for putting up your advertisements. But if you are towing a damned FINE line if your ads are hovering between sowing HATRED and FEAR! This is even more self-damaging when you blardy MCA posed up all these ads in a well-circulated newspaper like the STAR!

Yes Yes, we know that the Star need to lick the balls of their political master which turn up to be the MCA and chua the pornstar but to go the distance until they reach this milestone? Come on, there must be some reasonable mind among the editors, right? Nope, I was wrong! Everyone in the Star is good-at-nothing but ball lickers and shoe-carriers. That’s why it gives me good satisfaction every time I SHOOT the STAR!!! Hahaha…

Just take a look at these ads in the newspaper:

One Vote for DAP = One Vote for PAS = One Vote for Pakatan = One Vote for UBAH!

One Vote for DAP = One Vote for PAS = One Vote for Pakatan = One Vote for UBAH!

Poor Turnout in MCA Ceramahs.

Well… the MCA candidates may have given up convincing voters and constituents in their daily political ceramah due to poor turnouts in the whole country. Hence, MCA resorted to publishing printed ads in the newspaper companies which they own in their vain bid to shore up support for their candidate hopefuls.

Do you think such ‘short-cut’ actions will yield results? Indeed what goes around, comes around… MCA has been cutting away good people at the expense of political survival for their leaders and now, they found themselves being surrounded by ‘sharks’ and ‘crocs’ who are insincere to help the party when it is in disarray!

Weak & Timid MCA.

MCA building on Chinese FEAR on PAS Hudud Laws...

MCA building on Chinese FEAR on PAS Hudud Laws…

Instead of going to the ground to hear the grouses and curses of the people regarding their silent support to many of umno ill-treatment on the rakyat, instead of braving themselves to ‘bite-the-bullet’ like mr. Ong Tee Keat, these MCA people chose to bury their heads into the ground like ostriches!

Being led by a ‘leader’ who DARE NOT contest in this coming General Election, MCA has LOST the plot even before the first shot was fired! With further cessation of territories to Umno such as the one in Gelang Patah, MCA continue to slide deeper in the deep quagmire of Malaysian politics. Chua soilek refused to fight and sacrifice himself in Gelang Patah clearly thrown all the theories preached by MCA on self sacrifices and service to the people straight down into the monsoon drain!

MCA chose to build on FEAR.

MCA rebuttal & clear insult of Pakatan's UBAH slogan!

MCA rebuttal & clear insult of Pakatan’s UBAH slogan!

Instead of everything which we mentioned earlier, MCA chose to build on the FEAR of Chinese on Hudud laws. Of course, all these were not helped by the continuous rattling of one part of PAS leaders on Hudud but we need to understand that it is NOT EASY to amend the country’s constitution given that both side DO NOT control 2/3 of the Parliament!

However, MCA continue to harp on this issue as they are indeed Bankrupt of any other constructive ideas. MCA has been feeding under the table of Umno for so long that it has forgotten how to bark when the master make mistakes. MCA has been Umno bedfellows in so many of their evil plans and corrupt practices that it has lost all ability to convince the rakyat that they will be the protector of our rights and justice!

MCA & Perkasa: Love Hate relationship?

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

Will MCA dare to admit that 1 Vote for MCA = 1 Vote for Umno = 1 Vote for Perkasa? Where is MCA when Perkasa threatens to destabilize the country’s harmony? Where is MCA when Perkasa hold various and continuous illegal rally protesting against Pakatan Rakyat’s administrations in Penang and Selangor? Sadly, MCA DARE NOT voice out against Perkasa even though Perkasa is only a NGO supported by the evil mamakthir.

Who is this blardy frogy ibrahim ali that Chua soilek was so afraid of? Ooooo… who knows? Maybe ibrahim froggy ali is ranked higher in the ‘invisible’ hierarchy’ of umno priority so much so that chua & son dare not cross ibrahim ali too much.

Tsunami 2008 vs UBAH 2013.

Let's UBAH for better Future!

Rakyat must rise up and UBAH on this coming 13th General Election!

MCA survived the onslaught of Tsunami 2008 where they are still able to field quite a number of MP to form Najib Razak cabinet. However, with so many incidents happening after the tsunami and with MCA cruising towards Bankruptcy  of ideals, it is not hard to see MCA being driven into political wilderness come UBAH 2013.

The TIME is at hand… Now it is! Jom UBAH – Ini Kali-lah!!! Salam UBAH to all my fighting comrades in this internet warfare.


Kit Siang to Soi Lek : Let’s fight!

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, who has announced his candidacy for Gelang Patah in the 13th general election, has challenged MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek to face him in the BN stronghold.

Chua Soi Lek to accept the gauntlet?

Lim Kit Siang to face Chua Soi Lek in GE13

Will chua soi lek dare to accept the challenge???

However, when the MCA president was queried by reporters on the alleged challenge by Lim Kit Siang, Dr. Chua did not give away any hint that he might accept Kit Siang’s thrown gauntlet but criticize the old Opposition figure of his frequent duel on Chinese BN candidates instead of having the guts to take on umno representatives deep in umno territory.

Dr. Chua, please do not avoid the question by posing another question. Can’t you just answer the question like a gentleman? Even though the people (rakyat) has yet to know whether you will contest in the coming General Election or not, please take out some guts to announce to the world whether you are contesting and if you are, will you have bigger guts to take on Lim Kit Siang in your own territorial of Johor state?

Attention Soi Lek, your rivals are at your doorstep!

Lim Kit Siang is taking high risk to venture into this BN bastion of Gelang Patah!

Lim Kit Siang is taking high risk to venture into this BN bastion of Gelang Patah!

We know it will be too much if we are to ask you to move out of your comfort zone to contest in the coming election but now your rival has come up to your doorstep and knock on your door for a challenge. Will you still hide around the skirts of our Prime Minister Najib razak? We are sad to see our mandate-less PM dare not call for fresh election so that he could rule the country with a new mandate. How can we entrust the task of nation building and the future of our children to such a courage-less man??

Chua Soi Lek, will you have the courage to contest and face off with Lim Kit Siang? Be a man and stand up to be counted like our late Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu. He knew the stakes were high but he never retreat! He might have lost but he kept his dignity and earn our respect! It is SAD to know that people of such stature no longer exist in our cabinet of leaders today…

Toyol in Hot Saudi Soup

Good news! Though it may only be a possibility but anything that has to do with alleged ‘revelation’ of K-Toyol shit during the previous Selangor State administration is something worth celebrating.

According to Malaysiakini, our Toyol may have breached the Money Laundering Act when PNSB, under his very own leadership, bought some ‘additional’ apartments in Saudi Arabia only to sell them off later to another individual who (of course) bought them way below current market price. In another words, K-Toyol was alleged to have used public funds to buy some properties and then later changed hands to another individual for alleged personal interest.

According to MB Selangor Abdul Khalid, PNSB had authorised the purchase of five property units worth RM8.5 million but instead the body had purchased 12 units, seven more than what was approved and cost PNSB RM 25.6 million.

khir toyo interview 121207 seriousAll the properties were purchased under Mohd Khir’s name.

However, a million out of a million times, the former menteri besar however claimed that it was done so due to legal requirements of the country.

Records then showed that the seven units bought allegedly without any authorisation were sold to an individual for RM17.3 million.

The individual’s name has not been revealed and speculation is rife that the individual has close relations with Mohd Khir.

The former MB denied that the individual was related to him. He said although he knows the person, it would be apt not to disclose his name due to legal reasons but maintained that there was nothing illegal about the transactions.

As usual, this Toyol just refused to admit any wrong doing even though it was horribly wrong from the outright. Just imagine it, how are you going to explain the 7 units which were bought without authorisation? You don’t buy something without it is being approved. You think you’re 3 year-old menteri besak? This is common sense lah. Please stop denying and be a man. Since you like to quote Chua Soi Lek, I urged you to follow his footsteps. Take up the blame like a man.

Meanwhile, stop hiding behind other people. Don’t always use the one-sided Malaysian Agency of Cow and Cars to raise those petty cases with Khalid. Those people in such agency really don’t know much things and were like led thru their noses like a cow. They won’t be able to help you much. The imminent umno party poll is coming and are these all you can do to improve your chance? Sudah bankrupt idea ah? LOL!

MCA cracked again?

Given the omens lately, I don’t foresee a good future for MCA. Wahhh… sounds like a fortune teller eh? Perhaps I can set up a stall on Wednesday Farlim’s pasar malam to earn a living. Economy bad mah… Business has been very very slow these days.

I guess MCA is also facing bad business lately. Too many competitors spoiling the market. Cutting and under-cutting each other openly to survive has seen their leaders washing dirty linen in public. Poor poor MCA. Go blame long-long Sik. Blame the Old “M”an for umno demise. Blame big mouth Yaik for Gerakan disastrous performance last March 2008. As for MIC, blame the grassroots instead. Why? becos no one has the balls to pull Sami Bulu down. How incompetant! 🙂

Lately, the cracks is appearing to widen among MCA ranks. The Malaysiakini report that the uneasy relationship between MCA president Ong Tee Keat and his deputy Dr Chua Soi Lek is in the public spotlight again – this time the speculation focuses on Chua’s purported plan to revive the so-called Team A in the party.

The rumoured revival of Team A led by former MCA president Dr Ling Liong Sik during the MCA crisis of 2000 by Chua is seen as the first step in the move to oust Tee Keat as president.

Read Jackluo : the Jack of All Traits who blog about the problems currently faced by Dr. Chua. Not only that his DVD was being re-distributed, he found himself being investigate by the police on his ‘role’ in the DVD sex scandal. As if someone who is very powerful and well verse in Malaysian law is behind the blind to pull the strings. Or else who in the world would remember that there was no report being made prior to the revelation by Dr. Chua. The police report move was a well planned move!

It’s quite interesting to see how Dr. Chua wriggle himself out of this maze. But with the leadership of the party clearly firmly in the hands of Ong Tee Keat, it is certainly take an Everest for anyone to climb if he intends to wrest the party control from Ong.