Penang Panthers moving house

Recently it is reported that our Penang Super League team will move its home matches to be played in State Stadium in Batu Kawan as the floodlights in City Stadium are not working properly. Seems that not only our team is not working well, even the lights have refused to work! 🙂

Lying 2nd in the Super League table (count from the back lah!) the Penang State team has been dishing out PATHETIC performances since the season kickstart some time ago. Fans shunned the team and most of the matches were played in an almost empty stadium! Poor poor Penang panthers. Where have your fangs gone? Where is our Kramat Roar?

HUH? Kramat wat??? Gone were the days when our grand old City Stadium virtually ROCKED by the famour Kramat Roar. When the tiny old velodium was packed like sardine. The terraces were filled with people of all races – cheering for their heroes on the pitch who played with passion and commitment for donning the yellow and blue outfit.

We need REAL professionals to run the team. We need political figures to support the team from behind. We need our best coaches back! People like Moey Yoke Ham, Isa Bakar & Co should come forward and contribute to the state team. We should not compare ourselves with FAM who, due to infighting and incompetant political (+ one royalty maybe) figures at helm, has failed miserably on the international arena.

The rot has been too bad this time. It’s not easy to heal the damage in a few years time. But if we are willing to start all over again, to revamp the entire system of our state football foundation, I believe we are able to develop a strong state team in near future. With the correct resources and people to run the game, I strongly believe we will be able to ‘inherit’ the Kramat Roar to our next and next generations!

Time to Change : FAP

I used to go to our City Stadium and experienced myself our famous Keramat Roar whenever our Penang team scored against its opposition. The stadium itself was packed like sardine! Even though the terraces could not fill anymore people, yet our football crazed fans were willing to ‘peep’ among the crowd just to get a glimpse of our mighty team playing their free flow football. Who said Penangites don’t like football?! Even with a Chinese majority population, football WAS very much alive in many Penangites’ hearts and minds. But these sweet memories were already in the past…

Today, Penang football team were in dire strait. Both on and off the field. In the official website of the fans –, they were appealing for the private sectors and well wishers to ‘donate’ as much fund as they can to help out the players who (they claimed) were NOT paid their salary for a few months already! What the HELL is actually happening with our Football Association of Penang? A check on their (FAP Official) website brought nothing as it claimed was under maintenance and there were news claiming that our FAP has gone ‘bankrupt’ with no more funds left in the coffers. Serious doubt were also cast on FAP ability to set up a team for next season’s challenge in the Super League.

As for the team, they were “NO.1” in their respective table in the current Malaysia Cup challenge allbeit the count was done backwards. The choice of going ‘all local’ by (why is he again?) non other than our ex-CM Mr. Koh Tsu Khoon seemed to be backfired on the development of football in the state. By virtually securing last places, (we’re 2nd last in Super League) Penangites have lost our appetite on our own local football due to such poor standard dished out by our so-call local heroes. But we can’t blame the players! What are we going to expect for a bunch of youngsters to do with their empty stomachs except to LOSE? Where are the voice of the management? Where is that ‘manager’ Zain? He has not shown his ass or his face ever since the news leaked out regarding the financial situation of FAP! Now where the heck is our dear President Koh?

As I have always said it REPEATEDly, Penangites have done ONE terrible wrong and that is to choose this good for nothing Koh Tsu Khoon to be CM of Penang for the last 18 years! He is like the king who touches everything and they turned into gold. But only this time, whatever things he touched turned into ruins! Penang has lost alot of its shine during his tenure and now see what has gone wrong with our football association. It’s the duty of FAP and its management to look after the coaches and the players but instead, they were left hungry and without pay for a few months! Weiiiiii…. these people got families to feed, OK? While Koh Tsu Khoon still has his undeserved pencent to spend, how are these people who dons the State colours going to live on without any pay for so long? Somemore thanks to our Feds, prices of many things have shot up. So Dr. Koh, how do you expect them to survive?

I hope our new CM- Lim Guan Eng will find some time to emphatise with our Penang Team players. If possible, please force this group of incompetant management to step down and appoint a new set of managers to manage the team. Just look at our neighbour Kedah. With good management, they have been on the top of Malaysian football for so many years. Koh Tsu Khoon said the gate receipts were not good. Just ask how much the Kedah FA has collected last year and you’ll be suprise to find out the astronomical figure people would pay to watch Kedah plays!

Up to date, no one really knows who is in charge of the FAP. The very last article we can get from the net is almost one year old. It was posted in BERNAMA website stating our Koh Tsu Khoon’s unwillingness to step down as its President. Can someone please shed some lights on what has actually happened to our State football team? If Koh still the president, I’d politely ask him to step down. Together with your side kick Zain, please exile yourself from this beloved island of ours. You have done enuff damage. Please don’t go for another round of destruction anymore.

As for all of us in this wonderful blogsphere, we can also do something on our part! For the sake of the players, for the sake of the future football in Penang and for the sake of the love for the Game, I appeal to all my fellow bloggers to ‘blow’ this issue up as hot as you all can so that actions can be taken by some appropriate authorities. Don’t leave our heroes such as Moey Yoke Ham and Isa Bakar to take the undeserved blame. Don’t allow anyone to make them the scapegoat! They should get more support, morally and financially, from these incompetant management! It’s time to Change for FAP!