Himpunan Harapan Rakyat : The Galleria


Congratulations to ALL Penangites from all races as EVERYBODY converged to Han Chiang College ground to make HISTORY as the BIGGEST Political rally took place where more than 70,000 (or Kwang Wah Press reported 100,000) brave the heavy downpour to listen to the speeches of Pakatan candidates in PENANG!

For those who missed such great and wonderful moments, just take a few seconds to witness with us these great historic events through the lenses of those who have attended! We are waiting for YOU ALL to come onboard with us this coming 3rd and 4th of May 2013!!!





I was there! Though the crowd was pre-dominant Chinese, there are countless of Indians and Malays countrymen who were also there to share our same passion for a clean and just government. What’s most precious among this crowd of multi-ethic was everyone was there on their own will.

Caretaker CM Lim Guan Eng was spot on again in his speech. There is NO Free food, NO Free drinks, NO Free lucky draw prizes. The only things they got FREE on that night was FREE rain! But even though it rained cats and dogs (some said was the work of ‘bomoh team’ by Sarawak ‘jail-going’ CM Pekmoh ‘white hair’), the crowd just refused to be distracted and stood by Pakatan’s leaders to listen to their ceramah.

We DO NOT alter the pics as what was done by BN cybertroopers!

We DO NOT alter the pics as what was done by BN cybertroopers!

The crowd got even more motivated when the ‘evergreen’ Lim Kit Siang took the center stage to relay his stories about the on-going tsunami hitting the southern part of Malaysia where he is leading the Pakatan Rakyat’s onslaught on BN’s bastion- JOHOR!

Just take a look at this picture taken during a ceramah in Gelang Patah yesterday and you’ll sense that CHANGE IS REALLY IMMINENT when the once sleepy Parliamentary constituency suddenly find itself becoming the center spot of national politics when Kit Siang decided to sacrifice himself and initiate Pakatan’s attack.

GeneralElection13-hanchiang03Flanked by DAP strategists Liew Chin Tong and Teoh Nie Ching, Johor found itself NO LONGER the backwater of Malaysian politics as the southerners began to re-assert their share of participation in determining the future of the nation once again. Ghani Othman & co (inclusive of Mooooohidin) seems to be in disarray and panic situation where it prompted our ‘caretaker’ DPM Mooohidin to declare in national newspaper reminding Malaysians that losing Johor will be¬†catastrophic for Malaysian collectively.

With Johorean joining the fray, this time UBAH will NO LONGER be a DREAM! UBAH can and will be a reality for all Malaysians who seek a just, fair and safe country so that our next next generations can live in peace with everyone from different race!

UBAH – Now it’s the TIME! Ini Kali-lah!!!



Himpunan Harapan Rakyat : 29 Apr 2013



To ALL Rakyat who hope for a Change (UBAH!), please reserve this date and time in your dairy. Spread the news, tell your friends and loved ones! Do what you think is LEGAL ūüôā & Get everyone to Han Chiang College this evening! It’s gonna be BIG!!!

See you TONIGHT 8PM @ Han Chiang College big field where our Pakatan Big Guns will be there for a “Meet the People” sessions!

Leaders such as CM Lim Guan Eng and the ‘Evergreen’ Lim Kit Siang will grace the event as VIP while all Pakatan candidates will be there to be introduced to the people of Penang as well.

So come over and get to know who will you be voting for come this General Election on 5th of May 2013!

Jom UBAH! Ini Kali-lah…!!!


Penang Pakatan’s Election Manifesto 2013

To counter fierce criticism of its housing policy, Penang Pakatan Rakyat today released a 12-point manifesto for the state, listing the building of 22,000 quality, affordable housing units in all the five districts of the state among its promises. Pakatan will also ensure that all districts have houses for the poor to rent and will establish a State Housing Board to ensure more effective management of housing.

generalelection13-03It also plans to get control over Penang Port and the island-mainland ferry service returned to the state government, as a counter to the BN pledge to return the free port status to Penang.

Communities to benefit from the manifesto will include women, youth, fisherfolk and taxi drivers, who would be given an annual incentive of RM600, the manifesto states. There also are plans to start zones for aquaculture in Seberang Perai Utara and Seberang Perai Selatan, abolish boat and fishing licences and to annually provide fishing nets free to inshore fishermen.

Undersea tunnel to go ahead

Putting aside severe criticisms from NGOs, Pakatan insists in its manifesto that it will carry out the RM6.3 billion traffic dispersal project by way of three highways and an undersea tunnel linking Gurney Drive on the island with Bagan Ajam in Butterworth.

To prove that it is not anti-Islam or was marginalising the Malays, as touted by Umno, the DAP-led government promises to emphasise the elevation of Islam and welfare state status.

It promises to appeal to the federal government to establish Malay heritage zones in the state, such as in Tanjung Tokong and Batu Uban. An Islamic hospital based on the wakaf concept, land for the building of surau and setting up Islamic cemeteries, land worth RM50 million for a syariah complex in George Town and RM10 million for the Seberang Perai Tengah syariah court complex are other pledges in this area.

Additional land for non-Muslim places of worship in new areas, according to needs, and assistance for the Hindu Endowment Board are among pledges for minority communities.

CAT policy to continue

To continue with its competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) policy, Pakatan says it will comprehensively implement the Freedom of Information Enactment and ban family members of elected representatives from doing business with the government.

The manifesto also outlines Pakatan’s plan to empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the state by building a RM40 million centre and a RM15 SME village.

Other highlights in the manifesto:

  • Emphasis on arts, culture and heritage and ensuring that Penang becomes cleaner, greener, healthier and safer;
  • Further developing the tourism sector, expanding on science and technology and improving infrastructure;
  • Setting up a global halal centre and a regional hub for the marketing and manufacturing supply chain in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle;
  • Creating a high technology green industrial park in Batu Kawan and expanding the micro-credit financial assistance scheme with an additional RM5 million;
  • Expanding the medical tourism sector and developing Balik Pulau and Batu Kawan as eco-heritage resorts;
  • Establishing five centres for creative learning programmes for remedial teaching in the fields of reading, writing, mathematics, science, Malay and English;
  • Developing a gender responsive policy to elevate the status of women and to eradicate discrimination against women;
  • Providing free mammograms as well as child care centres in every district;
  • Empowering the Hindu Endowment Board;
  • Increasing CCTV cameras and street lamps to maintain Penang as the safest state in Malaysia;
  • Retaining Balik Pulau as a green corridor;
  • Making Penang a bicycle state by providing 200km of bicycle lanes throughout the state; and
  • Returning the power to determine freehold land status to the state government.

The manifesto was read out by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in the presence of 1,000 people.

Accompanying him was state DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow, the party’s deputy P Ramasamy, senior leader Lim Kit Siang, state PKR chief Mansor Othman and election director Mustafa Kamal Mohd Yusoff.

During his speech, Kit Siang praised the manifesto, saying that it was a “success story” of the Pakatan government.

“Here’s a success story compared the failure story of (caretaker) Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s transformation for the past four years,” he said.

“That is why he was afraid of calling the general election and has delayed it. Malaysians have been on campaign mode for the last four years,‚ÄĚ he added.

“If he is afraid, how can he be PM? That is why Malaysians need Ubah (change).

Interview with Penang CM Lim Guan Eng on RM6.3b Mega Projects

If there is any Penangites who would like to know more about these Mega Projects recently announced by our Penang CM Lim Guan Eng, I would like to advice them to take a few minutes of your time to view this video interview with him before you jump to any conclusion – whether to support or to oppose.

An Interview with Penang CM on Mega Project in Penang

For your information, the RM6.3 billion mega project covers a 6.5 km undersea tunnel from Gurney Drive to Bagam Ajam in Butterworth; 4.2 km expressway bypass from Pesiaran Gurney to Persiaran Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu ; a 4.6 km expressway and by-pass fromTun Dr Lim Chong Eu to Bandar Baru Air Itam and a four-lane 12 km road linking Tanjung Bungah with Teluk Bahang.


Penang BN Show off day

Not to be seen as weak and uninterested, Penang BN staged one of their biggest rally today at the Esplanade Speaker’s Corner in a show of force to the voters that they are still in a fight to wrest Penang in the coming General Election. With Penang seemed to be the stronghold of the Pakatan Rakyat, Penang BN led by the infamous teng chang yeow crowded the Esplanade with more than 5000 mainly umno members as well as 120 NGOs which include umno no.1 supporter – the Perkasa!

Large BN crowd ferried into Esplanade.

What an Outing Day for Penang BN...

What an Outing Day for Penang BN…

As usual, the crowd was ferried in by at least 60 chartered buses that line up along the famous Penang waterfront recreation area while more than 2,000 motorcyclist (rempits?) were also seen to be part of the large crowd that converse on the open field.

The event was a show meant to show support for BN and chief minister Lim Guan Eng was a frequent target for participants and speakers.Event organisers said that the event was intended to “eradicate (cegah) slander (fitnah), lies (pembohongan) and cheating (menipu)” from affecting the public. Apart from political speeches, the crowd was also treated to free food,¬†silat¬†and¬†chingay¬†performances. Hmmmm… what a day for outing for Penang BN.

No Rally Organizers to come forward.

According to Malaysiakini coverage of the event, during his speech, state Umno deputy chief Musa Sheikh Fadzir told the crowd that no one organisation can claim that they are the organizers of the event.¬†“There are no organisers here. This is by the rakyat for the rakyat,” he said before Teng presented his speech, and was greeted with loud cheers from the mostly Malay crowd.

Teng together with umno & perkasa in Penang Rally 24th March 2013

Teng together with umno & perkasa in Penang Rally 24th March 2013

How on earth could these large crowd be ferried in by chartered buses is really baffling even though the state umno deputy chief openly admitted that there is NO whatsoever organizers for the event. Not only this show cowardice on umno part, it has also proven that this guy is lying with his eyes wide open!!! How can we ever trust a man who even could blatantly lie about this tiny trivial matter?

“Promise” of Affordable Homes.

After cries of “Hidup BN!” from the crowd, Teng asked them “Are you ready for GE13?” to which he received a resounding “Yes!”.”

In 2008, we fell but today, we are going to rise up again. We are not here for positions but for the rakyat of Penang,” he said.¬†Teng lamented the CM Lim-administration has failed to build even any of affordable homes, compared to Prime Minister Najib Razak, who promised to provide 20,000.

Teng changyeow has been going around Penang promising (or hoodwinking)  people of Penang that BN will provide affordable homes to us IF they are voted in again. However, they have always forgotten about the previous promises which they have failed to deliver! Najib Razak promised 20,000 affordable homes but a promise is still only promise until we see them being delivered!

A Disaster in Architectural Design...

A Disaster in Architectural Design…

Where is the Penang Outer Ring Road that Badawi once promised? Where is the Monorail?? Yes we “Thank You” for your 2nd Penang bridge. However we also have become the laughing stock of the¬†architectural world when we have 2 IDENTICAL bridges span along each other! Even China-men who built the bridge questioned us on why are you ‘copying’ the design of the first bridge when there are so many designs available to build your 2nd bridge. To that we got no answer… Do you know that in Guangzhou alone, there are 5 different designs on 5 bridges that span across the Pearl River?

 1st Penang Bridge Toll.

We have to pay RM7.00 every time we pass through this bridge. Thank you BN!!!

We have to pay RM7.00 every time we pass through this bridge. Thank you BN!!!

In fact, EVERYTIME we touch on this subject, I can’t help but to feel really really¬†agitated!!! It has been a blardy 28 years and yet hundred of thousands of Penangites like myself are still paying that blardy toll even though we knew that we have already paid all the building cost as well as its maintenance. The fact that BN and umno together with their cohorts like Teng changyeow has been taking Penangites for a ride far too long is really getting it on our nerves! I know it’s quite fun and enjoying for you leaders (or should I say ‘robbers’) to milk Penangites through collecting such hefty Bridge Toll but the fact that you don’t have the rakyat in your minds and hearts prove how hypocritical you are when you don’t walk what you talk!

We have been paying RM7.00 since 1985 and just imagine it when Najib Razak has proposed that the toll charges be hiked up to RM9.00 when the new 2nd Bridge opens up for public. This is CUT-THROAT!!! This is the REAL Janji Ditepati by the Federal Government led by umno and its cohorts.

So if you think BN will regain Penang back, please go back and THINK really hard again! It is not hard to catch up with CM Lim Guan Eng with all your resources and tools at hand, but sometimes in life, you are just a little too late…

Wow… Dangling the Free Port Carrot!

Teng Chang Yeow danggling Free Port Status to Penangites

CY Teng – the new henchman for Najib in Penang

In a blatant political bribery, Teng Chang Yeow was alleged to have announced that Penang will enjoy our Free Port status again IF bn¬†are to reclaim back Penang from the clutches of Pakatan Rakyat in this coming 13th General Election. Wow… this really send chills down the spine of Teng’s political master as everyone knows how much Penang Port contribute to the nations GDP and what will happen if indeed, the Free Port status is restored back to the Island city.

As expected,¬†our dear saudara Teng Chang Yeow no longer follow up with his so-call “flash in a pan” commitment of this Free Port promise as lately, he has been dodging questions on this issue by diverting to other agenda such as ‘fighting policy to policy’ with Pakatan when in actual fact, he should have made public what are the mechanism in place to get this Free Port status up and running.

Going head on with Pakatan on policy to policy will be just another round of political gimmick as we all know, Pakatan Rakyat has been doing a good job by having implemented good policies one after another. It just does not make sense for Teng to go in for a fight when there are better methods available for him to do his fight! Why can’t Teng come up with better commitment and plans or visions to allow Penangites see what kind of a leadership he will stamp IF (it comes with a Big IF) he managed to beat CM Lim Guan Eng in the coming GE13. Unless, there is absolutely NOTHING up in his pocket that he is able to put out in the open and allow the rakyat to see for themselves.

If this is the case, then it is better for Teng Chang Yeow to keep his mouth shut. Because the moment you open your mouth, you’ll get get shot left right center. One very good example will be the salvo shot by DAP YB Chow Kon Yeow when he questioned the whereabout of Teng’s commitment to his initial Pre-Election promises. According to Malaysiakini, Chow said Teng was¬†now diverting from previous agenda and now harping on a new set of topics such as press freedom, transportation and housing. Now what happens to your Free Port, international financial district and innovation dynamo park promises??? Dropped into the seabed already?

BN promise Penang a Monorail in 2008

Empty promises only end up on poster… Do you still remember?

Now come on Mr. Teng… We Penangites are borne with practicality in mind. We know that it is near-impossible for us to have back our Free Port – just like the likelihood of having a PORR or Monorail promised to us in the last round of election in 2008! You make empty promises, we say to you Bye Bye and try again next time. So here you are again Mr. Teng, trying to hoodwink us again by dangling a big carrot in the shape of Free Port Status?

Come¬†to think of it, we don’t really need¬†that Free Port anyway. It has been ‘robbed’ from us since 1969 and see how Penangites have grow by leaps and bounds? Just compare Penang with Langkawi and we’ll¬†see how advanced we have grown even without that status of assistance from the Feds.¬†My proud island has been¬†in booming state and I¬†can’t see why we cannot outgrow the national growth continuously for the next 20 years to come. It’s time to tell Teng CY that Penangites don’t really care about what bn has to say or do after what our CM Lim Guan Eng has done for Penang for the past 4 years.

Gearing Up for 13th General Election in Malaysia

Hi folks,

Sorry for not posting for a quite awhile due to work commitment… What to do, I’m not a paid cybertroopers of dUmno and BeEnd where these cybertroopers could hog in front of the computer- such as the one employed to filtering every comments netizens post on ‘ah-jib’ gor Facebook page. Laughable… but sometimes I can’t ¬†help but to be envy of them… Hey, these cybertroopers do not come cheap, ok? dUmno and BeEnd paid them well else nobody will be willing to betray their own conscience to write those rubbish for them!

Gearing Up for Online Battlefield of Blogs for Malaysia 13th General Election.

Gearing Up for Online battle in 13th General Election Malaysia

Blogger Gearing up for Online Battlefield!

Anyway, here we are… the civilian corps of bloggers preparing our battle gear to fight a tough battle online with those princely-priced cybertroopers of the ruling regime to ensure that our rakyat get the most truthful information on any issue especially on things pertaining to the imminent 13th General Election (GE13) of our beloved Malaysia.

It’s NOT easy to be in the Volunteers Corps (V-Corps) as you tend to neglect your kids and wife while you burn the midnight oil blogging. During campaigning period, the mad rush from place to place covering stories for your blogs will almost drive you crazy and soon fatigue will hit you like a train out of nowhere. However, the fun and satisfaction of being in the V-Corps will give you a money-cannot-buy feeling especially when you see the rakyat is standing by your side supporting a cause which we all believe will come true one day! You know you are on the RIGHT side! Hehe…

Let us recap back on a few things that took place in Malaysia recently and of course, not forgetting our beloved Penang as well. There are simply too many things to talk and I really don’t know which to start.

OK, let’s start with praises… Don’t always complain, else you all complain that I complain too much! LoL

Penang Leads under Pakatan Rakyat after the 308 Political tsunami.

Of coz as usual, let us brag about being Penangites. Of coz we got lotsa things to brag about since we have shown the world that “Change is not Impossible” and as the result of the CHANGE, we suddenly find ourselves in the driving seat – leading the nation and taking back a position where we’ve lost under the (certainly not leadership) ‘babysitting’ of paper tiger koh tsu khoon.

Only after the CHANGE of top state leadership did we realized that Penang indeed has great potential to be one of the leading states in Malaysia. No wonder almost 230 years ago, Sir Francis Light had the vision to set up a British base here – making it a foundation of British presence in the strategic South East Asia.

Penang being one of the TOP contributors of Malaysia GDP.

Penang leads & revitalised

CM Lim Guan Eng lives up to his pledge to Revitalise Penang

As what our CM Lim Guan Eng has proudly announced, Penangites make up only a mere 6-7% of the entire Malaysian population and yet, we contributed as much as 35% of our country’s GDP! In another words, 1 Penangites produced as much as 5 times more than any ordinary Malaysian produces. Can you believe this statistics? My maths is not that good, so if I ever got the figure wrong, please don’t get upset with me but I’m pretty sure my calculations will not be very far from the correct figure. Therefore of course I’m excited coz I got the bragging rights for contributing to the growth of the nation. If any of dUmno cybertroopers not happy about it, then please go and produce some results before you brag on my site ok?

Penang TOPS in Foreign Direct Investment in 2010!

It seems that Penang has hit rock bottom during tsu khoon time when we keep on hitting records one after another in this short span of 4 years. For the very first time since Independence when Penang out-performed Selangor in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2010. Hey, this is no small feat considering Penang’s location up North with 350km away from the capital Kuala Lumpur but we DID it! It seems that those ‘guai-lou’ and other Asians were super confident with the new administration that Penang suddenly found its new status of investors’ favorites for the industrial world.

Penang attracts world renowned Bloomberg eyes.

Not only that, Penang were made cover story by Bloomberg who openly acknowledge the efficiency of our state government led by CM Lim Guan Eng. Bloomberg, a world-renowned news agency… Not any Tom, Dick or Harry kind of buletin utama ok? Even Bernama is miles apart behind Bloomberg! While our local news agency kept an ‘expected’ silence on the success of Penang, the new shine of Penang was SO bright that the world sit up and notice.

The Economist – another world renowned publications, has also published a sterling reports on the turnaround achieved by Penang under the stewardship of CM Lim Guan Eng. No wonder the dUmno cybertroopers attacked CM Lim being a braggart but you just can’t help but BRAGS about the extra ordinary and¬†unprecedented¬†achievements by Penang people, can you?

Hope for other Malaysian states for BIG positive CHANGE.

So for all my readers who reside in BeEnd administrated states, I hope you also wish that your own state can experience the same positive change like what we are experiencing now. So what are you waiting for? GO OUT and convince your family member and friends to REGISTER as voters and COME OUT regardless rain or shine on the fateful day to cast their precious vote for Change!

All right… that’s all for the time being… I don’t wanna keep my post too long… I’ll talk on other things some other time, ok?

Good night!