Barbarians in Malaysian Parliament ala Taiwan

“Pelawat Sila Dafter Disini” tag can be found when you approach the guard house in the Parliament. However on Thursday (which is yesterday), I think most of security guards tasked to mend the guard post were either on leave or being absent without leave. Or else, how in the world could these security guards allowed a gang of barbarians to storm the Parliament and nearly (I dunno how near it was) assaulted a group of Opposition MPs.

violent attack towards dap karpal singh and lim lip eng at parliament 260209 sequence

Just take a look at those pictures taken from Malaysiakini and you’ll surprise that these barbarians were well dressed. Some even were in suits and tie!

The Malaysiakini reported – a day after proclaiming that ‘Singh is King’, DAP veteran Karpal Singh finds himself mobbed by a group of angry Umno Youth members at the Parliament lobby.

While we will ‘try’ to maintain the innocence and the ‘neutrality’ of the police and security force within the Parliament compound, I was appalled to see such UGLY situation took place within our well respected Parliament building. These barbarians has obviously ignored the honour and the serenity of the August House but as usual, the one-sided Speaker of the House has refused to issue an arrest warrant to them. I wonder how far can he go to show his one-sided face. Countless of times the Speaker of the House have acted in ‘protection’ of his paymaster.

Our Tiger of Bukit Gelugor has stirred the hornet’s nest when he alleged that his political rivals sent 2 live bullets to keep his mouth shut.

“Where did the damn Umno Youth fellows get the bullets?” Karpal asked. “Singh is King. I am not afraid. They made 100 police reports, sent me two bullets and demonstrated.” This is what he said during a session in the Parliament on Wednesday.

Karpal Singh is an old fox in Malaysian politics. He knew that he could not charged on the things he said in Parliament. However, the barbarians of umno has failed to realise that such action in Parliament has indeed, proved once again to the world that there are many people with ‘pariah’ mentalities.

Just imagine it. The SIL (son-in-law) not only did not condemn such stupid action by his sidekicks, he even went further to endorse their actions by issuing stupid warnings to Karpal Singh.

“We want to remind him that Umno Youth is not playing games and Karpal is the one who is playing with the sentiments of the rakyat, he is playing with fire. If he does not repent, then it would only serve to aggravate our anger and the anger of the people,” he warned.

After reading this, I would like to remind the SIL that the people is no longer standing by their side. If the rakyat still did, they won’t be trashed not once, but twice in the last 2 by-elections – making them sore-losers 2 out of 2! LOL 🙂

There will be another 3 by-elections coming this April and I think by that time, we’ll know more or less whether the rakyat is angry with Karpal Singh or even angrier with those barbarians.