Our Mata-mata is impartial?

I was wondering why out of a sudden, our IGP Musa could come out and tell a ‘blantant’ lie in a hot and sunny day.

As being reported in Malaysiakini:
Inspector-general of police Musa Hassan said the police did not take into account the political leanings of anyone, including politicians, when conducting their investigation.

NONE“We (the police) have never conspired with any political party. If an offence has been committed, we will investigate anyone including BN politicians. We do not conspire with any political party,” he told reporters in Penang.

Of course the police do not conspire with any political party in Malaysia. Who are they that ‘qualify’ them to be a partner of conspiracy. They are just nothing but mere slaves to BN in upholding their political agendas such as ‘Ketuanan Melayu’  and ‘Projek Memiskinkan Rakyat & Negara.’

Action speaks LOUDER than words. Haven’t you know that Musa? Just look at those ‘good jobs’ you’ve doing last 2 nights and the people will know which side you’re taking between BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

Here comes the 'un-invited' party-crashers

Can’t you just let Pakatan leaders celebrate in peace for their 2nd anniversary of political tsunami which they won so convincingly 2 years ago? Or because it reminds you and your master of the misery of losing that you people turned ‘trouble-makers’ and ‘party-crashers’ during these celebrations.  Please go back and tell your master NOT to be bitter losers. The crowd might make your eyes turn red. People came in droves willingly just to listen to real leaders like Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng and Mahfuz Omar while BN has to ‘shuttle’ in crowd to make the numbers ‘look good’ at BN’s ceramah.

Meanwhile, what have the Polis Raja Di Malaysia done when Khairy led a peace-disturbing protest in front of the Aussies embassy? What about PRDM berpeluk tubuh when confronting the ‘hidden umno-led’ cow head protesters who later sat side-by-side with Kerismudin? Another good example of police ‘impartiality’ could be seen when our Men in Blue officers were merely watching when umno traffic-jammers burnt the poster of Penang CM Lim Guan Eng and later on, burnt the effigy of CM Lim Guan Eng during another trouble-making protest.

So our dear IGP, now what you got to say about these ‘impartialities’? I mean could the law enforcement officers allow the mob to ‘humiliate’ a democratically elected leader in such a way? I would shut up if I were you. The more you open your mouth, the deeper your foot gonna be inside it to make you look like the biggest fool in Malaysia!

What a sight to behold… Hahaha…

He’s getting married tomorrow!

Straight from Malaysiakini:

Ean Yong refused to believe that Teo would have taken his own life.

 “He was going to get married, why would he want to commit suicide,” the visibly distraught DAP leader told reporters in Shah Alam.

According to the state exco, Teo looked normal before heading off to the MACC office.

“He looked calm. Before he went to the MACC office, (lawyer M) Manoharan and myself talked to him about how to answer the questions.

“If there was any problems, I should be the one (to face action). I don’t see any reason for him to commit suicide,” he said.

This is what other Pakatan leaders had to say about Teo’s death:

Lau Weng San, DAP Kampung Tunku assemblyperson

MACC should provide a full explanation. I would ask that the investigating officers be suspended until a thorough investigation is done. 

 It is difficult to continue cooperating with MACC (on the investigation of corruption charges) when our personal safety is not guaranteed. They better arrest me than record my statement if I am going to subjected to ‘torture’.

MACC should get its priority straight. This is a case which involves (relatively) lower amount of money; it involves a few thousand, at most RM10 000. Why conduct an overnight investigation? There are other scandals which involve billions. What was the urgency for an all night probe when MACC has all the documents?

Teo was a healthy, energetic young man and his death comes as a shock. There was no need for him to commit suicide.

Teresa Kok, Selangor exco and DAP Kinrara assemblyperson

MACC has to be responsible for the death. There are a lot of questions being raised. Why did it (the investigation) drag on for so long? Why did MACC deny Teo access to a lawyer? Why should he (Teo) hang around the office (after he was released), and what sort of investigation was being carried out?

We are all very sad with the death of Teo which we hold MACC responsible for.

Hannah Yeoh, DAP Subang assemblyperson

I am extremely traumatised and shocked by Teo’s death. I last spoke to him yesterday, after lunch, before MACC came to us. He was a friend of mine.

I do not know what to say because at the moment we do not know what really happened to him. I now fear for the safety of my assistant.

Elizabeth Wong, Selangor exco and PKR Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson

I am shocked and outraged. This tragic incident is another reminder of the recklessness of supposedly public institutions like the MACC in pursuing the goals of its political masters. 

 Let me be clear, I hold the MACC responsible for Teo’s death. The shameless press conference this afternoon by MACC director of investigations Shukri Abdull is the biggest insult to the death of an innocent young man, and to Malaysians at large.

Does the MACC think it holds powers greater than the police when it interrogated Teo from 5pm to 4am the next day? In the face of such a frightening incident, I will not allow any of my staff to be taken in for questioning by MACC unless accompanied by their legal counsel.

The police must seal off Plaza Masalam and take into custody all those involved in the interrogation. Shukri should save whatever honour he and the MACC has left by resigning.

Tony Pua, DAP MP for Petaling Jaya Utara

Whatever it is, he was under their care. And it is fishing expedition, of people who will be the last person in the world to take money. This has gone completely over board.

Tan Seng Giaw , DAP MP for Kepong

We should let the police investigate first? Some people say there is foul play but let police investigate first.

Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, PKR president

PKR is shocked and saddened by this incident. We want an immediate and thorough probe to be carried out by the police and MACC. Immediate action must be taken to ensure that justice is served.

Khairy Jamaluddin, Umno Youth chief

I will call for Royal Commission of Inquiry but we must not pre-judge and cast aspersions as per LKS (Lim Kit Siang).

Wow… even the Son-in-Law also open his golden mouth to comment… Hmmm… this time MACC realli in real deep sh*t! But what’s the use of a Royal Commission of Inquiry? Nothing happened to the previous recommendation of RCI on Lingam & Co case! Any action on the 11 policemen who was involved in Kugan’s death? Till now, nobody was hauled to the court of law for action! SHAME SHAME SHAME on you SIL for suggesting a pointless solution!

Barbarians in Malaysian Parliament ala Taiwan

“Pelawat Sila Dafter Disini” tag can be found when you approach the guard house in the Parliament. However on Thursday (which is yesterday), I think most of security guards tasked to mend the guard post were either on leave or being absent without leave. Or else, how in the world could these security guards allowed a gang of barbarians to storm the Parliament and nearly (I dunno how near it was) assaulted a group of Opposition MPs.

violent attack towards dap karpal singh and lim lip eng at parliament 260209 sequence

Just take a look at those pictures taken from Malaysiakini and you’ll surprise that these barbarians were well dressed. Some even were in suits and tie!

The Malaysiakini reported – a day after proclaiming that ‘Singh is King’, DAP veteran Karpal Singh finds himself mobbed by a group of angry Umno Youth members at the Parliament lobby.

While we will ‘try’ to maintain the innocence and the ‘neutrality’ of the police and security force within the Parliament compound, I was appalled to see such UGLY situation took place within our well respected Parliament building. These barbarians has obviously ignored the honour and the serenity of the August House but as usual, the one-sided Speaker of the House has refused to issue an arrest warrant to them. I wonder how far can he go to show his one-sided face. Countless of times the Speaker of the House have acted in ‘protection’ of his paymaster.

Our Tiger of Bukit Gelugor has stirred the hornet’s nest when he alleged that his political rivals sent 2 live bullets to keep his mouth shut.

“Where did the damn Umno Youth fellows get the bullets?” Karpal asked. “Singh is King. I am not afraid. They made 100 police reports, sent me two bullets and demonstrated.” This is what he said during a session in the Parliament on Wednesday.

Karpal Singh is an old fox in Malaysian politics. He knew that he could not charged on the things he said in Parliament. However, the barbarians of umno has failed to realise that such action in Parliament has indeed, proved once again to the world that there are many people with ‘pariah’ mentalities.

Just imagine it. The SIL (son-in-law) not only did not condemn such stupid action by his sidekicks, he even went further to endorse their actions by issuing stupid warnings to Karpal Singh.

“We want to remind him that Umno Youth is not playing games and Karpal is the one who is playing with the sentiments of the rakyat, he is playing with fire. If he does not repent, then it would only serve to aggravate our anger and the anger of the people,” he warned.

After reading this, I would like to remind the SIL that the people is no longer standing by their side. If the rakyat still did, they won’t be trashed not once, but twice in the last 2 by-elections – making them sore-losers 2 out of 2! LOL 🙂

There will be another 3 by-elections coming this April and I think by that time, we’ll know more or less whether the rakyat is angry with Karpal Singh or even angrier with those barbarians.

Karpal Singh digs up Sh*t in umno

umno youth demonstration against karpal singh 100209 10My He may be old but full of wisdom.
He may be handicapped but full of strategies.
He may be physically weak but his spirit and virtues are as strong as ever.
This is our Karpal Singh – a man who is renowned for his fury and strong character when it comes to democracy and justice in Malaysia.

 By speaking up his mind ie. that a sultan is “sue-able”, he has stirred up the hornets’ nest and allow Malaysians (maybe the whole world) to see how hyphocrite those people who are holding high public post in the country. Last Friday, the barbarians from umno was trying to put some kind of intimidation by organising a street protest near his home after they attempted the same thing near his office. But Taikor Jeff Ooi knew it’s not easy even to shake up this Tiger of Jelutong!

According to Malaysian Insider, amongst those who reacted strongly to his comments were our very famous leaders who have great aspiration to climb higher in their party as well as political hierachy. Here we got Datuk Seri Khir Toyo (who tried to march to Karpal Singh’s house), Khairy Jamaluddin (who called for banishment), Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein (who has been calling for action against treason) and Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib (who has been calling for action against bloggers who have commented on the Perak sultan).

Malaysian Insider also questioned that whether we Malaysians do really need these leaders to lead us. These leaders who were ‘branded’ as emotional, reactionary and irrational leaders as such, who fly at a moment’s anger or upset with political rivals to consider a march, a banishment, rallies and harsh action against those who differ with them in philosophy and opinion?

At the same time, we all know what these super dupa leaders are capable of. The most infamous of all shoud be this ‘anak hantu toyol’ who shipped tonnes of government’s secrets out of the MB residence the very night when he was defeated by the people’s power. We also got the useless Son in Law of the Malaysia who is good at nothing but organising street protests and causing traffic jams.

We also got our ‘silenced’ Keris-mudin who is trying revive his eroding family’s grip in umno. Used to be one of the most outspoken young leaders, many put the blame on him for the coalition huge lost last election. As for this fellow with Double Muhammad to his name… SIGHHHHH… I thought he supposed to clean his ass in Australian cells when he was caught with loads of CASH – undeclared monies in his attempt to ‘smuggle’ them into Oz. Only the devil knew why he brought so much cash into Australia but one reason was maybe he was too high profile to visit Genting. LOL!

How in the world can we Malaysians got ourselves to be led by these ‘so-call’ leaders? But one comfy things that we ought to know is fortunately, we have options now even if Umno doesn’t realise it yet. 🙂

Son In Law on Fire

Wow… Yesterday if you happened to be in one of BN ceramah where we got a super-talker in the First Son In Law Curry Jamaluddin who ‘awed’ and ‘oooohhhed’ the audience of Permatang Pauh with his ‘fiery’ speech. As loud as the loudspeaker could wail, he declared that BN is here to BURY Anwar Ibrahim and his political aspiration once and for all! Wow… How daring loh…

The SIL (son in law) also questioned where the hell did Anwar got sooo much money to spend on his election warchest and alleged that such funds could only come from the US (how come US so interested in our by-elections?) and Anwar would sell the country to the US if he manage to become PM one day. Wahhh… what kind of a theory is this? How creative was this SIL to link Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim with the US. Such creativity has been sorely missed amongst our politicians and leaders in BN lineup.

Within minutes this news was published in Malaysiakini news portal, the netizens responded with their initiative on such ‘arrogant’ remarks by the SIL. In fact, everytime when the name Curry Jamaluddin was mentioned online, it has managed to attract super high attention from fellow netizens. Let us read what they got to say:

23PSI: Indeed, it may be BN’s plan to ‘bury’ Anwar but the reality is that the rakyat will ‘bury’ BN. Not Anwar but BN will be ‘buried’, Khairy.
Judging by the events that have unfolded from the beginning with the sodomy charges against Anwar and the most recent ACA operation involving PKR exco members, it will be BN that gets ‘buried’ in Permatang Pauh.
If that doesn’t do the job, there’s always the next GE. Bye-bye BN. Consequently it may be Khairy’s political career that will be buried.

Millionth Citizen:
Who is Khairy Jamaluddin to talk about Lim Kit Siang and Anwar not chastising Zulkifli? Look at your father-in-law first before you talk – don’t be a pot calling the kettle black.
As for you, just one question – where did you get the money to buy ECM Libra shares?

It’s sometimes hard not to question the stance of our Umno leaders. For example, our DPM Najib talking about racial equality and opportunity here in Malaysia.
It’s as if he’s a little boy asking ‘What? I don’t see any problems – where are the problems? It’s only you people (read: non-Malays) who don’t realise how lucky you are to have BN and Umno.’
A few days after announcing the provision of scrap metal licences to Indian voters in Permatang Pauh, Najib enlightens the Chinese on how lucky they are to be in Malaysia and how privileged they are indeed to even retain their Chinese names!
The sheer audacity (or perhaps the blinding ignorance, or maybe even just the pedestrian logic) this PM-in-waiting displays is unbelievable.
Please, voters of Permatang Pauh, sink this ship once and for all and bring an end to the racist politics of Umno.

Sang Kancil: As a cultured and properly brought up person, I feel the jungle is the best place for Khairy to live.
He has forgotten that he did the same thing during GE8 when he challenged voters to ‘sink the moon’ in Kelantan. He shrank after the GE 8.
This ultra-Malay’s speeches are foul. The eastern cultural characteristic of respecting an elderly person who is his party’s opponent is not there.
He always advocated a monkey culture. There is no place for him in Malaysian politics.
The Rembau voters who have voted for him should withdraw their votes and send him to the Amazon provided the Brazilian government allows him to enter.
I am really disgusted with this homosapien.

Eulogy For The Living Dead:
Oops! Are we hearing the news that Umno’s salvation guy, Khairy Jamaluddin, has flown to Permatang Pauh and promised to ‘bury’ Anwar and send his political career into oblivion?
Maybe Khairy wants to look at his salvation act and see how he has ‘buried’ his own father-in-law’s political career with the ‘demise’ of the five states in the hands of Pakatan Rakyat, not to mention his own ‘burial’ with a limbo rock on his position as deputy head of Umno Youth.
Good, Khairy. Do more salvation work – ‘bury’ your own career.

Mohammed bin Ah Chong: Firstly, Najib has implicitly shown his Malay supremacy mind set when he says he allows us non-Malays to ‘practise’ our culture.
Something as simple as keeping the names that our parents gave us has become something of a privilege.
Secondly, who is he to say that we are allowed to ‘practice’ our culture by keeping our namesake?
Does that mean the country belongs only to Umno, and our forefathers have contributed nothing to the independence of the country so that Umno can preach what ‘practicing a culture’ is?
Then again, one needs to only look at our all-knowing Home Minister Syed Hamid who has become de facto religious minister by how he prescribes what community newspapers can and cannot publish.
He has also defended the logic that a crime of consensual sex can only be brought against the accused, even when the accuser has alleged that it was not consensual at all.
As a side note, I would like to also add that Umno has been ‘practising’ politics of coincidence: the ACA charges against Yong of Sapp after his party’s motion of no-confidence was a ‘coincidence’; the sudden introduction of the DNA bill after Anwar’s arrest was also a ‘coincidence’.
How about Saiful’s swearing one day before nomination day in Permatang Pauh? Yup, you guessed it – a ‘coincidence’.
Well, it doesn’t take a trained monkey to guess what Abdullah has dismissed claims of recent ACA action against Perak councillors as – a ‘coincidence’ of course!
I hope and pray that the people of Permatang Pauh will be wise come August 26th.

Dhammika: KJ is now revealing his true personality by saying that Anwar’s political life will be ‘buried’ by the contaminated hands of BN because Anwar is power-crazy.
See who is talking. The Fourth Floor mouth piece is the one who is actually power-crazy. Anwar is not ‘power-crazy’.
He is just duty bound lto reform and change the corrupted, evil, arrogant, dishonest and racist BN government.

The father in-law is talking and promoting Islam Hadhari but the son in-law is talking like a mobster. Is this is the teaching of Islam Hadhari?
If Pak Lah could not educate even his son in-law, how is he going to educate others? This is a good time for Permatang Pauh voters to teach those who are arrogant like Khairy.

* Seems to me that the rakyat has voiced out their opinions. I rest my case.

Malaysia to play Coachless Chelsea?

The Star reports today:

The Government will study whether to allow Chelsea’s Israeli soccer coach Avram Grant and midfielder Tal Ben Haim into Malaysia in view of a travel ban on Israelis. “I’m not sure what the decision should be yet but it will be a pity if politics gets in the way of sports,” Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak told reporters.

The Star (in future) will report:

Classic Football performance from Malaysia! The Malaysian national football team scored a big victory when they beat a hapless Chelsea by a 3-0 goal margin in a friendly match played to a fullhouse in the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil. However, Chelsea was ‘forced’ to play without their coach due to a travel ban for all Israelis from the government of Malaysia…

LOL… Sound great to all the fans of Malaysian football eh? I know la… this scenario is IMpossible! I’m just trying to inject some ‘optimism’ back to our national football team after all their ‘F-rated’ performance on the pitch in the last decade. I know many will not be convinced. But at least I try, ok? But one thing for certain, the notion of Chelsea playing Malaysia without their coach still remain a possibility due to the fact that Malaysia do not have any diplomatic relations with Israel.

Sigh… Next time check before you invite. What’s the point of inviting an ‘X’ family for an outing and then told them that their Daddy won’t be joining cos you just don’t like his face? Don’t you run some basic background checks first? LOL! What’s the point of Chelsea playing here if their coach is not allowed to enter Malaysia? Maybe becos we got a Big Stadium which is ‘bigger’ than Stamford Bridge… Really ‘soh heng’ (anti climax)! First first say want to bring Chelsea to Malaysia. KHarri Potter (holding a bigshot post in FAM) somemore take photo with Chelsea CEO as if he will be their next ‘multi-million’ pound signing this coming summer.

Then someone may have reminded him, “Psssttt, Abg Curry, Chelsea punya coach tu Yahudi la!” “Alamak… cam mana nak settle ni? Lah ni dah invite depa ke Malaysia. Photoshot pun dah ambik! Pantang nenekmoyang kalau cancel las minit… Mana pegi air muka I nanti??”

Aiyoo Abg Curry, don’t worry. You still got your in-law wat. He’ll settle everything for you. These are minor technical problems onli…  As what General Najib has said, he’s sad if politics get in the way of sports. Suda kasi tipsi mah. Pak Lah & Gen Najib will settle. Chelsea will eventually come in full force.

IF Chelsea does come in full force, I hope our PAS friends won’t take to the streets like those morons did years ago in 1997, when Malaysia hosted an International Cricket tournament. Show to the world that Malaysia really boleh mature in everything we say and we do. Say NO to all those street demos – be it legal or illegal!

Search your soul & Repent…

The Malaysiakini reports:
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today said his “biggest mistake” in disastrous elections was to ignore cyber-campaigning on the Internet which was seized by the opposition.

Pak Lah Pak Lah… Please la…. for goodness sake, search your sould, admit your errors and repent. It’s better late than never. Instead, he still got guts (the wrong type of guts la) to point his finger at Cyber Campaign on the Internet for his disastrous loss in the election. He even blew his last chance to admit that it was the collecteral actions of his U Must Not Object group of people that send the people to ever embracing arms of the Opposition.

Come on la, what it has to do with watever you call them – Cyber campaign ka, cyber war ka or internet war. In fact, who’s waging such war against the money-spinning mechanism of BN? Is there a ‘war’ at all? Can any Opposition party fight with them on level ground in terms of promotions? NO NO & NO again! Political party cannot beat BN. But the people can! The Opposition need not pay millions of RM to promote themselves. The people volunteerly promote them by exposing all the shit the BN government is producing. So what can you say and who can you blame? aiyahhh…. look no more. Yourself la

Dear Pak Lah, you BN can control 101% of the radio & TV. Tat’s OK! Control the newspaper. Tat one OK also. Advertise aggresively in the Internet. Your ads can be found even in Yahoo! But you can’t control what the people want to read or hear. The world has changed but you and your konco-konco have not. That’s the problem lor.. so easy nia ma. Admit it la. Be a real man!

Everybody is the same. We are all ordinary humans. Not Superman or Ultraman. You chose to listen to whom you’ve chosen and so do the people. Will you listen to someone like Lilian the 5xMom? She is good in blog u know? LOL… Maybe you can employ her to teach your konco-konco to blog if you gonna fight this so-call Internet War in the next election. You got alot of Mat Rempits at the disposal of your in-law wat. Call them to attend her class rather than wasting time performing motor stunts nobody is interested in. I dunno whether she would accept or not but you can try to tempt her with a BIG pay packet! What do you say Sis?

We Malaysian are now living in the 21st century dah. We are no longer the katak under the tempurung oredi. Boycott local newsSo if you think you can influence the vote with these ‘petty’ promotional ideas such as newspaper and TV, you are horribly n terribly wrong!

I used to read and supported The Star. But during the election, all I got for my RM1.20 (weekdays) and RM1.50 (weekends) is a bunch of promotional leaflets for BN. The reporting was soooooooooooooo one-sided that I got soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of The Star, I have boycotted it till now! In fact I am advocating a campaign to boycott the local newspapers. So if anyone out there want real news? It’s so simple… read my blog la… hehehehe…. 🙂 Somemore it’s FOC! Where got such a good deal you can get with printed media?

Pak Lah has forgotten the famous old wise saying “Too many cooks spoils the soup!” I believe the promotional mechanism of BN got too hot liao so much so they pump too much money into the ‘conventional’ ways of doing things and people got ‘jilak’ with their message.

Coupled with the recent happenings such as the issue of Hindraf, Kerismudin, In-Laws, Lingam & Co and other self-destruct stories from every component of BN, it equals to the worst performance by the ruling party in a general election of Malaysia. Unless they change, here I mean a real change in their hearts n mind, a defeat looms for UMNO & Associates! It’s time for you to admit and repent my dear Prime Minister…