Himpunan Harapan Rakyat : The Galleria


Congratulations to ALL Penangites from all races as EVERYBODY converged to Han Chiang College ground to make HISTORY as the BIGGEST Political rally took place where more than 70,000 (or Kwang Wah Press reported 100,000) brave the heavy downpour to listen to the speeches of Pakatan candidates in PENANG!

For those who missed such great and wonderful moments, just take a few seconds to witness with us these great historic events through the lenses of those who have attended! We are waiting for YOU ALL to come onboard with us this coming 3rd and 4th of May 2013!!!





I was there! Though the crowd was pre-dominant Chinese, there are countless of Indians and Malays countrymen who were also there to share our same passion for a clean and just government. What’s most precious among this crowd of multi-ethic was everyone was there on their own will.

Caretaker CM Lim Guan Eng was spot on again in his speech. There is NO Free food, NO Free drinks, NO Free lucky draw prizes. The only things they got FREE on that night was FREE rain! But even though it rained cats and dogs (some said was the work of ‘bomoh team’ by Sarawak ‘jail-going’ CM Pekmoh ‘white hair’), the crowd just refused to be distracted and stood by Pakatan’s leaders to listen to their ceramah.

We DO NOT alter the pics as what was done by BN cybertroopers!

We DO NOT alter the pics as what was done by BN cybertroopers!

The crowd got even more motivated when the ‘evergreen’ Lim Kit Siang took the center stage to relay his stories about the on-going tsunami hitting the southern part of Malaysia where he is leading the Pakatan Rakyat’s onslaught on BN’s bastion- JOHOR!

Just take a look at this picture taken during a ceramah in Gelang Patah yesterday and you’ll sense that CHANGE IS REALLY IMMINENT when the once sleepy Parliamentary constituency suddenly find itself becoming the center spot of national politics when Kit Siang decided to sacrifice himself and initiate Pakatan’s attack.

GeneralElection13-hanchiang03Flanked by DAP strategists Liew Chin Tong and Teoh Nie Ching, Johor found itself NO LONGER the backwater of Malaysian politics as the southerners began to re-assert their share of participation in determining the future of the nation once again. Ghani Othman & co (inclusive of Mooooohidin) seems to be in disarray and panic situation where it prompted our ‘caretaker’ DPM Mooohidin to declare in national newspaper reminding Malaysians that losing Johor will be catastrophic for Malaysian collectively.

With Johorean joining the fray, this time UBAH will NO LONGER be a DREAM! UBAH can and will be a reality for all Malaysians who seek a just, fair and safe country so that our next next generations can live in peace with everyone from different race!

UBAH – Now it’s the TIME! Ini Kali-lah!!!



Himpunan Harapan Rakyat : 29 Apr 2013



To ALL Rakyat who hope for a Change (UBAH!), please reserve this date and time in your dairy. Spread the news, tell your friends and loved ones! Do what you think is LEGAL 🙂 & Get everyone to Han Chiang College this evening! It’s gonna be BIG!!!

See you TONIGHT 8PM @ Han Chiang College big field where our Pakatan Big Guns will be there for a “Meet the People” sessions!

Leaders such as CM Lim Guan Eng and the ‘Evergreen’ Lim Kit Siang will grace the event as VIP while all Pakatan candidates will be there to be introduced to the people of Penang as well.

So come over and get to know who will you be voting for come this General Election on 5th of May 2013!

Jom UBAH! Ini Kali-lah…!!!


Kit Siang to Soi Lek : Let’s fight!

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, who has announced his candidacy for Gelang Patah in the 13th general election, has challenged MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek to face him in the BN stronghold.

Chua Soi Lek to accept the gauntlet?

Lim Kit Siang to face Chua Soi Lek in GE13

Will chua soi lek dare to accept the challenge???

However, when the MCA president was queried by reporters on the alleged challenge by Lim Kit Siang, Dr. Chua did not give away any hint that he might accept Kit Siang’s thrown gauntlet but criticize the old Opposition figure of his frequent duel on Chinese BN candidates instead of having the guts to take on umno representatives deep in umno territory.

Dr. Chua, please do not avoid the question by posing another question. Can’t you just answer the question like a gentleman? Even though the people (rakyat) has yet to know whether you will contest in the coming General Election or not, please take out some guts to announce to the world whether you are contesting and if you are, will you have bigger guts to take on Lim Kit Siang in your own territorial of Johor state?

Attention Soi Lek, your rivals are at your doorstep!

Lim Kit Siang is taking high risk to venture into this BN bastion of Gelang Patah!

Lim Kit Siang is taking high risk to venture into this BN bastion of Gelang Patah!

We know it will be too much if we are to ask you to move out of your comfort zone to contest in the coming election but now your rival has come up to your doorstep and knock on your door for a challenge. Will you still hide around the skirts of our Prime Minister Najib razak? We are sad to see our mandate-less PM dare not call for fresh election so that he could rule the country with a new mandate. How can we entrust the task of nation building and the future of our children to such a courage-less man??

Chua Soi Lek, will you have the courage to contest and face off with Lim Kit Siang? Be a man and stand up to be counted like our late Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu. He knew the stakes were high but he never retreat! He might have lost but he kept his dignity and earn our respect! It is SAD to know that people of such stature no longer exist in our cabinet of leaders today…

Hand-shaking Man???

Nominated for "Joker" of the Week

The anugerah of Mr. Handshake must have gone to our BeEnd’s candidate for Hulu Selangor Mr. Kamalanathan!

Why, you may ask… Here’s why…

1. Excerpt from Malaysiakini: ” Look, I don’t want to worry about that. I’ve got to meet 60,000 people within seven days. That is my biggest task and the most important task. It’s not easy, my dear friend. Let me concentrate on that.” – Kamalanathan, BN candidate for Hulu Selangor.

These are the very words that came out from Kamalanathan yesterday when interviewed by Malaysiakini press experts. When cornered by the press regarding what he thought about the attempts by his other “brother-in-arm” -umno to attack the personal characters of Zaid Ibrahim, the BeEnd candidate seemed to be ‘out of control’ and blurred out some irrelevent things instead of agreeing or rejecting such dirty tactics by umno.

I am pretty sure that Mr. Kamala was definately ‘shaking’ in his hand when he found himself in this pit of journalism trap yesterday. To blurt out such an answer would tantamount to the fact that Anwar Ibrahim was correct all these while. That the candidate chosen by umno to contest here in Hulu Selangor was nothing but a weakling. Umno wanted a weak guy to contest so that he will be a ‘yes-man’ to umno instead of Samy Buloo. Perhaps Palanivel was deemed to be too ‘strong-willed’ and too loyal to his master. Thus his ‘attributes’ have cost him a place in this by-elections.

Meanwhile, Lim Kit Siang has just twitted “Kamalanathan’s only job -2meet 60k ppl in 7 days, for what? BN Man is just hand-shaking machine!” Indeed LKS was right… How in the world could Kamalanathan claimed that he did not know what other BN people were doing while his MOST important job at this moment is to ‘meet’ 60,000 people in 7 days! Yet he still has the guts to say that it is not easy and he needs to concerntrate on it! What a JOKE of the week! Hahahaha….

I really hope that our Hulu Selangor folks will be wise enough NOT to have this clown in our Parliament. Heaven knows what kind of JOKES he will bring into the August House in the future IF he is to be elected…

Do Not Insult our Journalists!

“I was mis-quoted.”

“I was taken out of context.”

“Words were being put in my mouth!”

“I certainly don’t look that stupid, am I?”

“I dunno, I never said that before. My words have been twisted.”

These are a few ‘samples’ of phrases which a politician (particularly from ‘Be End’) needs to memorise in case of when he/she was quoted by our local press when reporting some highly sensitive issues. So everytime when a ‘Be End’ politician found himself in hot soup for uttering sensitive or seditious remarks, he would always resort to use any of these phrases in his bid to get himself out of the sh*t.

Sometimes I really pity our journalists. I got 2 cousins studying Mass Com and they told me they hope to be a good reporter in the future. They have my sympathy. LOL… Everytime it has quite become a norm for them to become a punching bag for our irresponsible politicians and I really hope that they can come out with a live video recording that prove they were in fact, the ones who reported the truth!

Meanwhile with those 14 musketeers waging a civil war within ‘Be End’ component parties, I think it’s only a matter of time before the real war break out. Already our Man of the Week Ahmed Ismael fired the first salvo by branding Koh Tsu Khoon ‘a great Liar and an opportunist’ while Koh retaliated by calling Ahmed ‘irresponsible’ and recalcitrant (meaning unruly, disobediant & unmanageable or perhaps barbaric) member of the ‘Be End’ coalition.

While Pak Lah urged Ahmed to apologise in order to settle the issue once and for all, Ahmed instead of being a loyal party member, turned the table upside down in a clear defiant act give our PM a BIG slap on the face. But as if he has already got used to such slaps by party members, I bet Pak Lah will go on smiling as if nothing has happened before. We really got one very thick-skin PM in ‘boleh-land’. I think we should be ‘proud’ of it. LOL…

As mentioned by Lim Kit Siang in Malaysiakini, the Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail’s over-growing support from his party colleagues over his racist remarks has put Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on shaky ground which could result in an early ‘expulsion’ from office for Pak Lah should the ‘virus’ of Ahmed Ismael spread to other states. Hmmm… even a small potato such as Ahmed Ismael has a potential of breaking ‘Be End’ apart… How Amazing..!

Today Ahmed when contacted by Malaysiakini, boasted that he suddenly received an over-whelming support from Malay-Muslim groups on his defiant act not to apologize. I also dunno what is there to be proud of. If you received tremendous support from groups made up of all races, then I can understand your sense of achievements. But what is there to boast when you only got the support from the same groups of people that are most probably ‘as racist as’ yourself! Somemore hor, if you think they are sincere in supporting you ‘tremendously’, you should give them credit by naming them! I can also said that I got tremedous support to replace the Bukit Bendera umno division head but without taking out any proof, all I said is plain bullsh*t! The 13 ‘band of brothers’ who defended you yesterday COULD NOT and DID NOT represent many many prominant Malay Muslim groups. In fact, I’m telling you at the moment that many Malay-Muslim group are ‘cursing’ you for being a BIG racist that tarnish their reputations and their names. Do you believe that? 🙂

As for the reporter of Sin Chew Daily who was accused of blowing this issue ‘out of context’, he would be able to sleep well at night as 2 other reporters have came out to prove that whatever has been reported by him was true as they have also heard Ahmed has uttered the seditious remarks on that fateful night. Hmmm… seems that the day when journalist was treated as a punching bag is over…

Let the Battle begins

It is confirmed. The Permatang Pauh by-election will see a 3 corner fight as reported by our source – Malaysiakini. It further confirmed that AKIM, a splinter party that came out of PAS would field its president Hanafi Hamat in an effort to ‘steal’ some Malay votes.

Nomination took place this morning amid tight security where an estimated 10,000 members of Pakatan Rakyat were there to give their moral support to DSAI. Even senior leaders such as Lim Kit Siang and our humble Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat was there – a clear signal that Pakatan would always remain united despite some negativities raised in the local newspapers to sway the rakyat’s confidence on the Alliance.

As for the BN side, it was their first time to be outnumbered by the other parties ever since they were ‘relegated’ to become the Opposition in the state. Arif Shah was flanked by the every infamous Dato Seri Najib Razak & Co which includes the unpopular Samy Veloo and Koh Tsu Khoon. Their courage should be commended due to their thickness of their face when they showed up to give support to the BN candidate. If I’m Samy or Koh, I will choose to be Pak Lah – don’t show my face better. Why make our dear Arif even more unpopular and disliked by the public? Poor Pek Moh (white hair)… Arif Shah is already facing an uphill battle, there is no need to put any additional burden on him anymore. LOL.

By the way, heads off to Anil Netto’s blog for more detailed reports during the Nomination Day. Big Thank you to Anil’s initiative!

Tonight @ 8pm, there will be a ceramah by our Taikor blogger Jeff Ooi and Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Seberang Jaya – a place with good concentration of non-Malays and we hope that the crowd will come out in drooves to give a good show of support to our People’s Alliance in this Battle. I’ll try to get a number for readers to SMS for latest location of ceramahs. See you there folks!

Alienated in their Own State

It has been quite a year since I first put my footprints on the Land Beneath the Wind – Sabah and The Wiz can assure you that the place was as FACINATING as its name. Beautiful… Unique… Awesome even when Gunung Kinabalu was viewed from afar.

But I’m sure everyone will agree with me that the only thing that become an eyesore in Sabah is not anything like rubbish or pollution, Sabah was literally ‘infested’ with illegal immigrants! Together with Pulau Gaya, the ‘rumah-rumah setinggan’ along the main highway has always been an eyesore to most Sabahan locals such as Kadazandusun but suprisingly, not even one in the ruling BN seems to notice that.

My dear Sabahans, please… WAKE UP!!! Join us in making ourselves heard loud and clear thru the proper channel. In the last General Election, we voted those ‘unclean’ out from our states and form another ruling coalition that promote CAT (Clean, Accountable & Transparency) governance.

Our CM Daddy Lim Kit Siang is right! The 30-year problem on illegals has reduced Sabahans into a minority in their own home state. See how the Pakatan MPs care for Sabahan. Elder Lim has tried to raise the controversial issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah but was subsequently shot down by BN’s House Speaker, Ronald Kiandee who happens to be a MP from Sabah.

How irony was that? Mr. Ronald McDonald was trying to shield BN from the reality? Was he turning not one but both eyes blind on the issue which has ‘tormented’ Sabah society for more than 30 years? Or maybe it was simply becos ‘ada udang disebalik batu’? There has been serious allegations that illegal immigrants from neighbouring Philippines and Indonesia have been given identity cards by the authorities to enable them to vote in elections. Would that be true? Perhaps we need another Royal Commission to investigate on these allegations. That would be very interesting and I’m sure the Old ‘M’an will find himself occupied on another front – answering “I can’t remember” or “I can’t recall” again and again. LOL…

My dear fellow Sabahan, it has time and again proven that these ‘unclean’ reps which you have voted in could not and would not defend the interest of the state and the people. You know… they have to tow the party line or face the whip by General Najip. Some morons so-call leaders from Sabah still dare to claim that no one loves Sabah more than they did and yet were cowards enough to hide behind the bench (backbencers mah…) when Kit Siang tried to raise this issue in the Parliament yesterday. Shame on them… ‘ptui’! This is not a REAL man act! Better wear skirts next time when the MPs meet again.

Statistic showed that the total number of foreigners, including illegal immigrants, in Sabah is estimated at 1.75 million in a population of around 3.3 million. It means that ‘genuine’ Sabahan only make up around 1.55 million and now the question is, who’s the REAL Alien in Sabah? Sabahan themselves lor… Realli a Joke of the Year 2008!