Should we say ‘YES’ to BN Corruption Culture?

Don't Believe a word from the Star paper!

Everywhere we go, we can see Najib & gang is giving out money to the constituents. If by announcing this grants that grants is not enough, BN subcontracted the ‘rasuah’ (graft) culture to its crony infested group call ‘Kelab 1Malaysia Welfare’. This group has been giving out FREE dinners almost EVERY night to lure people out with free food while trying to discourage the people of Penang to attend ceramah held by Pakatan Rakyat in nearby areas.

A Culture of Corruption in Malaysia.

One of BN's main sub-contractors to 'bribe' the rakyat...

One of BN’s main sub-contractors to ‘bribe’ the rakyat…

These BN’s sub-contractors themselves were no angels. We have sources claimed that even though the upper echolans were initially paying these hard-working hawkers RM1,000 per night for serving free food to the constituents, not all of them received the full payment. Almost all of the hawkers could testify that they will only received payments ranging from RM500 – RM700 while the rest were paid to the ‘middle-man’ who organized the event.

“Wow”… Just imagine it… RM300 – RM500 per hawkers per night! How much would these ‘middle-men’ make when the entire election campaign period ends? I’m not good in maths but I know it’s gonna be a windfall when everything folds up irregardless whether BN going to win back Penang or not…

Of Lucky Draw, Free Food & Songs

In any BN ceramah you go, these sub-contractors will be providing endless of ‘entertainment’ to keep you around instead of allowing you to attend other party’s political gatherings. Instead of dishing out to the public how these BN ‘hopefuls’ going to serve the constituents in their respective areas, these youngsters or greenhorns were so BANKRUPT of ideas that they allow the paid emcees to do their jobs by keeping the crowd engaged with lucky draw prizes.

FREE Food for everybody! Eat ALL you can!!

FREE Food for everybody! Eat ALL you can!!

These cameos are so laughable because they (BN candidates) DON’T even know what is the needs and plight of their constituents! These lucky draws, free food and karaoke sessions were there to COVER their ignorance on the ground! So are these your so-call ‘winnable’ candidates Najib? ARE YOU SO blardy SURE???

High Quality of Pakatan Rakyat’s Political Ceramah.

HUGE crowd converging the Esplanade on the pre Nomination day by Pakatan Rakyat Penang.

HUGE crowd converging the Esplanade on the pre Nomination day by Pakatan Rakyat Penang.

Just try and go to any one of the Pakatan Rakyat’s ceramah and you will sense the entire difference between the 2 camps. Not that I am flattering these Pakatan’s candidates, but the way and contents of their political ceramah will always keep you on your feet as they drove each points accurately and relevantly which affects our daily lives.

These Pakatan Rakyat’s candidates DO NOT give away lucky draw prizes. They don’t have free food for you. There won’t be any karaoke sessions! But everywhere they go, it was ‘jammed’ packed with people. Something must be so attractive in what they got to say or else the infamous practical Penangites won’t give a second to what you have to say!

Slow Down in Internet

According to the latest Malaysiakini reports, there are attempts to ‘sabotage’ the internet accessibility of DAP’s websites and facebook accounts. Such dirty tactics employed by their detractors are indeed despicable but in this age of high technology and information, anything is possible!

“At the same time, please don’t just rely on the Internet, come to our ceramahs, especially the one to be held at Han Chiang College field, where DAP senior leader Kit Siang will be present,” Lim Guan Eng was quoted as saying in their attempt to thwart the ‘Online Onslaught’ by detractors.

The Mega Ceramah mentioned here will be the one which will be held on 29th April 2013 (Monday night) at Han Chiang College. Big crowd will be expected and therefore, rakyat has been advised to come early and park your car properly in order not to create any traffic congestion in the area.

Indeed the TIME has come. SAY “NO” to BN’s Budaya Rasuah! Jom UBAH – Ini Kali-lah!!!


Penang Pakatan’s Election Manifesto 2013

To counter fierce criticism of its housing policy, Penang Pakatan Rakyat today released a 12-point manifesto for the state, listing the building of 22,000 quality, affordable housing units in all the five districts of the state among its promises. Pakatan will also ensure that all districts have houses for the poor to rent and will establish a State Housing Board to ensure more effective management of housing.

generalelection13-03It also plans to get control over Penang Port and the island-mainland ferry service returned to the state government, as a counter to the BN pledge to return the free port status to Penang.

Communities to benefit from the manifesto will include women, youth, fisherfolk and taxi drivers, who would be given an annual incentive of RM600, the manifesto states. There also are plans to start zones for aquaculture in Seberang Perai Utara and Seberang Perai Selatan, abolish boat and fishing licences and to annually provide fishing nets free to inshore fishermen.

Undersea tunnel to go ahead

Putting aside severe criticisms from NGOs, Pakatan insists in its manifesto that it will carry out the RM6.3 billion traffic dispersal project by way of three highways and an undersea tunnel linking Gurney Drive on the island with Bagan Ajam in Butterworth.

To prove that it is not anti-Islam or was marginalising the Malays, as touted by Umno, the DAP-led government promises to emphasise the elevation of Islam and welfare state status.

It promises to appeal to the federal government to establish Malay heritage zones in the state, such as in Tanjung Tokong and Batu Uban. An Islamic hospital based on the wakaf concept, land for the building of surau and setting up Islamic cemeteries, land worth RM50 million for a syariah complex in George Town and RM10 million for the Seberang Perai Tengah syariah court complex are other pledges in this area.

Additional land for non-Muslim places of worship in new areas, according to needs, and assistance for the Hindu Endowment Board are among pledges for minority communities.

CAT policy to continue

To continue with its competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) policy, Pakatan says it will comprehensively implement the Freedom of Information Enactment and ban family members of elected representatives from doing business with the government.

The manifesto also outlines Pakatan’s plan to empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the state by building a RM40 million centre and a RM15 SME village.

Other highlights in the manifesto:

  • Emphasis on arts, culture and heritage and ensuring that Penang becomes cleaner, greener, healthier and safer;
  • Further developing the tourism sector, expanding on science and technology and improving infrastructure;
  • Setting up a global halal centre and a regional hub for the marketing and manufacturing supply chain in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle;
  • Creating a high technology green industrial park in Batu Kawan and expanding the micro-credit financial assistance scheme with an additional RM5 million;
  • Expanding the medical tourism sector and developing Balik Pulau and Batu Kawan as eco-heritage resorts;
  • Establishing five centres for creative learning programmes for remedial teaching in the fields of reading, writing, mathematics, science, Malay and English;
  • Developing a gender responsive policy to elevate the status of women and to eradicate discrimination against women;
  • Providing free mammograms as well as child care centres in every district;
  • Empowering the Hindu Endowment Board;
  • Increasing CCTV cameras and street lamps to maintain Penang as the safest state in Malaysia;
  • Retaining Balik Pulau as a green corridor;
  • Making Penang a bicycle state by providing 200km of bicycle lanes throughout the state; and
  • Returning the power to determine freehold land status to the state government.

The manifesto was read out by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in the presence of 1,000 people.

Accompanying him was state DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow, the party’s deputy P Ramasamy, senior leader Lim Kit Siang, state PKR chief Mansor Othman and election director Mustafa Kamal Mohd Yusoff.

During his speech, Kit Siang praised the manifesto, saying that it was a “success story” of the Pakatan government.

“Here’s a success story compared the failure story of (caretaker) Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s transformation for the past four years,” he said.

“That is why he was afraid of calling the general election and has delayed it. Malaysians have been on campaign mode for the last four years,” he added.

“If he is afraid, how can he be PM? That is why Malaysians need Ubah (change).

Teng & BN running out of ideas in Penang

China Father of Modernization Deng XiaoPing has once famously mentioned that “regardless of a white or a black cat, it is a good cat if he catches a mice!” Perhaps this is what Penang bn chairman Teng Chang Yeow has in mind when he suddenly ‘recruited’ 2 controversial figures for his on-going election campaign.

The ‘Tainted’ ones have served their sentences…

Crazy Skipper steering the ship through the iceberg!

Crazy Skipper steering the ship through the iceberg!

Malaysiakini has quoted Teng cy as saying – “There is nothing important about this. Everyone has a past. The duo (his new advisers) have served their sentences. All I need is their ideas on the battle field/ That is all,” he stressed.

The two controversial figures generated a fuss in both bn & Pakatan Rakyat’s camp as they were a former MCA Youth leader and a former deputy minister, Kee Yong Wee, and Wong Choon Win,were active in the MCA in the 1980s. However, their past were ‘really’ not very ‘clean’ as both has been convicted of criminal breach of trust and JAILED for their offences respectively.

According to the records of Malaysiakini, Wong, 74, was arrested and charged with criminal breach of trust in a deposit-taking cooperatives scandal in February 1987. He was convicted and jailed for 9 months. As for Kee, he was a deputy minister for trade and industry in 1984, was also arrested, charged, convicted and jailed for criminal breach of trust in 1987.

Penangites surely Reject Clueless & Desperate leaders!

Gosh… Can’t Teng changyeow find some with a better credibility record to assist him in the coming elections? Or perhaps most of the credible ones were either ‘politically assassinated’ or could have left the coalition as they don’t see any good prospect of staying in this hopeless coalition. Teng is practically inviting potshots by the ruling Pakatan Rakyat as these 2 ex-convicts (I’m sorry but I’m just referring to the facts!) will only add unnecessary weight to his already tossing ship trying to gain some political miles around the turbulent waves of Penang politics!

This is what you get for overlooking me as chairman of penang bn! LoL...

This is what you get for overlooking me as chairman of penang bn! LoL…

Sometimes I really pity Teng changyeow for his current position. Just look around and everyone knows that he is surrounded by crooks and liars who will not even blink twice to tear him into pieces if he is to take a wrong step. That may be one of the reasons on why he chose to work with someone he ‘trusted’ (really???) or someone outside the corridor of cronies where he can at least confide his tactics and thoughts. Zainal abidin and aunty tan cheng liang will bygones for Penang voters. Koay-kau (Garuppa) hua and Poh-hiau (Sissy) nam will not be able to last long anymore in Penang politics where high demand of credibility and public service remain the top criteria for Penangites. I am pretty sure even his mentor Paper-tiger koh & Winnie the Pooh chia will distance themselves from Teng changyeow after this!

But the action of recruiting ‘tainted’ individuals to run your election campaign will only show that Teng cy is really desperate and running out of idea. How on earth could he trust the b****-metallic state Umno Youth Shaik Hussein Mydin as his election co-ordinator? Sure kena sabo-tage!!!

Indeed, how could a desperate and clueless leader like Teng changyeow gain the trust of Penangites to lead us into the future? Dream on Mr. Teng…

Mana pegi The Fantastic Four?

The opposition may have won 5 States in the last election and everyone seems to be ‘immersing’ in their pool of joy and accomplishments so much so that we seemed to have forgotten all the fuss regarding the ‘indelible ink’. Before the election on March 8th, our EC chairman together with our Attorney General and Inspector General of Police has claimed that the they have arrested 4 person in connection with the smuggling of such ink and therefore, a free and fair election would be compromised if EC proceed to use the ink on the voters. However, after 2 weeks have passed since election day, mana pegi these 4 people? Why aren’t they produced in court to obtain remand order by the police? Do they really exist?

According to Malaysiakini:
“Malaysian Voters Union coordinator BK Ong said that the police should not conveniently forget about the case and sweep it under the carpet just because the election was over and the people were not talking about it.”

Social reform movement Aliran’s treasurer Anil Netto said Malaysians have the right to know about the details of the police probe into the case.
“It’s imperative for the police to reveal the contents of their investigations. Otherwise Malaysians would think that the police and other related agencies have failed to justify their excuse to prohibit the indelible ink in the election.”

Aiya… Malaysians mudah lupa mah… Jus look at what happened to the ‘mongolian case’. It will drag & drag until everyone lose interest and voooshh! it’s gone! Almost all major newspaper has since stopped reporting about it. As for the indelible ink issue, lambat laun it will sink and sink into the deep ocean and soon everyone will forget about it and viola! Mission accomplished! Where has the ink gone? Where are those 4 suspects? They have become the Fantastic 4 and took the ink with them into another universe they call home. Is that what our government want us the Malaysians to believe? In fact, where is the ink now? Did they really buy the ink from India? If not, then where is that RM2.4 million? Only Pak Lah and EC Chairman Abdul Rashid has the answer.

Please la… This kind of soap opera no longer appeal to the rakyat oredi. It may work in times of P.Ramlee. I really hope all Malaysians will be awaken by now! It has been too long for the rakyat to be duped by these class F actors! So long as there is no clean up in our judiciary system and Election Commission, things won’t improve much for the country. Let us be united to show Pak Lah the TRUE colour of Malaysian. In this GE2008, the Opposition won 5 states. Come the next one, let us resolute to try and change the Feds!