Bankrupt MCA

Don't Believe a word from the Star paper!

Go on… flip through the Star paper today and you’ll know what I mean by declaring MCA as Bankrupt!

Seditious ADs by the Star

There are many ways for putting up your advertisements. But if you are towing a damned FINE line if your ads are hovering between sowing HATRED and FEAR! This is even more self-damaging when you blardy MCA posed up all these ads in a well-circulated newspaper like the STAR!

Yes Yes, we know that the Star need to lick the balls of their political master which turn up to be the MCA and chua the pornstar but to go the distance until they reach this milestone? Come on, there must be some reasonable mind among the editors, right? Nope, I was wrong! Everyone in the Star is good-at-nothing but ball lickers and shoe-carriers. That’s why it gives me good satisfaction every time I SHOOT the STAR!!! Hahaha…

Just take a look at these ads in the newspaper:

One Vote for DAP = One Vote for PAS = One Vote for Pakatan = One Vote for UBAH!

One Vote for DAP = One Vote for PAS = One Vote for Pakatan = One Vote for UBAH!

Poor Turnout in MCA Ceramahs.

Well… the MCA candidates may have given up convincing voters and constituents in their daily political ceramah due to poor turnouts in the whole country. Hence, MCA resorted to publishing printed ads in the newspaper companies which they own in their vain bid to shore up support for their candidate hopefuls.

Do you think such ‘short-cut’ actions will yield results? Indeed what goes around, comes around… MCA has been cutting away good people at the expense of political survival for their leaders and now, they found themselves being surrounded by ‘sharks’ and ‘crocs’ who are insincere to help the party when it is in disarray!

Weak & Timid MCA.

MCA building on Chinese FEAR on PAS Hudud Laws...

MCA building on Chinese FEAR on PAS Hudud Laws…

Instead of going to the ground to hear the grouses and curses of the people regarding their silent support to many of umno ill-treatment on the rakyat, instead of braving themselves to ‘bite-the-bullet’ like mr. Ong Tee Keat, these MCA people chose to bury their heads into the ground like ostriches!

Being led by a ‘leader’ who DARE NOT contest in this coming General Election, MCA has LOST the plot even before the first shot was fired! With further cessation of territories to Umno such as the one in Gelang Patah, MCA continue to slide deeper in the deep quagmire of Malaysian politics. Chua soilek refused to fight and sacrifice himself in Gelang Patah clearly thrown all the theories preached by MCA on self sacrifices and service to the people straight down into the monsoon drain!

MCA chose to build on FEAR.

MCA rebuttal & clear insult of Pakatan's UBAH slogan!

MCA rebuttal & clear insult of Pakatan’s UBAH slogan!

Instead of everything which we mentioned earlier, MCA chose to build on the FEAR of Chinese on Hudud laws. Of course, all these were not helped by the continuous rattling of one part of PAS leaders on Hudud but we need to understand that it is NOT EASY to amend the country’s constitution given that both side DO NOT control 2/3 of the Parliament!

However, MCA continue to harp on this issue as they are indeed Bankrupt of any other constructive ideas. MCA has been feeding under the table of Umno for so long that it has forgotten how to bark when the master make mistakes. MCA has been Umno bedfellows in so many of their evil plans and corrupt practices that it has lost all ability to convince the rakyat that they will be the protector of our rights and justice!

MCA & Perkasa: Love Hate relationship?

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

Will MCA dare to admit that 1 Vote for MCA = 1 Vote for Umno = 1 Vote for Perkasa? Where is MCA when Perkasa threatens to destabilize the country’s harmony? Where is MCA when Perkasa hold various and continuous illegal rally protesting against Pakatan Rakyat’s administrations in Penang and Selangor? Sadly, MCA DARE NOT voice out against Perkasa even though Perkasa is only a NGO supported by the evil mamakthir.

Who is this blardy frogy ibrahim ali that Chua soilek was so afraid of? Ooooo… who knows? Maybe ibrahim froggy ali is ranked higher in the ‘invisible’ hierarchy’ of umno priority so much so that chua & son dare not cross ibrahim ali too much.

Tsunami 2008 vs UBAH 2013.

Let's UBAH for better Future!

Rakyat must rise up and UBAH on this coming 13th General Election!

MCA survived the onslaught of Tsunami 2008 where they are still able to field quite a number of MP to form Najib Razak cabinet. However, with so many incidents happening after the tsunami and with MCA cruising towards Bankruptcy  of ideals, it is not hard to see MCA being driven into political wilderness come UBAH 2013.

The TIME is at hand… Now it is! Jom UBAH – Ini Kali-lah!!! Salam UBAH to all my fighting comrades in this internet warfare.


MCA cracked again?

Given the omens lately, I don’t foresee a good future for MCA. Wahhh… sounds like a fortune teller eh? Perhaps I can set up a stall on Wednesday Farlim’s pasar malam to earn a living. Economy bad mah… Business has been very very slow these days.

I guess MCA is also facing bad business lately. Too many competitors spoiling the market. Cutting and under-cutting each other openly to survive has seen their leaders washing dirty linen in public. Poor poor MCA. Go blame long-long Sik. Blame the Old “M”an for umno demise. Blame big mouth Yaik for Gerakan disastrous performance last March 2008. As for MIC, blame the grassroots instead. Why? becos no one has the balls to pull Sami Bulu down. How incompetant! 🙂

Lately, the cracks is appearing to widen among MCA ranks. The Malaysiakini report that the uneasy relationship between MCA president Ong Tee Keat and his deputy Dr Chua Soi Lek is in the public spotlight again – this time the speculation focuses on Chua’s purported plan to revive the so-called Team A in the party.

The rumoured revival of Team A led by former MCA president Dr Ling Liong Sik during the MCA crisis of 2000 by Chua is seen as the first step in the move to oust Tee Keat as president.

Read Jackluo : the Jack of All Traits who blog about the problems currently faced by Dr. Chua. Not only that his DVD was being re-distributed, he found himself being investigate by the police on his ‘role’ in the DVD sex scandal. As if someone who is very powerful and well verse in Malaysian law is behind the blind to pull the strings. Or else who in the world would remember that there was no report being made prior to the revelation by Dr. Chua. The police report move was a well planned move!

It’s quite interesting to see how Dr. Chua wriggle himself out of this maze. But with the leadership of the party clearly firmly in the hands of Ong Tee Keat, it is certainly take an Everest for anyone to climb if he intends to wrest the party control from Ong.

3 Day to D-Day…

Rumble rumble rumble… both side are lining up their election war machinery to prepare for D-Day on 17 January 2009 in what outsiders like the Wiz would anticipate a fierce and hard Battle of KT Parliamentary election. Stay tune for more updates from the Wiz as both parties will come up square against each other with guns blazing!

Already some surveys has shown that the by-election could go either way. Malaysiakini reports that almost a clean half of respondents from Kuala Terengganu indicated that voting for the opposition in this Saturday’s by-election could push the Barisan Nasional government to “correct itself”.

 kuala terengganu by election 120109 leaflets umno rasuahOn the contrary, the attempt by MCA to focus on the issue of PAS’ hudud ambitions seems to have hit a dull note as the survey found that only half of the Chinese voters in Kuala Terengganu considered the issue important.

The Be End gabermen has decided to use their Chinaman channel to stir up the ‘hudud’ issue while umno has so far, refused to even make any noise on this matter. Why don’t U Must Not Object joined in the chorus of MCA – singing a tune against the implementation of ‘hudud’? This only proved that umno is actually condoning hudud silently!

PAS on the other hand is playing their main trumpcard of corruption on Be End gabermen. Such posters were found everywhere in KT – a good reminder to the people that a vote for Be End, will mean a vote of ‘endorsement’ for the corrupt and crony policies of Be End.

Gerakan and MCA has been laughing at the new Penang State Government’s decision to implement CAT (Competency, Accountability & Transperancy) policy in their administration. Why don’t their do their bit when umno was playing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with those KT contractors a few days ago. These 2 lapdogs are definately good for nothing but will only know too well how to ‘bodek’ their umno masters.

Dear KT folks, we have shown to the world (& to our Be End Federal gabermen) that we are able to stand up against them when they went overboard with their evil works. It’s time for you to show these same people again that the people truly desire for a Change and if they still refuse to embrace Changes, then let Changes show them the door! 3 more days to go…

Thank You Ahmad Ismail

An unknown peanut in Bukit Bendera U Must Not Object division leader En Ahmad Ismail has been allegedly to have uttered some highly ‘seditious’ words when he was campaigning for the Orang Cina Bukan Cina in the just concluded Permatang Pauh by election.

He was allegedly to have said that Chinese were “squatters” in the country, who were both selfish and unjust. This has prompted people from MCA and Gerakan to slam Ahmad Ismail ‘kau-kau’ for being insensitive and sturborn. MCA Youth has even submitted a letter yesterday demanding an open apology, retraction and a promise not to make similar statements in the future.

Wahhhh… see how these so-call “the defender of bangsa” reacted with such rigour and passion when the target was a small fly such as Ahmad Ismail. Remember when Kerismudin waving his ‘sacred’ keris or when Curry Jamaludin was leading the way in accusing Penang government of abandoning the Malays? Where were these MCA or Gerakan people? Did they ever barked? Even a little would be good enough! But luckily they didn’t. That’s why Penangites people say Big Bye Bye to Gerakan last March 2008. We have had enough of your sandiwara (soap-opera) liao lah… LOL!

We also have to thank our Ahmad Ismail. Abang Mad, ribuan ribuan atau jutaan terima kasih kami ingin ucapkan. Kalo tidak ade orang macam abang Mad ni, BN tak akan kalah teruk seperti kat Permatang Pauh. Kami kat Pakatan Rakyat memang perlukan orang m’cam abang Mad ni untuk set up satu trend di mano setiap kali BN masuk pilihanraya, ia akan terus kalah sampai ia pupus secara automatik di satu masa akan datang… LOL!!!

Please continue with your racial statements. If you think you can fan the feeling of ‘ketuanan Melayu’ to earn some votes, go ahead! Do your worst! We as Bangsa Malaysia will not even bother about what you have to say. When you tell some Cina to balik theongsan, you better tell those who are genuinely Chinese nationals who came here for a wrong purpose instead of sight-seeing. We Bangsa Malaysia got no place to go except to our respective homes in this land call Malaysia.

Hidup Bangsa Malaysia!

Thy Silence seal Thy Fate

Old saying is true – “Silence is Gold”. But sometimes in politics, this old saying simply didn’t work.

A couple of days ago, Malaysiakini reported:
A former Gerakan member of Parliament in Penang has called on the party-led former administration in Penang to explain on a land-scam unearthed by the new administration.
Former Jelutong parliamentarian Lee Kah Choon hit out at the previous government led by Gerakan acting president Koh Tsu Koon for being silent on the allegation of land improprieties.

Sigh… even though the Wiz has commended Lee Kah Choon for being a Real Man in my previous post, it may be quite a little too late for you to come out now and bombard your ex-head on the land scam issue. Why did u keep quiet when Gerakan WAS still the State Government? Where were you when U Must Not Object came up with a banner condemning Gerakan led state government of ‘marginalising’ the Malays? Where were you when Paranjothy was hauled to the Gerakan disciplinary board for siding with Hindraf? While you may have done the Right Thing in resigning from your party post, you shouldn’t ‘ride’ on the wave to criticise Tigger Tsu Koon. It’s just like a kettle calling the pot black. Remember very well… the people is not bodoh! We can see by our own eyes. Your silence during the good old days has seal your political fate in the last election.

However, it’s good to see u breaking ur long held silence. Coz here we got another tak tau malu Penangites who still thought that his silence is indeed gold! Why even a rookie like Prof Ramasamy could defeat him with more than 3000 votes? It’s simple. Even he hold a Phd, he has failed Penangites so badly that he was willing to exchange rice with sweet potatoes. Somemore when confronted with this allegations, he was ball-less to give any comment until DAP managed to bring forth concrete evidence of his folly. Some call him the Dumb Dog. A dog that can’t bark! I think this tag realli suit him well. Let him continue to hold his silence. He might be a minister one day in the cabinet (as long as Pak Lah is around, anything can happen wan) but he definately won’t be able to make a comeback in Penang.

MCA has blamed their disastrous defeat on their silence in their ‘fight’ for the welfare of Chinese. Realli meh? Wat Ong KarTing know is ‘to discuss this matter behind closed door’. When u opted to discuss something behind closed door, what u expect the people to do? Eavesdrop? You don’t FIGHT in silence. You can only sleep in silence! While Kerismudin was brandishing his new Keris up n down, MCA was beside him ‘silently’ endorsing his dance tune. When our top students with FULL ‘A’s couldn’t get scholarship to study medicine, MCA ‘silently’ turn a blind eye to this issue. Damn it! This issue of failing to get scholarship by our top students continue to hog the newspaper headlines every year. Yet MCA failed to rectify it with their partners in the Feds.

Then the day come when Pak Lah dissolved Parliament for a fresh election. MCA went all out to announce this ‘SILENCE’ to whole Malaysia thru every mainstream media available to them. Hmm… how deafening is this silence to ears of every Malaysian. So deafening that people of Malaysia, regardless of their race, found it to be an irritant. As the result, people got so pissed with that ‘noise’ and decided to vote them out! Long live the People’s Power!

Lately, a new voice has found its way into the newspaper. You must have heard of ‘Save MCA Campaign’ being kick off somewhere in Ipoh. Seemed that party insiders also beh tahan with the silence of their leadership so much so that voice of dissent could be heard not very far away from KL. Aiyo KaTing ah KaTing, it’s time to open your door and give Malaysians especially Chinese a good account of your performance as president. You might get an ‘F’ but dun be sad la… can still improve ma. 

Unless MCA totally re-invent itself, it might find itself to be irrelevant come next or next next General Election.