PAS thanks Chinese for support!!!

According to Malaysiakini reports, PAS has expressed gratitude to Chinese voters who backed Malay Pakatan Rakyat candidates in the recently concluded general election, even if it meant having to vote against a fellow Chinese.

PAS information chief Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said the action of these voters proved the claim by Umno that the Chinese had rejected the Malays to be A BIG SLANDER!

“The Chinese voters were willing to vote for Malay candidates without any narrow racial sentiments, as claimed by Umno. There are tens of Parliament and state assembly seats that were contested by Malay candidates against candidates from the Tiong Hua (Chinese), in mixed constituencies, which were won by the Malays, proving that Chinese voters were willing to reject candidates of their own race,” Tuan Ibrahim said in a statement today.

Tuan Ibrahim has also reasoned that the Umno claim could also be part of an INTERGRATED efforts through the mainstream media to create a smokescreen to hide possible cheating in the election and for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to secure his position in Umno.

Umno, Tuan Ibrahim added, must cease “playing with fire” by using the results of the 13th general election to stoke flames of Chinese-versus-Malay sentiments, especially since this was not based on facts.

Indeed this is very true! Just like his late father, Najib Razak continuous effort to blame the Chinese for any problems faced by Umno should STOP if he is really serious about his job as Malaysian’s premier. DO NOT play the racial card and Blame Game everytime Umno is in crisis. Instead, please get your house in order before you want to blame any community for your headache!

You talk about ‘conciliation’ and ‘Prime Minister for all races’ but every time you are cornered like a poor puppy, you decided to ‘jump the wall’ and point out the blaming finger! Come on Jib… surely you can do better than that, can’t you??!!

Chinese Tsunami that benefited Malays? Possible??

Meanwhile, in another statement, Pahang PAS information chief Suhaimi Md Saad explained that DAP’s big win in the election did nothing to lessen the number of Malay MPs in Parliament.

In fact, Suhaimi said, the success of Pakatan’s candidates only served to increase that number by seven.

NONEHe citing various examples of Malay Pakatan parliamentary and state seat candidates from PKR, DAP and PAS defeating their BN challengers, including Chinese candidates.

Among the examples given are:

  • Rafizi Ramli (PKR, right) who won against Gary Lim (BN) in Pandan;
  • Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (PAS), who won against S Murugesan (BN) in Kota Raja;
  • Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (PKR) who won against Tan Kok Eng (BN) in Bandar Tun Razak;
  • Imran Hamid (PKR) who won against Kong Cho Ha (BN) in Lumut;
  • Mohd Ariss Sabri Abdul Aziz (DAP) who won against Hoh Khai Mun (BN) in Raub;
  • Idris Ahmad (PKR) who won against K Parthiban (BN) in Ijok;
  • Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji (DAP) who won against Chuah Boon Seong (BN) in Mentakab; and
  • Mohd Rashid Hasnon (PKR) who won against Wong Mun Hoe (BN) in Pantai Jerejak.

As to how former Johor Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani Othman could to lose to DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang (left) in Gelang Patah, Johor, Suhaimi said Ghani himself “looked for trouble”, by choosing to contest in a Chinese-majority seat within a constituency that used to be “owned” by MCA.

To further debunk Umno’s claim that non-Malays went against Malays in the ballot box, he further cited 13 examples of seats where non-Malay BN candidates won in Malay-majority constituencies.


GE13: We lost the Battle, but not the War…

Yup… that’s right! I think many of us will still be rather disappointed with what has actually taken place during the 13th General Election on May 5th and some even went to the extend to claim that Malaysia is ‘hopeless’ and beyond any ‘salvation’.

Don't Believe a word from the Star paper!

But after the dust settled, we find GREAT inspiratiosn when we analyse the entire election and found many interesting points which may not sound very nice to the ears of our Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Lost the Battle but NOT the War yet.

While many people (including myself) has this great confidence that we will manage to UBAH (change) the Federal government in this concluded general election, the moment when BN managed to hit the magic number of 112 did send great pain and hopelessness down my spine as if the world has finally come to an end!

Hope... Never Give Up!

Hope… Never Give Up!

I mean HOW on earth this could happen when some of Pakatan’s parliamentary candidates were way ahead in the vote count only to lose out due some ‘extra-time’ magic happened in the vote counting station. We were startled to find such things were still happening in our country as if we are still living in 3rd world countries where such evil acts of sabotage were considered rampant but normal.

But after the votes ended, there are many good points which we can savor and we believe that by continuously to work harder, we will definitely be able to UBAH our country for our future as well as our children’s.

We improved in overall Parliamentary seats

In 2008 political tsunami when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was still our PM, BN managed to capture 140 seats while Pakatan got 82. But in this 13th General Election under the premiership of Najib Razak, BN only managed to muster 133 while Pakatan improved to 89 seats. So considering the 2008 polls result as a big  tsunami for Malaysian politics, the 2013 results will be a BIGGER tsunami for Malaysia when we take into considerations of all the great effort mustered by BN to improve the election results.

This mean Najib Razak is a worse performer in comparison to the slumbering Ahmad Badawi when he lost a further 7 Parliamentary seats in view of him rolling out his BR1M, PR1MA & etc etc.

As he failed to regain the crucial 2/3 Parliament majority, it is interesting to see the undercurrent moving below Najib’s position as the head of his umno party where expected dissenting voices could be heard as his deputy is preparing to take over the rein from him – something similar happening to Ahmad Badawi when he was ‘crushed’ by the so-call 2008 political tsunami.

Perak & Terengganu in limbo.

In the last 13th General Election, BN and Pakatan were seen racing neck-to-neck over Perak and Terengganu. At last, BN emerged victorious in both states when BN took 31 against 28 of Pakatan in Perak and BN’s 17 against Pakatan’s 15 in Terengganu.

But in these 2 state’s assemblies, BN get to form the state government but then it will have to sacrifice 2 state ADUNS to be the House Speaker and Deputy House Speaker – effectively making the composition of the House members to be BN 29 vs Pakatan 28 in Perak and BN 15 against Pakatan 15 in Terengganu.

Basically it is a ‘hung’ state elections with no one having a clear majority in the house. The state will find itself in limbo over many things and major legislative procedures will not be able to be passed by the House as both sides need to be in ‘full attendance’ all the time!

Total Rejection of Perkasa.

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

The Right-wing Perkasa or better known as ‘perkosa’ (rapist) has been championing the special rights of Malays at the expense of other races in the country. Such extremism actions often create tension in the society especially when its president hold a public office of being a MP for Pasir Mas in Kelantan. Supported by some bigots such as zulkifli nordin (independant MP from Kulim, Kedah), perkasa was getting bolder as they thought they were here to defend the interest of the Malays and Islam as well as receive good back up from the former premier Mahathir mohamed.

The great losses in this 13th General election suffered by perkasa candidate – namely ibrahim ali and zul nordin has proved to us a very assuring note that even our Malays comrades reject such extreme provocations that has often become the signature of perkasa even though they constantly claimed that they were defending the interest of the Malays. Ibrahim ali was ‘annihilated’ in his safe zone where he thought he would get re-elected again in the Malay-majority Pasir Mas while zulkifli nordin was sent packing with tail between his legs in the urban Malay majority area of Shah Alam.

Such result should be commended and the electorates in Pasir Mas and Shah Alam should be praised for their intelligence of their choice! Through such result able to let us know that the people has matured and no longer subject to this kind of racial extremism where we know will bring the nation to a different direction where nobody really wants.

Pakatan Rakyat maturing as a coalition able to challenge the hegemony of Barisan Nasional.

BN has often trying to paint a disarray Pakatan in their much controlled mass media to tell the people that Pakatan Rakyat is not ready to take over from BN and they will not be able to run the country as efficient as BN.


However, with CM Lim Guan Eng and MB Khalid Ibrahim proven them wrong in Penang and Selangor, it has opened up many eyes and ears of Malaysian asking the one and only question – WHY NOT – to allow the alternative government take over the Feds and see how they perform. If they are good, the people will continue to support like how they did in Selangor and Penang. If they are not good (maybe in Kedah?) then they are always free to change it back to BN!

pakatanrakyat-harapanbaru01So we can see that amidst ‘heavy’ defeat suffered during this 13th General Election, there are still alot of positives to take from this defeat. We should learn from our mistakes and UBAH ourselves for improvement so that when the fateful day comes, Pakatan Rakyat will be more than READY to take over Putrajaya!

We have lost the battle but the WAR goes on… Don’t give up my fellow Malaysians! They can take away our money, they can take away our votes but they shall never take away our HOPE! Let’s Fight On… Keep the UBAH Spirit flying HIGH!!!



Should we say ‘YES’ to BN Corruption Culture?

Don't Believe a word from the Star paper!

Everywhere we go, we can see Najib & gang is giving out money to the constituents. If by announcing this grants that grants is not enough, BN subcontracted the ‘rasuah’ (graft) culture to its crony infested group call ‘Kelab 1Malaysia Welfare’. This group has been giving out FREE dinners almost EVERY night to lure people out with free food while trying to discourage the people of Penang to attend ceramah held by Pakatan Rakyat in nearby areas.

A Culture of Corruption in Malaysia.

One of BN's main sub-contractors to 'bribe' the rakyat...

One of BN’s main sub-contractors to ‘bribe’ the rakyat…

These BN’s sub-contractors themselves were no angels. We have sources claimed that even though the upper echolans were initially paying these hard-working hawkers RM1,000 per night for serving free food to the constituents, not all of them received the full payment. Almost all of the hawkers could testify that they will only received payments ranging from RM500 – RM700 while the rest were paid to the ‘middle-man’ who organized the event.

“Wow”… Just imagine it… RM300 – RM500 per hawkers per night! How much would these ‘middle-men’ make when the entire election campaign period ends? I’m not good in maths but I know it’s gonna be a windfall when everything folds up irregardless whether BN going to win back Penang or not…

Of Lucky Draw, Free Food & Songs

In any BN ceramah you go, these sub-contractors will be providing endless of ‘entertainment’ to keep you around instead of allowing you to attend other party’s political gatherings. Instead of dishing out to the public how these BN ‘hopefuls’ going to serve the constituents in their respective areas, these youngsters or greenhorns were so BANKRUPT of ideas that they allow the paid emcees to do their jobs by keeping the crowd engaged with lucky draw prizes.

FREE Food for everybody! Eat ALL you can!!

FREE Food for everybody! Eat ALL you can!!

These cameos are so laughable because they (BN candidates) DON’T even know what is the needs and plight of their constituents! These lucky draws, free food and karaoke sessions were there to COVER their ignorance on the ground! So are these your so-call ‘winnable’ candidates Najib? ARE YOU SO blardy SURE???

High Quality of Pakatan Rakyat’s Political Ceramah.

HUGE crowd converging the Esplanade on the pre Nomination day by Pakatan Rakyat Penang.

HUGE crowd converging the Esplanade on the pre Nomination day by Pakatan Rakyat Penang.

Just try and go to any one of the Pakatan Rakyat’s ceramah and you will sense the entire difference between the 2 camps. Not that I am flattering these Pakatan’s candidates, but the way and contents of their political ceramah will always keep you on your feet as they drove each points accurately and relevantly which affects our daily lives.

These Pakatan Rakyat’s candidates DO NOT give away lucky draw prizes. They don’t have free food for you. There won’t be any karaoke sessions! But everywhere they go, it was ‘jammed’ packed with people. Something must be so attractive in what they got to say or else the infamous practical Penangites won’t give a second to what you have to say!

Slow Down in Internet

According to the latest Malaysiakini reports, there are attempts to ‘sabotage’ the internet accessibility of DAP’s websites and facebook accounts. Such dirty tactics employed by their detractors are indeed despicable but in this age of high technology and information, anything is possible!

“At the same time, please don’t just rely on the Internet, come to our ceramahs, especially the one to be held at Han Chiang College field, where DAP senior leader Kit Siang will be present,” Lim Guan Eng was quoted as saying in their attempt to thwart the ‘Online Onslaught’ by detractors.

The Mega Ceramah mentioned here will be the one which will be held on 29th April 2013 (Monday night) at Han Chiang College. Big crowd will be expected and therefore, rakyat has been advised to come early and park your car properly in order not to create any traffic congestion in the area.

Indeed the TIME has come. SAY “NO” to BN’s Budaya Rasuah! Jom UBAH – Ini Kali-lah!!!

Sanggupkah “Kamal” lakukan di Hulu Selangor?

“Undilah untuk Pembangunan.”

“Undilah untuk Kesejahteraan & Ketenteraman.”

“Undilah untuk Kemajuan.”

Inilah slogan2 dan cogankata2 bn yang sering kali didengari oleh kita setiap kali pilihanraya diadakan. Inilah juga janji-janji calon2 bn yang akan diberikan kepada pengundi yang datang mendengar ceramah politik bn. Oleh itu, calon bn untuk pilihanraya kali ini di Hulu Selangor juga taklah berbeza sangat dengan yang lain. Beliau juga menjanjikan pembangunan untuk kawansan Hulu Selangor, pembinaan rumah2 kos rendah, bekalan air dan elektrik dan juga barang asas seperti makanan dan pakaian untuk semua warga Hulu Selangor yang MASIH hidup dalam serba kekurangan sedangkan negara kita dah merdeka lebih 50 TAHUN yang lalu.

Kamalanathan menjanjikan pembangunan untuk Hulu Selangor. Akan tetapi, walaupun sudah terdapat 4 projek Felda di kawasan Hulu Selangor sejak zaman Perdana Menteri ke2 kita iaitu Tun Razak, kebanyakan kawasan2 di sekitar Hulu Selangor masih dipenuhi dengan kawasan hutan dan belukar yang amat tebal. Satu kunjungan ke kawasan sekitar seperti Batang Kali, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Bukit Beruntung, Lembah Beringin akan memberi kita satu gambaran bahawa kawasan ini memang satu kawasan luar bandar. Keadaan kawasan2 ini adalah sebegini semenjak zaman merdeka negara dan tak PERNAH pun berubah walaupun kerajaan negeri Selangor merupakan satu negeri yang paling membangun di Malaysia untuk 50 tahun yang lalu.

Oleh itu, adakah anda sebagai warga Hulu Selangor sanggup mempercayai seorang ahli politik yang tidak ‘ternama’ seperti Kamalanathan yang beliau akan ‘dapat’ memberikan pembangunan di kawasan anda apabila calon-calon bn yang lain yang lebih ‘ternama’ itu seperti G.Palanivel tidak dapat berbuat apa2 walaupun telah memegang jawatan ahli Parlimen Hulu Selangor berkali-kali banyaknya. Pembangunan tidak dapat dilakukan oleh BN dalam 50 tahun TAK akan mungkin terjadi sekelip mata dalam masa 2 1/2 tahun yang akan datang!

Ahli Parlimen harus ambil berat keraguan2 dlm pembelian kapal selam Scorpene dari Perancis

Kamalanathan juga menjanjikan kebajikan untuk warga Hulu Selangor jika beliau terpilih dalam pilihanraya kecil yang akan datang ini. Nampaknya selepas lebih 50 tahun negara kita mencapai kemerdekaan, banyak lagi warga2 negara kita masih tidak mempunyai kemudahan air dan elektrik dalam kehidupan mereka. Memang betul mereka tinggal dalam kawasan luar bandar atau pendalaman, tetapi ini telah membuktikan bahawa kerajaan negeri dan pusat dibawah naungan bn ini telah mengabaikan mereka buat selama ini. Jika bukan pilihanraya kecil P094 ini diadakan sekarang, keadaan hidup warga2 Hulu Selangor ini akan berterusan tanpa pengetahuan kita yang tinggal di bandar.

Memang rasa simpati yang amat tebal kepada penghuni2 kawasan pendalaman yang masih kekurangan kemudahan2 asas seperti air, elektrik, makanan, pakaian dan tempat tinggal. Namun demikian, penghuni2 yang serba kekurangan ini haruslah cari orang yang betul untuk meminta bantuan. Ke mana pulak pergi Jabatan Kebajikan kerajaan pusat kita yang sering kali cuba mempromosikan sifat ‘penyayang’ mereka? Bukankah Jabatan Kebajikan yang patut mengambil berat keadaan warga senegara kita yang serba kekurangan ini? Kenapa pulak Kamalanathan ingin campur tangan dan menjaga kain tepi orang sedangkan beliau patut mengambil berat hal2 peringkat nasional?

Bayar RM1 ribu dulu... Mana pulak RM49 ribu? Hanya akan dibayar jika menang kat Hulu Selangor? Bukankah ini politik rasuah?

Dalam pada itu, Kamalanathan juga tak dapat menjawab atau memberi sebarang pendapat tentang kegagalan pengusaha Felda dalam mendapatkan geran tanah walaupun mereka telah bertungkus lumus membangunkan kawasan terbabit lebih dari 20 tahun. Pengusaha2 Felda ini bukannya hamba abdi di mana hasil titik peluh mereka patut diberi pengiktirafan dari kerajaan pusat. Akan tetapi, setelah bekerja kuat untuk lebih 20 tahun, mereka masih tidak mempunyai sebarang ‘aset tetap’ yang boleh dimiliki mereka. Bukankah ini merupakan satu penindasan secara tidak langsung dari kerajaan pusat?

Memang betul apabila dasar Felda ini diperkenalkan, ia bertujuan untuk membawa golongan Melayu miskin ke arah pembangunan dan kehidupan yang lebih senang. Akan tetapi, para pengusaha2 Felda di Hulu Selangor akan memberitahu kita bagaimana kerajaan pusat telah ‘menindas’ mereka apabila projek penswastaan di situ tergendala dan mengakibatkan mereka gagal mendapat sebarang pembayaran yang telah dijanjikan. Oleh sebab itulah Perdana Menteri kita tu tergesa-gesa membuat ‘bayaran’ kepada pengusaha2 Felda semalam apabila menghulurkan wang tunai RM1,000 sementara menjanjikan RM49,000 jika mereka menang dalam pilihanraya esok. Kenapa hanya RM1,000 sahaja diberikan? Kenapa kerajaan bn TAK membayar sekaligus? Adakah kerajaan kita memang ‘bankrap’ sampai RM50,000 merupakan satu jumlah yang terlalu besar untuk dibayar sekaligus? Ataupun wang rakyat telah habis dibelanjakan untuk si najis berjumpa beberapa ‘minit’ dengan Obama? Kenapa nak tunggu sampai sekarang, kira2 10 tahun, baru nak bayar kawan2 kita tu kat Felda? Nasib baik ada pilihanraya kecil, kalau takde, tak tahu kena tunggu sampai bila baru kerajaan sanggup bayar!

Inilah tuan saya yg sebenar... bukan rakyat jelata di Hulu Selangor tapi saya 'masih' perlukan undi anda...

Dalam pilihanraya Parlimen ini, kita patut memilih calon yang betul2 akan mewakili kita dalam Parlimen. Calon yang boleh memberi kita jawapan bagaimana kerajaan kita patut berfungsi, bagaimana wang rakyat patut dibelanjakan dan bagaimana negara kita harus ditadbir. Walaupun kali ini bn banyak menggunakan taktik kotor kerana si najib tu menganggap pilihanraya kali sebagai memorandum kepada cara pentadbirannya, kita harus tahu calon Kamal’bin’nathan itu memang tidak akan menjadi seorang ahli Parlimen yang berwibawa.

Sepanjang masa berkempen di Hulu Selangor, Kamal’bin’nathan ini sering kali mengelak daripada menjawab soalan2 yang berkaitan dengan isu2 nasional negara kita. Gelagat2 sedemikian hanya mengambarkan kepada kita bahawa si kamal ini memang selama ini berharjat nak jadi ‘Yes-man’ saje kepada tuan umno yang memberikan peluang kepadanya untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya kali ini. Beliau juga telah awal2 memberitahu kepada semua rakyat bahawa kemenangan kamal’bin’nathan di Hulu Selangor ini akan dijadikan sebagai hadiah kepada najib. Si kamal ini memang biadap dan langsung tidak bertimbang rasa. Tanpa memikirkan nasib warga2 di Hulu Selangor yang telah berpihak kepadanya, beliau langsung tidak menunjukkan perasaan berterima kasih kepada pengundi. Jelas ternampak bahawa dalam hati si kamal ini, hanya najib saja yang merupakan bosnya yang sebenar – bukannya rakyat jelata yang telah mengundikannya.

Kepada semua kawan2 di Hulu Selangor, sekali lagi saya sarankan… UNDILAH calon yang betul2 akan membawa ‘Pembangunan, Kesejahteraan, Kemajuan dan Kekayaan’ kepada SEMUA rakyat jelata pada bila-bila masa.

3 days to Hulu Selangor : Suicidal BN moves

He came with ‘high’ recommendations. He is a ‘professional’ in Public Relations and claimed to be a ‘degree holder’ in Communications from an Australian university. He is No other than our Mr. “Handshake” Kamalanathan – BeEnd candidate for Hulu Selangor Parliamentary by-election.

Wow Wow Wow… All these while I used to think that BeEnd ranks are always filled with losers such as Tom, Dick and Harry. Little did I realise that they also got some ‘nice-guys’ with high qualifications among them. You can’t blame me for having such thoughts because judging from all the policies of BeEnd, one would wonder if any wise and intelligent could have join them and make a fool out of themselves.

However, after a check by our Raja Petra on Edith Cowen University in Western Australia, he found that the university has NO whatsoever record of our Mr. “Handshake” Kamalanathan going there to study lest getting himself a degree. But later, it was found that he had only taken a ‘Twining Program’ from Olympia College in Kuala Lumpur.

But AGAIN, when checks were done with Olympia Col, there is NO Bachelor of Mass Communications courses EVER being offered by the college. So…. what is happening here? Where in the world did our PR guy receive his “degree” education from?? Is the certificate he posed on his website is a genuine one or simply printed out from his house ink-jet printer? Hmmmm… something’s really smells fishy here…

IF, and I said with capital letters IF, his degree and university education happen to be a hoax, then what about his career as a Public Relations professional? Will it be another hoax as well? Will he be living as a PR professional from all the contracts from umno and MIC-key’s projects? That he requires “crutches” to stand up in a competitive PR field?? Again you can’t blame me for asking all these questions when you yourself have created a doubtful qualification on yourself, can you?

By the way, judging from the way you work in these last few days in Hulu Selangor, I certainly do have SERIOUS doubt on your capability as a PR specialist with a ‘degree’ in Communications. Not only you don’t look like one, you don’t even sound like one! Here is why…

1. Disassociate Hindraf but Embrace Perkasa.
You are trying to win the support of Indians and yet in one of your 1st remark as a candidate, you try to distance yourself from Hindraf who has been fighting for Indian cause all these while but have been unsuccessful due to political pressure from umno. Everyone knows who is Hindraf. They are like the ancient “robin hoods” but was branded as thieves by no one but YOU in order to lick the balls of your master : umno.

Now everyone also knows who the heck is Perkasa. They are not only RACIST but has been attacking non-Malays of robbing Malays of their wealth and priviledges. Yet as a non-Malay, YOU continue to embrace and have the guts to ‘defend’ Perkasa by telling other non-Malays that Perkasa mean no ill intention with their ‘battle-cries’ and ‘keris-wielding’ acts of “stupid bravado”. I know you are trying to win over the votes of our Malays brethren but certainly NOT at the expense of embracing the same spirit of racism as Perkasa! By sharing the same table with perkasa, you have done nothing but proved yourself to be a lap dog of racism!

Showing utmost gratitude or kow-towing to his masters???

2. Refused to admit kissing Muhiddyin’s hand.
Remember the story of George Washington admitting his fault to his father after chopping down a tree? Now even though Kamalanathan does not have an axe in his hand, the rakyat will readily forgive him if he has the guts to admit that he had indeed kissed the hand of Muhiddyin when announced that he would be MIC’s candidate of Hulu Selangor.

But instead, he retorted “Kiss his hand? When did I kiss his hand? Show me where I did that,” when question during an unplanned Press conference in Hulu Selangor a few days ago. Now Kamalanathan, please do not forget that we’re in the 21st century already. A picture speaks a thousand words. What you got to say now? That this photo have been doctored, like the one they did to Zaid Ibrahim holding a Jack Daniels??

Now I really know why umno is willing to let you run in this coming by-election. I am pretty sure you won’t dare to say white is white when Muhiddyin said it’s black! So what do we got here? Another koh tsu khoon – the paper tiger? Let me happily remind you the reason why Penang people butted out our ex-CM of 18 years. Not only he is ‘ball-less’, he could also smile when umno people virtually slapped him in the face! Needless to say, his reward of being such a LOSER is to stand side-by-side with Jibby and become a ‘back-door’ minister.

Nominated for "Joker" of the Week

3. Be Mr. “Handshake” for these 7 days.

Instead of trying to potray to the electorates in Hulu Selangor that you are FIT to be a Member of Parliament (MP), you have turned your election campaign into a huge PR exercise where you think it is UTMOST important for you to shake the hands of 60,000 people in Hulu Selangor in this coming week up to the election day itself.

We know you’re having your ‘hands-tied’ hands down but can’t you just take out some GUTS to show that this is after all, your election campaign. A good MP must have good hands-on knowledge on national issues but when confronted with opportunity to ‘show-off’ your credibility, you turn around with your ‘tail between your legs’ and try to avoid confronting these issues at all cost! Hey ‘dey’, this is not the way to be a good MP lah… How are you going to prove that you will be able to represent Hulu Selangor in their interest in the Parliament? You’ll just be another lap-dog making up the numbers in our August House. I bet you don’t even know why our Parliament is called the ‘August House’, do you?

So to all our wise and intelligent Hulu Selangor folks, please ‘menilai betul2’ your candidate for this Parliament seat before voting and vote with a clear conscience come this Sunday – April 25th 2010. I believe that justice and talent will be like a beacon shining bright in the darkest hour which our country is facing now. DO NOT let such justice and talent go to waste… and allow our next generations to suffer in total darkness!

Hulu Selangor : 5 Days to D-Day

Campaigning for all candidates entered into its 2nd day and things got from worse to worst for BeEnd component parties as they continued to stoop lower than ever in their ‘desperate’ bid to fight and wrest the Parliamentary seat of Hulu Selangor from the tight clutches of Pakatan Rakyat. Let us see how low they are willing to go:

1. Utusan Malaysia ‘supporting lies after lies’…

Desperate Measures???

Since when the ‘mouthpiece’ of U Must Not Object paid any attention to bloggers? Even Rais ‘nak yatim’ has spoken quite strongly against bloggers and out of nowhere, one of our mainstream media is paying attention to the ‘doctored’ photos of PKR candidate Zaid holding alcoholic drink.

The so-call ‘bloggers’ claimed that they will ‘buktikan’ what they claimed by this afternoon and after waiting almost for the whole day, they seemed to be unable to come out with any concrete ‘bukti-bukti’ that Zaid Ibrahim was a drunkard or ‘kaki botol’. Instead, these so-call ‘bloggers’ really put us (the real ones) to shame as the best they could put up was another round of ‘doctored’ pictures of Zaid holding a bottle of ‘yet-to-be-open’ bottle of Jack Daniels whisky. Tips: don’t ever visit those blogs… just a waste of time!

Tolong-la… janganlah nak berlari sebelum tau berjalan! They were nothing but novices in graphic designs and yet already trying their hands to spread lies and fraud by altering pictures and somemore have the guts of ‘membabi-buta’ to put them online. Please la… don’t be sooooo SHAMELESS! tak tau malu punya budak budak sekolah…

Is this the best you can do???

Meanwhile Raja Petra was right! So WHAT if Zaid Ibrahim really drinks? We are not in any position to comment on one’s personal characters or favourite pastime. If we really think that one’s personal morality is paramount to holding public office, then I am sure almost 90% of our government cabinet will FAIL the test! Penang CM Lim was right. Let the sin-less ones first cast the stone! Such attacks on Zaid personal characters only show nothing but BeEnd desperate measures to get votes and gain cheap political mileage.

2. DPM Muhiddin ‘mis-cued’ … & halili becomes a ‘frog’.
Quoted from Malaysiakini – “Today more PKR leaders quit the party. Wait for the “bigger bomb” tomorrow,” said Muhyiddin at a BN ceramah in Batang Kali in Hulu Selangor.

I have also waited till the cows come home for this ‘bigger bomb’ to explode today and apart from ‘tiny peanut’ Halili who held the ‘bendahari’ post in Hulu Selangor PKR division, there seemed to be no bomb or katak to jump from PKR. NOw I started to wonder how come our ‘highly-respected’ Melayu 1st & Malaysian 2nd DPM could have mis-cued when making such an important remark. If such remark was to come out from any umno people, I would have ignore it as base-less. But for it to come out from our DPM… it should NOT be taken lightly… until now. Seemed that statement of our DPM is no less in-accurate to all other umno warlords.

Now on this halili (not worth a ‘capital letter’ from the Wiz) who defected to umno. He used to be a fore-runner in the ranks of PKR to be a candidate for this by-election. However, I believe after some deep soul-searching done by PKR has finally come to a conclusion to ditch this halili and chose Zaid instead. Something or someone from somewhere must have look through the heart and mind of halili to tell Anwar that he is not a good guy to be trusted with a Parliamentary seat.

Thank goodness Anwar and co has done their homework and refused to select halili to represent PKR in this coming by-election. IF halili was to be selected and have won in this coming election, PKR will have another baggage to carry as Pakatan will have another ‘froggie’ MP in their fold. See how his ‘true colours’ were shown ‘NAKED’ in the open when he chose to defect to the racist party of u must not object! The speed of his defection could not have come so timely as all Pakatan leaders heaved a sigh of relief to see this fox show off his tail! The defection of halili reflects another desperate attempt by BeEnd and particularly umno to destablise the election machinery of Pakatan Rakyat. Thank goodness we got Plan B….

3. The withdrawal of 2 BN-cohorts independance candidates.
The purpose of independance candidates were put in any by-elections is to create confusions and cause as much split-voting as possible in order to allow the ruling parties to gain as much majority as possible. Thus, you get all sorts of people (a record of 10 of them in Bkt Selambau, Kedah) ‘willingly’ paying high deposits to the EC to be one of the independant candidates. Will any sane people like you and me willing to PAY and go in as independant if we are UNSURE of winning or even to secure minimum vote?

Mis-cued & Misplaced lately...

I was thinking that by ‘parachuting’ chandran and johan, BeEnd is attempting to split the votes of disgrunted voters in Hulu Selangor areas. The idea of “If I can’t get the vote, don’t think you can” has prompted BeEnd to put in not 1 but 2 independant this time shows nothing but desperation in BeEnd ranks. The selection process of Komalanathan certainly has ‘offended’ many parties and BeEnd was trying to put things back on track. However… 2 wrongs don’t make 1 right!

The attempts of BeEnd in trying to get disgrunted Malay voters who refuse to vote for an BeEnd’s Indian candidate will have another choice in johan and similiarly, disgrunted Indian voters to vote for chandran has done nothing but BACKFIRED! Seems that the racist elements in BeEnd’s thinktank has not changed since March 2008. Why in the world they would still think that voters will vote according to race? Since when will they ever wake up and finds a new race call Malaysian? Now I understand why Muhiddin still regards himself as Malay first and Malaysian 2nd.

As such the withdrawals of chandran and johan at the eleventh hour has shown to the world that BeEnd has found that these 2 independants will not only jeapordise BeEnd’s Komalanathan’s chance of beating Pakatan’s Zaid Ibrahim but will become a liability for BeEnd and later on to further increase the probability of victory for Zaid Ibrahim to take his principles into the August House.

Perhaps Raja Petra was right. Zaid could have won more than 5,000 votes. With these 2 super independants around, Zaid’s majority could have reach 8,000 or more! I wonder when our Jibby will fly home. I’m pretty sure he is homesick but could not have come home to witness such an embarassing defeat handed to Muhiddin by one of his former general…. Sometimes I really pity Jibby. Told him not to be surrounded by those bunch of losers (such as koh tsu khoon & syarizat) but he refused to listen to me…

Chaos in the Silver State

zambry file suit 020309 fruA sad and pathetic situation. What we could see in front of the Perak State Building is exactly a reflection of a “Police State”. Can you imagine that police personnels forbidding a group of ‘democratically’ elected state representatives from entering into the State Secretariat Building to hold an Emergency State Assembly session? How could they, as law enforcers, prevent the lawmakers from carrying out their legal duties? Where in the world can you hear that a Speaker of the Assembly is stopped from entering into the building to perform his duties? Unless the King declare ‘a state of emergency’, who is empowering the police to take power into their hands? This is real bull-sh*t!!!!!

According to Malaysiakini reports, an emergency assembly meeting held under a tree in a car park next to the state secretariat, the Pakatan representatives passed motions to support Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin as the menteri besar as well as to dissolve the state assembly. 

The ruling coalition of Be End gabermen is trying very hard to ‘looked’ good with their coup in Perak but no matter how they tried, including going to the court, would prove they have seized power legitimately in Perak. With pro-government newspapers such as the Star and NST constantly proclaiming Zamberi as the ‘Menteri Besak’, that doesn’t mean that he will be a real MB in the hearts of the people. You don’t rob a house and then proclaim yourself to be the owner of the house. This kind of thing may work during the times of lawlessness or in Islamic terms – zaman jahillya (Sorry if I got the spelling wrong… hehehe). But presently, we are living in modern times where law and order prevail. You mayperak state govt crisis suk building rain tree assembly 030309 02 have the law enforcers on your side, but you’ll never have the people who will stand up for justice. Just look at how many people and supporters present when MB Nizar and Co tried to make their way into the State Secretariat Building. Obviously they have the people on their side!

I do not know whether anyone in the country’s judiciary system will have the ‘guts’ enough to recognize the results of the Emergency State Assembly session held under the tree near the parking lots of the State Secretariat building this morning. But I can confidently said that Be End coalition has made themselves the biggest fool on earth that will make more and more Malaysians upset and angry with their actions.

Come this 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we will be able to know the result of the court regarding the “Battles of MB” where it will provide a measure on how well our Pak Lalala’s reform on the judiciary which he has promised prior of taking over the top helm of the country. Perhaps when Pak Lalala was making such promises, he wouldn’t know that there was so many complications if he was determine to see through those reforms. He might not have realized that there were so many vipers and scorpions in the pit before he jumped in. Anyway, like what taikor Jeff Ooi said, “Bite the bullet and Fight another day” if the court ruled against Pakatan’s favour. We have to understand that the entire country is within the cronies circle of Be End coalition and apart from kicking them out during elections, there is not much we can do, isn’t it?