Gearing Up for 13th General Election in Malaysia

Hi folks,

Sorry for not posting for a quite awhile due to work commitment… What to do, I’m not a paid cybertroopers of dUmno and BeEnd where these cybertroopers could hog in front of the computer- such as the one employed to filtering every comments netizens post on ‘ah-jib’ gor Facebook page. Laughable… but sometimes I can’t  help but to be envy of them… Hey, these cybertroopers do not come cheap, ok? dUmno and BeEnd paid them well else nobody will be willing to betray their own conscience to write those rubbish for them!

Gearing Up for Online Battlefield of Blogs for Malaysia 13th General Election.

Gearing Up for Online battle in 13th General Election Malaysia

Blogger Gearing up for Online Battlefield!

Anyway, here we are… the civilian corps of bloggers preparing our battle gear to fight a tough battle online with those princely-priced cybertroopers of the ruling regime to ensure that our rakyat get the most truthful information on any issue especially on things pertaining to the imminent 13th General Election (GE13) of our beloved Malaysia.

It’s NOT easy to be in the Volunteers Corps (V-Corps) as you tend to neglect your kids and wife while you burn the midnight oil blogging. During campaigning period, the mad rush from place to place covering stories for your blogs will almost drive you crazy and soon fatigue will hit you like a train out of nowhere. However, the fun and satisfaction of being in the V-Corps will give you a money-cannot-buy feeling especially when you see the rakyat is standing by your side supporting a cause which we all believe will come true one day! You know you are on the RIGHT side! Hehe…

Let us recap back on a few things that took place in Malaysia recently and of course, not forgetting our beloved Penang as well. There are simply too many things to talk and I really don’t know which to start.

OK, let’s start with praises… Don’t always complain, else you all complain that I complain too much! LoL

Penang Leads under Pakatan Rakyat after the 308 Political tsunami.

Of coz as usual, let us brag about being Penangites. Of coz we got lotsa things to brag about since we have shown the world that “Change is not Impossible” and as the result of the CHANGE, we suddenly find ourselves in the driving seat – leading the nation and taking back a position where we’ve lost under the (certainly not leadership) ‘babysitting’ of paper tiger koh tsu khoon.

Only after the CHANGE of top state leadership did we realized that Penang indeed has great potential to be one of the leading states in Malaysia. No wonder almost 230 years ago, Sir Francis Light had the vision to set up a British base here – making it a foundation of British presence in the strategic South East Asia.

Penang being one of the TOP contributors of Malaysia GDP.

Penang leads & revitalised

CM Lim Guan Eng lives up to his pledge to Revitalise Penang

As what our CM Lim Guan Eng has proudly announced, Penangites make up only a mere 6-7% of the entire Malaysian population and yet, we contributed as much as 35% of our country’s GDP! In another words, 1 Penangites produced as much as 5 times more than any ordinary Malaysian produces. Can you believe this statistics? My maths is not that good, so if I ever got the figure wrong, please don’t get upset with me but I’m pretty sure my calculations will not be very far from the correct figure. Therefore of course I’m excited coz I got the bragging rights for contributing to the growth of the nation. If any of dUmno cybertroopers not happy about it, then please go and produce some results before you brag on my site ok?

Penang TOPS in Foreign Direct Investment in 2010!

It seems that Penang has hit rock bottom during tsu khoon time when we keep on hitting records one after another in this short span of 4 years. For the very first time since Independence when Penang out-performed Selangor in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2010. Hey, this is no small feat considering Penang’s location up North with 350km away from the capital Kuala Lumpur but we DID it! It seems that those ‘guai-lou’ and other Asians were super confident with the new administration that Penang suddenly found its new status of investors’ favorites for the industrial world.

Penang attracts world renowned Bloomberg eyes.

Not only that, Penang were made cover story by Bloomberg who openly acknowledge the efficiency of our state government led by CM Lim Guan Eng. Bloomberg, a world-renowned news agency… Not any Tom, Dick or Harry kind of buletin utama ok? Even Bernama is miles apart behind Bloomberg! While our local news agency kept an ‘expected’ silence on the success of Penang, the new shine of Penang was SO bright that the world sit up and notice.

The Economist – another world renowned publications, has also published a sterling reports on the turnaround achieved by Penang under the stewardship of CM Lim Guan Eng. No wonder the dUmno cybertroopers attacked CM Lim being a braggart but you just can’t help but BRAGS about the extra ordinary and unprecedented achievements by Penang people, can you?

Hope for other Malaysian states for BIG positive CHANGE.

So for all my readers who reside in BeEnd administrated states, I hope you also wish that your own state can experience the same positive change like what we are experiencing now. So what are you waiting for? GO OUT and convince your family member and friends to REGISTER as voters and COME OUT regardless rain or shine on the fateful day to cast their precious vote for Change!

All right… that’s all for the time being… I don’t wanna keep my post too long… I’ll talk on other things some other time, ok?

Good night!

The Comet : 10 March 2010

PM against local government elections.
Reviving local government elections would only give rise to politicking at the local government level and would not improve services for the people, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.


I say NO to local govt elections! EC will beg to differ?

“The main aim is to improve services to the people and we should not be focusing on the political process (in electing representatives at the local government level)”, he reasoned.

I thought they would deliberate and took some time before rejecting Pakatan’s proposal to have Local Council Elections. Never did I expected such a swift and arrogant slap of NO from the PM on the matter! Not only he sounded arrogant, his reply contain the elements of stupidity and ignorance when he tried to reason why he rejected to allow Local Council Elections.

Hello Mr. PM, do you know what you’re talking about? Sudah ‘nyanyuk’ ka? Any election processes will involve ‘politiking’ regardless of it being the General Election (large scale), by-elections or university elections. So will you also cancel our next general election in order not to give in to ‘too much politiking’ at national level? By doing so, you can SURELY be a ‘dictator’ for life and will all the time in the world to ‘improve services to the people’.

Please remember Zakaria from Klang. How did he manage to enmass such wealth so much so that his ‘mansion’ would probably make Khir Toyo’s ‘palace’ looked inferior. Not to mention how he managed to rope in his own relatives such as his daughter-in-law and cousins to be part of Selangor Klang’s councillors in order to tigthen up his grip of power in the area. If we’re to have local government elections, the people will be able to WEED out these so call ‘local’ warlords and replace them with competant people who has the rakyat in mind. The rejection by our Prime Minister only show that he really does not have the people’s interest in mind. Umno and Najib has and will NEVER change.

If you are to read my previous blogpost on this issue, there was somebody by the name of Dr. Goh Ban Lee who claimed by the mainstream newspaper ‘The  Star’ that our Election Commission is an independant body who do not take any directive from any Prime Minister or Chief Minister, it’s time to see whether our ‘highly-respected’ Dr. Goh could be proven correct when the time comes for EC to comment on this matter. Can we expect a miracle ruling here from the EC? Hardly…

Gerakan wants MACC to probe into Penang state aid to elderly.
The state Gerakan Youth wants the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) to investigate the Penang government’s move to reward senior citizens with RM100 cash annually under its senior citizen appreciation programme.


How do I look when I put my foot into my mouth? Nice??

Its head Oh Tong Keong said there was public perception that the handout was a form of corruption since the aid was only given to senior citizens who are registered voters in Penang.

What a waste of space for The Star to publish this kind of rubbish from Gerakan – a party where its ex-president has even conceded they have lost Penang for good. So now, Gerakan has been ‘downgraded’ to do some petty trouble-making which was once the work of Tham Wing Fatt, a fat ‘FROG’ who used to drive around his yellow Proton Juara bearing the sticker of Parti Cinta Malaysia, if you know what I mean…

Gerakan Youth in Penang really got nothing to do lately. First they accused the CM of accepting bribe when he moved into a bungalow in Pinhorn Road. Then they collaborated with their arch rival umno in organising protest against the State Government and burnt the photo of CM in front of the State Legislative Hall. Now they came up with the idea that by giving RM100 as an appreciation token by the State Government to the elderly is equivalent to bribing the people of Penang. How ridiculous!

When has Gerakan stooped so low as this turncoat oh tong keong (dun deserve caps on his name). While Gerakan, including this damned ‘oh’, turned both blind eyes to rampant ‘vote-buying’ by umno during by-elections, we got this idiot here playing kid who ‘loves to cry wolf’. Have Gerakan really run out of idea so much so that they jumped at ‘any’ opportunity just to score some CHEAP political score? Now what’s wrong if Pakatan were to give RM100 a year to elderly residents regardless whether the year is an election year or not? Is it wrong to ‘re-distribute’ the nation’s wealth back to the people?

From my own observation, I think Gerakan has indeed lost its direction and purpose. Instead of playing good opposition and continue to serve the people, we got paper ‘Tigger’ koh tsu  khoon found himself too busy ‘licking’ the balls of PM while allowing other so-call leaders of the party to continue seeking other self-interest ‘kang tao’. Where got time and interest to play opposition? I guess they don’t even know how to be one. Just take a look at those umno goons led by ‘botak’ azhar ibrahim. I’ll give him a ‘F’ for his performance as Penang state opposition. Come next General Election, I hope the people in Penaga will kick this ‘botak’ and his friends out of Penang’s political stage. We can do away with some trouble-makers who love to cause traffic jams in Georgetown with their irresponsible and illegal streed demos.

We gonna have our Local Council Elections soon…

Well well… time for me to ‘apple-polish’ our CM of the people of Penang Mr. Lim Guan Eng. I mean how can we not praise him when he is trying his very best to fulfill most if not all his elections manifesto made before the very day when we have our ‘political tsunami’ hitting Malaysia.

CM Lim GE initiates a way where Penang Leads!

Just a few days before Pakatan Rakyat celebrating their 2nd anniversary in power, CM Lim Guan Eng has come out to clarify that our Penang State  Government has written to our ‘indepedant’ Election Commission to get their view IF Penang are to hold our own Local Council Elections.

While  the ‘ever-sleeping’ EC deputy Chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar  claimed that the issue has not been brought to his attention yet (or he never even bother what’s happening in EC), we the people of Penang is glad that at least, Pakatan State Government is doing something concrete to try their best to bring back Local Council Elections so that our local councils oof MPPP and MPSP will be better managed by real professionals who were given mandate by common rate-payers to perform their duties for the people.

Local Council Elections will also help to educate the people on the importance of elections and the wisdom of casting a correct vote as these votes will definately have great impact on their daily lives. Such elections will also ensure greater interactions between the mass people and their councillors as the people get to elect their own representative to serve in their own respective areas.

Even though I am abit sceptical that our Feds will allow Local Council Elections to be held anytime from now as they will try not to give too much credit to the Pakatan-led State Government, I guess we have to be contended that at the very least, Pakatan have tried to make this dream a near reality as much as they possibly could.

Some have said the Penang State Government can engage an independant body to hold our own Local Council Elections, but I doubt many people will consider it legal-binding if EC or the Feds refuse to give their acknowledgement on elected reps or councillors.

Anyway, just wait and see what happens next. Selangor has just announced  that they will follow Penang in re-implenting Local Council Elections but it is too early to say anything. Not at least when EC is still ‘sleeping’ over this issue. Anyhow, we have seen a scenario where Penang has really taken the ‘LEAD’! Bravo Lim Guan Eng and his State Government. You really make us Penangites proud…

Penang Government Molesting Women & Children???

Lately we got quite a number of ‘peaceful’ demonstration by some NGOs claiming to ‘championing’ the cause of their ‘bangsa’ (or race) as they claimed Penang State Government is practising a ‘racist’ policy of victimizing a particular race in the state of Penang.

sedaq protest against penang government 050210 burn guan eng puppet 02Without naming the race, we all well known that a coalition of NGOs led by the Penang Malay Chambers of Commerce and the well known trouble-makers in Federation of Peninsular Malaysia Students Associations (GPMS) has gone to the street to protest ‘peacefully’ but eventually their ‘peacefulness’ could not sustain for long when they went as far as burning an effigy of our current Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Lately, the mastermind behind all these – a guy by the name of Rizal Faris Mohideen (president of Pg Malay Chambers of Commerce) was quoted by the Edge magazine of hurling some very serious allegations on the state government. Just listen to this:

“We won’t let them come into our homes and molest our wives and children and we will fight back. If we do not nip this parasite in the bud, he (Lim) will worsen. I will fight this liar who is hiding behind a skirt. He is not good for Penang and should relinquish his position to a Penangite who would do a better job than him,” said Rizal, according the online version of business publication The Edge.

As if such accusations of molesting woman and children is not serious enough, this crazy Rizal went even crazier by sending another mad warning that could send chills down anyone’s spine:

“We do not want another Kampung Rawa incident (sort of racial riot) in Penang and I fear for my Chinese and Indian friends if that were to happen. Two years after taking over and despite repeated calls from us, he has turned a deaf ear to the plight of Malays in the state”

So what are you talking about here Mr. Rizal? You ought to be more responsible since you are someone who hold a position in a public office (albeit a low position) but instead of living up to that obligation, you chose to incite racial sentiments of your own bangsa. I doubt people like you will have any friends at all, left alone your friends of Chinese and Indians! What a laughable statement. So what if the state government turn a deaf ear at your crazy bellowing? You will turn to violence and incite another Kampung Rawa??? Now who is the one who will come into our house and molest our women and children…

sedaq protest against penang government 050210 bannerI am soooo happy that the majority of our Malay friends have turned a blind eyes and deaf ears to the accusations of this crazy and moronic Rizal Faris Mohideen. The fact that only 300 turned up during the last street demo organized by these people has proven that other majority of the rakyat has finally aware who’s the good guy and who’s the villian. Just read how they try to incite the racial sentiment of our Malays brothers? Talking about 1Malaysia while claiming that you are the ONLY ‘lords’ of the land? What a BIG JOKE and a BIG SLAP on the face of our Prime Minister Najib Razak!

As for Rizal Faris Mohideen and his backers of U Must Not Object, you should be ashamed of yourselves of being such a hypocrite and leave us the majority Penangites in peace. You have lost Penang for good and I guess it will take you a very very long long time to get Penang back into your BN fold. Do your WORST… We are NOT BOTHERED!

Kampung Buah Pala, Teo Beng Hock & MACC

This morning, there was a big traffic jam happening around Jalan Dato Keramat and Jalan Patani in Georgetown, Penang when the MIC-led demonstration took place near Komtar when they attempted to march together with the so-call residents of Kg Buah Pala to have a face-to-face talk with our CM Lim Guan Eng.

But what was suprising to this latest ‘march to save Kg  Buah Pala’ was it happened when the CM and the State government has managed to hold a heart-to-heart talk in Komtar yesterday night that went on till almost 10:30PM. Barisan Nasional has always claimed that Pakatan Rakyat of trying to win cheap political mileage through silly stunts but here we got MICkey mouse playing cartoon comedy in order to gain some cheap political gain from our fellow Indians.

IF (the conditional if is here again) MIC was serious in truly SAVING Kg Buah Pala, they should have done something when the previous deputy CM of Penang by the name of Rashid so-and-so officially announcing the ‘transfer’ of the land from our ‘adik-beradik yang membela lembu’ to the Koperasi. Why wait until Pakatan took control of the government and then start to stake your stupid demand that the State Government should buy up the land when it has been ‘nasi sudah menjadi bubur??’

These people just don’t understand, do they? Yes… we are concern about the heritage of our fellow Indian people and their livelihood. But as the government of the day, the CM has to abide by the verdict of the court of law! At the same time, we ought to ask ourselves how come the issue was only brought up after the world economy dipped? Don’t you all smell something was fishy? CM Lim Guan Eng was right when he pointed that to buy back the land from the developer would only benefit NO ONE but the developer who stand to earn hundreds of millions by doing NOTHING at all! Will it be accountable to the people of Penang when the government is to use the public’s fund to ensure the existance of Kg Buah Pala? I’m very sure that many people (including most residents of KBP) will find that RM150 Million will be better utilized than to fatten a company with strong connection of umno – the ‘daylight robber’ of rakyat Malaysia.

As for the case of Teo Beng Hock, I was quite relieved yet sceptical when I heard from the radio of my car that our dear Najiv Rojak has decided to call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry in order to give a reasonable account to the public on the latest hottest issue in our country.

But after reading the blog of Taikor Jeff Ooi and going through the newspaper, I was shocked that RCI was only being LIMITED to the interrogation methologies of the MACC while the unfortunate death of Teo will only be probed by an Inquest led by a low-ranking majistrate.

This is entirely purely Najiv Rojak’s style! He wanted to give something to the people and yet would hold back his hand – fearing that he might given too much to the people and seen as being ‘weak’ by his hordes of cronies. Remember the ‘Touch & Go’ subsidy which he announced a few weeks ago? Only those who use the card 80 times would be able to enjoy a 20% discount. What if you only used it for 75? 78? or even 79 times a month? Ophssss… so sorry, you will not be entitled to the subsidy at all! How absurd and insincere…

The insincerity of our Malaysian government in handling the death of Teo Beng Hock is soooo apparent when they separated the same case into 2 different scenarios. Are they trying to ‘deceived’ the people? Since the people want a RCI, ok… we give them RCI but we limit the scope of the inquiry. Only the devil knows how in the world could our cabinet came up with such an idiotic idea when we all know Teo Beng Hock could have died due to the gross interrogation methods applied by the MACC. No matter what happens, you just can’t change the fact that Teo died under the custody of MACC!

Until today, we have yet to see the MACC chairman Ahmad Said Hamdan took the honour to resign from his post to take responsibility over the incident of Teo Beng Hock. It only shows that MACC is still very arrogant and refused to take the blam. Is it has to do with any pantang larang nenek moyang again??? or there is an unwritten law that no matter what happen, one should not admit one’s fault under BN’s adminstration??

Remember Ahmad Ismail, if someone  is to approach him, he would still maintain his innocence. How ignorant and arrogant! Talking about taking responsibility and apologizing, I think we should commend the courage of PKR Penang municipal councillor Razali who openly apologised to Penang CM on his mistake. This has nothing to do with race. Let us not raise any sensitive racial issue here… We are talking about the entire bangsa Malaysia. Come on, we all make mistakes. Bumi mana tidak pernah dilanda hujan? But to come out, admit our mistakes and take responsibility over the mistakes require great courage from any man on the earth. Remember Bill Clinton who faced the entire world and apologized over his scandal  with Monica Lewinsky? I salute him… not for his crazy act with his intern, but for his courage to face the television and tell the world that he has actually made mistakes!

Sadly, we have yet to see any of our so-call leaders in the Feds level who has this kind of courage. In fact, ‘hantu’ like Toyol and gang are still in the state of denial and thought that they really could do ANYTHING in this land call Malaysia without having to pay for their sins.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

Gong Xi Fa Chai and Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese readers! Hope that this will be a BULLISH year for all of us and everyone will be celebrating an OX-picious new year with your loved ones!

In today’s newspaper, we can see our CM Lim taking pictures with his political nemesis – paper tiger Tsu Khoon, Nam-koh together with Tan Sri Lim Gaik Tong during a CNY celebration in Penang Chinese Town Hall yesterday. How lovely to see them put aside their political differences and celebrate the new year with all the rakyat of Penang.

However, for your information, the PCTH had sort of a ‘quarrel’ with CM Lim just because of this celebration. The PCTH claimed that (since dunno who’s time) the previous State Government would ‘sponsor’ them around RM15K – RM20K to organise such an event during CNY. Therefore, they people in charge of PCTH also went to see CM Lim and ask for such a subsidy for this year’s celebration. Instead of saying “Yes”, our CM Lim flatly rejected their request!

CM Lim gave the reason that the State Government has already had a plan for a State-level celebration and thus, the celebration by PCTH is deemed as a private celebration which does not warrant a sponsorship by the State. Fair enuff. But our people(s) in charge of PCTH went around, alleged spreading words that the new Chief Minister did not support our Chinese cultural activities simply because he did not approve the sponsorship. They even went further by praising the ‘corrupt’ former State Government for their ‘subsidy’ every year.

To me, I certainly think that our PCTH does not know what is the meaning of ‘Pai Seh’ (shameful)! How come they got so contented to get that RM15K from the Feds? Everyone knows that it’s a ploy by the Feds to stir up some issues during CNY. Is RM15K alot of money??? Go ask how much they pay to get a ‘datuk-ship’ or a ‘Tan Si’ (waiting to die in Hokkien) during tsu khoon’s time? Our Penang Chinese Town Hall is full of datuks datuks and tan sris tan sris… Can’t these people provide you with RM150K easily? Ooooo… I know lah, the current economic situation will force many people to tighten their belt and purse strings. In that case, cancel your CNY celebration lor… Why you want to keep your face skin when you got no money? Some more hor, you people show that you will sing praises to those who are willing to ‘pay’ you. When the Feds pays that RM15K, you already so happy. What if they pay you RM1.5M???

Anyway, the Chinese New Year celebration for this year went smoothly and no matter whether you like it or not, you just got to invite our VVIP CM Lim Guan Eng to officiate the event.

Hehehehe… This time, I think CM Lim really acted like the head of a government! Well well, he’s definately a fast learner! 🙂

3 Day to D-Day…

Rumble rumble rumble… both side are lining up their election war machinery to prepare for D-Day on 17 January 2009 in what outsiders like the Wiz would anticipate a fierce and hard Battle of KT Parliamentary election. Stay tune for more updates from the Wiz as both parties will come up square against each other with guns blazing!

Already some surveys has shown that the by-election could go either way. Malaysiakini reports that almost a clean half of respondents from Kuala Terengganu indicated that voting for the opposition in this Saturday’s by-election could push the Barisan Nasional government to “correct itself”.

 kuala terengganu by election 120109 leaflets umno rasuahOn the contrary, the attempt by MCA to focus on the issue of PAS’ hudud ambitions seems to have hit a dull note as the survey found that only half of the Chinese voters in Kuala Terengganu considered the issue important.

The Be End gabermen has decided to use their Chinaman channel to stir up the ‘hudud’ issue while umno has so far, refused to even make any noise on this matter. Why don’t U Must Not Object joined in the chorus of MCA – singing a tune against the implementation of ‘hudud’? This only proved that umno is actually condoning hudud silently!

PAS on the other hand is playing their main trumpcard of corruption on Be End gabermen. Such posters were found everywhere in KT – a good reminder to the people that a vote for Be End, will mean a vote of ‘endorsement’ for the corrupt and crony policies of Be End.

Gerakan and MCA has been laughing at the new Penang State Government’s decision to implement CAT (Competency, Accountability & Transperancy) policy in their administration. Why don’t their do their bit when umno was playing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with those KT contractors a few days ago. These 2 lapdogs are definately good for nothing but will only know too well how to ‘bodek’ their umno masters.

Dear KT folks, we have shown to the world (& to our Be End Federal gabermen) that we are able to stand up against them when they went overboard with their evil works. It’s time for you to show these same people again that the people truly desire for a Change and if they still refuse to embrace Changes, then let Changes show them the door! 3 more days to go…