How much you spend on household items in a month??

Have you ever ponder this question, “Just exactly HOW MUCH you spent on household items in a month?”

Every household is in need of these...

For “macho” man like me (hehe), this question have NEVER pop up in my mind as I have always been thinking ‘what the heck, as long as I made more than I spend, it would not be a matter to me how much I spent on my monthly household items, isn’t it?’

I mean how many times we would peep into the long list of receipts which we spent in hypermarkets such as Tesco or Giant. Will we be ‘preserving’ those receipts as if to keep a record of what we bought in a month? The answer will be a simple NO to most of us, wouldn’t it? But if we are to make a serious calculations, you’ll be surprise to find that the figure will be quite ‘astronomical’… Don’t quite believe me? Just go and check back the receipts of the hypermarkets which you always patronized.

The reason I’m talking about this issue is because we have ALWAYS refused to keep track how much we would have spent on our household items so much so that this habit has caused wastage in our lives and our pockets. If we are careful enough and make sure or keep track of our spending, then we’ll be in much better shape of our monthly finances as well as having better control of our lives. Furthermore, IF we strive to improve our lives by limiting such wastages, you’ll be surprised how much you will ‘earn’ through all these petty savings from our household expenses.

After learning through how much money ‘$$$’ you could have save through some better management, WHAT IF I suggest you could earn some money by using these daily household products? Impossible?? C’est possible my friend.

Essentials which your house must not missed!

Would you be interested if I am to tell you there is a Mega Online store where it allows you these:

1. Discounts on goods purchased.
2. Earn points on every single Ringgit you spent.
3. Guaranteed Home Delivery Free of Charge!
4. Earn Referral Fee when your friends purchase from the same store.
5. Earn Commission when you sell the products to your friends who are yet to be members.
6. Guaranteed of High Quality products by well renowned Multi National Corporation.

Welcome to a new world of consumerism where we are entering a new era called “PROSUMER” – a term relating to consumers buying DIRECTLY from the producer or factory, thus eliminating the additional costs incurred by the layers of middlemen. Not only that, Prosumers will be ensured of high quality products as the packaging and quality were assured by the producer themselves. As such, Prosumers will be able to enjoy a lower price for a product of exceptional quality!

Sounds interesting? Interested to know more about this wonderful arrangements? Just send me an email – and I’ll be more than happy to share with you all…

Career Talk : Work from Home Now!

The economy is getting pretty bad. Factories are closing down. Recession looms and it looks like there’s no way out but to get a VSS or retrenchment letter from your boss. You’re so damned worried. Who’s gonna pay for the housing and car loan? Your children are still schooling. You need to put food on the table. You need money to survive….

“POOF!!!” Wow… it was just a nightmare… Luckily currently you still have a job and able to put food on the table. But don’t you think you want to have another alternative to give you more leeway and flexibility should the worst become reality? Let’s be frank here, who wouldn’t want to have another ‘passive’ income to supplement the current active income which you’re earning now. Eventually, when this passive income works for you, you might end up working from Home Sweet Home after all…

So I’ll go STRAIGHT to the point. I’m introducing AMWAY as the ‘alternative passive’ income which EVERYONE of us is able to tap. You might want to scroll straight away from this page or ‘click’ the BACK button, but why not give me some time to explain how YOU can have a part in earning this passive income.

Even though we can’t simply escape from being labelled as ‘direct-selling’ or MLM scheme in AMWAY, what I’m going to introduce here is something call ‘Networking Marketing’.

You may ask “what’s the difference?” and I’m going to tell you there is NO difference whatsoever. The ONLY difference is the perspective which we look into THIS business. The way and the attitude we take to embark on THIS business will be the difference on how we run THIS business.

IF you’re really curious to know the different ways we run THIS business and have a slight hunch or kick DEEP inside your heart to simply WANT to know, just take some minutes of your life and send an email to me at I shall be happy to share a little bit of my perspective and some of my ideas on the different ways of running THIS business.

Come on… you never know whether it will bring a CHANGE in your life! 🙂