GE13: We lost the Battle, but not the War…

Yup… that’s right! I think many of us will still be rather disappointed with what has actually taken place during the 13th General Election on May 5th and some even went to the extend to claim that Malaysia is ‘hopeless’ and beyond any ‘salvation’.

Don't Believe a word from the Star paper!

But after the dust settled, we find GREAT inspiratiosn when we analyse the entire election and found many interesting points which may not sound very nice to the ears of our Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Lost the Battle but NOT the War yet.

While many people (including myself) has this great confidence that we will manage to UBAH (change) the Federal government in this concluded general election, the moment when BN managed to hit the magic number of 112 did send great pain and hopelessness down my spine as if the world has finally come to an end!

Hope... Never Give Up!

Hope… Never Give Up!

I mean HOW on earth this could happen when some of Pakatan’s parliamentary candidates were way ahead in the vote count only to lose out due some ‘extra-time’ magic happened in the vote counting station. We were startled to find such things were still happening in our country as if we are still living in 3rd world countries where such evil acts of sabotage were considered rampant but normal.

But after the votes ended, there are many good points which we can savor and we believe that by continuously to work harder, we will definitely be able to UBAH our country for our future as well as our children’s.

We improved in overall Parliamentary seats

In 2008 political tsunami when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was still our PM, BN managed to capture 140 seats while Pakatan got 82. But in this 13th General Election under the premiership of Najib Razak, BN only managed to muster 133 while Pakatan improved to 89 seats. So considering the 2008 polls result as a big  tsunami for Malaysian politics, the 2013 results will be a BIGGER tsunami for Malaysia when we take into considerations of all the great effort mustered by BN to improve the election results.

This mean Najib Razak is a worse performer in comparison to the slumbering Ahmad Badawi when he lost a further 7 Parliamentary seats in view of him rolling out his BR1M, PR1MA & etc etc.

As he failed to regain the crucial 2/3 Parliament majority, it is interesting to see the undercurrent moving below Najib’s position as the head of his umno party where expected dissenting voices could be heard as his deputy is preparing to take over the rein from him – something similar happening to Ahmad Badawi when he was ‘crushed’ by the so-call 2008 political tsunami.

Perak & Terengganu in limbo.

In the last 13th General Election, BN and Pakatan were seen racing neck-to-neck over Perak and Terengganu. At last, BN emerged victorious in both states when BN took 31 against 28 of Pakatan in Perak and BN’s 17 against Pakatan’s 15 in Terengganu.

But in these 2 state’s assemblies, BN get to form the state government but then it will have to sacrifice 2 state ADUNS to be the House Speaker and Deputy House Speaker – effectively making the composition of the House members to be BN 29 vs Pakatan 28 in Perak and BN 15 against Pakatan 15 in Terengganu.

Basically it is a ‘hung’ state elections with no one having a clear majority in the house. The state will find itself in limbo over many things and major legislative procedures will not be able to be passed by the House as both sides need to be in ‘full attendance’ all the time!

Total Rejection of Perkasa.

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

The Right-wing Perkasa or better known as ‘perkosa’ (rapist) has been championing the special rights of Malays at the expense of other races in the country. Such extremism actions often create tension in the society especially when its president hold a public office of being a MP for Pasir Mas in Kelantan. Supported by some bigots such as zulkifli nordin (independant MP from Kulim, Kedah), perkasa was getting bolder as they thought they were here to defend the interest of the Malays and Islam as well as receive good back up from the former premier Mahathir mohamed.

The great losses in this 13th General election suffered by perkasa candidate – namely ibrahim ali and zul nordin has proved to us a very assuring note that even our Malays comrades reject such extreme provocations that has often become the signature of perkasa even though they constantly claimed that they were defending the interest of the Malays. Ibrahim ali was ‘annihilated’ in his safe zone where he thought he would get re-elected again in the Malay-majority Pasir Mas while zulkifli nordin was sent packing with tail between his legs in the urban Malay majority area of Shah Alam.

Such result should be commended and the electorates in Pasir Mas and Shah Alam should be praised for their intelligence of their choice! Through such result able to let us know that the people has matured and no longer subject to this kind of racial extremism where we know will bring the nation to a different direction where nobody really wants.

Pakatan Rakyat maturing as a coalition able to challenge the hegemony of Barisan Nasional.

BN has often trying to paint a disarray Pakatan in their much controlled mass media to tell the people that Pakatan Rakyat is not ready to take over from BN and they will not be able to run the country as efficient as BN.


However, with CM Lim Guan Eng and MB Khalid Ibrahim proven them wrong in Penang and Selangor, it has opened up many eyes and ears of Malaysian asking the one and only question – WHY NOT – to allow the alternative government take over the Feds and see how they perform. If they are good, the people will continue to support like how they did in Selangor and Penang. If they are not good (maybe in Kedah?) then they are always free to change it back to BN!

pakatanrakyat-harapanbaru01So we can see that amidst ‘heavy’ defeat suffered during this 13th General Election, there are still alot of positives to take from this defeat. We should learn from our mistakes and UBAH ourselves for improvement so that when the fateful day comes, Pakatan Rakyat will be more than READY to take over Putrajaya!

We have lost the battle but the WAR goes on… Don’t give up my fellow Malaysians! They can take away our money, they can take away our votes but they shall never take away our HOPE! Let’s Fight On… Keep the UBAH Spirit flying HIGH!!!




Kuantan, what are you waiting for?

Dear people of Kuantan,

Please forgive me if you think I’m too busybody/kepo-chi.

Lynas Rare earth Ore arrived amid heavy police escort in Kuantan

Why need such a heavy police escort? Kuantan has high crime rate??

But the entire situation has changed… The goodies have already been brought ashore. Under heavy escort they were brought into the ‘extracting’ plants in Gebeng. Not one, not two. There were one hundred & two of them. 102 heavy crates of pure ‘Rare Earth ore’ to be processed before the precious metal is found. Only God knows how much chemicals will be needed to process them all. The thoughts of ‘waste-mishandling’ and ‘leakages’ would have sent chills down my already painful spine. What about you people who live nearby?

What are you actually waiting for? Another Chernobyl-like disaster? Or maybe some ‘kick-backs’ from Najib administration for putting you and your loved ones at risk? Are you waiting for living zombies to prove that indeed, rare earth processing is highly dangerous to health??

With so many uncountable cover-ups, you still could place your trust on this un-trustworthy Putrajaya administration? Are you saying that you believe what the so-call leaders telling you about Lynas? Or perhaps the ‘kangaroo’ court’s favorable ruling has managed to convince you that Lynas brings no harm??

O fellow citizens in Kuantan, please DO NOT wait any longer. Stand Up and be counted! 20,000 people in KL today has made their feelings known to the Federal government that they DO NOT want Lynas to operate within our borders. But what about you people who live for generations in your beloved hometown in Kuantan? What have you done??

Malaysians come together from all walks of life to support anti-Lynas campaign.

I believe it is TIME for Kuantanese to speak up. As I mentioned before, the dangerous materials have arrived. Silence no longer is an option. Kuantan people should have the courage to show whether you are FOR or AGAINST the plant to be operating at your doorsteps. The situation has now demand the locals in Kuantan to act and any failure to do so will send a stronger endorsement to Najib that Malaysian lives are ‘cheaper’ than those living in Australia.

For the sake of our beloved little ones, please DO NOT wait any longer…

PS. If you think I’m talking crap here, pls click the link for more info… 

Click on my Tweeter ‘tweets‘ to see for yourself the Himpunan Hijau 300Km march into the capital Kuala Lumpur. 

Najib for Moderation – Typical Good Cop Bad Cop tactics

We read from Malaysiakini’s Susan Loone that BeEnd Penang is launching a campaign to promote ‘moderation’ call of our PM Najib and took a swipe at PAS for their so-call Islamic extremism.

Please come lar... We got FREE food! Don't make us lose face in front of ah jib gor ya...

PM Najib for Moderation?

Apparently, it seems that our ‘ah-jib’ gor is advocating a call for ‘Global Moderation’ and thus, BeEnd of Penang is using the theme to woo visitors to their Chinese New Year Open House on this Tuesday of the coming week. Judging by the effort of these boot-licking politicians of all races, I presume BeEnd of Penang is fearing that a small crowd will attend their open house functions and this won’t look good for the ah-jib gor who will be gracing the event as VVIP.

As for the moderation call by ‘ah-jib gor’, PM Najib should back up his words and vision with practical actions. How practical? Easy… first thing in the morning tomorrow, headlines splashed across our mainstream media reporting the ARREST of froggie ibrahim ali of (perkosa) for sedition and inciting racial hatred among peace-loving Malaysians. BUT, will PM Najib willing to do so? I doubt it… Therefore, base on that alone, Malaysians can easily conclude that ‘moderation’ is not for ‘ah-jib’ gor.

Najib Good Cop, Perkasa Bad Cop…

Good cop bad cop tactics by Umno

Good Cop, Bad Cop, they are of the same mould!

It won’t take a genius to see through what dUmno has been doing since Independence. I’m pretty sure that the bast*rd Brits left some of their manual books to be found by dUmno such as ‘Divide & Rule 101’ and ‘Ruling for idiots’. The good cop and bad cop has been the practice of dUmno in their agenda of divide and rule to ensure their iron fist firmly grip on the corridors of power in Malaysia. In this case, Najib is playing the good cop – advocating moderation for all races while Moohiydin and perkosa ibrahim ali is the bad cop – championing the cause of a single race in the country.

For the past 50 years, they pitted Malaysians against one another on the name of ‘bangsa’ (race) in order to ensure their own personal interested is safe from the knowledge of the public. This is one of the reason why these so-call ruling elites could hold on the reign of power from one generation to another. It is as if God’s given rights to rule over the rakyat who should remain as stupid and ignorant as ever while they continue to plunder the wealth of the country.

Systematic effort to plunder the country by our ruling elites.

Even in this time of advanced technology, they still refused to accept the fact that it’s time to let go and give back to the people of what they should really have. They continue to plunder the country and bulldozed their way through with draconian laws and regulations to ensure the rakyat is suppressed continuously. If there is any voice of decent, these ruling elite will silence it with ‘lawful’ means even though it is not really constitutional.

The children of these ruling elites were so much pampered and they were almost close to being an illiterate. While most of BeEnd lawmakers are made of local warlords instead of intellectuals, laws after laws are being passed in the legislative to ensure their personal interest are secured even though they are contradicting each other. Constitutions are ‘semi-quoted’ to suit their political agenda without taking consideration of its complete context and with the mainstream media singing to their tunes, I begin to believe the saying “when lies are told repeatedly, they become the truth.” Pathetic!

It’s TIME for a Change in Putrajaya!

Let's Change Malaysia

It is HIGH TIME for a Change in Malaysia!

If Malaysians are still not ready or courageous enough to change the person in charge in Putrajaya, then it will be our next generations who will have to suffer in poverty and insufficiency.

Transparency International has recently ran a report stating that from the period of 2001 till 2009, Malaysia has been systematically siphoned of nearly RM1000 BILLIONS away from our own shore. Who on earth will have the ability to move stashes of  cold hard CA$H out of Malaysia without the prying eyes of the authorities? Do you believe that we got so many David Cooperfields living in our midst that almost anything can go missing in Malaysia. A reality of Malaysia Boleh!

We REALLY need a CHANGE during this upcoming 13th General Election! We are getting too many missing things in Malaysia so much so that I’m really scared that one day, you and I are going to go missing as well… What else could not go missing when we got jet engines, Bala the PI and now, astronomical sum of money just went missing without a trace from our country!

Please make sure you are a registered voters in Malaysia electoral roll and resolute in your heart that you wanna be a part of this GREAT change in Malaysia.

It is difficult but it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE!