An Invasion of Privacy on Selangor Xco

Yes yes… I think most of you have got the news. YB Elizabeth Wong has been a victim of an outrage of her modesty when her nude photos were posted to a few newspaper agencies and to Malaysiakini as well by an ‘animal’ who just failed to respect woman as the opposite sex!

elizabeth wong 220507Wong, who is still SINGLE and of cos, ‘available’ has lodged a police report on such an irresponsible act to tarnish her image as well as the political parties which she is affliated to.

However, once the news broke out, those ‘big mouths’ in umno started to bark like mad dogs. Among the most prominant one is (aiyo, no other but this anak hantu) toyol again! Our ‘toyol’ again acted like a trigger-happy cowboy who shoots from the hip when he DEMANDED the resignation of Wong.

“Ini adalah masalah moral. Dulu Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek pun letak jawatan,” katanya kepada Malaysiakini. “Sekarang mengapa tidak (Elizabeth letak jawatan). Jangan dwi-standard. (Bila) berlaku pada orang tak boleh… (tapi) pada kita tak apa,” katanya lagi.

This guy really make himself looks like the greatest fool on earth everytime he opens his big damned mouth. Somemore still dare to talk to Malaysiakin about this issue. How come we got so many people like him in U Must Not Object party? One Said Honey is bad enough but come another Toyol. A comparison with Dr. Chua’s ‘case’ is like comparing an apple with an orange. What is there to compare? Where got double standard?

March 28 is approaching soon. Perhaps your party grassroot will nominate you to a Grammy awards for the best cowboy actions. You don’t climb the party hierarchy becos you’re good at shooting by the hip. If you do, it only shows how useless are those who casted their votes for you.

As for Elizabeth, I wish that you be STRONG and pray that you can overcome one the hardest time in your lives with flying colours. The very fact that you’re a victim in this case will not only strengthen your will but also will make you more determine to bring this ‘ball-less’ bast*rd animal to face the punishment in court!