Gearing Up for 13th General Election in Malaysia

Hi folks,

Sorry for not posting for a quite awhile due to work commitment… What to do, I’m not a paid cybertroopers of dUmno and BeEnd where these cybertroopers could hog in front of the computer- such as the one employed to filtering every comments netizens post on ‘ah-jib’ gor Facebook page. Laughable… but sometimes I can’t ¬†help but to be envy of them… Hey, these cybertroopers do not come cheap, ok? dUmno and BeEnd paid them well else nobody will be willing to betray their own conscience to write those rubbish for them!

Gearing Up for Online Battlefield of Blogs for Malaysia 13th General Election.

Gearing Up for Online battle in 13th General Election Malaysia

Blogger Gearing up for Online Battlefield!

Anyway, here we are… the civilian corps of bloggers preparing our battle gear to fight a tough battle online with those princely-priced cybertroopers of the ruling regime to ensure that our rakyat get the most truthful information on any issue especially on things pertaining to the imminent 13th General Election (GE13) of our beloved Malaysia.

It’s NOT easy to be in the Volunteers Corps (V-Corps) as you tend to neglect your kids and wife while you burn the midnight oil blogging. During campaigning period, the mad rush from place to place covering stories for your blogs will almost drive you crazy and soon fatigue will hit you like a train out of nowhere. However, the fun and satisfaction of being in the V-Corps will give you a money-cannot-buy feeling especially when you see the rakyat is standing by your side supporting a cause which we all believe will come true one day! You know you are on the RIGHT side! Hehe…

Let us recap back on a few things that took place in Malaysia recently and of course, not forgetting our beloved Penang as well. There are simply too many things to talk and I really don’t know which to start.

OK, let’s start with praises… Don’t always complain, else you all complain that I complain too much! LoL

Penang Leads under Pakatan Rakyat after the 308 Political tsunami.

Of coz as usual, let us brag about being Penangites. Of coz we got lotsa things to brag about since we have shown the world that “Change is not Impossible” and as the result of the CHANGE, we suddenly find ourselves in the driving seat – leading the nation and taking back a position where we’ve lost under the (certainly not leadership) ‘babysitting’ of paper tiger koh tsu khoon.

Only after the CHANGE of top state leadership did we realized that Penang indeed has great potential to be one of the leading states in Malaysia. No wonder almost 230 years ago, Sir Francis Light had the vision to set up a British base here – making it a foundation of British presence in the strategic South East Asia.

Penang being one of the TOP contributors of Malaysia GDP.

Penang leads & revitalised

CM Lim Guan Eng lives up to his pledge to Revitalise Penang

As what our CM Lim Guan Eng has proudly announced, Penangites make up only a mere 6-7% of the entire Malaysian population and yet, we contributed as much as 35% of our country’s GDP! In another words, 1 Penangites produced as much as 5 times more than any ordinary Malaysian produces. Can you believe this statistics? My maths is not that good, so if I ever got the figure wrong, please don’t get upset with me but I’m pretty sure my calculations will not be very far from the correct figure. Therefore of course I’m excited coz I got the bragging rights for contributing to the growth of the nation. If any of dUmno cybertroopers not happy about it, then please go and produce some results before you brag on my site ok?

Penang TOPS in Foreign Direct Investment in 2010!

It seems that Penang has hit rock bottom during tsu khoon time when we keep on hitting records one after another in this short span of 4 years. For the very first time since Independence when Penang out-performed Selangor in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2010. Hey, this is no small feat considering Penang’s location up North with 350km away from the capital Kuala Lumpur but we DID it! It seems that those ‘guai-lou’ and other Asians were super confident with the new administration that Penang suddenly found its new status of investors’ favorites for the industrial world.

Penang attracts world renowned Bloomberg eyes.

Not only that, Penang were made cover story by Bloomberg who openly acknowledge the efficiency of our state government led by CM Lim Guan Eng. Bloomberg, a world-renowned news agency… Not any Tom, Dick or Harry kind of buletin utama ok? Even Bernama is miles apart behind Bloomberg! While our local news agency kept an ‘expected’ silence on the success of Penang, the new shine of Penang was SO bright that the world sit up and notice.

The Economist – another world renowned publications, has also published a sterling reports on the turnaround achieved by Penang under the stewardship of CM Lim Guan Eng. No wonder the dUmno cybertroopers attacked CM Lim being a braggart but you just can’t help but BRAGS about the extra ordinary and¬†unprecedented¬†achievements by Penang people, can you?

Hope for other Malaysian states for BIG positive CHANGE.

So for all my readers who reside in BeEnd administrated states, I hope you also wish that your own state can experience the same positive change like what we are experiencing now. So what are you waiting for? GO OUT and convince your family member and friends to REGISTER as voters and COME OUT regardless rain or shine on the fateful day to cast their precious vote for Change!

All right… that’s all for the time being… I don’t wanna keep my post too long… I’ll talk on other things some other time, ok?

Good night!